furry little peach


Women Who Inspire Me!

furrylittlepeach is the first lovely lady I wish to write about in this segment, knowing that she has just only turned Twenty Two helps blossom my belief in what possibilities are open to the young people of today and how one individual can put so much hard work into something they love. 

She is absolutely recommendable for the work she produces and she inspires me everyday to want to work that tiny bit harder. 

To check out more of her work head on over to her instagram page.

Meet the Artists: Sha'an d'Anthes a.k.a Furry Little Peach

NAME: Sha'an d'Anthes

From:  Australia

Self-taught Traditional Artist expert in the art of Watercolors


Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr // Shop 

I will not bore you with much description. She is actually quite well known, and one of the few ‘big’ artists that actually seems to answer all her asks. (seriously she has a lot of them). If you have any questions regarding the material she uses I suggest you to look through her Tumblr as she has probably already answered that question or similar. You can also find many more paintings in her Tumblr and Instagram. 

Her Artwork


Had a magical afternoon in the studio today - and kind of fell in love with printmaking. Tested out my hand-carved palm leaf stamp and freshly mixed ink out on my sketchbook, some butchers paper and then finally imprinted the palms onto the project I’m working on at the moment (more on that later). I’m very excited!

Restocked my store today, all the original mini-paintings sold out pretty quickly (most within the first ten minutes) but there are still plenty of large postcard prints available as stocking fillers, cards, or just a small gift for a loved one. Click here to visit my store.

These prickly fellas now belong to the wonderful Sam Larson who managed to snap them up in record time. Check out his work - he’s a fellow wildlife lover and illustrator who brightens my feed, maybe he can brighten yours too!


Had such a great day in the studio today - I feel like my heart is going to explode. This is the feeling I chase every time I create! A little snippet of a piece I’m showing in Melbourne on Halloween - the theme is Day Of The Dead and I will be flying down for the opening! Let me know if you want to see more of these! x