MFF is around the corner, which means I’m opening up for Photoshoot commissions!

Solo shoots start at $30! One shoot will get you a small portfolio of photos.

I can also shoot:
Group Photos

*This is something new I want to try and emphasize this con! Got big plans for MFF? Want to have something to remember it by? Hire me to photograph your DJ set, your panel, your crazy room party, your fursuit gathering- Whatever! I am always up for a new adventure, and I bet you’ll love the photos. 

Want to reserve a commission slot or have another question? Email me at tbrucephoto@gmail.com with the headline “MFF 2015 photoshoot” 

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Uncle Kage in his “Convention Chairman” pose

Furthemore 2013

Baltimore, MD

Uncle Kage, or Samuel Conway, is the Chairman of Anthrocon, the largest furry convention in the world. He appeared at Furthemore last weekend in support of the new convention in it’s first year. When I asked if I could take his portrait he suggested that he pose with a glass of wine next to him for the photo, and told me he would arrange for one. A couple minutes later he returned with what looked like a glass of white wine.

“No drinking in this part of the hotel, but here’s an old stage trick: warm water and a teabag for just a few seconds. Looks just like a fine white wine, but I’ll be pouring this down the drain after the photo.”