furry shenanigans

“Well, howdy y’all,” McCree drawled to everyone, “Welcome back to another installment of our little monster hunter fun.”

This time, instead of going back to their usual DnD adventures, the group was once again playing their monster hunter adventure again. The main reason was that most of their group was missing because Athena was still on lock down and various operatives were still doing their own things to keep their sanity.

The group for this adventure was Angela, Genji, Zenyatta, Hanzo, Gabriel and then Jack with McCree as the DM.

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YOI Appreciation Week

This will probably be a very long list as I have so much to say about so many of you; Yuri on Ice has changed my life and brought me to meet so many talented and wonderful people that it would probably be impossible for me to list out every positive thing about everyone, but I’m going to do my best

@matsu-hana - the one who pushed me to watch YOI in the first place, I wouldn’t be here in the fandom without them and probably wouldn’t have written half the fics I have without their encouragement and feedback. P much my go-to for screaming about hcs, rping weird ships and scenarios and just generally putting up with my Shit™. Also an amazingly talented and inspiring artist

@chaifootsteps - One of the best authors ever and my first ever mutual on this hellsite. They are just #goals all around. Kudos to them for also dealing with my Shit™ and being a wise and helpful role model. Also for reacting pretty well when I force my terrible art and ideas upon them, all things considered. A good soul 10/10

@spoonsyyo - A GOOD FREN AND TOLERATES MY SCREAMING AS WELL AS MY ABSENCES. One of the Best artists and an instigator for many of my shitty schemes involving everything from AUs nobody asked for to crappy art to writing ideas

@inpeacemayyouleavetheshore - Probably the person I’ve known the longest here. Best friend. A talented painter and the nicest person to ever exist. Didn’t leave me when I dragged her down into the pits of anime hell with me and probably should have

@violetflowersandflames - a constant positive presence on my dash in all kinds of different fandoms. A gifted writer. Tons of potential. Doesn’t mind when I scream about bnha and then switch to yoi out of the blue. 12/5 stars a great person

@bathands - Holy fucc. Wtf. Where do I even start. OLD. FURRY. LIVES TOO FAR AWAY. All kidding aside Lukas is such a talented writer and has such a kind heart. Lets me indulge in my gross half-closeted furry shenanigans. Lukas pls never change

@meimagino - Arm goals. Hair goals. People goals. Likes to sin. Not-so-closeted furry. Could easily talk to all day if not for the fact I am still intimidated and trying to impress

@blameotayuri - the best mom to ever mom. Strong as hell. Writes some of the best headcanons in the history of forever. I would die for her. Truly deserves the world

@trans-boy-yuri - THE BEST EDITS seriously how does one get so talented did you sell your soul asking for a friend,,, Also the F I C S send help. Entertains my ridiculous thoughts. Could talk to forever

@onotherflights - ANOTHER AMAZING AUTHOR dealt with my hideous fanboying without blocking me which is probably what I would’ve done. Very talented and kind 5 hearts 5 stars 10/10 all around

@otasucc - the gorgeous and intimidating but oddly nice mutual and another person who’s tolerant of my Bullshit. I would fight the entire world for Lia if she asked me to. Literally made a gross squawking sound when she followed back. 20/10

More people I would die for but whom I am still intimidated by:

@tootsonnewts @novocaine-sea @rosesnfeathers @transguyyuri @puppybek @pendragonstar @yuuri–on–ice @crescendotayuri @icetiiger @otabaeee @tenaciouscorpse @yoi-shenanigans @1pen1knife

Also a big shoutout to every rp and VA blog who will never see this because I’m too shy to tag you here I love you all <3 keep creating and bringing smiles to faces and thank you for dealing with all that is Me and I’m sorry this took so damn long

A little something ponyquest whipped up from a photo of us at a meetup. :)

I’ve known this guy since I was 13 years old, and we’ve always had each other’s backs ^^ If only I had a dollar for every time this brony followed me into furry shenanigans :P

I guess the point of this picture is that no matter what fandom you’re a part of, I hope everyone can try to get along and smile together :3