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Jinafire Cooks Up Secret Halloween Costume

Straight off the heels of her adventure in Scaris, Jinafire is back at the sewing machine and ready to cook up a fiery fresh costume just in time for Halloween.  Though she’s kept the theme of the costume locked tight in the coffin, Fashion Club President (and beastie), Clawdeen, has assured the MHGG the outfit is to die for! “My ghoul is on fire this year! She’s sure to turn heads with this epic number!”

“Flashion Mob” Possesses Monster High


Oh.M.Gore! MH Student bodies received a big surprise this week when a Flashion Mob spontaneously haunted the halls and brought everyone roaring to life! It’s no secret that Monster High’s resident fashionistas have been huddling together in the creepeteria all week long, and now we know what they were conspiring about.

Aspiring fashion designer Clawdeen Wolf was the Wolf-in-Chief behind this clawesome event. She rallied other fashion-forward ghouls Rochelle, Catrine, Skelita and Jinafire to flaunt her one-of-a-kind ensembles, which we hear took Clawdeen an entire week to make!

But… how did they pull it off?

They hid their boo-tiful fashions under plain trench coats and stood in position at various locations in the main hall. Holt Hyde snuck into Headmistress’s office and at 12pm MST, (Monster Standard Time) and hit “play” on the ghouls’ theme song “Furrrociously Fierce.” As soon as the music started, the ghouls shed their coats and began to strut down their makeshift runway in sync!

The outfits and choreography mesmerized guys and ghouls alike, including the hard to please Cleo De Nile who couldn’t resist demanding her own custom-made dress from Clawdeen once the show was over. Like Cleo, we’re just dying to see what styles this monsterista conjures up next! 

Fashion Screams Come True in 2013

2013 is sure to be a scream come true in school fashion, with a select group of stand out ghouls showing that wardrobe wishes really can be granted.


Wolf Pack little sis, Howleen, has leapt out of big sister Clawdeen’s well-heeled shadow and emerged as a true fashionista. It’s always been her scream to become an influential monster in the glamorous world her sister inhabits and 2013 seems to be her lucky year. Howleen’s definitely no copy-wolf though; she is rocking a signature lurk complete with combat boots and golden grommets. She’s drawing inspiration from punk and glam in equal measure and student bodies are howling at her new fuchsia hued hair!


Howleen isn’t the only Monster High student flaunting a new look for the new school year. Lagoona has also undergone an UHHH-mazing transformation, trading in her ocean surf style for some fresh fins! Sporting a one-sleeved halter dress with a sparkling mesh, paired with fresh water pearls and sensational seaweed platform wedges, Lagoona is clearly no fish out of water when it comes to fashion statements.


New ghouls Twyla and Gigi are also haunting the halls with new worlds of inspiration. Gigi makes a statement most ghouls can only wish for with her elegant up-do, golden bangles and eastern inspired slipper platforms. Twyla is dream like in her purple ensemble, but the freaky fab blue highlights she’s flaunting are sure to inspire more than a few ghouls! As the school year starts, we can’t wait to see what other fashion wishes will be granted. 

Furrrocious Fashion Heats Up Cool Nights

Creeping into fall weather doesn’t mean losing any bit of that furrrocious personal style. Take it from freaky- fab ghouls Clawdeen and Draculaura, fall fashion can make a killer statement as long as your main accessory is your UHHH-mazing personality.

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Catching a Scream with Clawdeen

We recently tracked down school monsterista and budding fashion designer Clawdeen Wolf to capture an in-depth lurk at her epic plans for 2013. What we unearthed certainly did not disappoint.

We found Clawdeen sitting alone at the Coffin Bean, furiously drawing in her designer sketchpad. “I take this thing with me wherever I go,” she said. “You never know when inspiration will strike!” When asked about her UHH-litmate inspiration, Clawdeen was chomping at the bit to tell us more about her freaky-fierce fashion icon Mme. Moanatella Ghostier. “I’ve been following her work since I was the runt of the pack. She is the most furrrocious designer ever and I would die (just die) if I ever had an opportunity to work with her. That’s really my biggest scream right now. The opportunity to work with my idol and inspiration.” We think a ghoul with this kind of talent and ambition is likely to do freaky-fab things in 2013. The MHGG wishes you the beast of luck in making all of your screams come true Clawdeen!