‘Lines Comish - Some Light Gliding’

Line-Art Commission of a dragon-lynx hybrid! *oogles at them wings*

You can find the full description and piece, plus more artwork and Commission information, on my DeviantArt, Weasyl, and FurAffinity here.

DeviantArt - http://twilightsaint.deviantart.com/

Weasyl - https://www.weasyl.com/~twilightsaint

FurAffinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/twilightsaint/

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/TwilightSaintArt

Thanks for looking!  Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve ended up in need of a little extra money thanks to some unforeseen circumstances, so I’m opening up digital commissions for chibis! Full body lineart or flat colours for under $20 each! I’ll open up five slots for these guys. Please share if you can, and get one if you’d like (: Send message or email me at featheset@outlook.com to discuss what you’d like!


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  • People
  • Anthro/furry
  • Feral
  • Fanart 
  • Some NSFW (ask me)
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Okay, so basically I don’t have a job currently, which sucks since I’m 18 and I live on my own!! 

I’m having issues at work and I haven’t worked almost all week. I have bills coming up (car insurance, rent, internet) and I’m pretty desperate since I’m also supposed to be going to bonnaroo (a music festival) in less than 3 weeks.

I know my art skills aren’t great but I know they’re not terrible, and I’m in a pretty bad situation right now.

I am a traditional artist, and I am willing to draw/paint for $5-10 depending on size and quality wanted. I am even willing to mail/ship it to you. 

Ex. here …. here …. here

Thank you!!!


I will be doing quick commissions to help my friend supertigerbutt as he’s currently struggling to support himself, his brother, and cat in an unfortunate set of circumstances. He’s been there for me before and I’d like to help him back. It’s just I so happen to also be financially unwell.

Anyways in honor of him I shall do some quick cheap furry commissions!
I will draw you whatever you want within reason of the price, and if you’re honestly interested in something more complex I’d be more than happy to work out a different price as this is just basic work.
I will draw your fursonas, I will draw nudity, your friends characters, furries from popular media, etc.

Have a question, ask!

Once we work out an agreement, all payments will be made directly to his GoFundMe with your name being listed as your username here so that he can have access to food sooner!

Multiply the prices by 1.5 for two characters!

Also feel free to donate on your own accord.

Again his GoFundMe Link is here