Hey guys! I thought this game may be relevant to your interests possibly, so I thought I would post about it! :)

It’s a furry visual novel game with some absolutely beautiful art! It tells what looks like an awesome story. It works much like Teltale games do in that you have choices in what you can do and your choices affect the story! How cool is that? :) It will have multiple story lines and endings from the looks of it too, which is always fun. 

Click the link above to check it out if you wish! Will be reblogged again tonight for my night time people (along with the link to the new discord). :)

anonymous asked:

i hate my life and i want to die. that wasent a joke i suffer from clinical depression and ive been starving myself.i have no friends and im very anti social around people the only thing that cheers me up is your art and blog it self it makes me feel a bit better about myself so thank you vivi.

im hoping better things will come for you