dapper-deerper  asked:

I have a question, when did you start drawing?

When I was younger I used to draw by free-handing Pokemon card art (looking at the card and drawing it on paper.

In eighth grade, I took an art class and designed Chai-Fox, my first drawn OC. That’s when I started to actually pursue art.

In sophomore year (10th grade), I took graphic design. That’s when I began to do digital art.

I’m currently a sophomore in college (14th grade).


dapper-deerper  asked:

Hi Amber ^^ I just wanted to compliment on your AWESOME blog, I love your artwork and I've sen it ALL over tumblr and I admire it a lot! I just wanted to compliment you, I hope you read this, and I hope I put a smile on your face =D stay cool -Furryserenity

H-hey! Ahh thats so sweet ;;u;;
I’m no good at taking compliments asdfd
Thank you a lot tho, heh. It was really nice to get a message like this