fursuit dance competition


The first time I ever entered a fursuit dance competition! <3


My entry in the BLFC2015 dance comp. I took 1st place (veteran’s) with it! Congrats to all the other finalists and ALL MY LOVE to ALL the dancerfurs, period!


My second time ever entering a fursuit dance competition :D Such a great crowd at BLFC!

Watch on fyeahfursuiting.tumblr.com

Furpocalypse 2014 - Fursuit Dance Competition - Fenrir

1st place dance comp winner at furpocalypse Fenrir! Loved that he used Rocky Horror!


Anthrocon 2014 - Fursuit Dance Competition - Furternity

1st Place winners of Anthrocon 2014’s Dance Competition.

So I took my Bollywood dance routine to Fur The ‘More. It was a real honor to dance alongside some very talented and brave people who came up to the floor and gave it their all.

DANCE VIDEO (front) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H5N61EBDL2w

DANCE VIDEO (back) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VtfN9NEl4yo

Photo: LupiniaStudios: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lupiniastudios/13234790085/in/pool-furthemore


Fuuuu- And here I thought Skye couldn’t get more awesome.


Watch on fyeahfursuiting.tumblr.com

FWA2014 Fursuit Dance Competition - FULL - Furry Weekend 

Also please check out the fursuit dance competition from FWA. I’m in it at about 26 minutes.  It honestly was the best one I have ever seen since being in the furry fandom. So many talented and original acts the ENTIRE time. Seriously, good job everyone who participated. :)


askcosplay2pengland submitted:

Hello yes I saw you noticed the lewis fursuit. Here is a video of it entering a fursuit dance competition it got first place. its a rather cool suit. :D

I saw this, yes!  It’s super cool!!!


Furpocalypse 2014 - Fursuit Dance Competition - Jordan

Definitely deserves an honorable mention, Jordan is only 11 years old, made her own suit and did an amazing dance. One of the judges told me, had Fenrir not wiped the stage, Jordan def would have placed.

Jordan if you are reading this, we were all so proud and impressed with you! Don’t stop dancing. :)