furry with wings

Hey everyone! I’m opening a few slots for single character commissions!
If interested you can send a tumblr ask or an email to rinrinidraws@yahoo.com

~USD Paypal only!~

  • Limit one character per commission piece! I am not available for multi-character commissions for the time being
  • Commissions are for personal (non commercial) use only! Not currently taking commercial use commissions
  • Please provide any character reference photos   
  • Simple background only

Will draw!:

  • Original characters (OCs)
  • Fanart

Will not draw:

  • NSFW
  • Gore 
  • Furries (ears/tail/wings are fine)

 Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!


Seriously this guy is several years old, he desperately needed a redesign and as usual, the blues and greys have been with me this whole time. He was one of my first characters on deviantArt and looking back I really think I’ve come far since the first time I drew him.

Art/Character/Design © FINCH

So here we are, the naked lovers,
lovely, as we both agree,
with eyelids as our only covers
we lie in the dark, invisibly.

But they already know, they know,
all four corners, the night air,
the upright table and the stove,
suspicious shadows fill the chairs.

The tea grows cold; the cups know why,
although the reason’s left unsaid.
Swift must lay his hopes aside,
his book lies open, but unread.

As for the birds? I saw them flying
yesterday as, without shame,
they scrawled across the open sky
the letters spelling your name.

As for the trees? Well, can’t you hear
what they keep whispering about?
You say it’s in the atmosphere,
but how’d the atmosphere find out?

A moth flies in the open window
on furry wings, it hovers first,
then soars above and swoops below,
and stubbornly hums over us.

Perhaps it catches what we miss
with its uncanny insect sight?
I didn’t see, you didn’t guess,
our hearts were glowing in the night.

—  Wislawa Szymborska, Flagrance, Calling Out to Yeti (1957)