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It worries me when people actually believe that Beauty and the Beast is about Stockholm Syndrome and/or abuse. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation, for sure. But when people start shaming others for enjoying the tale, it becomes a problem. 

Let’s break it down:

Beauty and the Beast shows how Stockholm Syndrome works

Actually, Stockholm Syndrome is yet to be recognized as an actual mental disorder, and people who have been part of hostage situations have denied it.

Stockholm Syndrome involves adapting your actions to please a captor when you feel threatened. It is a survival mechanism. In this case, Belle never changes for the Beast, and instead challenges him every time.  

But Beast kidnapped and captured Belle in his castle. He is a captor

He didn’t kidnap her. Belle chose to take upon herself a penalty that fell on her father due to his trespassing. 

Also, let’s remember that we can’t analyze a film without taking its historical setting into account. The story takes place in a Royal background during the 18th Century,  when the justice system was nothing like ours.

As a result, Royalty -to which the Prince, who is now a Beast, belonged to- dealt with trespassers much differently than we do, as they believed their word to be the law. 

Yes, the Beast/the Prince is her captor. But only because he is punishing her for what he considers to be a transgression on her father’s part. Let’s remember: this is a character that lost his kingdom, and the only power he now has, has been reduced to the castle and what exists in it. Growing out of this mentality and what has been wrongly taught to him, is part of his character arc (and it’s also why it makes sense that an Enchantress would want to teach a lesson to a Prince and not someone like Gaston, since the entire kingdom depends on him).    

But he’s abusive

The Beast never insults or physically harms Belle. At most, he’s rude and demanding…in 2 scenes. Yes. When people talk about the Beast’s abuse in the animation, only two or three scenes where he’s yelling or smashing furniture are used to support the theory.


1- The scenes (being rude to Belle on the way to her room, demanding Belle dines with him, and throwing her from the West Wing and smashing furniture) occur on the same day. The very same day he’s had to interact with another person for the 1st time in 10 years, after almost becoming a complete animal. There’s pent up anger, for sure. But never again do we see the Beast being either forceful or violent. On the contrary, he learns his way into gaining his human behavior back.

2- In each of the scenes, the animators made careful decisions to show the Beast’s instant regret. When analyzing a film, we can’t forget the visual cues that it gives us.

3-  Belle doesn’t fear him. Even after seeing him easily take on the wolves that attacked her (that is, at his most violent), she confronts him and calls him out on his rudeness. A scared person wouldn’t dare to do so. She’s an immovable force that the Beast doesn’t know how to deal with, not a victim.

4- We can’t choose to forget that the Beast sets her free, which is no small feat for someone who has been brought up in a royal background. 

But it glamorizes abusive relationships by making girls believe they can change men

No. Choices made by Linda Woolverton (script) and Howard Ashman (lyrics) focus on Belle and the Beast as outcasts, and forcing her to stay in the castle is a plot device to help the characters get to know each other (and, like I mentioned before, it’s justified by the messed up royal background of the Beast).

It doesn’t ‘glamorize’ an abusive relationship. When the Beast is rude and violent, Belle doesn’t take an interest in him and she actively rejects him. It’s only when the power balance shifts and they treat each other as equals, that the friendship and attraction begin.

The tale is more about outcasts finding solace in each other, than about a woman changing a man to fit her standards. Both Belle and the Beast change in some way. Both must look past each other’s appearance and behavior (both are stubborn and set on their ways) to find what is within. The fact that what is in there pleases them both is what makes the tale great. After all, Belle could have found another Gaston inside the Beast.

But in real life people don’t change for other people” 

In real life, people don’t turn into beasts and furniture. There are no curses or enchantments. We’re dealing with a fairy tale that shows us how the world should be, could be or we would want it to be. And if things didn’t work out for the better, there would be no story to tell.

Let’s never forget the striking difference between fiction and reality. And if you’re worried kids will get the wrong message, talk to them. Don’t blame it on the films or the stories.  

We can’t and shouldn’t judge a film on account of its validity in real life. In real life, most of us wouldn’t support vigilantism, yet we enjoy films like Batman or The Avengers without a hitch. In real life, we would probably reject terrorism, yet we enjoy Heath Ledger’s Joker (The Dark Knight) and Hugo Weaving’s V (V for Vendetta) despite the fact that both can be labeled as terrorists. 

I’ll be writing more about this soon, but for now, I truly hope people will take a closer look at a film before just glancing at the plot and thinking: “oh, this sounds too much like this other thing! It must be the same!”. 

Take the time to consider all the elements in a story before letting a Meme or a Tweet define how you see it. 

Beauty and the Beast (4)

I hope you’re all enjoying this fic, sorry that I’ve been slower to update than usual. I’m working on two fics on AO3 and working on some other projects so it’s been a little hectic :) Thank you all for your patience. Previous chapters are listed here: 1 2 3


His prisoner sat across from him, his eyes wild about the table. Baz could tell Simon was hungry; it was depressing to realize that was the only reason he was there. Still, he was there and Baz had to attempt to make a good impression if he wanted any hope of breaking the curse.

Niall was leading the trays into the room and helping Dev carry the plates onto the table. Normally Baz would have served himself but tonight he was trying to come off as the prince he was supposed to be. Manners had not been something he’d had to consider for many years but he needed to make an effort now to call upon them. Simon looked jumpy and restless. Given Simon’s nervousness, the last thing Baz needed to do was act like the beast he appeared to be. 

“You know, we usually sing for Baz during dinner,” Niall said.

“That is a lie,” Baz said.

Dev shook his head.

“Mr. Snow, please do not listen to my friend here, we are not the singing type.”

Simon smiled at the two of them, obviously amused by the bickering. It wasn’t a big smile and it wasn’t like he had perfectly white teeth or anything like that, yet Baz felt a surge of admiration just the same. This new sensation was troubling for him; in fact, his natural inclination would have been to resist it. But with time running out and a household of people depending on him, he couldn’t really set his feelings aside.

“I hope you enjoy the food here,” Baz said.

Simon’s eyes widened.

“Oh, uh yes. I’m sure I will.”

The table was set and ready for them to eat. Baz felt hesitant. He knew his fangs had already been made obvious to Simon but eating was always a ghastly affair for him. His fangs didn’t end cutely at the tip of his bottom lip like they might on a cat. For Baz, his fangs were long and terrifying, a feature that increased in severity during mealtimes. He was about to apologize in advance for what was going to be an animalistic display when he noticed that Simon had wasted no time getting into the food. Simon’s plate had been overloaded with meat and potatoes and his mouth looked as if it had an entire serving shoved inside it.

Baz frowned. In his fantasies he’d always imagined falling for a man of grace. If Simon Snow were indeed the one for him, then he certainly wasn’t going to get his fantasy.

“I suppose I’ve been away from the village for a long time,” Baz murmured.

“What do you mean?” Simon asked.

“I’ve just never seen someone eat like you do.”

Simon’s face went red. After the embarrassment passed, his mouth turned down into a scowl.

“Who are you to judge?”

Baz flinched as he realized Simon was referring to the grotesque length his fangs had reached. He could feel the points touching the center of his chin. He supposed it was a fair comeback, but it still stung.

“Yes, it’s funny isn’t it? A monster like me somehow has better table manners than a gentleman like yourself.”

Simon looked down at his food, his expression indicating that he was deciding whether or not the food was worth weathering the company. 

“I thought we might try to be civil to one another,” Simon mumbled, “We are going to be spending a lot of time together.”

Baz sighed.

“You’re right. It’s just that I’m not used to having company, especially company like you.”

“Uncultured, you mean?” Simon asked.

“No, authentic.”

Simon raised his eyebrows.

“Are you complimenting me?”

Baz rolled his eyes.

“Barely. I still think you eat like a pig.”

Simon laughed. The sound was strange to hear for Baz. He hadn’t heard anyone laugh in earnest at the castle in a very long time. For some strange reason it reminded Baz of his mother. Although certainly more serious than Simon seemed to be, she also laughed at the oddest of times. The effect of the sound went beyond just Baz. He could sense the energy in his friends lifting, the buzz of elation slowly spreading throughout the room. Perhaps Simon really was changing things for the better.

“Still,” Simon interrupted, “I’m not sure authentic is really the right word to describe me. You barely know me.”

“I have a feeling that won’t be true for long,” Baz said.

“I’ve let a lot of people down by signing up for this,” Simon said, gesturing to the castle with his hand.

“How so?”

Simon sighed.

“I’m the most powerful mage of my time. I’m supposed to be protecting everyone. Not dining in strange castles under even stranger circumstances.”

Baz frowned.

“Protect them from what?”

Simon bit his lip.

“I’m not really sure. The prophecies say that something evil is coming, something that wants to keep magic for itself. I’m the only one that can stop it.”

Baz glanced at the food on the corner of Simon’s mouth and the utter disarray of his plate. 

“Okay, I get it. I don’t look like it, but I promise I’m the Chosen One.”

Baz smiled mockingly.

“The Chosen One, isn’t that a tired phrase?”

“I didn’t choose it,” Simon muttered, obviously annoyed.

Baz could feel the walls coming down in the conversation. Simon didn’t want to go into further detail about his past and Baz didn’t want to get further into Simon. He felt nervy and exhausted by the short bit of conversation they’d already had. All in all, Baz considered it to be a mild success. He didn’t feel like pushing his luck any further for the evening.

He stood up quickly to excuse himself. His standing up seemed to startle Simon, causing him grab at his side. The movement seemed strange until Baz remembered that Simon kept a sword there sometimes. Hurt flashed across his face before he could control it as he realized Simon had reacted out of fear. Fear of him, the Beast. He watched as Simon read Baz’s emotions right off of his face.

“I-I’m sorry. It was instinctual. I’m actually very jumpy,” Simon said.

Baz put up a hand to stop Simon’s apology. 

“It’s fine. I know how unpleasant I can be.”

Simon stood up.

“That isn’t what I meant, I only meant that I-“

“Goodnight Simon,” Baz said, cutting him off.

As he walked out of the room Simon put a hand out to stop him. For a moment Simon’s warm hand gripped Baz’s arm. The sensation felt pleasant, the first touch from a human that Baz had received in a very long time. But it was a touch out of guilt and pity; that knowledge made Baz recoil against it, ripping his arm out of Simon’s grip.

“Try to remember that you are not a common guest here,” Baz hissed, “You are my prisoner. It is in your best interest to realize your place here.”

He saw Simon’s expression flatten, watched all the emotion in his face die off. Baz had thought pity was the worst thing to see in Simon’s eyes. He had been wrong. Before he could make the situation worse, he stormed out of the dining room.

It was stupid of him to think anything could happen between them. Simon was a warm and attractive man, full of honor and loyal to his responsibilities. Even if Baz weren’t a monster, even if he could reveal himself as the prince he had once been, it wouldn’t matter. Baz was the man who had taken away Simon’s freedom, who’d forced him to carry out a sentence for a crime that his father had committed. No matter the circumstance, Baz would always be the person who took everything away from Simon. A couple of good conversations and some supportive furniture couldn’t change any of that. 

He walked over to the rose and touched the glass longingly. This was the first time he’d ever truly wanted to break the spell, the first time he felt there might be something worth fighting for. But somehow, he felt further away from breaking the spell than he ever had before.

As he walked away for bed, another rose petal fell.  

King of the Mountain

I am so proud to be owned by the man who gave me my collar. You’ve heard a few things about him these last couple months. I’ve written with love and praise of his virtues. But I have yet to tell, properly, the story of how we conquered a mountain together.

There were many highlights to having Master with me here in January, so many wonderful moments - even just the small act of cuddling up together an unforgettable memory to treasure. But the real centerpiece of the visit, the thing that will forever define those days, was the story of how we tackled the challenging and breathtaking Tongariro Crossing. This is that story.

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Ok, obviously alternative reality but if Severus and Lily did get together during the First War, would they have joined up with the Order or would they have had to focus more on post-secondary schooling and careers seeing as neither had Potter money to just focus on the Order? Could they have done part-time Order stuff at the most?

If the Evanses approved of the relationship, I could see them being in the financial position to support their daughter - perhaps paying a deposit or some rent on a property, maybe helping them to acquire some furniture.  That financial support would prevent Severus and Lily from leaping into any job, permitting both Severus and Lily to further their education - perhaps taking on apprenticeships or lower paid internships in areas that really interested them, knowing that the future payoff would be worth it.

Despite that, whilst I could imagine Lily being keen to join the Order in her free time, I can see Severus retaining that thrum of working class pride and feeling somewhat ashamed that they’re being propped up by her parents - as if he’s not good enough to do it himself.  He doesn’t want be seen by her parents as a freeloader, or a slacker - so he works as a barman of an evening, trying desperately to contribute to the household finances, even though it means working every hour for a meagre return that results in his efforts being largely symbolic.

But Lily has no such qualms - what else are parents for?  She prioritises doing the right thing and joins the Order.  She has no regrets; she’s not disappointed in her choice, but she is extremely disappointed once it becomes apparent that they wouldn’t have welcomed Severus with open arms anyway - definitely not Black, and certainly not Potter.

Besides, they’re sort of right.  Each night when Severus and Lily sit and eat after work, Lily raises the topic.  Severus listens, awkwardly shovelling pasta into his mouth and keeping an eye on the clock - his shift at the Three Broomsticks starts in half an hour.  He tries not to discuss politics with Lily; it always ends up in a fight.  He knows from past experience that there’s no easy way for him to say that he thinks some of Dumbledore’s position is right, and some of Voldemort’s position is right - so he just keeps quiet.

Lily’s not stupid.  Lily knows that his political stance isn’t the real reason for his silence.  She knows that deep down Severus suspects that Voldemort isn’t the reasonable politician he’s pretending to be.  The problem is that the people following Dumbledore’s cause are Severus’ sworn enemies, and those following Voldemort’s cause used to be his friends.  She swirls her fork around in the tomato sauce, spearing a piece of overcooked farfalle as she stares at her boyfriend.

“I don’t like the bows,” he grumbles, pushing his plate away.  “I much prefer the twists.”

It’s been a wet and windy evening, and it’s no surprise when Rosmerta calls time early at just half ten - they’ve been practically empty for the past two hours.  Severus quickly sweeps the floor, and washes down the bar.  He collects his weekly pay, and with one last look at the clock, he shrugs on his dark cloak.  

He hastily flits across town, and with his lungs burning and his heart hammering, he slinks into the back of the Hog’s Head and settles himself at a table in the shadows with a minimum of fuss.  Within ten minutes he’s sold all but four of his darkest potions, and his pocket jangles with his reward.  Tomorrow, he can take his gains to the Apothecary and replenish his rare ingredients.  Speculate to accumulate, as Lucius once said to him.  Given time, he’ll soon be solvent - and he’ll be the one supporting his girlfriend; not her parents.

Just then, he feels a large hand on the scruff of his neck and another clamped firm over his mouth.  Severus kicks and bites and flails for all he’s worth, but he’s scrawny and lean, and the taller, bigger, stronger man is unrelenting.  He’s dragged upstairs in full view of the other patrons, who all pretend not to have noticed.  Not only is this sort of behaviour standard for the Hog’s, the regulars all know that it really doesn’t do to upset the landlord.

Severus is unceremoniously dumped into a room, and the door slams shut.  He darts to his feet, shaking out his twisted robes, and turning the air blue with his language.

“Ah, I’m pleased you could find time to join us, Mr Snape,” Albus said, pleasantly.  “Please, do sit down.”

“Join you?  Join you!” Snape spluttered.  “As if I had a choice!  I was dragged from my seat and-”

“Do accept my apologies.”  Albus indicated that the younger man should sit.  “Now, I have a proposition for you.”

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Sickfic prompt: No Rest for the Wicked [Loki]

There had been a time, in his youth, when Loki had been prone to sickness. One illness seemed to follow on another, especially during the summer months, leaving him shivering and sweating with fever while his agemates cavorted outside. 

(Loki supposed that made sense now, why winter should be the season for others’ to fall ill, while invariably his worst fevers were in high summer.) 

But that was in the past. It had been many years since Loki had been that sickly child, and he had grown stronger, better able to hold off illness. 

He blamed Midgard for ruining his streak. 

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JuminZen Week Day 4 - 5 : Alternate Universe - Hurt

Let’s pretend I posted this yesterday. Lololol.

[Part I]

Wolf pack AU sidestory 2: Enduring bonds

“Jumin, I’m tired of you endlessly rejecting our bond and then letting me drink from you. Why can’t we just complete the bonding process?“ Zen asked as he watched Jumin knot his tie in front of the mirror.

“I’ve said this many times before, Zen, and I’ll tell you again : the only reason I started the bond was —-“

“…. because it was necessary to save my life when I stupidly ingested that blood without testing for poison. Yes, Jumin, I understand. But don’t you feel the mate pull? Aren’t you attracted to me? Or… is it because you still haven’t gotten over… “

“You’ve gotten your fill of blood for today, Zen. Go back to your coven,“ Jumin cuts off Zen from continuing his sentence, his expression cold as he turned to him.

“Hmph, fine. If that’s how you want it. You’ve always been so stubborn and objective. See you tomorrow… young master,“ Zen says before leaving, stressing the old nickname as he closed the door.

It was the alpha’s role to protect and keep his pack’s best interest in mind, so wasn’t being objective a good thing? And Zen was stubborn as well; he had no place to call him out on it!

The only time Jumin’s stubbornness and objectivity didn’t work out was when he couldn’t keep his best friend from following his mate. It had been one of his regrets, as V and Saeran still hadn’t come back from their search for Rika.

It was rather late when Seven came into the main house, soaked to the bone, while carrying an unconscious woman.

Jumin follows Seven to the infirmary, helping him lay the woman down on one of the stretchers. He then calls for Jaehee who was on the nearby sleeping bay for help.

“I was on patrol when I found her, alpha. Please, we need to help her while there’s still time!“

“Alpha, you must take note that she’s merely human; attacks like these aren’t uncommon and are better left alone. Besides… if the council gets wind of this again…“

“Jaehee, I understand your predicament, but as the Alpha, I believe I decide what I think would be best in emergencies like these. Now, Luciel, why is it so important to save this woman?“

“She’s… she’s my mate.“

Jumin looks over the horizon as he waited for dawn to come.

Converting a human to a shifter wasn’t exactly impossible, but it was hard work, and the survival ratio was low. The initial change would cause the human body to convulse, and the following changes inside of them during the process would usually cause most converts to die. However, Seven’s mate was able to push through, even with all the violent thrashing at first.

He heard soft footsteps approaching him from behind, but he wasn’t alarmed; the only person he knew who smelled like bergamot and sandalwood was Zen —- there was no mistaking it.

“You look like hell swallowed you and spat you back up, young master.“

“How many times will I have to tell you to stop calling me that? I have a name, Zen. It’s Jumin Han.“

“I know, but it’s my special nickname for you. Kidding aside, I just heard from Seven about what happened earlier. Are you okay?“ Zen joins him on the patio, looking at the mountains as the first rays of sunlight started to show between them. He was a 250 year-old, living vampire, and so sunlight had little to no effect on him.

“You already described how I looked to you. That woman put up quite a fight earlier, but yes, I’m fine, considering.“


“Considering that I have to feed you.“

“…. Yes, yes, of course,“ A twinge of guilt pulls at the back of Zen’s mind. He was one of the old vampires; he didn’t really need to feed everyday, but he used it as an excuse to see his beloved daily. He had a suspicion that the alpha knew of this as well, but he feared that if he confirmed it, Jumin would limit the times that he allowed him to get close.

“Very well then, let’s get it started with so I can rest,“ Jumin goes inside, removing his pyjama shirt as he approaches the bed, revealing lean, muscular arms, and an equally muscular back full of scars from all the alpha challenges that he had faced.

Zen watched as Jumin sat on the furniture, his back supported by the headboard, and his legs laid flat on the bed. He followed the pack leader without any invitation,  automatically straddling his legs and looping his arms around the other man’s neck.

“Do we really have to assume this position every time you have to feed from me?“

“We do, since you keep on falling over whenever I drink from you while sitting on a chair. And, it’s easier to feed this way.“

“Then you better start,“ Jumin exposes his throat to the handsome vampire, something an alpha like him would never do unless it were a mate or a more dominant alpha.

Aside from the monthly pack runs, his wolf had always looked forward to the times whenever it’s mate would arrive, urging him to take the other man and complete the mating bond. It would whine at the back of his mind whenever he refused to act on his instincts, like he always had for the past fifty years. But it understood that Jumin had to do so because of his status, and would sadly watch as it parted with it’s mate daily.

Jumin closes his eyes as the familiar sting of Zen’s fangs pierces his neck, trying to clear his thoughts, afraid that the feelings that he held for the other man that had developed and been repressed over time would be revealed through his blood.

50 years ago…

“Is there nothing you can do to help him?“ Haejung, Zen’s second-in-command asked, desperation written on his face.

“I’ve been doing every trick in the book that I know of, but I can only

keep the poison from killing him right away… unless… unless we find his mate and have him drink from them, then that’s all I can help you with,“ Jaehee responded, distress clearly etched on her face.

Jumin and V observed from the sidelines as Zen’s coven mates continued to plead with Jaehee even after she explained to them that she could only help their coven master to an extent.

It had been a couple of hours since Zen’s subordinates had brought him to the pack house, after he allegedly drank bottled blood, not knowing that it was zombie blood.

Zen was in such a weakened state, and even after Jaehee tried to flush most of the poison out of his body, Jumin doubted he’d last a week unless he intervened.

“Why did he stupidly drink that bottled blood without testing for poison anyway?“ Jumin had been so annoyed with the situation, that he hadn’t noticed that he had been thinking aloud.

The conversation stopped, and all eyes were on him. Suddenly being the focus of attention, Jumin loosened his necktie for a bit and nervously fiddled with his sleeve cuffs. Should he just tell them?

“What I meant was… I may… have a way to help your master“

“Alpha, unless you know where his mate is…“

“I AM his mate, Jaehee,“ Jumin declared, removing his tie and partially unbuttoning his shirt as he approached Zen.

V reached out to touch his shoulder, and Jumin turned to look at him.

“Jumin, by doing this, you do understand that it would start the mate bond, right?“

“Weren’t you listening to Jaehee earlier, Jihyun? The only way to save Zen is by having him drink from me,“ Jumin sat beside Zen and helped him sit up and face him. V looked like he wanted to say something else, but probably decided it best to stay silent.

“Jumin, you don’t have to do this…“ Zen tried to weakly push the alpha away from him to no avail. He didn’t want to appear weak in front of Jumin, but his body wasn’t having any of it.

“You fool, you’ve just been promoted as coven master, you can’t just up and leave them,“ pulling the other man close to him, he tilts his neck just enough for Zen to bite, but not enough to show submission. “Now, drink.“

“I didn’t want to start our bond like this, you know,“ Zen uttered, before he sank his fangs just above the junction between his neck and shoulder. This causes Jumin’s fangs to descend as well, and he instinctively bites back.

Memories of each other fill both men’s minds, the last memory being the kiss they shared prior to Zen leaving the pack to join the local coven, before something inside of them clicks in place.



Please don’t leave me the same as my father and Jihyun did, Zen.

Zen retracts his fangs and absently licks the wound, sealing it shut. He hadn’t realized that he had been crying until he noticed that Jumin’s hair near the area that he bit had been damp.

It had been the first time that he had seen that particular memory in Jumin’s perspective. Whenever he fed from him, Jumin had his shields up, and he was either shown mundane scenes from his childhood, or the times he spent with V and the others.

Converting Seven’s mate must’ve made a pretty strong impression on him to shake those memories loose, Zen thought as he covered the sleeping alpha with a blanket.

Gone was the serious, and guarded mask that he always wore during the day, and was replaced by a relaxed and carefree expression, accompanied by light snores, and his mouth slightly hanging open.

Brushing away some hair from Jumin’s face, Zen pressed some light kisses on his forehead and lips, smiling sadly as he finally understood why his beloved refused to complete their bond — he was afraid that Zen would leave him, afraid that he would be alone again.

“I’ll never leave you, Jumin. And I hope you realize that one day…  beloved,“ Zen whispered into the silent room before he left, unaware that his mate had awoken a while ago but had been feinting sleep.

Jumin opens his eyes not long after, covering his face with crossed arms, trying to suppress the tears that had been threatening to escape since earlier.

“Don’t make promises that you won’t be able to keep, Zen.“

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I hope you choose this: my husbands (Rainbow captain Ryouta Shin-chan Daiki Tatsuya) and your husband (Sei-chan) when their baby boy/girl learns to walk, you could include the mothers too or just the guys. Thank you Y(^-^)Y

Nijimura Shuzou: Nijimura looks on proudly as you release your grip on your daughter’s tiny hands and watch her take her first unassisted step. He moves to the opposite side of the room, where he sits down cross-legged and holds out his arms, palm-up, beckoning to his child and encouraging her to walk to him. 

“Come here, ____.” He can’t help but chuckle when she stumbles in her haste to get to him. “You can do it!”

Kise Ryouta: “Ryouta,” You chide your partner for the fifth time, amused. “It totally defeats the purpose of learning to walk if you’re basically carrying him like that.” 
“But ____-cchi,” He argues, “What if I’m not supporting him enough and he falls over?” Kise’s grip on his child’s waist relaxes, but only by a little. 

You watch through your camera lens - filming this precious moment - as Kise gingerly supports your child with an arm around his small waist as he learns to walk. 

“He’s a natural in front of the camera.” Kise comments happily, after watching the video you had filmed. “He’ll grow up to be a great model.”
You can’t help but roll your eyes. “Please don’t decide our child’s future for him before he can even walk, Ryouta.”

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima’s wrapping his fingers with tape - a habit he has continued despite not even playing basketball as regularly anymore - when you walk into the room with your daughter’s hand in yours, slowly pacing yourself as your support her with her first small steps. He looks up from his desk, and his lips immediately spread into a proud smile at the scene before him.

“Oh? She’s already learning to walk?” Rising up, he strides across the room and bends down, fondly placing a hand on his child’s head. “As expected of my daughter.”

Aomine Daiki: It’s very unusual for Aomine to get excited over something he considers as boring as learning to walk, but at that very moment, even he can’t deny how adorable his baby boy is as he takes his first, uneven steps. 

“What’s this, Daiki?” You ask slyly, when you catch him staring with an uncharacteristically soft smile on his face. “What happened to ‘who cares about something like that’? You sure changed your mind quick.” 

“Tch.” He glances away quickly, having the decency to act the slightest bit embarrassed at being caught red-handed. He immediately composes himself however, and directs his gaze to where you’re playing with your son, leaning forward in his chair and resting his cheek against his fist. “It’s not my fault he’s so cute. He’s got too much of my genes.” 

Chuckling, Aomine manages to swiftly duck and dodge the piece of lego you’ve pegged at him just in time. 

Himuro Tatsuya: Upon seeing his child walk, the first thing Himuro does is gather him up in his arms and spin him around in an affectionate hug. When he’s finally gotten over the initial excitement, he’ll set him down and simply watch in awe as he takes one or two steps, before falling, and then climbing back up on two feet again.

Following his baby around as he cruises the living room, he makes sure to take pictures of how he leans on various pieces of furniture for support to show you when you arrive home. 

Akashi Seijurou: Having always wanted a family - aside from his own marriage - there is probably no milestone that holds as much thrill and excitement for Akashi as watching his daughter’s first steps. You’ll find that he spends most of his free time out of the office studying her movements, gently encouraging her on when she falls and temporarily reverts back to crawling. 

He sometimes uses one hand to support her to help her cross small gaps between safe handholds in the house, and almost seems proud when she willingly walks from couch to table to Akashi’s pant leg. You often find yourself distracted from whatever you’re doing because you don’t want to miss a single second of Akashi interacting with his daughter. 

A Chase For Glasses [Hoshi]

Summary: Hoshi steals your glasses, and you end up hurting yourself while chasing after him

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1k

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I lazily yawned, still sleepy after my nap. I rubbed my eyes a few times, and sat up on the bed. I stayed still in that position for a while, waiting for myself to fully wake up from my slumber. After stretching and making some inhuman noises, I reached out for my glasses on the bedside table.

I blinked a few times when I couldn’t find the pair of black glasses that usually are on the cabinet. Frantically swiping around the wooden surface in hopes to find them, I breathed out frustratedly when I couldn’t find them anywhere.

I couldn’t see well when I wasn’t wear my glasses. And when I say I can’t see well, I mean I am actually close to blind.

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capitalism is violence and i hate the concept but also i wish i was a billionaire so that i could buy my gf and me a nice house, like, $285k-$450k and some pretty mid century modern furniture and support us so we can both pursue art and then give all the rest of my money to the mcelroys bc i trust them to use it for Good

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What kind of drunks are the Karasuno boys, Oikawa, and Kuroo? (funny, emotional, angry, etc)

(Of course, we’re assuming they are all at legal drinking age when this happens.)

Sawamura would be a chatty drunk. He’d talk without interruption, telling stories of the “good old times”, and engaging others in conversations, which often wouldn’t just border on, but be rather embarrassing – especially for himself when he would wake up the next day and remember just what he had been talking about.

Sugawara would get very cuddly. Mere hugs wouldn’t be enough for him, so he’d give long, lingering embraces, put his head on people’s shoulders (preferably that of his significant other) and just generally seem kind of needy. He’d be all smiles and content as long as he could cling to someone’s arm.

would be a happy drunk. His sometimes intimidating aura would vanish completely, and he’d also show no hint of shyness whatsoever, but instead animatedly talk to others. Everything he’d be told would the greatest thing he’s ever heard, every person he chatted with would be the best friend he’s ever had, and there would be a lot of smiling and laughing in his presence.

would be quite the philosophical drunk. He’d try to engage other people in deep conversations about life, the universe, classic literature and whatever would occupy his mind in this state. He would also enthusiastically give advice – whether his discussion partner wanted and needed it or not.

Tanaka would be a very emotional drunk. Even the most trivial things would turn him either into a sobbing mess, or evoke laughing fits lasting for several minutes. There would be no in between.

Nishinoya would go through two phases: first, he’d be extremely hyper, run - or rather, stumble - around, laugh and talk in a loud voice, be fidgety, and constantly switch sitting positions. But it would only be a matter of time until phase two would begin. You might look away for a minute and when you turned back towards him, you would find him curled up in a corner, sound asleep.

would be a sleepy drunk. Consuming any kind of alcohol would make him drowsy. In the matter of minutes, his eyes would become fiery red and glassy, while he would struggle to keep them open – after all, he wouldn’t want to miss out. However, it wouldn’t take long and he’d doze off, sometimes in the middle of a conversation.

would be one of those drunks, who smile silently to themselves while being completely content in the company of their own thoughts. Every now and then, he’d let out a little snicker and look around, before going back to being lost in his own deep musings, pondering over the meaning of life, or why the pretzels must be that far away from where he’s sitting.

Similar to Tanaka, Yamaguchi would be a rather emotional drunk. However, with him, it wouldn’t be so much up one minute – down the next, but he would be in a constant gloomy mood. He would get all worked up over every little thing and see every little mishap as a devastating matter. He accidentally knocked over a glass? Everyone must hate him now! No matter how many people would try to convince him it was no big deal, he wouldn’t believe a single one of them.

Tsukishima would be an angry drunk. He’d get irritated easily, people throwing him a glance might be enough to tick him off. He would definitely be one to pick fights, yet he wouldn’t look particularly intimidating grabbing onto furniture around him to support his swaying body – especially not when he was yelling at the couch that had so on purpose bumped into him.

Oikawa would be a very affectionate drunk. There’d be extensive hugging and he’d get into peoples’ personal space a lot. He would constantly tell everyone how much he loves and cherishes them and how happy he is he met them – even if it was only five minutes ago.

Kuroo would get rather daring when drunk. Since he would feel invincible, he’d be prone to stupid bets, and challenge others to arm wrestling contests and the likes. Basically, he’d be really reckless and adventurous. Sometimes he would disappear for a whole night and turn up again the next morning with a mysterious smile playing on his features.

~ Bekki



AN: This particular imagine is based off of the relationship in ‘Angels and Demons.’ You’ll be able to keep up even if you haven’t read the series, but I’ll leave the links for those who’d like to check it out :)


‘Angels and Demons’ (Cas x Reader)

‘Home’ (sequel to ‘Angels and Demons’)

‘Silver Lining’ (final installment of the ‘Angels and Demons’ series)


Part 1 - Imagine finding Castiel while he’s under Rowena’s curse.


Using the nail of your index finger to scrape at the chipped varnish of your wooden chair, you stared blankly at the floor, memories of the previous night burning through your mind similar to that of a Californian wildfire.

“Help me.”

You had heard those two words on countless occasions during the span of your life, and yet, they had never quite resonated with you in a way such as this.


Never like this.

Those words had never before left you feeling so weak.



Escaping from your dazed reverie at the subtle sound of metal shackles banging against wood, you lifted your head, peering through your thick eyelashes.

At the head of the opposite table sat a sullen Castiel, his wrists chained by a pair of shiny silver handcuffs, and his broad shoulders securely concealed by a slate colored woolen blanket. With tired blue eyes, he stared directly at you, his skin pale, and his massive onyx wings broken beyond recognition.

“Are you okay?” you questioned, a dry ache radiating down the back of your throat.

“No.” the cursed angel responded with complete honesty, his voice raspy and filled with disdain. Slouching in his chair, the heavy metal cuffs tightened, leaving distinctive red marks against the boniest part of his wrists. “No. I am not okay.”

Sighing at the admission, you planted your feet firmly on the ground and gripped the table with your hands, quickly hoisting yourself into a standing position. With caution, you circled around the room, coming to a halt when you reached Cas. Pressing your left hip into the table, you allowed the piece of furniture to support the majority of your weight, trying your best to ignore the twisting feeling of despair currently staking claim within your gut.

“What can I do?” you inquired in a near whisper, slowly coming to place your hand on the angel’s forearm. Steely blue eyes finding their way to look up at your face, Castiel shifted his position, thus causing the blanket to unravel from its rightful place around his shoulders. “How can I help?”

“I don’t believe that you can, [Y/N].” After brushing his knuckles against the chain tethering him to his spot, he allowed his fingernails to dig into the palms of his hands. Biting the inside of your cheek to keep your emotions in check, you gave the angel’s arm a comforting squeeze. “Truthfully, I am not even sure that the Winchesters will be able to help. I could very possibly be a lost cause.”

“Don’t say that, Cas.”

Gritting his teeth, he yanked at his metal constraints, his agitation clearly coming to a head. Startled by the enraged outburst, you released the angel’s arm, stumbling over your feet as you took a few steps backward.

Don’t…” Inhaling deeply, Castiel bowed his head in shame, his charcoal colored wings folding inward. “I apologize, [Y/N]. I never intended to frighten you.” he murmured, his chair creaking when he made to push his elbows against the wooden armrests. “It’s…”

“…the curse.” you finished with a small, understanding smile. “It’s okay, Cas. It was only a reflex. I know you would never hurt me.” Moving forward, you reached for the blanket now slumping around his waist, before replacing the warm fabric around his shoulders. Tilting his head upward, Castiel watched your actions closely, his eyes becoming watery, and his nostrils flaring with each breath. “Can I…?” you asked, gesturing towards the space between his muscular arms.

With a nod of approval, the wounded angel slowly straightened his posture, widening the gap between his elbows. Placing a foot between his legs and a steadying hand on his bicep, you bounced up, carefully swinging your legs so that you could slide into his embrace, finally coming to rest upon his lap.

“This is incredibly reckless, [Y/N].” Castiel stated, the soft feathers of his wings tickling at your t-shirt covered ribcage.

I know that you would never hurt me.” you repeated with affirmation, resting your head in the crook of Cas’ neck. Dancing your fingertips down his forearm, over his shackled wrist, and onto the back of his hand, you lovingly traced his knuckles. “And I don’t care what you think, Cas.” Tendons flexing at your touch, the angel allowed his entire body to relax, any residual frustration seeming to dissipate. “You are not beyond being saved.”


Kodachrome by Douglas Scott.

From “High Adventure in the Himalayas,” National Geographic, August, 1952.

Meola Glacier Tumbles down the Panch Chuli Range in a Welter of Riven Ice

Isolated from the fellows, shepherds live in these stone huts 12,000 feet up in the Himalayas. Fireplace fixtures and a few rugs are their only furniture. Green pastures support cattle and goats.

For the meme “Send me a pairing and a prompt”

Sleep: I’ll write a drabble about one character watching the other sleep (fucking long again because they are indeed 6) Hope you like it panna-acida.

His red eyes opened in the middle of night, showing him nothing but the thick cover of darkness. He stretched over and yawned silently. The warm weight of two people leaning over him, made him remember where he was and what was he doing before falling asleep. It was a movie marathon planned out of the blue by Aomine and followed by every single member of the Generation of Miracles. If he remembered well the face of the tanned boy was of total discomfort and even hatred toward the ones that tagged alone without being invited. He thought it was better if they were all together, but at the same time he knew that a movie reunion at his place with all those members would be pretty difficult to control.

For what he could see with his red eyes half adapted to darkness, they had all fell asleep after him on the exact places where they sat to watch the movie. He was on the couch, resting his back over Kise’s shoulder, his right leg over the furniture functioning as support for a sleeping Kuroko. He smiled softly, moving Kuroko just enough so he wouldn’t fall before getting up, too thirsty to resist the desire of some milk.

He stood up, and rounded the enormous obstacle that Murasakibara was, for he was sleeping on the floor between the couch and the coffee table, his long arms extended over as if he were trying to monopolize every free space around. Once he could pass him the rest was fundamentally easy. He just got to the kitchen and served a glass of milk without turning on the lights, after all, doing that would only wake the other boys.

He finished his glass of milk and washed it before going to his room. The wide comfortable bed was ready to let him sink on it, calling him seductively… On that lonely room.

With a faint grin he took all the covers from the bed and the extra ones he had saved on the closet, along with some pillows, balancing on his arms the wide load he was taking back to the living room.

In silence and in darkness, he sorted out the covers and the pillows right beside the sleeping basketball geniuses.

For Midorima that was sleeping stoically on a chair, letting his lucky item (a stuffed frog) he took out his glasses and put back the frog on his arms, putting him two covers as his skin was freezing cold. A kiss on the cheek when he frowned in his sleep.

For Akashi that had feel asleep in a very uncomfortable position on the other chair, legs crossed and head falling to a side, he put a pillow on his side to help him keep his head straight and uncrossed his legs, thinking that they could go numb if he kept them that way, and put two covers over him. A kiss on his cheek too, hoping that he would not wake even thought his face looked like he would soon open his eyes.

Right beside the emperor, Aomine was sleeping on the ground on a strange position, leaning on the chair of Akashi but almost falling to the ground, his legs fighting for space with Murasakibara’s arms, all crumbled and twisted. Kagami laughed as soft as he could, trying to not awake them, before taking him off the chair, letting him rest his back on the ground and his head on a pillow. Then he fixed as he could his legs, taking Murasakibara’s arms to a side for that, before finally putting him his share of covers. When he complained with some insults in his dreams, Kagami gave him a kiss on his forehead, making him silent again.

Murasakibara mumbled something and moved his arms, extending them over the table as his face rested on the cold surface. He was just like a child, and unable to resist it, Kagami kissed his hair, lifting his head just enough to put a pillow below him. Once he felt the soft pillow under his face, Murasakibara smiled and wrapped both his arms around it. He really was a big child. So big that two covers weren’t enough for him, needing four covers to wrap his body.

He only got two covers left and two pillows. He looked back at the couch, were the space he occupied before was still there for him. First he looked at Kise, his right elbow on the arm of the couch and his hand supporting his chin. It was amazing that he could maintain the balance in his sleep. After thinking for a moment, the red haired took the arm away from his face, supporting the model with his body, while he accommodated the two pillows over the arm of the couch in such a way Kise could rest over them without fearing to fall. His hair was really soft, and even with the little trail of drool on his chin, Kise looked really attractive, just as expected for a model. Kagami kissed his ear softly before sitting on the couch, he had run out of pillows, so he just rested against the blond like he was doing before getting up.

Then he pulled Kuroko, softly so he wouldn’t wake up, and laid him over his own chest. He was in the middle of a really deep sleep, so it was easy to move him around, and unlike Murasakibara or Aomine, he did not moved around. He was really quite in his sleep, just like in his daily actions. Kagami chuckled to that realization, giving him a fast kiss on the forehead, then he put the two covers that rested over the three of them and returned to sleep.

Since he had got more than a year ago to that apartment he thought it was too big for him. The ridiculous amount of space only made him feel lonelier back then. But now that all those empty spaces were filled out with people he deeply cared about, he found a new way of happiness in owning that apartment. It was because of that enormous place he owned, that he could let them come and spend the night, making dinner for them, playing with them… Spending all the time he wanted with them. He was fortunate to have them. Each and every one of them. And even if he wouldn’t admit it out loud yet, he loved them all with all his heart to a point in which there was no going back. And that was part of his happiness as well.

Faerie is in the pantry/laundry room, trying to load the dryer. She can’t bend very well, and while trying to crouch down, finds herself getting incredibly dizzy. And not just, ooh rode the tilt o whirl dizzy, but might actually faint dizzy. Stubbornly, she continues loading damp laundry, not wanting to wait for Aether to do it.
A bad idea. As soon as she’s done, the waves of vertigo become more persistent. She needs to get to the couch, lie down. But the usually short walk from pantry to living room seems to take forever, as she goes from table to chair, using the furniture to support herself. She thinks of when she used to get wasted, and the walk back to wherever she was squatting felt just like this.
She’s not going to make it. Everything starts to slide out from under her.

  • ok so even though tae is an actual child himself i think he would be the absolute cuTEST father to your kid(s)
  • tae is the type of father to do absolutely anything and everything in his power to make his baby smile
  • like he’d smack himself in the face if it made his baby’s cheeks get all chubby and smiley
  • but your baby just so happens to like it when tae hides his face with his hands and then opens them to reveal him doing a funny face
  • and your kid can’t get enough of tae’s funny faces
  • like the baby is mesmerized and you kind of are too tbh like you kind of get distracted by watching tae being all cute and bubbly with your baby
  • “where’s daddy????” 
  • “here he is!”
  • and giggling would ensue
  • (both tae’s and the baby’s)
  • mainly tae’s
  • tae is also so super affectionate like i can see you coming home from work to find tae sitting in the baby’s play pen with him/her just stroking his/her’s back while they sleep and even though you kind of want to tell tae that he’s a grown adult and the play pen can’t support his weight you just kind of shrug it off and watch the way tae’s movements are so gentle and careful like he’s touching a piece of art he shouldn’t be touching
  • and your heart gets all fluttery as you watch tae’s complete concentration on your child and you realize that you picked the best husband/partner/baby daddy
  • and when tae would notice you watching the two of them he’d smile widely and get all embarrassed because he’s well aware of the fact that the baby’s furniture can’t support him
  • so he kissed your baby’s forehead ever so lightly and closes his eyes slightly to savor the moment before he carefully exits the area
  • and you walk over to tae and he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your jaw lightly while he whispers in your ear
  • “we made that little slice of heaven”
  • “we did didn’t we”
  • “our baby is the cutest baby in the entire universe”
  • “yeah they are”
  • and he’d then kiss your lips gently and you’d both sit silently and watch the baby sleep 
  • speaking of sleep neither of you would get much because aside from being the cutest baby in the universe your baby is also the baby who never sleeps
  • so when it’s four fifteen in the morning and your baby is wailing from their room tae quickly climbs out of bed and soothes the infant back to sleep so you don’t have to get up because “you carried the baby for nine months so the least he can do is take care of them when they cry at night”
  • ok but he’d be really sweet putting your baby back to sleep
  • he always sings his favorite songs softly to the baby and you know this because you can hear him on the baby monitor but you don’t let him know that you can hear him
  • except for that one time he was doing his own god awful rendition of a drake song and you had to get up and tell him to stop because how dare he expose your baby to his poor rapping skills like damn just leave that to uncle yoongi 
  • “my rapping isn’t that bad” he’d protest
  • and you’d point to the still crying baby as your proof that it in fact was that bad
  • and he’d smirk and you’d leave the room so he could sing to your baby
  • feeding time
  • when your baby’s old enough to eat baby food taehyung would be the type to make all types of airplane and train noises like literally any moving vehicle he’d make a noise for
  • “here comes the bicycle!’
  • “tae bicycles don’t make noise”
  • “this one does”
  • and he’d swirl the spoon around in the air before finally putting it in your baby’s mouth and the baby would giggle and tae would smile his adorable little smile and uGFh my heart hurts
  • goodBYe
  • sorry
  • peace, love and baby daddy tae
More Things I Need From Dragon Age Inquisition

Alastair. I literally do not care how.

Varric and Sera having archery contests in their downtime. They both cheat shamelessly.

Iron Bull constantly breaking furniture because it can’t support him- he’s not embarrassed, but eventually Josephine arranges for Qunari-made furnishings to be delivered for his suite, and he gives her a massive hug that crushes her ribs.

The option to constantly pester Cullen. We’ve all seen how awkward he can get (*cough*Brothels*cough*) so just everyone constantly trying to make him blush, and scoring points based on Colour, Duration, and Luminescence. Varric judges.

I WANT TO INVADE WEISSHAPUT FORTRESS. I don’t want much, just some siege engines, a rain of fire, maybe some griffons… I’m a simple girl with simple needs.

A Fenris/Dorian showdown. Fenris ready to strike, with Dorian frantically trying to explain that he’s not a magister anymore, he’s trying to change them all, he was never like that, he’s not… And Fenris icy calm, the only thing stopping him attacking is that Dorian hasn’t attacked him, even though he easily could.


Alternatively, because I’m a sucker for happier things, Fenris recognizing him and remembering him as one of the few magisters who was kind to him. Not obviously, because that would have made things worse, but when Dorian admired him as he poured drinks for Denarius he didn’t ask to touch.

How often does Vivienne have to change clothes? Every day? Every hour? Every five minutes? They’re walking along a road in the remote Anderfels and then *poof* Vivienne’s pitched her tent because what’s she’s wearing is so terribly thirty seconds ago and she just can’t be seen like this.

Griffins you can ride. I know they’re extinct and I don’t care.

god bless felix dawkins and everything about him tho he’s such a great character okay let me list the ways

  • his very existence proves that you can have a very effeminate, witty gay character and not have him be limited to the perpetuation of the sassy gay friend stereotype
  • because he has a whole complex personality beyond just that aspect of his life
  • positive representation of sex workers
  • positive representation of foster children
  • positive representation of gay people
  • and on top of all the representation you’ve got his actual role on the show as:
  • literally the only person who can keep sarah focused
  • smart as fuck
  • has some of the best lines (“you can’t hide in minimalist furniture!”)
  • huge ally and support to the clone club
  • really great with kids (playing dress up with alison’s children and visiting kira comes to mind)
  • shows that promiscuity does not equal fickleness
  • his eyeliner game is unreal

i mean he has character flaws just like literally any other character but he’s just so great and i’m so happy