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I’ve been in an One Piece mood lately…so glad Dressrosa is over, so glad T.T

“Cause when I close my eyes and drift away I think of you and everything’s okay I’m finally now believing”

Two is better than one
by boys like girls

I made a thingy for my amazing boyfriend frosttheotter ily so much!


I had the pleasure of performing at a charity event yesterday in my new fursuit. My two friends and I volunteered to perform and interact with children involved with Variety children’s charity. Go check them out, they’re amazing at what they do!
I had an incredible time and it was an extremely rewarding experience to put smiles on all the childrens’ faces. I enjoyed dressing up a big brown dog and dancing around. Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity! ❤️


When I am sad I look at pictures of animals because they are amazing and they make me happy by their cuteness and I hope that if someone is sad and see these pictures that it brings a smile to their face because it brought one to mine.