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Night has found me just in time To help me close my eyes One more time Living a boy’s adventure tale Waaktaar/furuholmen - #throwbackthursday #repost from Instagram pics, 1 Year, 5 Months and 2 Weeks ago 😁🐾😄👋🏼 Good afternoon instabeauties

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Imagine waking up with Mags kissing ur face *3* ñsksldjal x3

Sun light spread across your bedroom floor as dawn come to ruin your peaceful sleep, with a small groan you pulled the covers over your face and started to drift back to sleep. RIght because you could though you heard the man next to you shuffle in his sleep, you felt a pair of arms pull you close to a strong chest. You peeked out from the covers to see a pair of blue eyes staring at you. “Magne..” You said with a sleepy tone. “Hello darling.” He said as a big smile spread across his face. “Ready to get up?” He asked you as he placed a kiss on your nose. “Noooo…” You whined. “It’s to early Magne. And I”M to tired still.” You tried pulled the covers back over your face, but Mags wasn’t having that. “Oh come on __! It’s almost 9 we need to get up” He started to pull the covers off of you but you fought back pulling them back up. Mags gave a small sigh and shook his head. “Alright. I didn’t want to have to do this..” You raised a questioning eyebrow at him “BUT you leave me no choice __!” Mags quickly rolled on top of you and uncoverd your face. “H-hey! Get off you’re heavy!!” You said as you tried to squirm free. He simply laughed. “Hey now, I’ve been working out lately thank you very much. I have to keep my figure for my adoring fans after all.” You pouted and wrapped your arms around his waist. He smiled and gave you a kiss on the cheek. You smiled and started to blush. “Ah. There it is, the smile I love so much.” He said and gave you another, and another and another. Soon he was giving you kisses all over your face and you couldn’t help but smile and giggle. You loved Mags and he loved you. Even if he was a morning bird. Soon after Mags got off of you and helped you out of bed. “So, ready to start the day now?” He asked. “Maybe..if I can get another kiss.” You teased, but he was happy to  oblige. He leaned into you and gave you a deep, loving kiss.

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imagine Morten singing you to sleep every night ;)

A soft bed, the light sent of lavender and a gentle caress of a strong hand. Your eyes were heavy with tiredness and you could barely keep them open to look at the man who was running his fingers through your hair. His eyes were closed and he was singing with content as you lie against his chest slowly falling asleep. Once he noticed you were asleep he placed a gentle kiss on your lips and laid back into the bed falling asleep with you on in his arms.

- In der Biografie des britischen Sängers Morrissey beschreibt er, wie sehr er a-ha in den Achtzigern mochte und dass er durch Sie gelernt hat, dass – Zitat – “Musik nicht immer aus Schmerzen resultiert”, wie es bei ihm wohl der Fall ist. Hat er Recht?

Waaktaar-Savoy: Ich finde, dass wir genauso tragische Songs geschrieben haben wie er. Wir haben nur einen Smiley draufgesetzt. Wir sind also noch tragischer.

Furuholmen: Gelächelt, das haben wir in der Vergangenheit ja oft gemacht. Wir waren auf zahlreichen “Smash Hits” [ein britisches Popmusik-Magazin für Teenager, Anm. d. Red.] und haben uns den Arsch abgegrinst mit den tragischsten Songs überhaupt.