So! My commissions have actually been open this entire time, but long story short, I never got around to making a post with updated prices, so here goes!

To commission me, feel free to send me a note or message through platform of your choice (DA here, tumblr… uh, here), and we’ll discuss details and payment. Paypal only!

To see more of my work, feel free to check out my Commission Examples!

There’s also the option to commission animation, though it’s gonna be pricy. Message me for details!

My love @minku and I are doing Pin Up! Commissions! He does the sketch, and I digitalize, and we split the profits 50/50!

Send an ask or an email to hunter.silverthorn[at]gmail.com with your character reference, pose description, (or give us artistic liberty,) and background colour, and we’ll get it done as soon as we can! We accept any character, SFW or NSFW! We’d really love to work with you, so please let us make your character as sultry as we can ;3c

if you don’t plan on buying, please reblog this post to get word out! thank you for your time!

Icon commission for CyberJolteon on FA
View high-res on FA
Thanks so much for commissioning me!

Commission info. here
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I’m the original creator of this painting. I’m so happy if you like it, but please don’t repost it. Reblog this post instead, thanks!