Hello friends! It’s Squid again with another commission deal! To drum up publicity for my commissions, I am holding a Pay What You Want deal on sketches like the ones you see above ^^^! It’s a bit of a grab-bag as to what you’ll get in terms of detail, but I will strive to make sure you get your money’s worth! I will do NSFW ie pinups or fetish, but at the moment I am not taking sketch commissions for porn. I draw women, men, femboys, futa, furries, feral and anything in between.

How does this work?

Basically a PWYW deal is exactly what it says on the tin. The more you pay, the more detail and effort you can expect. Because these are sketches, they will not be lined, and may have simple shading and highlights.

I want one!

Okay good! Please contact me in one of three ways: a note on tumblr, my FurAffinity HERE, or my email, squidkitsune@live.com. Tell me what you want(in the case of ocs, please provide a reference!), any preferred line color(I usually just go with what works with the colors best) and what amount you’d like to pay - I’ll give you my paypal then, and once payment is received I’ll get your sketch done!

If you guys could signal boost this, I’d appreciate it. Every little bit helps! :) <3

Icon commission for CyberJolteon on FA
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Thanks so much for commissioning me!

Commission info. here
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