fursona 2

Finally after a span of busy months I got the chance to beat Earthbound!
im not much of an rpg person but holy EFF this game was awesome
i had like no intentions of playing the other two games before i played Earthbound (maybe Mother 4 too if im that interested??) but now i plan on playing them soon c:

So while I was Drawpiling I drew this and it just NEEDED to be colored.
sorry for adding furry art to the Mother 2 tag but i plan on posting ACTUAL fan art of the game soon lel

anonymous asked:

Other possible things Genji found in Hanzo's diary, 1. His emo poetry. 2. His fursona.

He found his entry where he just talks about how cum is healthy and that’s how his hair is so nice and genji can’t look hanzo in the eyes for a month