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Thank you for (thinking of?)/writing Loki/grandmaster, it was something I never knew I wanted until I saw a post about it, and now it's one of the most intriguing things that I've found in this fandom in years! (Reading about fictional characters, their issues and problems helps me deal with (avoid) my own)

I have a fic in progress, and actually @theotherodinson has written a few (and is probably the captain of this ship, really), so…welcome to the thing! it sure is a thing. and just like. 

so much potential for weird fucked up dynamics and Iiiii really need to get drunk and work on that fic, don’t I, because getting drunk is the fastest way to get over myself about anything

also decide if I really want to do alternating POV for it, because I think I don’t, it’d just make some parts of my life easier? but probably a lot of my life harder. requires further consideration.

Maggie:  Alex you should come to yoga with me

Alex:      I’m not really into yoga I’m……

Alex:      ***thinking***  I could sit behind Maggie at yoga and she’s gonna be wearing skintight nylon, stretching in skintight nylon, posing in skintight nylon, sweating in skintight nylon, and later I can take off her skintight nylon and suggest a shower, a shower we can take together or maybe even a bath in her whirlpool tub, yeah definitely a bath and she’ll have to sit between my legs because I’m taller and….

Maggie:     Alex??? earth to alex?!?!?!?!???/

Alex:        …after further consideration Yoga seems like a wonderful idea

the art of slaying dragons

“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.”
― Craig Claiborne

Nalu | Chef/RivalsToLovers AU
part 1/? 

words: 1475
rated: M
read: all

I can’t even believe it myself, but I am… back?! And it feels great. :’) I know I haven’t written in ages but I hope you haven’t forgotten me entirely my pals my buddies my frends… and this time around I’m writing about one of the great loves of my life: food. ;) Well, maybe not only about food. But there will be food. Yum.

 Cooking, despite what some might try to tell you, is an art.

It is art, and it is magic. There is art in an idea, in the careful execution, in the swirls and patterns of thoughtful arrangement on a simple plate. There is magic in old, scribbled recipes that endure time, in the love you pour into your creations, in that first bite. It is in the smiles of the people who taste your food, in the way they come to know you without ever having met you, because you took a part of your soul and held it to their lips.

The art of cooking—

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!”

Resisting the urge to hurl her pen against the next wall, Lucy Heartfilia leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. Maybe this was why she had not become a food critic in the end. As much as she loved writing, it did not come easy to her. It was hard. What she could do, however – what she had taught herself to do with passion and endurance – was to create dishes that spoke for her. Or at least she hoped that was what she did. Some days, she didn’t know anymore.

Maybe this wasn’t the best time in her life to be writing an article for a renowned food magazine, when she wasn’t even sure if she deserved to be in it. With a heavy sigh, she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and tried to focus on the task at hand.

But she did not finish it that night, or the night after.

“Chef, appetizer for table six is ready to go.”

“Thanks, Cana. Gajeel, ready to go on the main?”


“Cana, send it out. Gajeel, start in five. I want this energy to continue, alright team?”

“Yes, Chef!”

Lucy was in her element. She was in control. Everything happening was happening as it should; the magic (as she liked to call it) was flowing splendidly tonight. Yesterday’s doubts were still in the back of her mind, the anxiety over that new restaurant across the street a thorn in her side, but for tonight she pushed it all away. This year, she reassured herself, would be the year she would finally earn her first michelin star.

There was no one who could do it like Lucy Heartfilia. No restaurant that could rival The Fairy’s Tail, not in this street or this city or the entire fucking country. She had to believe this.

“Chef. Chef! Lucy!”

Blinking away her stupor, Lucy gave a start. She found herself confronted with the stern face of her head waitress, Aquarius. She swallowed. The scowl on her face bode nothing well.

“The guest at table seven asked to speak to you.”

All that Lucy heard in her tone and bearing was ‘What did you do wrong now, silly girl?’ but she merely nodded and skidded away from the woman’s likely wrath. Lucy might be her boss, but god, could Aquarius still be scary after all these years.

Scary, too, was the prospect of meeting that guest. It didn’t help that Aquarius had not hinted at the nature of the request. Would she be met with a complaint or a compliment?

Pondering this simple yet nerve-wrecking question, she made her way through the kitchen doors and out into the dining area, into her restaurant. For Lucy, it was the kitchen which felt most like home: this was where she lived as much as she worked. But here, amidst neatly decked tables and careful arrangements, amidst the sound of conversation, softly clinking cutlery and low laughter, here was where the soul of her restaurant lay. It felt good to remember that from time to time. Here, what she did felt easy and joyful and right. The blood, sweat and tears that had brought her to this point lay behind her, forgotten easily in the face of what her work could accomplish. Steaming plates, inviting dishes, colourful details… it all looked so simple, despite the hours of thought so many people had put into it. Her food brought people together; it made them smile.

And that was all she had ever wanted, in a way.

The table she was headed for was one of the small ones close to the wall, with the soft emerald cushions. There was only one person sitting there, comfortably lodged between table and wall, looking entirely at peace with the world. Some of the tension dropped off Lucy’s shoulders. His eyes moved and caught her approaching, and the smile that spread across his face lit up his eyes in a way that was, she found, entirely pleasant. A very good, content smile.

Her initial impression, however, was quickly redacted when she arrived at the table and he opened his mouth. 

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Pieces - Scott McCall

Summary ;; y/n and her boyfriend break up because y/n finds out he’s been cheating on her most of their relationship and scott’s there immediately to pick up the pieces.

Warnings ;; mentions of cheating, loving and sweet scott (v important!!!)

Words ;; 1.6k

Published ;; 5th march, ‘17


Stay safe + ily 🎑

The hushed whispers of familiar voices and consistent giggles coming from under the bleachers in which you were perched on caught your attention over the distant noise of lacrosse sticks colliding. You ignored it at first, the people trying to contain their mischievous giggles down there being of no interest to you. But, when you heard your name being mentioned quietly a couple of seconds after, your interests instantly perked up and you focused in on their words.

“What about (Y/N)?” It was a girl.

“What about (Y/N)?” And a boy. He repeated the question as if the answer was easy, a slight undertone of mock in his voice. “She won’t care. And if you’re really worrying that much, remember, she won’t ever find out. She hasn’t suspected anything yet so I’d say that we’re still safe. This is between us, okay? No one else.“

Your eyes cast downwards towards the gap in the bleachers with a slight frown written on your features. Then, when you caught a glimpse of short, messy, dyed blonde hair with brown roots creeping up through the strands, you froze in your seat. Denial ran through your veins as you sat up straight, your eyes unfocused, gazing out onto the lacrosse field and your lips parted, soft breaths escaping. It couldn’t be. He wouldn’t do that to you. Not after being together for over a year.

“Okay,” Came the faint reply and when the secretive mumbles came to an abrupt stop, you found yourself standing almost immediately, your legs making their way down the empty bleachers and onto the green, summer grass, your eyebrows furrowed deeply as you broke into a slow jog and travelled around the tall, shadowed stands.

But, when you saw the scene unfolding right in front of your (y/e/c) eyes, your step faltered instantaneously and you couldn’t prevent the choked gasp that escaped past your lips. Your boyfriend’s lips attached to one of your friend’s neck, her eyes closed and her fingers weaved through his hair as his hands lay dangerously low on the bottom of her back. When they heard the almost inaudible sound come from behind them, their eyes shot open and darted towards your still figure before they jumped apart fast as if one of them were on fire and burning.

“(Y/N)…” His eyes were wide with surprise and his voice was low and full of regret. The sting of tears settled on your waterline, threatening to escape as your wide eyes stared at him from a metre away, a relatively safe distance away from the lies that you were certain he’d spew out at any second.

“Wha- What are you-” You stumbled over the words, your tongue feeling heavy in your mouth. You stopped short from trying to form a coherent sentence when you felt the salty tears spill from your eyes and roll down your flushed cheeks. You made no effort in trying to wipe them away as you croaked out the best you could, “Why?”

The two of them stayed dead silent, their eyes drifting and landing on anything other than yourself. You couldn’t help the blunt, sarcastic laugh that escaped past your lips and the roll of your eyes as you stared at them in utter disbelief. “What?” Your incoherent persona was totally wiped away when their silence hit you and was replaced with a sudden anger that bubbled up inside of you due to the fact that not even one of them had the decency to give you an explanation. “Because I wouldn’t mind? Right?” You sneered, your legs carrying you over to them both. You stopped short right in front of him as he let out a sigh, his eyes rolling lightly before he chuckled halfheartedly.

“(Y/N), no- come on. I didn’t mean it like tha-” The harsh sound of a slap cut his words off and echoed throughout before anyone could comprehend what was happening. His head turned to the side at the impact of your hand, his jaw clenched angrily as did yours.

“No.” Your voice was short and sharp; your cold eyes were fixated on your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend’s guilty face, the icy glare in them not going unnoticed by either of the liars. “You did mean it like that. But that’s okay, because we’re over. So you can now do whatever the fuck you want.”

You awaited a reaction or at least an apology from either of them but when you got nothing but a guilty look from your friend and a shocked stare from the boy whom you used to date, his mouth parted as if he was insulted by your statement, you couldn’t help but let out another huff of anger, shaking your head in disbelief. You gave them both one last disgusted look before turning on your heel and walking out from under the bleachers and away from those two for the last time.

The strong feeling of anger that had controlled your previous actions had already dwindled down the drain and whirled into sadness before you had the chance to make it to the girl’s bathrooms. The tears once again making their escape down your face and soft cries came from your parted lips which instantly alerted the true alpha on the field, his senses picking up on the heartbroken chemo-signals that you were giving off and the sounds of distress emitting from you.

“(Y/N)?” Scott’s concerned voice questioned from where he stood and infiltrated your ears as your legs desperately carried you past the lacrosse team and off of the playing field as quick as they could. You sucked in an inevitable breath of cold air, your heart hammering against your chest as the heavy tears continued to stream down your rosy cheeks.

“(Y/N), wait!” He called for you again but this time, he’d thrown his helmet off and to the grassy floor along with his lacrosse stick before blatantly ignoring Coach Finstock’s angry shouts and racing after your fleeing body.

“Hey,” The softness of his voice and the feel of his strong hand gently pulling on your wrist caused you to slow down and turn to face him. His face fell considerably further as soon as he took notice of your upset and distressed state, “What-what happened? What’s wrong?”

Your bottom lip encased by your teeth in an attempt to suppress your broken whimpers but as soon as your glassy and pain-filled eyes connected with his deep brown ones, you couldn’t stop the choked sob that escaped. Scott immediately wrapped his arms around your figure as you rest your face in the crook of his neck; his eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he lightly propped his chin on top of your head.

“H-he cheated on me,” You struggled to get your words out through the sobs that heaved on your chest but Scott heard you loud and clear, his grip on your shaking body tightening when the words processed through his busy mind. He was conflicted, the anger towards your ex-boyfriend coursing through his veins and his hand twitching with the need to right up to him and hurt him for hurting you. But, he knew that you wouldn’t want that so instead, he let his hand run up and down your back comfortingly, swaying you side to side slightly to calm your cries.

“He didn’t deserve you,” His whispered words echoed through your head after a while of silence as he pressed a gentle, lingering kiss on the top of your head. You pulled back from his warm embrace slightly, sniffling quietly as you made an attempt to run your fingers through your messy hair. Scott couldn’t help himself when he reached out and softly swiped away the tears resting on your cheeks with the pad of his thumbs before tucking a stray hair behind your ear, “It’s okay; I’m here.” 

You couldn’t suppress the small smile that reached your lips at the action as you wrapped your arms around his torso once again, your chin resting on his shoulder as you stood on your tiptoes. “Thank you,” The hoarse whispers hit the shell of his ear before you pressed your lips to his cheek lightly, appreciative by the fact that you had someone as amazing as Scott McCall in your life. 

He simply smiled, said cheeks blushing a slight red before he pulled away and took your hand in his, intertwining your fingers together with his as he gently led you away from the school. “Let’s skip the rest of the day and watch movies and eat pizza at my place?” He questioned and you let out a sigh of relief, nodding your head slowly at his request, all your energy feeling as if it had dissipated into thin air.

You wiped your tired, irritated and glassy eyes with your free hand, reminding yourself that you shouldn’t cry over seeing them together when you had your best friend there to show you that you weren’t worthless and that you were loved. “It’ll be okay. It’ll all be okay.” Scott wound his arm around your shoulders and brought your body closer to his once more as you walked off the school’s premises together.

His heart hurt knowing that the girl he was completely and utterly in love with had just had her heart broken and was left with nothing but tears and pain, however, he was also filled with the serenity of hope that hopefully one day, you’ll let him show you how you should really be treated, because you deserved nothing but the best.


When The Student Becomes The Teacher

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 3810

Pairing: SamxSister!ReaderxDean

Summary: Based on this request: I was wondering if u could write one with SamxSis!ReaderxDean? Where they’re teaching her how to touch herself and stuff happens.

A/N: This isn’t a part of The Taboo Is In The Blood. This is a stand alone one shot.

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On February 5, 1987, Ted had his first panic attack. Although he’d maintained an unperturbed exterior, always in control, always cool and superrational, inside, he apparently was destabilizing after the events of the past year. Until his first death warrant his life at Florida State Prison had been relatively peaceful, especially after he and Carol and Tina had settled into their weekly routine. The disruption caused by the first warrant was only the first tremor of the crumbling of that existence. The TV movie had brought more public attention, hatred, and unavoidable reminders of the crimes he had put out of his mind for six years. The second warrant had made the possibility of execution real to him - and to Carole. Then Carole had left for Seattle, and Ted’s six-year pattern of Saturday visits with his “attentive” family were over. Bad memories were being dredged up from the past as Dr. Norman visited sporadically, spending several hours each time probing Ted’s recollections, his dark side. He was spending time alone with Diana Weiner. He’d always expected to be permitted time to apply for clemency in the Lake City case after cert. was denied. Instead, he had found himself on death watch again, receiving a stay only six hours before his execution was to take place. Then, to top it off, he’d been wrongly placed in disciplinary status upon receiving the stay and deprived of outdoor exercise - his most treasured privilege. The pressure was mounting, his peaceful existence was slowly unraveling. Even the Eleventh Circuit ruling in our favor and remanding the Chi Omega case for further consideration was not necessarily a great comfort to Ted. For him, the mere resolution of a court case - whether in his favor or not - meant that he was that much closer to running out of legal ammunition.

Ted later told me he thought he was going to die that morning of February 5. He said he has been feeling fine since his release from the DR, exercising as usual, doing yoga, avoiding coffee and chemicals. Ted valued self-discipline. The panic attack hit at six in the morning, without warning. He said he lost his short-term memory; lost all perspective; he felt “waves of adrenaline, terror and panic”; he was trembling and his hands were shaking; he felt “numbness, pinpricks on top of my brain”; he was dizzy, heard echoes, and had ringing in his ears. He writhed on the floor of his cell for half a day before it passed. Subsequent attacks would last longer. - Polly Nelson on Ted’s first panic attack

I wrote that ChrisEva fic about them meeting up a few years later. I sort of wrote it quickly, so take that into consideration.

Not Quite Five Years Later-Skam Fic

Soft, warm fingers crawled like spiders up Eva’s inner thigh, leaving shivers in their wake. She allowed them to continue their trek across prickled skin for a few moments, closing her eyes and pretending as if they were truly wanted.  
Years before, when she had first allowed those thin fingers back into her bed, back into her life, back into her heart, it was like coming home. Four years, six months, and twenty-two days. Five years would be easier to say, she’s the first to admit that. And if it was four years, three months, and eight days into their relationship, that’s what she would have done. Simply round up the years because why not? They’d be together that long anyway, there was no fear in her heart of losing this secure relationship that she could come home to every day. While attending University of Oslo, Eva sought out those hands to hold her and comfort her whenever the work began to drill holes into her stability, leaking all self-comfort she had until she was a walking doll for Jonas’ affection. Up until three months ago, despite Noora’s constant questioning and Chris B.’s blatant disregard for tact, Eva had no idea that she had completely reverted back to her first year of secondary school dependency.  
Really, she may have never known. It would have been perfectly easy to give herself up to the warm blanket that was Jonas, never comprehending how the blanket was just a little too tight, slowly suffocating her. She had been known to lose herself in something she enjoyed (hello, all those parties when she was younger ring a bell?) so no one would have been surprised in the least. Yet, when the epiphany struck, Eva was left with little else to do but accept that maybe the perfect relationship she had been living was actually anything less than.  
So what, you ask, happened three months prior to shock Eva up from her relationship coma? She had just been checking ‘LikeIt?’, which all of her friends had taken to instead of Instagram recently, when she came across a post by Chris Schistad. 

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"I would make all the walls windows!"

Imagine Dan and Phil looking for a new apartment together. They just search and search and visit like twenty apartments and houses and none is quite right. And then they come to this apartment. As soon as they enter they think it’s nice, could maybe get into further consideration, maybe not. But when Phil sees the windows instead of walls in the lounge his eyes just light up in that special shimmer that only Phil manages. And Dan just smiles and knows. This is their apartment.

((Phil always wanted a house with windows for walls. Their new apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows in their lounge. (Reference, see dan’s latest tweet.) So i came up with a mini hc!

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What would happen to the military and police force in a solarpunk society? What about jails/prisons? How might a solarpunk society defend itself?

I have a rough answer to this, but my friend Chelsea has a lot of experience in direct prison abolition activism, so I’ve asked her to take a look at this ask and respond. Here’s what she wrote: 

The underlying assumption here is that military and police are necessary for society to function. But that’s not really the case. The military-industrial complex and prison-industrial complex uphold the intertwined structures of white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy, and capitalism. As I understand it, solarpunk is an attempt to create alternatives to these systems of violence. 

With regards to the military, its role in the US is to defend the nation from real or potential threats, both internal and external. It enacts unspeakable violence on any perceived threats. For the last 100+ years of US history, the military has been the muscle of US imperialism. (And this is the case for other past and present empires/ colonizers.) 

This Jacobin article summarizes the violence enacted by the US military, and why it should be abolished: (1) US imperialism breeds racism; (2) the military is anti-feminist; (3) US militarism is bad for American workers and for the planet; (4) the US military is global capitalism’s police; and (5) the military is no humanitarian force, although US military interventions are often explained away with language about humanitarian efforts. 

The military is not necessary for a society to thrive. There are 22 countries that do not have a standing army. Not all are examples to follow, but there are ideas for further consideration and things that can be improved.

I am more knowledgeable about the prison-industrial complex, so I’m going to move on to that…

In the US, we use prisons and jails to hide away, punish, and obliterate people we have labeled as “criminals.” Crime and criminality are socially constructed and historically variable (so it is different in different times and places; I am a US historian, so this is where my experience is coming from).

Since the 19th century, the system of jails/prisons in the US has served to identify and “reform” non-normative bodies and behaviors. Today, it has become system of punishment that targets and destroys people who experience intersecting oppressions based on race, gender, disability, and class—on a massive scale.

We may be able to find an approach that encompasses harm reduction and restorative justice, which are increasingly used today to eliminate the perceived need for state violence. Activists that I worked with in western MA have been fighting against the construction of new jails. The Massachusetts Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition (SHaRC) emphasizes the need to “deconstruct” the ideology of prisons, and to “reconstruct” viable community alternatives.

We need to rethink the role of jails/prisons, and realize that our communities are best served by harm prevention/reduction and restorative justice alternatives, including equitable access to affordable housing, food, job opportunities, childcare, quality education, and healthcare.

As I understand solarpunk, restorative justice would have to be a core part of solarpunk society. This would be part of wide-ranging efforts to decriminalize criminalized communities, to end environmental racism, and to dismantle white supremacist violence (institutional and otherwise).

 – @space-crabs

 Some resources:

Ok so, like, I keep on thinking abt this question of like embodiment and misogyny, and how to properly explicate this in a way that will connect what I’m trying to convey. I know it’s maybe annoying, and like obviously is not going to convince anyone who has an a priori commitment to cissexism (to the extent of like rejecting large swaths of feminist literature like Irigaray, Wittig, Dworkin, etc), but here we go.

I think that a charge or anxiety that people have when I raise the issue of misogyny in being enforced regardless of embodiment is that it is asserting that bodies considered ‘female’ aren’t a site of misogynist oppression, and like I think I’ve said quite a few times that this isn’t what I think. Just that it is their proximity to womanhood that is what brings misogyny: the further from this consideration of womanhood, the less misogyny will impact someone.

And a comparison that came to my mind was the situation re: The Feminine Mystique by Friedan. The basic premise of the book is that the pressures to be a housewife and stay at home mother are a tool of patriarchal oppression against women. Her suggestion for a solution to this is for women to be self actualized thru living their own life (w their own employment being a major component of this).

Multiple critiques of this perspective came up. The primary one was from lower class women and women of color who contended that the book completely ignored that there were plenty of women who weren’t staying at home, because they were out working low class jobs (such as raising other people’s children!).

So here you can see that there are multiple ways (even what might look like contradictory ways) that women’s relationship to work is a site of misogynistic oppression: some women are expected to not work, and simply be helping some man who has a fully actualized life, and other women are expected to perform low wage labor while still performing many of the same domestic duties. The question isn’t whether one is working or not, and only the most well off women would be able to have any relationship to work that isn’t substantially informed by misogyny.

And that critique of The Feminine Mystique doesn’t mean that compulsory housewife status or the relegation of women to the domestic sphere isn’t bad or misogyny! Like these can both be true at the same time, and are not a zero sum game.

This is what I’m talking abt when I’m talking abt misogynistic oppression that falls on women’s bodies (both cis and trans). Much like women’s work or non work is frequently coerced and devalued in capitalist patriarchy by virtue of being considered 'womens work’ and its relationship to men, women’s bodies whether cis or trans are devalued and the site of violence and coercion, because of their proximity to womanhood.

Character Analysis of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Back Cover

The Back Cover of Kingdom Hearts feels like a giant miscast. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Rather, the Master of Masters set everyone up to fail by giving them the roles they weren’t suited for.

Ira the unicorn is the best fit for discerning the prophecy, but makes for a lousy leader.

Invi the snake makes an amazing right hand woman, but she is a terrible intermediator.

Ava the fox is the best intermediator by a long shot. She could be the glue that holds everyone together, but her role of not getting involved with politics and instead focusing on the next generation forbids her from being the glue.

Gula the leopard and Aced the bear have the best leadership qualities. They would be best for leading the five and preparing the next generation. Aced has a lot of natural charisma and can rally people, and Gula is really good at making tough decisions on the snap.

But again, Aced is an awful right hand man. And Gula can’t discern the prophecy (and the Master of Masters removes Luxu to ensure this doubly so) and makes for an ineffective assassin.

Given further consideration, Gula is the ideal head honcho. He listens to his fellow union leaders and does what he can to make their plans work. And if things aren’t looking so great, he has enough humility to say he messed up, let’s rewind or try plan B. He’s present minded and a decision maker. Gula wants results.

Aced would’ve loved Ava’s job. Most likely, he would have been better at it, too. Although similarly to canon, he would’ve been initially disappointed to not be the leader, but in his own way, he still would be, just in a different operation. The right capacity. Since he’s a natural rallier, he would take a lot of enjoyment in gathering up candidates, training them up, and sending them off after he saw that they were ready.

It’s funny in a way. This last Sunday’s sermon was about destiny, listening to your heart, and God given patience for the things we were called to do. And that no one but you can fulfill your own destiny, and nothing but trouble will come of trying to carry out someone else’s destiny. Then, here’s this hour long story about a bunch of people assigned roles that conflict with who they are and the destinies they have, and when they listen to their hearts and do what they’d do best, it conflicts with their role.

Basically, they’re all carrying each others’ destinies and not fulfilling their own because they’re relying on the bad advice of someone they respect.

Nonetheless, they all naturally gravitate towards their real purpose.
Ira, when left to his own devices, wants to do nothing more than study the prophecies all day. This is where he excels, even managing to figure out that something is missing from their books and going so far as to have a fair guess at what it is.

Invi makes for the best second hand a leader could ask for. She always ready and willing to carry out his will.

And Ava’s heart is for everyone to just get along.

I think they could’ve been a successful and functional unit if it had been Ira in the books, Gula at the head, Invi as the right hand, Ava the bridge, and Aced the rallier for the future. These are their true strengths.

… Haha, and now I want to do a body analogy. Which is a little different, actually, but portrays who they are at their best, I think.

Ira’s the head, the mind, the deep thinker.
Gula’s the spine who listens and inspires everyone to get it done.
Ava’s the heart, keeps the peace and offers encouragement.
Invi’s the hands that carry out their bidding.
Aced is the feet that walk into the future.

In the ideal world that obviously didn’t happen. And wouldn’t unless Gula stormed Ira’s office, stuffed the lost page under his nose and told him they were switching then and there.



A stunning Victorian terrarium or aquarium made all in cast iron with an amazing and base. Great for out or indoors . Makes a great display case too!!

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Steggy Fic: Truth

I’ve written a drabble or short fic for every day of Steggy Week 2k17! This was written for Day 6: Quotes, Lyrics, etc. Previous days: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

“And you used to be fun!”
—Dum Dum Dugan to Peggy Carter, Agent Carter Season 1: The Iron Ceiling

Dum Dum set down his cards with a sigh. “Damn it, you have got to be cheating. Dare,” he added, handing over five rocks to Jones.

Gabe grinned, adding the rocks to his pile. “Fifty one-armed pushups.”

Dum Dum groaned and handed Morita his cigarette. “I hate you.” Considering the amount of bourbon in his system, he thought it was pretty damn impressive that he managed thirty four before collapsing: twenty five with his right arm and nine with his left.

“Is that all?” asked Peggy, eyebrow raised. “I could do better than that with one hand tied behind my back.” She took a swig of bourbon. “In this case, quite literally,” she added. Morita snorted and took a drag of Dum Dum’s cigarette.

“Sure you could,” said Dum Dum, still lying flat on his back. “I dare you.”

“That is not how the game works,” she said smugly, passing him the bourbon.

Karma seemed to be on Dum Dum’s side, however, as Peggy lost five rocks to Bucky in the very next round. She handed them over with bad grace. “All right. Dare.” She sighed. “I’ll have you know,” she said thoughtfully, “this is exactly how I ended up caught in the headmaster’s bedroom when I was in school, holding an armful of his wife’s knickers and his best bottle of brandy.”

“Do tell,” said Bucky, eyebrow raised.

“That would be Truth, and I’m afraid I chose Dare,” said Peggy, with slightly inebriated dignity. Steve, beside her, looked like he was trying not to laugh.

“Fine,” said Bucky. “Do more one-armed pushups than Dum Dum can. With one hand literally tied behind your back.”

“All right,” said Peggy, shrugging out of her jacket. She paused, frowning. “How exactly does one tie just one hand behind one’s back?”

“I’m sure there’s a way,” said Bucky, “but fine, just hold your arm back there.”

Peggy technically only had to do thirty five pushups, but she rarely did things by halves. “You realize you can can stop now,” said Dum Dum, when she reached fifty with no sign of slowing down.

“I’m just getting started,” she said cheerfully. She didn’t stop when she got to a hundred, either, but fought through seven more before she collapsed to the ground, panting. “There,” she said, triumphantly. “One hundred and seven for the 107th.”

Steve bent over her. “You gonna make it, Peg?” Morita pulled his feet back just in case.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t have had quite so much bourbon before accepting that challenge,” she admitted.

Dum Dum snorted. “Or maybe you shouldn’t be such a show-off next time, Carter. Serves you right.”

Peggy sat out the next round, leaning on Steve while she recovered, and Steve, possibly distracted, promptly lost five rocks to Dum Dum. He considered carefully. “Truth,” he said, finally.

Dum Dum scratched his chin, considering. “I’ve always been curious about those USO showgirls,” he said. “You ever get a closer look at what was under those outfits?” He winked at Peggy, who narrowed her eyes at him.

“Sure,” said Steve, “Some really interesting underthings to keep everything in place while they’re dancing.”

Dum Dum rolled his eyes. “Cap, have you ever actually seen a girl naked?”

“Yes,” said Steve, simply. Bucky’s eyes widened.

“All right,” said Peggy hastily, sitting up straight. “I’m back in for this round.” Gabe dealt the cards, looking rather amused.

The dares had escalated considerably by the time Peggy cleared her throat and looked at her watch. “Final round,” she said, firmly. “I don’t want to be the one to explain to Colonel Phillips how you all put each other into the infirmary.”

“Well, it was your idea,” said Bucky, and she made a face at him. The bottle of bourbon was getting alarmingly low, and she’d edged closer and closer to Steve until she was practically sitting on his lap.

Maybe she was distracted, but Peggy lost the last round rather decisively, handing over five rocks to Dernier. She sighed. “I rather think it’s in my best interest not to choose Truth at this point.”

“Dare, then,” said Dum Dum, picking up the bottle of bourbon and waiting with interest to see what Dernier would come up with.

Dernier smiled slowly and said something in French. Peggy raised an eyebrow. “I will need to consult with Captain Rogers, of course,” she said, rather formally, standing up carefully and tugging at Steve’s arm. He followed her into the darkness behind one of the tents.

“What did he say?” Bucky asked Gabe, both eyebrows raised. 

Gabe shook his head, looking bemused. “Not what you’re thinking.”

“What, then?” asked Dum Dum, fascinated. Peggy was already returning, Steve in tow.

“Very well,” she announced, grandly. “We accept.” Gabe’s eyes widened and Dernier smiled.

“What - what did he dare you to do?” asked Morita, cautiously, after a long moment when nobody moved.

“Get married,” said Peggy.

Several jaws dropped. “Uh,” said Dum Dum, carefully, “I know neither of you is good at backing down from a dare, but don’t think this is something you should really be held to once you sober up in the morning.”

“Too late,” said Peggy, grinning. “It’s already done.”

Everyone stared at them. “Is there - is there a priest back there?” asked Dum Dum, finally. Upon further consideration, he thought, he probably should have put away the bourbon a while back.

“Well, as it turns out, we anticipated this request a few weeks in advance,” said Peggy.

Dernier grinned.

“Wait,” said Bucky, indignant, eyes widening in realization. “Stevie, did you get married and not tell me?”

“Possibly,” said Steve, not looking particularly sorry.

“We didn’t tell anyone,” said Peggy, firmly.  “And I hope you all realize how much trouble I’ll be in if this gets back to the SSR.” She looked around the circle of the campfire and smiled. “But, all in all, I’m rather glad the cat’s out of the bag with you lot.”

“You know we’ll never tell,” said Dum Dum, and the others nodded. He grinned. “You were already one of us, Peg. You didn’t have to marry into the group.”

She grinned at him. “Well, getting in with the Howling Commandos was of course my primary objective, but he does have a few good qualities of his own.”

Bucky still looked affronted. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” He frowned. “How the hell did Dernier figure it out?”

Dernier smiled enigmatically and muttered something to Gabe. “He says it was obvious to anyone with a proper sense of romance.”

Peggy slid her arms around Steve’s neck. “Speaking of which,” she said, cheerfully, “I trust it won’t shock anybody to find Captain Rogers in my tent when third watch rolls around this morning.”

“Oh, God,” said Morita, eyes wide. “I never thought I’d be grateful for how loud Dum Dum snores.”

anonymous asked:

Can I get your opinion on something? After seeing Momtaku's latest poll, I question why it is that people sympathize with Annie way more than with the other two? I notice that a lot of people blame Reiner/Bertolt for the breach but they don't want to remember Annie killing the Levi squad, toying with the soldiers or playing YoYo with them. It's so bias and hypocritical. I understand that she didn't have much to do with the fall of Shiganshina but she was just as involved in their mission as RB.

“Reiner pulled off a last minute victory, edging our Annie by less than 1%.” - Which warrior do you feel the most sympathetic towards? [Source] - @momtaku

Actually, from the final results of the poll, people share equally sympathy for Reiner and Annie. I have to say it’s pretty bizarre since Annie wasn’t shown for a while, aside in Reiner’s flashbacks where she stayed her usual-self. It’s been since chapter 34 we haven’t got any news from her yet she’s on par with Reiner. In the meantime, Reiner shows himself to be a soft but strict paternal figure who has been traumatized by Shiganshina: grazing death three times and losing Bertolt. Cue people to hold sympathy for him.

Though the next graph probably explains why people hold so much sympathy for Annie:

Which of the warriors would you most like to see switch sides? [Source]

She’s practically holding half the votes, here and is seconded by Reiner. Most of them expect her to side with the SL despite her resolve, because she’s held crystallized on Paradis island. Like I said in another ask, as long as she can serve the protagonists’ best interest, she’s going to earn all their sympathy.

Another theory is people are finding Annie and Reiner more sympathetic than Bertolt or Zeke because they tortured themselves mentally and blatantly over killing their former companions, whereas Bertolt was more threatening in chapter 78, despite the intentions of the warriors being the same. Every warrior hated what they had to do to the people they had to live with for three years, but I feel like Annie gets a special treatment because either she’s a female character and female characters being ~truly bad~ (as in, lacking agency and being rounded by her male teammates without having a say-in) is something inconceivable, or she hated her teammates with every essence of her being to the point it would be better for her to desert the Marley warriors and I debunked this assertion in a previous ask

But it’s as you said: Annie actively worked against the Eldians on Paradis: killing SL members during the expedition, killing Sawney and Bean, tracking members of the wall cult to learn more about Krista… her joining the MP instead of the SL is probably to arouse less suspicion and because she’s overall more effective in carrying plans on her own instead of working in groups. Like I said, it almost worked if she wasn’t drawn to exhaustion and tailed by Levi and Mikasa. Eren was in her hands, meaning the mission was over as soon as she could escape with him, her letting him slip explains this reaction:

Annie crying - Ch. 30

Also, I disagree with you about Annie not contributing to Shiganshina’s fall. While she probably wasn’t conceived at the time as a full-fledged titan, she’s probably the one who gathered the titans around, as suspected by Armin:

Armin explaining how the titans have been led inside Wall Maria - Ch. 23

Her titan is fast enough so other titans can follow her without her getting caught. that’s an effective strategy to lure most titans from the south near Wall Rose, making Eldians feel even more trapped than before. Alternatively, that would explain why most titans were concentrated in the area before getting guillotined. That tactic worked perfectly to exterminate the left flank of the expedition and Erwin used the same to lure titans against Reiner and Bertolt.

Besides, she hadn’t any more opportunities than this one, so it’s safe to assume she was with Reiner, Bertolt and Marcel at the same time.

What do you think about that panel where annie was spinning a soldier like yoyo? I have a hard time finding an explanation for that action. It really contradicts whatever Isayama showed us of annie outside her titan form. During her last fight with eren, when she accidently killed innocent civilians she was shown to be visibly shaken. One day, she treated that soldier like a toy and the next day she’s showing remorse for killing people. I just don’t understand that panel.

Focusing on your last sentence, I’ll develop Annie’s state of mind during the expedition:

Once you’re on a mission where you have to take the lives of people without further consideration, you have no choice but to put some blinders over their status as human and your own. If I recall correctly, soldiers also treat war as if it was a big game in order to feel less bad. It also helped the ones Annie squashed weren’t close to her, when it was someone she spent three years with, the decision was a bit harder to take. 

Each warrior had their own blinders: for Reiner, it was accomplishing the task, no matter what, for Bertolt, it was a complete disconnection with the outside world, for Zeke, it was a baseball game. Some of the SL soldiers also began their dissociation state recently:

Jean trying to set aside his feelings - Ch. 77

Jean obviously has trouble offing someone else’s life, both here and in the Uprising arc where Armin had to shoot that MP woman. And even after Reiner’s supposed death, he still stopped Hange from killing him for good, implying he’s not exactly ready to cast his humanity aside.

Besides, when Annie was shocked to see wall cultists crushed under her body, it was a complete different situation than the one in the forest. She was tossed in the city by Eren and her landing on a group of people was a complete accident. It’s natural she was shocked.

Hope that answers your question!  

EDIT: Adding @momtaku’s input:

Annie was ahead by a significant amount in the sympathy poll for the entire week. Reiner only pulled ahead on the last day. It was amazing to me since, like you said, she hasn’t been in the story in years and Reiner had just gotten a  series of heart breaking panels. I enjoyed your assessment of this. I think you are right that it’s more the potential of Annie, than Annie’s actual behavior that has caused this. That plus being female.

Letter from the Ministry
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: florahart | Word Count: 11.3k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Harry, who on further consideration has decided not to participate so much in the Wizarding world for a while, has been called in by the Aurors office to have a look at a situation. There are islands, he can’t breathe, Draco is surprisingly soothing, and between them, they turn out to be all right at math.

Review: Just a hilarious, sweet fic with a little vulnerability thrown in as well. Harry, who has sort of renounced the wizarding world but still takes up odd, interesting jobs from the Auror department finds himself in a bit of trouble as he ends up almost drowning, with an inability to properly breath and stranded on a deserted island. The patronus he sends out for help returns with none other than Draco Malfoy, who, due to unfortunate circumstances, also ends up with Harry on the island. Their characterisations and banter as well are strange, hilarious yet sincere and honest, and ultimately the whole thing is loads of fun!

Content/Warnings: Humour, Past Relationship

Irene Norton

Upon further consideration, I’ll use Irene Adler’s married name, Norton.  Because in the text she was married.  To Norton.  And she referred to herself by Norton.  And I’m cranky enough about adaptations of Adler – it’s always “Adler” – into Holmes’s love interest that I’ll use “Norton” just on the same silly principle by which I would order a “large” at Starbucks because “venti” is ridiculous.

anonymous asked:

have you ever thought of mando'a words for different disabilities? like what the word for "blind" or "deaf" etc would be?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about it actually, because they’re necessary words — but as often is the case the mando’a dictionary is lacking, for whatever reason. 

I do want to state beforehand that while I have thought of or worked on words with others before, many of them have been words for other disabilities and/or impairments dealing specifically with mental health and mental illness, and brain injury. Considering I have PTSD, among other things, that’s mostly where my focus has tended to go. I’m not a part of either community you mentioned (blindness, or deafness), but I have thought about and spoke with others in the past with the intent of creating words for either — mostly because, as you can probably tell from my other mando’a posts, I don’t generally trust the larger fan community to create words in a respectful manner, either unintentionally, or otherwise.

My biggest issue, and the major reason that I’m writing this at all, is that there’s always an “easy” way to create words in mando’a — especially in this situation, because the words “to see” and “to hear” already exist. But the easy way to create these words (drop a negative prefix in front of to see, or to hear) is radically … well, inaccurate, and wrong-headed — especially given how these words literally translate before adding the nu’ / ne’ / n’ to them.

So … this is my attempt, until such a time as better words and those better informed than myself can do so. I would also appreciate any and all input from any part of the blind and/or deaf community. If I’m overstepping or if I mess up, please tell me and I’ll apologize and correct myself.

This all goes under a cut due to length and the aforementioned. 

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