On Tuesday [edit: today!] I begin my 7 day residency at Art Fix in a sleazy Soho alley. 27 Peter Street was a licensed sex shop for decades and now it’s a gallery and arts space and they’ve invited me to exhibit and work here for a week. Drop in and say hello if you’re in the area 2pm-5pm from the 14th-20th April, I’ll be making new work and showing prints. X

Salute to London art maestro @thefurrealist for this undeniably good post of @i_am_demo We Appreciate You Maestros • check out his series @thefurrealist for an interesting customizable contribution to the BeardMovement
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Pound Shop 4: Tear Gas will be available for preorder from 12pm Saturday. 24 full colour satin-finish pages of furry male portraiture, limited to an edition of 200, each numbered/dated/initialled by hand. If you want your own portrait included in your copy, choose the personalised option. Follow the link in my bio for details.

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How often do you skepticize? I here do tell you to increase any mentioned frequency. Whether it is only a simple fact to doubt, such as, ‘My name contains only one syllable’, or any more complex, a certain degree of skepticynicism will always lead you to what is right. I urge you as I urge myself often not to believe the katherines when they are called so simply.

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What are you going to do if your pitch for a Furreal Friends series dosent get the greenlight beacuse some things from the pitch are dark for a kids show PD: sorry if this offended you i hope gets the greenlight from hasbro!!

Hi Mhh well you are right in one thing the concept has some dark elements behind its lore & story . I always pitched the concept as TV-Y7 FV cartoon but if that happens. maybe i should take those dark notes and make the show more mature of course with a new name and 0% Hasbro connection maybe i will move it to some networks who do adult cartoons like :FOX ,Adult Swim,FX , Comedy Central,IFC .

Ive always noticed that  those networks do the same show (Ex: Family Comedy Sitcom) but if you ask Furreal Friends concept has a story who has a begging middle & ending and i really want to se if a show with a story can be part of the  adult animation . if they dont get the greenlight doing the same but with kids networks, like Nick & Disney(Ive Always dreamed to have my own show for Disney). or making it a comic series beacuse i really want to see this characters grow and that everybody know them thats been my dream since i had 7 years old making my own cartoon. but for the momment the plan #2 will be moving the concept for a adult cartoon and maybe let Stacey Say: FUCK!