Meet the Artists: Sha'an d'Anthes a.k.a Furry Little Peach

NAME: Sha'an d'Anthes

From:  Australia

Self-taught Traditional Artist expert in the art of Watercolors


Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr // Shop 

I will not bore you with much description. She is actually quite well known, and one of the few ‘big’ artists that actually seems to answer all her asks. (seriously she has a lot of them). If you have any questions regarding the material she uses I suggest you to look through her Tumblr as she has probably already answered that question or similar. You can also find many more paintings in her Tumblr and Instagram. 

Her Artwork


Women Who Inspire Me!

furrylittlepeach is the first lovely lady I wish to write about in this segment, knowing that she has just only turned Twenty Two helps blossom my belief in what possibilities are open to the young people of today and how one individual can put so much hard work into something they love. 

She is absolutely recommendable for the work she produces and she inspires me everyday to want to work that tiny bit harder. 

To check out more of her work head on over to her instagram page.

georgeashillustration-deactivat  asked:

Hey! I really love your work! Are you inspired by any other tumblr users in particular?

Hi, thanks! Yes so many, I’ll list a few below : 

melstringer, dannybrito, furrylittlepeach, thepaperbeast, aufwiedersehen, withapencilinhand, lemaddyart, tallulahfontaine, mckayfelt, euclase,  casperskidsister, artofwiggles, leahreena, m-i-s-o, xhxix, milkbbi, natalikoromoto, phoebewahl, tessarlo.


I love that you beautiful little things were leaving your thoughts and recommendations for this brand of watercolours! 🌸 The verdict is in for my tin of Schmincke watercolours! 🌴🙈 •

I’m still getting used to them but here are my first impressions: the activation of the paints from dry to wet is amazing (they don’t require much water or much contact with the brush), the colours are really creamy and rich upon activation, and they blend really well both in the palette and on paper.

My only criticism is that I wish they dried as vibrant as they are wet because then my images would require less layers. I already use a lot of layering in my work, so it would make achieving the desired vibrancy a lot easier. •

Overall positives. Plus, the vibrancy issue could have to do with the paper I’m using - I’ve never used it before (@daler_rowney The Langton aquarelle, cold-pressed, 300gsm) - I usually use Arches (aquarelle, hot-pressed 640gsm), but for travel I felt that would be impractical. •

This little gem isn’t completely finished I just wanted to let you cuties know my thoughts - I’ve begun painting a kind of double-exposure desert scene! It’s pretty challenging so I’ll need to practice more! 🙌 Let me know what you think of anything above👆, your own experiences and/or thoughts about your favourite art materials👇👇 I want to create dialog so we can all learn from eachother and create our dreamy images! by furrylittlepeach

For the Record (#31)

I hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend! In today’s For the Record, I’m happy to introduce Cait ( caitmceniff ), a 17 year old living in Warrington, England, who is currently at Sixth Form studying Art, History, English, and Psychology. She is hoping to do an art foundation and have a career in art. She kindly took time out to talk to me about her journals and ambitious journal project:

1. How long have you been journaling?

I’ve kept little scrapbooks and doodles or sketchbooks since I was little, but I only really started properly keeping journals about 2 years ago.

2. Can you describe how you use your journal?

This January I started my own project I called “12 Journals, 12 Months”, where I try to complete a 92 page A6 journal each month, so far I’ve done 4 which are pretty full! Because of school workload, my journal style is mainly inspiration based because I don’t have time to draw or paint properly in them, as I have to spend that time doing art coursework :(. Hopefully after my exams I can start to properly journal with my drawings and paintings! My journals are a mixture of quotes, images I’ve found, magazine cuttings, doodles, photographs, memories, thoughts, artist inspiration etc.

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London Sketchbook Tour + Q&A
Let me know what you think babies 💖


NEW PAINTING VIDEO! (wip + q&a) 🌞


HEY CUTIES! I made this demo + review for a bunch of stuff sent to me by ironlak! I want to make more of these so let me know if there’s anything you think I should try! 💖