Meet the Artists: Sha'an d'Anthes a.k.a Furry Little Peach

NAME: Sha'an d'Anthes

From:  Australia

Self-taught Traditional Artist expert in the art of Watercolors


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I will not bore you with much description. She is actually quite well known, and one of the few ‘big’ artists that actually seems to answer all her asks. (seriously she has a lot of them). If you have any questions regarding the material she uses I suggest you to look through her Tumblr as she has probably already answered that question or similar. You can also find many more paintings in her Tumblr and Instagram. 

Her Artwork


General pants video (Sha'an)


Ok ok ok TIME FOR AN ARTIST APPRECIATION POST! I got home today from having a lovely gift-wrapping extravaganza with the fam and LO AND BEHOLD my Christmas present to myself had arrived in the mail!!! The pictures above are of me being a doofus full of happiness and a more grown-up presentation of the art & parcel that said art came in.

Sha'an d'Anthes a.k.a. furrylittlepeach is one of my all-time fave artists and I’m a repeat offender of ordering every print she makes available in her Etsy store. Whoops. Anyways, she’s hecka talented and the artwork comes in packaging that’s SO NEATO. like she carves her own stamps from rubber??? and they’re beautiful?¿ and her handwriting is magical??¿?

And as if getting an order from her in the mail isn’t great enough, she was kind enough this time to include a print that I hadn’t even ordered. I mean WOW Sha'an thanks for being an Awesome Human <3 It made me really really happy and I look forward to continuing to add to my furrylittlepeach collection. I hope you have a lovely & wonderful holiday season!!

Everyone, go check her out.

I have a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design, but I attribute very little of what I do to my university experience. I was selling my work internationally in high school, and have been freelancing and working with brands for almost as long. The most important thing I learned during my time at university is how essential being motivated and driven outside of an institutional setting is, especially if you’re looking to freelance.

Women Who Inspire Me!

furrylittlepeach is the first lovely lady I wish to write about in this segment, knowing that she has just only turned Twenty Two helps blossom my belief in what possibilities are open to the young people of today and how one individual can put so much hard work into something they love. 

She is absolutely recommendable for the work she produces and she inspires me everyday to want to work that tiny bit harder. 

To check out more of her work head on over to her instagram page.


interview by: Rosie Simmons ≈ intro and artwork by: furrylittlepeach

“My name is Sha'an, I’m from Sydney, Australia, a line-lover, a maker-of-things and of course a furry, little peach. I’ve always been interested in art and creativity but my style started developing around two or three years ago after I started my blog and became familiar (and totally fell in love with) the medium of watercolour. It became a really simple and satisfying way for me to project the world in my mind onto paper and share it with anyone willing to see it.”

How did you come up with “furrylittlepeach”?
It was my Tumblr url and at that stage I had no idea what my blog was going to be, when I started it was just a place I uploaded scans of my film photos. The name kind of stuck and I’m lucky it suits both my work and I.

Did you go to school for the arts or was it kind of just a hobby you had a natural gift at?
I’ve always known that I wanted to go into a creative field professionally so I always tried to take classes that nurtured that, however my work hasn’t been influenced by my studies (I’m studying art and design currently), most of the techniques I’ve picked up have been acquired through experimentation, imitation and observation. I think in some situations learning things by yourself drives you more than if you were to learn it in an institutional setting.

I saw briefly on your blog that you did a little collab with Stussy, how did that happen?
That was a competition I won through General Pants Co. I’d done about a dozen jobs before this for GP and have developed a great relationship with the company, but this is the first job I’d gotten by winning a competition, and to be selected by Stussy Australia was very exciting for me, especially considering I had never done any work for them before.

That’s awesome! Do you have any dream collabs in mind? Brands that you’d love to work with?
I’m always enthusiastic to collaborate with any brands that will have me so I’ve never really thought about working towards anyone specifically.. I’d love to do a collab with WWF because I’m a firm believer in many of their campaigns (and as probably evident I have an obsession with painting nature), I’d also love to do a brief stint with Pixar - I have no idea how that would materialise, maybe a re-imagining of one of their movies for t-shirts or something.. It’s always been a goal of mine to pursue some editorial illustration for a magazine, as well as some book illustration.. And of course the list goes on! How am I ever going to get to sleep again thinking about this?

I think a great way to get involved with Pixar and other companies would definitely be getting an internship! Have you ever had one before/thought of doing one?
Definitely! I want to do a range of them after I finish uni, just to network with brilliant creatives as well as learn a range different skill sets. I’m about to start an internship with an advertising agency called TBWA, they’re number one here in Australia and their global offices are top ten in the world! I’m definitely nervous, but I’ve worked on some freelance work for them recently and they’re a very wonderful, supportive company who seem to genuinely want young people to do well. I’m nervous, but very, very excited!

That’s super exciting congrats! Back to your work, what is your art process? How long does it usually take you to finish a piece?
It really depends on the piece, I jump from medium to medium so completion times vary. For my sketchbook drawings, they usually don’t take any more than 20 minutes, for watercolours, maybe a day or two. But for oils, which is what I’m experimenting with for my solo show, it’s taken up to a week for one piece! Which is a very different experience for me as I’m used to using water based mediums which dry extremely fast!

check our furrylittlepeach and her work HERE.