furniture with soul

@pangur-and-grim I noticed people tagging you in kitty photos and thought I’d show you my favourite nerd.
This is Frank he’s a lovely kitty and he knows it. His lack of a tail will never stop him from attempting to wiggle said non-existent tail. His favourite activities include laying on the back of furniture and grabbing any unfortunate souls that happen to pass by and laying in the bathtub for extended periods of time.

Closed Starter for @soul-silvered

The Whirl Islands…. A remote place that is heavily guarded by vicious whirlpools…. but if you manage to reach there, amazing rewards await you, Jasper heard about amazing gemstones that lied there, but never knew he would stand face to face with the denizen of the Whirl Islands and the guardian of the sea Lugia….

“What do you want?” Jasper asked.