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*No Ordinary Feline* Newt x reader

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Dear Author, You have great works here! Hope that upcoming weekend will be great for You! My request is the following. You and Newt had a row because You were jealous to Tina . You went back to Your flat, but on the doorstep sits a cat. With Your live to animals You take it home. And to this cat You share all Your emotion. But it will not be an ordinary cat 😊… all best to You

a/n: I’m so happy to be back!!! I hope you guys enjoy this one! 

Descending down in to Newt’s case, you sighed when you saw Newt hunched over a piece of parchment and scribbling intently. You and Newt had met a year ago and recently started dating. Everything had been going perfectly until Tina started writing to Newt more often than usual. You noticed he had suddenly become more interested in writing back to her than spending time with you.

“Newt?” You quietly walked up beside him and leaned over his shoulder to see the words:

Dear Tina

You sighed, and asked him if he’d be coming out soon to join you for some afternoon tea.

“Can we maybe have tea later? I’m writing to Tina right now.”

Newt’s words faded as you began wondering why he was always writing to Tina. Was it because she was prettier? Smarter?

Sighing, you sat down on a stool and rested your head in your hand.

“Something wrong, love?”

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so since I’m probably getting pet rats in a couple weeks and I’m excited for them, what if all the Pines had their own very close pet, not just Mabel with Waddles?

Dipper would, I think, do a ton of research before selecting a strange, somewhat exotic pet that fits his personality. Maybe an African Grey parrot, known to be super smart, that Dipper spends hours trying to teach intelligence puzzles and increasingly complicated phrases? Imagine Dipper using his parrot as a study aide, pretending its a person he’s teaching the content to (they say teaching something is the best way to properly learn it) and this leads to amusing situations where the parrot starts including trigonometric functions and the steps of mitosis into its everyday randomly repeated vocabulary

Stan would probably be much more “boring” by comparison, having taken pity on some stray cat or dog (grudgingly impressed by its moxie in breaking into the shack or something). The stray is missing half an ear and is clearly blind in one eye with a crooked tail, looks ugly as sin and hates everything and everyone except for Stan. They learn to tolerate family, but they will never cuddle and ask for attention from the other Pines like Waddles sometimes does. 

This is totally coloured by my recent experience, but I like the idea of Ford having a rat. Normally, rats are always better in pairs, but Ford just has the one. It makes up for this species isolation by literally always being with Ford, somewhere in his jacket or sleeve usually. Rats also only live at most to 3 years, but Ford had it out of the portal, and its still pretty spry after a couple years on the Stan o War. Stan’s convinced it’s some genetically altered specimen Ford rescued, because there’s no way Ford has a normal pet rat. Dipper thinks its a normal rat and that Ford is doing Great Science Things to prolong its life. Mabel thinks that it’s “love conquering all” and that karma really owes it to Ford anyways. The real truth is that it’s a pet rat that happens to be from a dimension where rats have a much longer lifespan and are even more intelligent

*I’ve Missed You Pt 2* Newt x reader

Part one here!

Synopsis: Years after Newt’s mysterious expulsion from Hogwarts, you never hear from him and your friendship fades away. You graduate and end up engaged to the current head of Aurors. One day your paths cross and the old feelings from years ago begin to rise to the surface.

Pacing outside Boris’s office, you suddenly see the handle turn and the door open. Stepping back, Newt exists with Boris following after.

“Ah, Y/N, please see that Mr. Scamander here is escorted to the fourth floor. And make sure his little furry friend doesn’t get loose again. Thank you.” Boris sauntered off and left you and Newt standing alone in the hallway. You turned to look at Newt who was clutching his case and looking at the ground.

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My request is a drabble with yoongi and #17! Thank you!

Genre : Drabble, #17 “Watch your step.” Fluff

Characters : Yoongi x Reader

Word Count : 902

A/N: My first drabble pls be gentle with me. Hope you like it!



Walking in the rain, admiring the view of the city you had recently decided to call your home, you clutched at the harness which held your new puppy. He was a little energetic it seemed, as you struggled to control the small bundle of fur which bounced happily in the puddles, splashing anyone who walked by. You cringed at the stink eye you received from the smattering of people on their way home from work, passing by them with your pup who was more than happy to paint their clothes with splashes of cold rainwater.

“Hey, come on.” You begged your furry little friend, who gazed up at you with a dopey look of love, his ears flopping as his head tilted at your command. “No more splashing.”

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Rated K+


Happy birthday to my dear friend @mangaguitar96 you enjoy this. So sorry this was slightly delayed but none the less this one is for you!

It was a lazy summer day at the Redfox home. Levy was on the couch reading her favorite book while Gajeel was the floor next to her strumming his guitar. They both didn’t want to join their friends on the beach trip rather, enjoy the company of one another.

“Gajeel lets get a pet.” Levy said as the closed her book. A string from Gajeel’s guitar snapped as she said it causing to startle.

“Seriously shrimp? Now of all times?” He stammered.

“Come on a furry little friend around the house. We aren’t having any kids anytime soon so why not a pet?” She begged, he honestly wouldn’t mind a cat but being in the middle of a move in wasn’t the best time.

Levy saw the gears turning in his head and pulled out her ace. She gave him the big doe eyes that just about did the trick for anything.

Gajeel cursed as she at looked him with her doey eyes, he could never resist them not even for a moment.

“Fine we’ll go down and get a pet, but let’s get a cat, dogs are way too damn needy.” He surrendered. Shw squealed for joy as she bolted from the couch to get changed. He snickered to himself, gosh he loved the way she got excited for things. Be it a new book or the summer concerts they went every year.

Inside the tall building they were greeted by a young girl named Wendy who was at the front desk.

“Welcome to the Magnolia Shelter. What can I help you with today?” She smiled sweetly.

“We are looking for a cat to adopt. We just moved into a new place and we want a furry friend.” Levy explained.

“Well today is a good day. Today we are doing an event were the adoption costs are only five-” A loud bang echoed in the back followed by yelling. A black figure darted out from the back door and tried to escape over Wendy’s desk but came careering into Gajeel’s face.

“Oh my gosh are you ok!?” Levy yelled as Gajeel grabbed hold of something furry and picked himself up. He looked in his hands and saw a small black kitten with crescent ears and a scar over his left eye.

“Well aren’t you an escape artist,” He chuckled as he got up. Wendy was spluttering with apologies, not sure of what had happened.

“We’ll take him. I like the spunk in him,” He beamed as he looked at the kitten.

“You know he looks like a panther. Why don’t we call him Pantherlily!” Levy warmly smiled.

“Why Lily? Why don’t we just call him Panther?” Gajeel countered.

“Cause it reminds me of my favorite character from one of my favorite children’s book Peter Pan.” She explained. He sighed and gave in.

“So kid what do we have to sign to keep this little guy?” He asked.

“Well I’m not sure if he’s ready-”

“Wendy give him the cat he’s caused me more trouble than it’s worth so they can have him.” The vet said behind her. She was an elderly woman with pink hair and hard eyes who seemed annoyed at the cat more than anything.

“That’s the fifth time he’s escaped, I’ll even give you his friend that came with him since she’s very supportive of their break outs.” She growled, the young couple agreed and took the two cats home with them much to the joy of the doctor.

“So what should we name her?” Levy asked as they drove home with their new companions.

“I think the kid said her name was Shagotte?” He grumbled.

“That’s a pretty name for her,” she smiled happy at the latest additions to their small family. What the couple did not know was that exactly one year later two more would be joining them.

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Q didn't have cats initially. A cat calendar hangs on his office wall. Bond noticed his tablet wallpaper is a picture of cats. When Bond asked about his cats, Q says he doesn't feel he has the time. The Bond finds a Momma & kittems...

Q always wanted a cat. 

A furry little friend to keep him company as he taped away at his keyboard in the dead of night. A companion to purr in his ear and nuzzle or paw against him for attention. 

In the world of an MI6 employee, a cat would be a prime source of affection that would probably not be a kidnapping risk should a cover be blown.

How James Bond of all the bloody people in the world found this out, Q would never have known. Sure, the quartermaster decorated his office space with cat pictures, but it wasn’t like Bond ever showed up on time to actually have meetings in there. 

But there he was with the little thing in his arms.

007 and the smallest tuxedo-patterned kitten Q had ever seen.

“Where in the world did you find her?” Q asked, incredulous and he leaned down to pet the kitten and look it in the eye as it mewled and squirmed in Bond’s arm.

“Back alley. Saw some girls walking away with a box of them and they missed one. Figured you’d do it more good than a shelter.”

Q looked up, a large smile on his face. “Thank you, Bond.” 

Carefully, Bond pried the kitten’s claws from his suit jacket and handed it over to the quartermaster, who cuddled it up like a mother might with a newborn child. He looked like one too the way he grinned and teased the thing with his finger. It was rather a cute sight.

“It’ll need a name,” Bond said, clearing his throat after a moment.

She,” Q corrected. “She’ll need a name.”

“Don’t look at me. I’m rubbish with anything that has more than two legs.”

Q chuckled to himself and looked back down at the kitten, “Reyka.”

“Reyka? You mean like the-”

“Icelandic vodka?” Q cut him off and was trying very hard not to laugh. “Yes.”

Bond looked at him with confusion, not getting the joke.

“What do you always order in the field?”

“Vod-…” Bond trailed off before he glared. “Very funny.”

Q continued to grin and tease the kitten with his finger. “Well he is wearing a tuxedo.”


— march 18th 2016 —
sorting out my sheets for each subject and putting them into sleeves in my binder, but there were too many and it wouldn’t even close so now idk what to do!!! anyways, its ok bc I had my day old asian donut and the company of my little furry friend (◡‿◡✿)

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Ok ok hear me out: Anastasia yuri on ice au with victor as dimitri and yuri as anastasia


and like maybe a modern day version of it??? like the same plot line almost but with newer elements

  • yuuri as the son of a wealthy japanese family residing in russia
  • he doesn’t get to interact w people much, but he makes friends easily with the house staff
  • viktor as their insignificant assistant to the family chef
  • he and yuuri became close friends, if only because there were no other boys their age for them to play w
  • viktor basically teased yuuri one day about all the food he asked the chef to make, calling him a piglet in that annoying 8 year old tone (you know the one)
  • they were fast friends after that
  • viktor skated in his free time when they were kids, and as a birthday gift, he gives yuuri a necklace with two dangling pairs of ice skates and asks for him to join him on the ice one day
  • before that ever happens though, a group of people jealous of the katsuki’s wealth, set fire to their home
  • after realizing, tries to help the family escape, but the house is big and doesn’t have many exits
  • viktor manages to lead yuuri and his older sister out of the house, but in the outside commotion of police cars and firefighters, they become separated
  • yuuri’s necklace breaks, and he manages to grab just one of the charms before a firefighter is leading him away
  • viktor finds the rest of it, and tries to look for yuuri, but he is also dragged off by a helpful police officer
  • all three of them are carted off to be taken care of
  • since yuuri and his sister are both under the age of 16, they’re separated and placed into foster care. their money is put into a trust fund thing for the daughter to access once she 
  •  yuuri’s sister turns 18 only a year or two after the event, but she has no information as to yuuri’s location since his records in the foster system were somehow lost
  • (turns out he went to a really crummy and kinda abusive foster home that cared more about the government funds it received than the wellbeing of the children in their care)
  • mari moves back to japan, and puts a reward on any information pertaining to his whereabouts, which is international news since the arson of their family was a large-scale event
  • viktor, who has since become a pretty famous skater, finds out about the reward and decides it’d be interesting to see his childhood friend again. After all, they did make a promise that has yet to be fulfilled
  • yuri as vlad, viktor’s friend/rival (the personalities don’t match i know, but imagine his begrudging reluctance to help, how perfect)
  • meanwhile, yuuri sneaks out of the group home he’s in. he has the clothes on his back and a pair of worn skates, the only thing he had to call his own. 
  • well, the skates and a small, silver charm from his childhood
  • he was young when he was put into the system, and only has hazy memories of the events that occurred. because of this, he remembers next to nothin about his past
  • all he wants is to go to moscow and watch his idol, viktor nikiforov perform. he reminds him of someone he knew in childhood, and wants to keep those memories close to his heart
  • makkachin as the cute little pupper ??? they’re little, furry friend throughout all of this
  • yuuri makes it all the way to moscow and sneaks in to watch one of viktor’s competitions. he doesn’t have the money for a ticket, but that won’t stop him
  • except he ends up being kicked out and stands outside the rink, imagining all that is happening inside. 
  • except viktor sees him on his way out and, realizing that he looks oddly familiar, and noticing that the necklace with the iceskate charm feels oddly heavy around his neck, he approaches yuuri
  • viktor is a Flirt, and they’re first interaction as adults is a solid mess. but viktor convinces yuuri that he knows his sister, and asks him if he could have the honor to take him to japan to see her
  • angry yuri comes along too, cuz viktor’s supposed to be coaching him, dammit
  • cue Road Trip 
  • viktor tells yuuri about his past - conveniently leaving out his own role in it, cuz it’s embarassing when yuuri can’t even remember him - and teaches him how to be a princess i mean proper wealthy individual
  • and we all know what happens next. during the trip there, yuuri falls a little more in love with viktor, and viktor is reminded of his closest friend from childhood and falls for him a little bit as well
  • and yuri is suffering the whole time, cuz they’re too gay for him to handle
  • except there’s angst when viktor gets yuuri back to mari, cuz yuuri finds out about the reward, and accuses him of only being in this for the money
  • upset, yuuri runs off before viktor has the chance to explain himself
  • luckily, though, there are only so many places yuuri can go cuz he’s never been to japan before, and viktor finds him easily enough
  • he shows him his necklace, the one he always wore during performances because he had given it to someone special that he had lost too soon in his life. and yuuri gets all excited because he has the matching piece. 
  • there’s a cute confession scene
  • and they live happy, gay lives

After graduating college, Heavyn moved into an apartment and as the animal lover that she was, started thinking she needed a furry little friend around to keep her company. However, she couldn’t quite yet afford the apartment complexes fee and the upkeep of a dog so she had to keep pushing it off. In the past year or so, the studio has been doing a lot better, causing a more steady flow of income.  It seemed like fate because one of her neighbors who had recently bought a newly born corgi had came into some financial issues and offered Heavyn the pup for free. She ended up naming the little one after her favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character, Phoebe Buffay– Pheebs for short. She has now had Pheebs for three months now.

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“We said you could move in. Not bring in a rat.” Dean said pointing at the cage containing your little furry friend.

“It is a guinea pig. And you didn’t say anything about not being allowed to have pets.” 

Sam shook his head. “I have never met a hunter with a pet. This life isn’t conducive to the needs of a pet. How are you gonna be able to keep it alive and hunt?” 

“It isn’t like a baby guys. I don’t need to feed and change it every few hours. Bobby will be fine as lo-”

“Bobby. You named that thing after Bobby?” Dean rolled his eyes. 

“Yes, of course. Bobby Bobby would be delighted to have such a cute little thing named after him.”

The brothers exchanged exasperated glances. 

“Look, Bobby is staying or we both are going. That is just how it is boys.” 

“Fine, you can keep the pig.” 

“Guinea pig. Big difference.” 

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cats- fluff?

Happy Halloween! 

Killian woke with a start. He looked towards the window and suspected a presence there that wasn’t before. He pushed back the covers and walked over to calm his suspicions. 

While initially he was happy to move to the first floor at Granny’s so that he and Emma could have more privacy, having his window on the ground floor did make him uneasy. 

He pushed back the curtain and opened the window to get a better look outside. Sure enough he wasn’t alone, but it wasn’t a person that he’d found but a little black kitten. He smiled and scooped up the tiny creature into his hands. 

“What are you doing out there little one?” The tiny kitten purred as he scratched her little ears. He quickly filled a small dish with water and placed it on the floor allowing the kitten to get a drink. 

He scratched behind his ear as he thought about what to do. He supposed the kitten belonged to someone. He would just allow it to stay in his room for the evening; then in the morning he would check in with Granny and her patrons to see if anyone recognized the ball of fluff. 

He climbed back into bed and snuggled against his pillow after watching the kitten curl up on the floor and fall asleep. 

When he woke up in the morning the tiny kitten was snuggled against his chest. He laughed softly to himself and climbed out of bed to get ready for the day. 

He’d walked down to meet Emma for breakfast as usual with the tiny kitten in his pocket. He sat at their usual table and ordered for them when the waitress appeared. 

He continued to pet the little creature on the head to keep her calm as he was uncertain about how Granny would feel about having the feline in her restaurant. 

The bell over the door rang and a vision of loveliness appeared right on time. He stood to catch her before she sat down. He was pleasantly surprised by her greeting as she captured his lips and pulled him into a full embrace. 

“Not that I’m complaining Love but to what do I owe such a wonderful greeting?” 

She kissed him quickly and softly once more before sliding into her side of the booth. “I missed you. It seems lots of strange things were happening last night and I was worried about you. I’m happy to see you’re ok.” 

“Strange things you say?” 

“Yes, I had to break up several fights between friends. Car alarms were going off all over town and the worst part was Roland was missing. He nearly gave Robin and Regina a heart attack. They found him curled up asleep by the tree in Regina’s backyard. He must have been sleep walking.” 

His eyebrows raised.”Seems you had quite the night sheriff.” 

“You could say that. What about you? Did you sleep well?” 

“Actually, I had a rather interesting night as well.” 

He reached into his pocket and pulled the sleepy kitten out into view.

Her eyes lit up.”Is that a kitten?” 

He nodded.”Aye, the little creature showed up on my window sill in the dead of night. I figured I’d bring her in and ask around today if someone might be missing it.” 

Emma took the little kitten from him and examined her before snuggling and kissing the little thing. He smiled as he watched her with it. “Swan, if we don’t find it’s owner do you think you’d like to keep it?”

She looked up into his blue eyes and smiled. “Maybe, Henry never had a pet before.” 

The rest of the day they alternated taking care of the little kitten and asking around. No one recognized it. They were just about to give up and talk to Henry about pet ownership when they came across a very frazzled Regina. 

“Uh, you look like you’ve had better days.”

“Well, it’s Roland. The reason he was out last night was because he’d lost his kitten. We didn’t even know he had a kitten. He found it earlier that day and had been taking care of it. Now he won’t stop crying.” 

Killian smiled at Emma before reaching into his pocket and pulling out their new friend.”The kitten wouldn’t happen to look something like this one, would it?” 

“Oh My God Pirate where did you get that? How long have you had it?” 

“We’ve been searching for the owner all day. Never would have thought the Evil Queen would take to kittens.” 

Regina took the sleepy kitten from him and snuggled it close. “Well, neither did I but we do things for love that we’d never expect of ourselves. Thank you both.” 

Regina disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke before them. “She really knows how to make an exit doesn’t she.” 

“Aye, I suppose our mystery is solved.” 

“I bet that’s a relief.” 

“I don’t know Swan, you did seem to take a liking to our furry little friend.” 

“It was a cutie but it’s for the best that it will have a home with Roland. Henry’s more into girls these days anyway.”

He laughed.”Too right Love. What’s say we head back to my place for a quiet evening in? I’d say you deserve it after the crazy night you had last night.” 

“I couldn’t think of anyplace I’d rather be tonight than in your arms.”

He wrapped his arm around her pressing a kiss to the side of her head thankful once again that he got to spend yet another day with the love of his life.

Care To Explain?

Summary: Steve x Avengers x an adorable otter friend - Some strange things have been happening in the Avengers tower lately…

Warnings: Some language, a very flustered Steve Rogers

A/N: So a couple of days ago, I was talking with Victoria (a.k.a @pleasecallmecaptain) about how only the best people would have an otter as a pet, and how you probably had to be a saint in a past life or something to be so blessed as to have a sweet little pet otter. We then concluded that Steve Rogers would definitely have a pet otter. And thus this story was born.

(The video that started it all

There aren’t many who can say they know what sort of things go on in the common lounge of the Avengers Tower. Only nine, to be exact. Six of who were currently enjoying the uncharacteristically quiet afternoon in that exact place.

There was Steve, sitting at the dining table, occupied with reading the daily newspaper (a habit he was yet to let go of), across the room, dozing on one of the plush couches was Clint, Bucky was tucked up in the armchair next to him, fiddling with the drawstrings of his maroon hoodie, Tony was leant over the kitchen counter, engrossed in the millions of tabs he had open on his Stark tablet, Natasha was gazing out of the floor-to-ceiling window, earphones in, lost the world, and Sam, who had left the room to grab the book he was in the middle of reading.

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contrary to popular belief, rats can not eat anything! 

while it’s true that rats will chew on or try to eat almost anything, it is not true that they can eat anything. just because an animal tries to eat something doesn’t mean that it’s safe or healthy for it — look at all the things babies try to eat. if we just assume that anything an animal puts in its mouth must be healthy for it, we’d be feeding our children buttons and pennies for breakfast. 

that aside, there are many foods which humans can eat just fine but are dangerous or toxic to rats. for example, citrus and mangoes can promote cancer growth in male rats, and sticky foods like peanut butter can be dangerous because rats lack the ability to throw up – if it gets stuck in their throat, they could suffocate. 

please, stop spreading dangerous misinformation about our furry little friends, and don’t try to give advice about raising animals that you know nothing about!!