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signs as: misc shit on tumblr

aires: cryptids
taurus: yu-gi-oh card battles
gemini: bees memes
cancer: long-winded anon hate in all caps
leo: furry rp
virgo: femslash
libra: ace attorney trials in reblog chains
scorpio: discourse™
sagittarius: bizarre kinks
capricorn: clown posts, onceler blogs
aquarius: mischaracterization, fanon a mile removed from canon
pisces: “you are valid”


i will never be over how cute class 1-a was while eating together in the mess hall???

  • shouji’s so big that he takes up as much space as denki and kirishima combined (and he’s eating with his mouth hands omg)
  • todoroki pointing at something in front of kouda like??? is he asking for something?? either way the idea of them chatting is adorable
  • sero having Absolutely No Table Manners At All
  • i love that mina and aoyama are sitting next to eachother; she might talk over him all the time but she’s the only one he really interacts with, it’s cute to think they might be friends
  • kacchan still sat next to izuku, which i adore
  • you can see??? toru’s food go down which is mildly terrifying and amazing
  • iida sittin there with his face stuffed full of food, how Uncouth

seeing the way everyone gets along and the little groups of friends that are always evident is just really cute and i love that horikoshi made this class feel like an actual close-knit class of students

what your favorite zelda game says about you

The Legend of Zelda: you are 40 years old

The Adventure of Link: you’re 40 years old, and gay 

Faces of Evil: you dont know when a joke is taken too far

Wand of Gamelon: you dont know when a joke is taken too far and also youre a lesbian

Link’s Awakening: you need love and a vacation

Ocarina of Time: you think all games made ever since fucking suck

Link to the Past: you help everyone you meet

Link Between Worlds: you especially help everyone you meet and also youre gay

Wind Waker: you love ancient epics and only wear pajamas

Twilight Princess: youre a furry


Hyrule Warriors: no items fox only final destination

Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures/Triforce Heroes: your friends would do anything for you, including punch you in the face

Majora’s Mask: youre edgy and/or very sad

Skyward Sword: you’re really, Really gay

Phantom Hourglass: youre gay for linebeck probably

Spirit Tracks: you really like trains and being tossed around by strong girls

Oracle of Seasons: youre a pumpkin spice hipster

Oracle of Ages: youre a vintage hipster

Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland: you are a strange, horrifying creature with no corporeal form

Breath of the Wild: you astral project every day

Link’s Crossbow Training: you play fpses online and tell people you fucked their mom