furry and featheres friends

OSHAWA – Alex Luca, left, and Charles Mark, members of the Robotics Quintet team out of Toronto, competed in the FIRST LEGO League Ontario East Provincial Championships hosted by Durham College. FIRST is an acronym that means For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. This year’s ANIMAL ALLIESSM challenge is all about our furry, feathered, and finned friends. Jan. 14, 2017. Ryan Pfeiffer/Metroland


I contacted my local zoo to see what they did with deads 

“ Hello! I’m an animal remains artist and skeletal articulator from F———-, MD. I was curious about what happens to your animals when they die. Are they just thrown away or buried?Are they given to universities? If they’re just thrown away or buried, I would be honored to work with them instead! I would be happy to provide you with amazing educational displays of articulated skeletons of tigers, bears, etc! I’ve worked with animal remains from all over North America, and would love to bring your furry, scaly, and feathered friends back to life if possible!   Please let me know if we could work something out  Best Regards,  Nathan” 


“ Hi Nathan, I will pass your info onto our Director, Bob Candy.  Please give me a number he can contact you at.”

I HATE talking on the phone and It gives me horrible anxiety, BUT, I COULD have the chance to work with lions, tigers, bears, etc!!!!!

AND my local zoo is just a small roadside zoo ( all of the animals are well taken care of tho) so that raises my chances of getting to do it!!!!!!!!! 


I’m thinking about what kind of pet I should get once I’m ready. At first I was thinking another crested gecko, but.. I’m thinking maybe I should take a break from them because they’re all very similar, it might be ‘too-soon’ for a while.

So i’ve been looking through craigslist, and so far I’ve considered:

Lionhead/Lop dwarf bunnies


Lovebirds or Budgies


and Guinea pigs. 

Maybe you guys could reblog this with your suggestion of which I should get and fun (or horror) stories you’ve heard/experienced with any of the above?

I’d just love a furry/feather/scaley friend to meme at, thats smart enough to have a personality and easy enough to tame