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dawnthevamp2001  asked:

Um holy crap how have I never seen this blog??? Like what this content is amazing and I love it so much and how dare no one tell me of its existence??? Anyway could there be a possibility of maybe some galra keef and klance? Ishipitsohard... 💜💜

yooo i’m all about that galra keef klance, my dude :) thanks so much for the lovely message and i’m so happy you like this blog! 💜

Shiro: … Oh, man.

Matt: What?

Shiro: If I grew out my hair… Do you think I would look like a skunk?

Matt: (eyes light up) Oh my god? You would be like an anthropomorphized- Oh my god! Shiro! You’d be like a gijinka of Pepé Le Pew!

Shiro: No. I regret bringing this up-

Matt: (slams his hands on the table) Pepé Le Pew is your fursona!

On the Evolution of Fursuits

Has anyone ever wondered how the first fursuits looked like? I know I have. I’m actually quite curious as to how fursuits have evolved over the years.

 Did they simply start out as mascot costumes, where vision was through the mouth? Or did they have through-the-eye vision and tear-duct vision like today’s suit. I’ve read something a few months ago that claimed that 3D/follow-me toony eyes were quite the big deal when they were invented. I wonder what other fursuit feature, that we now take for granted, made a splash when they first appeared in the fandom. Also, if they weren’t present from at the dawn of fursuiting, when did realistic fursuits first made their presence in the fandom?

We see new styles being invented all the time. At first, they seem extremely unique. It can be argued that eventually, these styles become more common as new fursuit makers get inspired from these innovations. Now i’m not saying that any two fursuit makers have identical styles. In the contrary, they are all beautiful works of art, each with their own distinctive characteristics. What I’m saying is that they have similar features and build techniques (balaclava, bucket, resin, etc…). As new styles become popular, others must surely die off. There are a bunch of 80’s and 90’s trends that, while popular at the time, simply make us cringe today. Is the furry fandom an exception to this phenomenon. We can see influences of scene and raves in today’s art and fursuit, but how has 90’s pop-punk and 80’s rise of pop and other pop-culture trend effect the styles? 

I’d like to propose a small study of the evolution of fursuits. I’m going to try to dig through the internet in search of old pictures of fursuit. Unfortunately, many websites and servers that most likely stored this pictures are no longer in use today, and popular websites such as Furaffinity and Weasyl were invented in 2005 and 2011, respectively. This is were I need your help. If anyone has any old pictures or information or stories, or know where I can find such info, please send me a submission or an ask! This would be much appreciated. 

TL;DR: I’m looking for retro fursuit pictures and art!