Meet the Artists: Sha'an d'Anthes a.k.a Furry Little Peach

NAME: Sha'an d'Anthes

From:  Australia

Self-taught Traditional Artist expert in the art of Watercolors


Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr // Shop 

I will not bore you with much description. She is actually quite well known, and one of the few ‘big’ artists that actually seems to answer all her asks. (seriously she has a lot of them). If you have any questions regarding the material she uses I suggest you to look through her Tumblr as she has probably already answered that question or similar. You can also find many more paintings in her Tumblr and Instagram. 

Her Artwork

anonymous asked:

Any tips for a really nervous first year starting Fine Arts at uni? Idk what to expect or anything

Just be open to learning, and if you’re nervous that’s great - it means you aren’t one of those uni students who act like they’re an undiscovered star that is going to have #impact by just turning in an assessment.

I don’t know if this helps or not but when I was at uni I tried to have a clear idea of the themes I liked to explore on top of the creative briefs set by my lecturers - for me it was the environment and/or creating an experience for the user/viewer, it gave me direction even before receiving my briefs.

The class I took the most from was actually Art and Design History, I didn’t enjoy essay writing that much, however it improved my writing skills which I find really helpful today and also made me more of a critical thinker. It was also invigorating to learn about historical and modern art movements and discover new artists every week.

If what you’re worried about is not having a clear vision of who you are as an artist, not having a creative style, or not knowing the basics of studio classes - don’t worry about it, everyone is basically on level one even if they think they aren’t. University isn’t a competition, you’re there for personal growth and to hopefully make meaningful connections with likeminded people - the work you make at university will probably be a blip in the scheme of your career and the true magic is going to happen when you leave!

Enjoy your first year, you’ll kill it! X


Today was absolutely insane! We trekked through farmland and along a river to arrive at these crystal-blue, freshwater springs. The plants all around us were lush and untouched, the water was bloody freezing but I had to go in. Truly rejuvenating.

I would make the 10 kilometre trek every day if I lived here. One of the most incredible places I’ve ever been in my life.

You can follow the rest of my trip here

All done! Here’s a look at my take on Jessica Jones.

Have you guys been watching? I’m 8 episodes in and it’s SO juicy. I’m excited to have a female protagonist in a Marvel series and so far many of the lead female characters in JJ seem to be strong-willed, complex and ambitious. I’m also absolutely stoked to see a larger number of female writers and directors working on the show!

Watch the process video here http://youtu.be/H2HBysAwVLc



We got to take care of my mum’s greyhound Aarki this weekend and it was the best ever. I’ve wanted a dog for 22 years (that’s my whole life), I feel like my entire existence revolves around eventually getting a dog, and if I die before I have a dog I will be gutted.

Here I am with the actual pup, on our actual expensive couch in our actual living room/photo studio. #thedreamisreal