Commissions are finally ready!

This is the first time I’m actually doing commissions, and I hope I’ve covered my bases, but bear with me as I work out the wrinkles in the process. I’ve put a lot of thought into this, so here’s hoping!

All payments are handled through Paypal and I will only accept Paypal. You must have an active email address and a credit/debit card or a Paypal that you can access for me to be able to send you an invoice for the commission. 

For the full-color, final versions of the artworks above, look here, here, and here respectively.

Five slots are currently available. Check out the info on my blog’s sidebar to check if it has changed recently!

What I Will Draw:

  • Anthro, Furry, Fursonas, Furry OC’s (I work best with wolves, dogs, foxes, and similar species, but I can, of course, learn to do new ones)
  • Humans & Human OC’s
  • SFW and suggestive SFW content
  • Light NSFW themes (I’m not too skilled with overly explicit art yet, but maybe in the future I hope to draw more explicit NSFW)
  • Maybe kink art? Depends on the subject!
  • Anything else (within reason) not featured in my “What I Can’t/Won’t Draw” list.

What I Can’t/Won’t Draw:

  • Overly detailed backgrounds
  • Blood, gore, or abuse/abusive themes (this does not include dom/sub dynamics
  • Cub, lolita, or otherwise “young” characters depicted in sexual situations (I’ll only draw younger characters in non-suggestive SFW situations, and only if those characters haven’t been featured in NSFW artwork before. No exceptions.)
  • Feral or otherwise “realistic” depictions of humans or animals (mostly because I’m not that good and feral nsfw is no bueno).
  • Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or the usage/effects of the previously mentioned items.

For a full comprehensive list of my terms, extra pricing options for additional characters or backgrounds, how to place a commission, etc., check out my links below!

Additional Pricing Information

“I’m ready to commission you!”

I’m almost there! I need around… 150$ to buy a new laptop for myself and don’t worry about empty bank account after purchase ^^;

Note me if you need to know more - I can do different kinds of projects like non-pixel animated works, paintings, references. Just ask! <3

I will draw: humans, kemonomimi, furry, feral, dragons, fanarts, gore/guro - but keep in mind, that I can decline if something it’s too hard for me.

I WON’T draw: nsfw, any kind of suggestive or fetish related things.
Please, don’t even ask if I’ll make an exception for any of this, I won’t.

I send out invoices, so please send me your paypal e-mail when ordering, references to character(s) and any additional info I should know of.

For more examples of my art just browse this blog!

Thank you  ❤️️

OMG! I was meant to post this a while ago when I first started Tumblr… I’m not the best artist and I don’t want to be too picky with pricing n stuff but… still… I have to save money for my school trip to Japan and even a little bit of help would do.

The prices are in AUD btw. I won’t be able to mail things out to countries outside of Australia but I can do within ;v; I can still take commissions though if you’re okay with it not being mailed out. So yes! I draw canines too.