Pili lamp series by Arturo Alvarez

The Pili lamp series is one of the latest light creations, that Arturo Alvarez exhibited at the Euroluce 2017. It consists of a table lamp and a pendant lamp. It is made of a single, white colored, steel thread, that is interwoven to create various lamp shapes, through which the light escapes.

Glamorous & gorgeous. Beautiful living room space that adds a fresh twist to a classic inspired design. Be bold with color and integrate in unexpected places like your mouldings to get the wow you want. It frames beautiful spaces and is a refined finishing touch to a high-style living room.

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Soaring ceilings make a room feel open and bright.  It’s important to remember the scale of furniture when decorating a room.  A pitched ceiling makes this room feel even larger, so go for a large headboard or over-sized pendant to ensure that the furniture doesn’t get lost in this beautiful space. 

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Rowaelin: Apartment Hunting

Modern AU

-They’ve been together for a year and a half.
-Aelin is the one that suggests it and the next day they start hunting.
-Rowan is the one who has a bunch of standards and Aelin just wants a roof and some walls.
-The first apartment fit all of Rowan’s criteria but it didn’t have room for Fleetfoot.
-They would’ve gotten the second one but it was too close to the Cadre’s apartment.
-The third had a plumbing problem and the fourth had a rodent problem.
-The fifth, sixth, and seventh had little problems like that.
-They were on their eighth apartment and ready to give up before they walked inside.
-It fit all of Rowan’s standards and had a giant backyard for Fleetfoot and whatever crazy things they were going to put on.
-So, of course, they bought it but that brought their next problem:
-Rowan still lived in the Cadre’s apartment so his only furntiure was his bedroom stuff and Aelin lived with her parents.
-So they had to go to Ikea. Aelin was complaining the whole time and Rowan was ready to scream but they made it through.
-They bought so much that they had to call all of their friends to help them put it all together.
-The Cadre and Elide has the living room and dining room, Lysandra and Aedion have a guest bedroom, Manon and Dorian are putting together patio furniture and putting away kitchen supplies, and Rowan and Aelin are setting up their bedroom.
-Then they all watch movies in Rowan and Aelin’s new living room before everyone leaves.
-They end the day of moving in by dancing in their new kitchen.

Listen with your heart Ch.3

It had been three days since they returned to the prison. As soon as they got back Merle had took off. Daryl had gotten Carol to take y/n to help her with supper, hopefully to get her mind off of everything. Going to find his brother he looked all over the prison and finally came to the conclusion that he didn’t want to be found. Merle had always been good at hiding. When they were young he had to hide from their daddy every time he had a little to much to drink. Merle used to hide Daryl away giving him food for the night and telling him to wait there. Every morning when he would go back home he would find Merle unconscious and bloody on the floor. Letting out a sigh he shook his head and went back to take watch.


Stabbing the next walker in the head with the make shift stake you gave a small grunt. Going to the next, the same thing. Taking a break you looked to the prion and then down. You hadn’t seen Merle since the incident at the outlet, he had been avoiding you. You knew it was your fault, you shouldn’t have changed, shouldn’t have screamed. Your father had always said omegas were nothing but whores. That they tempted men into doing things. Maybe he was right, he was right and now because of what had happened Merle hated you. On top of all of that you had to hear the whispers about how since you got there the group had been split up. Everyday you tried to do something to help out, wither it was washing clothes, killing walkers on the fence or even taking watch so others could sleep. Nothing seemed to work though, you were no closer to Rick accepting you. To him you were just another mouth to feed, someone who had distracted one of their defenses. Feeling a tear roll down your cheek you brushed it off. You should have never come here, should have never stared at Merle that day. Taking a deep breath you looked at the sky. It would be dark soon, you would go and get a full night’s sleep and in the morning, before anyone woke you would leave. There was no reason being in a place where no one wanted you. 


Merle tossed and turned all night. All he could think about was the omega. He had came so close to biting her that day. If it hadn’t been for Daryl he would have. “Least then I’d be able ta get some sleep.” he huffed out to himself. He had been avoiding her ever since and it was beginning to take a toll on him. He would watch her from afar, making sure she was alright. Daryl had came to him the day before, telling him he needed to talk to her. But how was he supposed to talk to her when all he could think about was how her skin would taste when he claimed her. How soft she would be laying under him. How she would sound crying out his name. Biting his lip he moved his hand to his hard member. Closing his eyes he thought of her, thought of those soft little lips wrapped around his cock. Moving his hand up and down his shaft he growled out. His breaths grew heavy and before long he was muffling a grunt as his hot cum spilled over his hand. Grabbing a towel from the floor he cleaned himself up and threw his head back on the pillow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow he would go see her. 


As soon as the sun started to rise you grabbed you bag from under the bed and quietly made your way out. It was hard getting out the back of the prison but soon you were looking back at the safest place you had been in in months. Swallowing the lump growing in your throat you turned and made your way down the road. 

“Merle. Merle get up!" 

Sucking in a breath Merle quickly sat up in the bed and looked to see Daryl staring at him. "The hell’s wrong wit ya Darylin?” he said rubbing his eyes.

“Y/n’s gone.” was all that the youngest Dixon said before Merle’s whole demeanor changed.

Grabbing his gun and knives Merle made his way out of the prison. Heading towards his bike he could hear Rick coming after him. 

“Merle! You’re not going to be able to find her. Just let her go!” Rick yelled.

Turning on heel Merle went and got nose to nose with the other alpha. “Ya’d like that wouldn’t ya. One less mouth ta feed. Tell me there officer friendly would ya be goin’ lookin’ fur er’ if ya if she was yers? Would ya just let er’ go?” He growled.

“She ain’t yours either.” Rick smirked.

Turning away he got on the bike, “She will be.” he said before starting the bike and heading out to find her.


Merle had been looking for most of the day for her. He had serched through the town and found it empty but found her tracks heading east. Going on that way he got to a small farm house and saw a car outside that had the window wipped clean. Furrowing his brows he parked the bike a little ways away and made sure his gun was loaded. Quietly going over to the house he heard small cries. Stopping just outside the door he listened. He could clearly make out a males voice, he sounded like he was busy with something. When the sound of furntiure falling came he heard a yelp. It was then the alpha could make out the sound of crying. 

“… please…. please just let me go…" 

"Shut up you dumb bitch!" 


Hearing a loud smack Merle felt his temper grow and kicked the door open to see y/n tied to a table leg sporting a red handprint to her face and a busted lip. Looking at the man he saw him to be a dirty looking male with a his pants around his ankles and his shirt unbottoned. Knowing imidiently what he was going to do to her Merle flew hot. As soon as he saw the man go for his gun he pounced on him and began punching the man in the face. "Merle look out!” he heard y/n yell and looked to see another man coming over. He was thrown back to the ground and grunted as the man began to fight him. The two punched each other and growled until they heard a scream. Looking over they saw as a group of walkers were coming in, one already biting into the man on the floor. Noticing the man on top of him distracted Merle took his chance and kicked him towards the walkers now coming in. He heard as the man screamed but ignored them and quickly jumped up to grab his gun and run over to y/n. Using the knife on his arm to cut the ropes he pulled her to her feet. “Come on!” he yelled and pulled her behind them as they ran towards the bike. Seeing walkers everywhere he shot the closest ones in the head before getting on the bike and starting it. “Get on.” he comanded her and felt as she settled herslef behind him on the bike. As soon as her arms wrapped around his stomach he took off.

Merle drove for a few miles until he saw an empty feild with an old barn sitting there. Pulling off onto the path he parked the bike behind the barn, turned off the engine and got off. He felt his heart about to beat out of his chest and tried to calm down his raging temper. He paced back and forth and took deep breaths. 

You watched as the alpha paced back and forth across the path. He was fumming and letting out low growls. You could feel your hands shaking and you bit your lip before looking down. “Merle say somethin’ please…” you whispered.

Had he been a few mintutes late and they had raped her. She would have been someone else’s. Hearing her voice made him snap. No longer could he hold back the alpha in him, not after he had almost lost her. Giving a growl he marched over to her and slammed her up against the side of the barn. Turning her head to the side he gave a snarl, “Mine.” he growled before sinking his teeth into her neck. She went to scream out in pain but he was quick to cover her mouth with the palm of his hand. He groaned at the taste of her and drank down the gush of blood that flooded his mouth. She flinched in his arms, her body tense before all fight left her and she went limp. He held her to the barn as he let the claim sink in. When he heard a growl and felt the side of the barn thump he gave a growl before unlocking his jaws and slowly easing her body to the ground. Stepping over to the door he flipped the latch and saw as two walkers came stumbling over to him. He gave a smirk as he lunged at them, his body amped up from claiming his female. Stabbing first one in the head then the other he pulled back his arm and went inside the barn to see it now empty.

Looking around he saw a small loft at he top and grinned. Going outside he pushed his bike into the barn before going back over to his female. He saw her sitting on the ground where he had left her, her head resting against the side of the barn. Bending down to pick her up he used his arm with the missing hand to hold her up under her ass and his other hand to close and lock the barn door. Climbing the short ladder he gently laid her on the bed of hay. He looked down to see her neck still slightly bleeding and her e/c eyes looking at him under her lashes. Kneeling beside her legs he took off the prostetic and tossed it over to the side. He excpected her to look at where his hand used to be but she only kept his gaze. “Why’s ya leave?” he asked in a rough voice as he grabbed her foot and untied her boot. 

Swallowing down the pain in your neck you took a deep breath and watched as he started taking off your boots.  "… You were the only person that wanted me there and ya stopped talkin’ ta me… didn’t really see a point in stayin’.“ you answered honestly, knowing he would be able to tell if your were lying.

Merle let out a small sigh at her words. Pulling off her socks he tossed them beside her boots. "I won’t mad at cha’. I was mad at myself.” he said as he shrugged off his shirt and pulled his wife beater over his head. Pulling her arms he got her to sit up while he stripped her of her shirt. “Still stupid of ya ta leave. Ain’t no place out here fer and omega to be on her own.” he told her as he ran his hand over the newly exposed skin.

“I could have handled it.” you said and saw his stern blue eyes meet yours. 

“Was that yer way of handling it? Gettin’ raped and beaten by two guys?” he asked his voice laced with a slight growl. When she said nothing and looked down he let out another sigh. Tugging her jeans down her legs he leaned back up to look over her body. She was still skinny, her ribs and hip bones sticking out. Letting his eyes roam to her black panties he felt his cock becoming hard. 

“are we gonna have sex?” you asked in a soft whisper, to embarrassed to meet his eyes. You had never had sex before, had never had a male see you like this. You felt as your body began to curl up as his eyes looked over you. 

He could hear the fear in her voice and broke his eyes from her covered breast to look at her face. She was looking anywhere but his face and he could smell the the change of her scent in the air. “Ya ain’t ever done this before have ya?” he asked and saw as she shook her head. “Do ya know how?”  he asked in a gentle or voice and saw her again shake her head this time a tear falling from her eye. She was embarrassed. Furrowing his brows Merle leaned down lay above her. Propping himself up on one of his arms he put his finger under her chin and lifted her eyes to his. “There ain’t no reason ta cry little bit.  Ima take care of ya. We’ll go slow okay?”  he said in a deep voice. When she gave a small nod he smiled and moved his lips to hers, he couldn’t help but sigh when he felt how soft her lips were under his rough ones. After a few seconds he licked likely at her bottom lip and pulled down gently on her chin. Understanding she opened her mouth for him and he rolled his tongue into her mouth.

You could taste the iron taste in his mouth from where he had bit you but it didn’t stop your eyes from fluttering shut as he kissed you. Before long you felt his hand move to massage your breasts through the bra, hearing him growl he pulled back from your mouth to tell you to take it off. Hearing the commanding tone in his voice you quickly did as he said. As soon as the bra was unclipped he grabbed it and tossed it to the side with the rest of your clothes. Your cheeks turned bright red when he bent down to suck one of your nipples into his mouth. Gasping out you stifled and moan but quickly let out a small gasp when he pinched the hardened bud between his teeth.

Smiling at her cry Merle move to give the other nipple the same attention. By the time he was done she was withering under him. Kissing down her belly he bit down on the black fabric of her underwear and tugged them down her thighs. Seeing the glistening witness covering her lips he smirked. “My little bit’s all drippin’ and I ain’t even touched her yet.” He smirked. Trailing one of his fingers up her slit he slowly pushed in and quickly had to throw his free arm over her hips to hold her down. Fucking her with his finger he gave an annoyed growl before snatching his hand back and tugging her panties the rest of the way down her legs. Pushing his finger back into her he leaned forward to lick up the juice before it could hit the floor. Groaning he lapped at her sex and drank down what she was giving him. “Sweet as suga’.” he growled into her thighs. Nipping at her inner legs he heard her gasp out. 

You were trying to stay quiet but it was taking everything you had not to scream out in pleasure. You had never in your life felt anything as good as this. His strong arm was holding you to the hay covered floor but your toes curled as a strange feeling started form in your belly. As if sensing this he stopped and you couldn’t stop the whimper that left your throat. Your lidded eyes watched as he pushed his pants down his legs. When you saw his cock spring forward from it’s confinements you bit your lip and gave a whine at how much you knew this was going to hurt. He stroked the thick member before grabbing your ankle and flipping your body over. Rolling to lay on your belly on your clothes you felt him lean over you. His arm with the missing hand moved to lay beside your head, trapping one of your arms by your side. Your breaths picked up when you felt him rub over your sex again.

Spreading around her slick he coated his cock in it before lining himself up with her sex. Leaning down he kissed the side of her head and slowly pushed in. When she let out the beginning of a scream he quickly moved his hand to cover her mouth. “Shhh it’s alright. It’ll pass soon little bit.” He felt as her tears hit his hand and it broke his heart. Pressing forward he stopped his movements when his hips were flush against her ass. Giving her time to adjust to his girth he peppered kisses against her cheek and temple. Once he thought she was ready he pulled out, hearing as she gasped out into his hand. Thrusting back in he groaned at her tightness. He made sure to keep his hand over her mouth, no matter how much he wished to hear her moans of pleasure, he couldn’t risk drawing the attention of nearby walkers. He would be lucky if they wouldn’t be able to smell her blood. Licking at her neck he felt her flutter around his cock. He groaned as his thrusts picked up speed and soon felt as her pussy clamped down around his cock. He snapped his eyes shut and quickly bit back down on her neck to muffle his groans of pleasure. He sundered as she milked his cock, spilling his seed into her womb.  He held his hand tight over her mouth as she screamed out both in pleasure and pain. 

Once he was done and her screams had stopped he let go of her mouth and removed his mouth from her neck. Looking down at the wound he licked lightly over it to sooth the sting. She flinched slightly but when he gave a small purr she stopped. Once he had stopped the bleeding he gently pulled out of her. Moving back to knell between her legs he looked down to see the stain of blood covering her lips and ass. When the strong smell of his seed hit his nose he couldn’t help but grin, watching as the white cream dripped from her hole. Pulling his pants back up he buttoned them and moved to sit beside her. Looking at her face he saw her eyes to be shut and her face peaceful. Smiling slightly he rubbed his knuckles over her cheek, “Come on darlin’ ya got ta get dressed.” he said softly and saw her tighten her eyes. Rubbing her back he gave a small smack to her ass, “Come on.” he said, a little command in his voice.

Hearing your alpha’s command you groaned but rolled over to start pulling your clothes back on. Grabbing your other boot you felt something cool and moved the hay aside to see a bunch of jars. “What’s this?” you asked lifting the canning jars up. 

Knotting his brows Merle finished pulling on his over shirt before grabbing the jar from his mate and holding it up to the light. Seeing a brownish liquid in it he held the jar with his arm while screwing it open with the other. As soon as the lid was off a sweet smell hit his nose. Reaching into the jar he pulled out a mussy piece of something and put it in his mouth. Instantly he raised his brows and held the jar to y/n. “It’s peaches.” Seeing her smile he gave her the jar and leaned over to move the rest of the hay aside. Seeing about twenty more jars filled with different things he smirked. “little bit, we hit the jackpot.” He said with a slight chuckle. Looking back he saw her eating some of the peaches. 

Swallowing what food was in your mouth you smiled, “See it was a good thing, I ran away.” you said but saw him glare at you.

“Didn’t say that.” he growled. She gave him a guilty smile before holding out one of the peaches for him to eat. Taking a bite he started down the ladder. Getting to his bike he grabbed a bag and threw it up to her, “Fill er’ up.”

Once you and Merle had finished two jars of peaches and strapped the bag to the bike he told you to get on while he opened the door. You couldn’t help the small cry of pain that left your mouth when you sat down on the bike making Merle look back at you with worry.

“We’ll be back at the prison soon, then ya can go lay down.” he said, placing a kiss on her lips and leaning over to start the bike. Running over to the door he pushed it open and saw five walkers outside the barn. Quickly getting on the bike he kicked it into gear and felt as she wrapped her arms around his belly. Passing by the walkers he drove back to the prison with a bag full of food and his new mate.

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Created for: The Sims 4

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It’s winter again. So, we decided to bring a cozy warm set for your sims. Hope they enjoy this home cafeteria ^^ by SIMcredibledesigns.com

available at TSR

Decor items coming soon

Creator Notes

*Some objects not listed on recommended tab are from SIMcredibledesigns.com

*You can recolor our meshes but please do not include the mesh and give us a visible direct link back to the proper mesh page. Thank you!

Short URL: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1359936



And finally, here is a new children’s bedroom, for your little darlings sims.
modern kids Morita.
1 single bed. 1 furniture , find in misc surface. and dresser with deco. use it like a dresser. 1 seat but furniture too. find in gategory , living chair. when the audio is arranged through the sims can not sit. 2 ladder deco, find in category misc deco.the sims, may be lightly touching, ladder, by sleeping. but not necessary.
rug. puff. toy deco. audio kids. 1 ceiling structure specialy for furntiure misc surface morita.
Light sweetness set.
Happy simming!
i use my set with little, in game sims 4.
i creat my set with TSR workshop last update.