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I went to the lights fantastic parade in carbondale tonight while fursuiting
All the kids loved me, half their parents wanted pictures. Even one drunk couple wanted pictures.
And then Carly took me to the Mairion Lion’s Den because her manager desperately wanted to see my suit in person.
Walking around in a sex store while being maximum furry is hilarious.

Make a simple custom carrying case!

This tutorial is on how to make a simple fursuit head case, but it is actually suitable for any object (such as footpaws, props, non furry related items, etc.) that you want to make a cover for travel or protection. This guide is a good introduction to those who have never used tape to pattern anything before, this will introduce them to the concept.

This tutorial was sponsored by my Patreon campaign! If you enjoy things like this, consider chipping in to support more of my teaching endeavors! 


  • Plastic bags
  • Masking tape (packaging or duct tape are OK too)
  • Markers (two colors, for drawing on tape)
  • Chalk or washable pencils (for fabric)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Zipper (length will depend on your project)
  • Fabric for your case (amount will depend on your pattern measurements)
  • Sewing Machine, and/or needle & thread.

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