Demons Saving Angels

In a world far from here, one known to a small group of adventurers, someone was staying awake.

In that world, full of strange beings, a small island floated on the back of a very, very large Zaratan Turtle. And on that island was a small tropical village by the name of Silverion. Darkness covered the land, but it was nothing unusual, considering the late past-midnight hour. Most buildings were quiet, dark with missing light.

The hospital retained light, however, if only a little.

Because she had to stay awake. Good luck falling asleep when your sole hate-friend is in danger.

Only one light was on by this point; the rest of the hospital had been dimmed low. Kichuna stood by the medical bed, and kept an eye on the large tiger-man that laid flinching, helpless by her. He had been brought in by his wife in a panic, and she had done everything she could to cure him.

It was only enough to stop him from trying to claw out his own brain, but not enough to bring back his mind.

“The fuck did you do to yourself, Dimitri…” The woman’s voice is rough, raspy, as if she were perpetually on the edge of getting over a cold, herself. The tiger’s wife had been since sent off to rest, if allowed to stay in the hospital itself. It took a while to convince her that he would be alright.

Though, Kichuna herself has no idea if he was going to be or not.

“His enchanted necklace heals physical wounds, so it can’t be something like a cut or wound… He’s resistant to poisons, can’t be that…” She recites under her breath in a frustrated hiss. “Mindshields to protect him from outside sources, nothing, but…”

She trails her fingers over the gold circlet she had placed on him; one of her own enchanted artifacts, to help bring one’s mind back. All this has done, however, is stop him from trying to claw out his own skull, and left him blank-eyed and speaking in another dialect entirely. Almost like some kind of incantation…

“…At least figured out how to stop the pain, for now.” She mumbled, her ears swiveling back. “I need help…”

She squints her eyes shut in trying to think. “Who the fuck would even know this kind of shit? Mage, incantations, stupid– I need Sai.”