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Cute winter hats on Amazon! Most of these are available in a few different colors, except the last one, which you can get in a kerjillion different colors! Kerjillion is a scientific term. >_> And all of the ones with fur are confirmed to be faux fur ^^

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Dark Mori Girl: Characteristics-Lifestyle

“Black Forest Mori (or Dark Mori Girl): if a Mori Girl is a sheep, the Black Forest Girl is the wolf”

  • Wants to look like a witch or a dark fairy from the woods
  •     Likes to wear Dark, dusty colours, but also jewel and earthy tones.
  •     All white outfits can be pretty for a ghostly look.
  •     Vintage clothes are a must
  •     Antique, used or ragged laces and silks
  •     Flowers, Leaves, feathers, or antlers make pretty headpieces.
  •     Natural stones, bones, taxidermy and silver jewelry is best.
  •     Leather accessories (belts, pouches, cuffs, corsets…)
  •     Anything Furry could work
  •     Knitted Items, Handmade is best
  •     Layering is the key,
  •     Medieval, Victorian, Folklore and 1920’s inspirations
  •     Ethnic Clothes
  •     Hats. Big, quirky and always decorated.
  •     Floral patterns and animal prints
  •     Might have some Lolita or Steampunk inspiration
  •     Helena Bonham Carter is a great style icon.
  •     Dramatic silent movie make up, tribal paints or very natural look works fine.
  •     Leg wear is fun to experiment with. Wearing striped socks can add to the traditional witchy look
  •     Can look flirtatious, seductive at times. Corsets are welcome for this look.
  •     Crushed velvet
  •     Prefers Dresses and Skirts, longer the better.
  •     Shawls, ponchos and hoods.
  •     Laced up boots, pointy shoes, Victorian heels and clogs.
  •     Braided hair, messy curls, or dreads are good hairstyles.



  •     Likes anything spooky or creepy
  •     Collects oddities
  •     Might be attracted by witchcraft and esoterism
  •     Might tend to have a « natural »lifestyle
  •     Believes in Fairies, and Spirits
  •     Crafty Girl
  •     Has a familiar/pet, and most likely a cat or rats.
  •     Rather solitary girl, kind of an introvert
  •     Might prefer Dark Music scenes, from traditional goth, ambient to Black Metal.
  •     Likes Tribal Fusion Dancing
  •     Strangeness over Prettiness
  •     Loves books. Old Bookstores are a favourite place.
  •     Somewhat rebellious, strong willed and free-spirited, but still Lady Like
  •     Romantic, Melancholic
  •     Might have little quirks, superstitions
  •     Loves Tea
  •     Folklore, Fairytales, Legends and Myths from the North are favourites, but might like Oriental cultures as well.
  •     Loves antiques.
  •     Thrifting is a favourite activity
  •     Always thinks « warm and cosy »
  •     Might be a bit messy, but always with style
  •     Might drink alcohol on occasions. Mead and spicy wines drunk in a horn, or strong alcohol in a pretty flask.
  •     Collects bottles and fiols
  •     Likes to take walks in the Forest, after the rain, at dusk or event at night.
  •     Preraphaelites, Arthur Rackham, William Bouguereau or Brian Froud are favourite artists.