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what do you think about the loved kuuro/oikawa relationship? like they never really met but their personality are so compatible, i just think about iwaizumi and akaashi dealing with them together so cute!!!

hooooooooly snap how long as this been here *sad crying* i so sorry anon, life’s not giving me a break but I’M ALL ABOUT THIS HECK YES. like. like we only see them together in those little doodles Furudate does when they’re both angsting over not getting to be on a volume cover yet haha poor children. THO they’re both in Ennoshita’s movies so?? they have to have met. we just have sadly not seen it in the manga ugh. but yeah i think it’s an awesome dynamic and we need more of it in canon. maaayyyybe they’ll go to the same uni omg save everyone. and YES i am all about Iwa and Akaashi suffering on the sidelines and bonding and yes this is all so good thank you


🌟 tsukkiyama snaps: animals 🌙

“tsukki likes living things” – thank you furudate for this sketch (full post) and thank you to the people who scanned/translated it; i have been crying over this one sentence since

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The new Haikyuu!! chapter tho 🔥🔥🔥

idk about you but when people say “could you go somewhere with me?” it means to me that they’re asking me to go somewhere else with them. Like, they have a plan to go outside with me. Another place they’ve planned to take me. That sort of thing.

So I was assuming they’d do blocking practice elsewhere at least. It’s free practice and shit. They can do whatever, right. This feels like a top secret practice type of deal, doesn’t it?

Tsukishima is serious about this.

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