These pink long-sleeved handpaws were so fun to wear! 💕💕So soft💕💕SO sweet💕💕So squishy💕💕
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Renaissance Fuji discovers the drum!

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How to Make Sewn Claws

This is a useful technique that I am very excited to present to you, this video is on how I create sewn claws in my costume projects! Its a great technique useful for claws, but also teeth and spikes.

Sew your own claws out of fabric or vinyl, learn how to turn and stuff them, as well as tips on installing them! I demonstrate using marine vinyl. 


Fabric for your claws
Sewing machine

(optional) Stencil plastic:
(optional) “Hump Jumper”: – though check your sewing machine’s tool box, it is a very common accessory item that comes stock with many machines. 

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