furry cat hat


Cute winter hats on Amazon! Most of these are available in a few different colors, except the last one, which you can get in a kerjillion different colors! Kerjillion is a scientific term. >_> And all of the ones with fur are confirmed to be faux fur ^^

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I made an Indy icon, in a semi-Japanese style, kinda like porcelain! I hope you like/use it!

OMG! This is so cute!!! ^_^ And um yes I’ll totally use it??? I’ve been needing to change my icon again till I can make my Christmas one lol. Which will probably take a while


etsyfindoftheday | ho-ho-holiday finds | 12.12.15

christmas pug garland & custom pet illustrations by fayemoorhouse

whether you just love pugs or are obsessed with your own furry pal, fayemoorhouse has perfectly giftable garlands (also available in kitty form) AND customized pet portraits to squeal over.

"Monster Mash(up)" - Kurt/Blaine

“Is this some kind of kinky roleplay thing?” Santana smirked, eyeing their costumes before strutting away again. “Wanky.“

Just a bit of Spooky Day fun for the Wax Verse! (I owed the boys something lighter/fluffier after the last one.) Kurt’s a vampire, Blaine’s a werewolf, etc. For the rest of the out-of-chronological-order verse thus far: Wax Masterpost

~2000 words. Happy Halloween, spooksters!


It was one week before Halloween, and Lima’s one and only costume store was packed to the brim with supplies.

“Oooh, circus! Ringmaster and lion?” Kurt asked, plucking a top hat from the rack and placing it on his head. He pushed a furry, cat-eared hat onto Blaine’s head and nodded. “Cuuuute.”

Blaine scrunched his face and pulled the hat off, ruffling his loose curls. “Not a bad idea, but… hey, how about Iron Man and Captain America?” He strapped the red and gold mask over his own face and tossed the blue cowl to Kurt.

“That’s not a couple’s costume. You’ve been reading too much fanfiction.”

“Maybe I just want to see you in spandex.”

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