furry shit i make

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

Ok but like can someone draw Michael with doggo ears and tail being petted by Jeremy and it’s all cute and soft and adorable

And then put a caption “it’s really adorable and cute until you realize Jeremy’s a furry”

  • anyone: why are you so quiet
  • me: i just am idk
  • them: why your face turnin red now
  • me, internally: bc u brought attention to the fact that i don't talk much and are asking me to talk more and i am uncomfy
  • me, out loud: idk

I really


REALLY hate the negative connotations behind the term “furry”


You are generalizing an entire group of people as misogynistic and sex-crazed assholes who dress up in fur suits and are disgusting human beings

Because of a small vocal minority

And because of this I and many others are afraid to admit to being a furry because as soon as you say so people’s views on you immediately turn to a negative one

And now there are tons of posts crossing my dash about how you’re “not a furry just because you have a zootopiasona bcuz furries are evil and you don’t wanna be associated with them”


C’mon my guy

That’s really fucking harmful

Imagine how 13 year old me just joining the fur fandom would feel if she saw that

You’re just as toxic as the people you’re trying to call out

When i was rly little i was really obsessed w wolves
Like i basically wanted to be princess mononoke
I used to get lost in the woods around our house and strip naked to jump into the creek
I was 8 years old i wanna say?? My dad used to howl at the moon with me like guys
Idk i know u can make furry jokes n shit but i love my parents for never telling me that was stupid and encouraging me to be the wildest child i could be

Even when i would bring creatures back to them they wouldnt freak out theyd be like whoa hey yeah thats cool but we gotta let it go now ok?
They taught me to be kind to animals and shit Man idk i had a sick ass childhood. Like they took me to trek Machu Picchu when i was like 4??? And we made it all the way up there!! I had a gang of dogs that i’d run around with, naked (theres footage of this)

My dad was “Papa Lobo” bc he was the Dad Wolf and although my mom wasnt too into that she enjoyed it

Then when i got older and theyd take me to Chile I had family that owned horses and lived down south near Villarrica and I was so adventurous I’d take the horses for like day long trips just riding the countryside!!!