Heyo! Opening commissions for cute lil fursona chibis. 

All the info is on the submission page on my FA (please contact me there if you can) 

If you don’t have an FA account, you’re more than welcome to send me an email at evange11037commissions@gmail.com. Include whether you would like flat or shaded and a reference of your character. I will then respond with my paypal info and the amount to send. Please do not send anything until I give the okay! I will begin work once I receive payment.Thank you :3

Didn’t even try to look cute ayelmao

@cub2‘s tail is done (Also got the paws cut, the the pads appliqued on. That will be a different post) 

The fur on the tuft is going the wrong way because I wanted that fur to have a little bit more volume and look more tufty. Think it looks pretty good. I’m really digging this and now I want a lion-sona. ;3;

I am open for commissions like this!