fursona 2

its so weird 2 think that theres ppl out there who like………aggressively Hate the concept of fursonas. like ppl who have never made one + will talk shit day and night about ppls fursonas and like…..get really offended about them. of everything in the world 2 get mad at, some ppl choose to get mad at fursonas. 

this is my take on the ‘fantastic’ prompt, although i’m not sure how much it really fits. i saw this post and thought of a forest critter adventure a la watership down or silverwing or some similar source of nostalgia, so yeah!! white raven ashe, fox markus, and hare gregor.

i’m probably not gonna draw them, but my ideas for some of the others are: bear kyr, wolf thog, bat inien, doe firi, viper zalvetta, lynx moren.