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I am struggling with my two bunnies being free roam. They are perfectly fine during the day while we can watch them. I have this castle of cardboard boxes that they chew on and play in as well as other toys. They don't chew on any of the wood furniture. The problem is that all their destruction happens at night when we are asleep. They chew the sofa cover, pillows, carpet and baseboards ONLY at night when we can't catch them. Is there a way to fix this so we don't have to put them away at night?

Unfortunately bunnies are nocturnal. Our two buns are super awake at like 2-6am. They sleep midday and are generally lazy throughout the day. They love it when we stay up late on the weekends so they have some extra company~ The best thing you can do is to just bunny proof the areas you don’t want them to get into. We had to buy rugs at our first place bc ghibli would rip out the carpet. Also make sure to buy them lots of toys. When they have nothing to chew, they will find something and anything. Bunnies get destructive when bored and just because! Our baseboards? Forget about it 😅 There are a lot of DIY bunny toys available online. Hope this helps!!! xoxo

Why do parents like to lecture about needing to suck it up because they have to use *~*Paid Time Off*~* if they want to take a day off

Then turn around and say you need to take off a day THAT WEEK when the schedule’s already out and you need to ask at least two weeks out

And Mom wants to know why I won’t know anything about a sublet until Monday but?? What leasing office ever is open on Sundays? Are you aware that I need to go through another person for this??