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I keep a handful of inspiring quotes above my desk to keep me writing, to encourage me to do everything I can every day to reach my dreams. Adding this advice from SJM to the wall. There will be hard days. There will be days when it feels like my dream is impossible to reach. But I won’t stop writing. I won’t let the dark thoughts drag me down. I will not stop dreaming. 

Don’t let the hard days win. 

Here’s some things that  I’ve learned while handling fursuiters - that is, helping a furry while they are out in public fursuiting! I hope you’ll find these tips as useful as I have!

1. Be sure you and the fursuiter communicate. It doesn’t matter how you and your furry friend decide to communicate while on an outing, as long as you’re both on the same page!
2. Don’t be afraid to grab the fursuiter by the hand or arm. You might have to do this if the fursuiter can’t see that he or she is in the way of someone else and you need him or her to move out of the way.
3. Be prepared to talk on behalf of the fursuiter. The fursuiters that I spot for are some of the few that actually choose to talk while in fursuit; at least to me in most situations as I am seen as furry/furry-friendly, so I’m not seen as an outsider and thus it’s okay to break character to talk to me. Usually it’s the fursuiter’s choice to talk or not talk; be sure you know the fursuiter’s preference so you know it you have to talk on his or her behalf. Be sure you follow tip #1 so you know what the fursuiter wants you to say for him or her!
4. Carry a backpack with lots of bottles of water. No matter where you decide to fursuit, you’ll want to be sure you bring your own water because you don’t know when or if you’ll be able to get some.
5. Insist on frequent water breaks. This has to be the most important tip, next to actually bringing water! No matter how cold it is outside, fursuiters sweat a lot, so they’re going to need to take frequent water breaks. But in my personal experience being a fursuit handler, once a fursuiter gets going and really starts to get into character, he or she does not want to stop because he or she is having so much fun! Not stopping for a water break every now and then could cause the fursuiter to pass out from heat exhaustion or dehydration.
6. Bring straws. This needs to be its own separate tip because it’s hard for a fursuiter to drink out of a cup or bottle while wearing his or her head. It also is hard to carry a fursuit head and drink something, so a straw in either situation will greatly help. Depending on where you decide to fursuit, it may be hard to find a straw, so it’s better to bring your own.
7. Be aware that fursuiters have horrible vision. No matter who made the fursuit, the head is going to have somewhat limited vision at the minimum. This means that you’ll have to watch the fursuiter’s step for him or her when walking through a treacherous spot, i.e. stepping over roots in the woods or avoiding trash cans at a convention. 

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