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How old are you? One score and seven as of Jan 3

Current job/Dream job? QA/Editor. Dream job is anything that lets me live an independent life

What are you talented at? Writing, cooking, guitar, archery, being able to accurately predict the outcome of wrestling matches

What is your aesthetic? Stained hardwood furniture, bookshelves, leather furniture, decorative baubles, peacoats, brass fittings, gold/yellow/brown colors.

Do you collect anything? Regrets, dumb fandom shit, Digivices, shot glasses. 

Good advice to give? If you never ask, the answer will always be no. 

Recommend three songs:

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Needing only a glance, anyone would have called the Aria Production studio a shabby wreck with its dirtied windows and stained furniture. Murasaki took it all in as she stood at the entrance, too wary to step any further into the room. Her face paled. 

“My, my! Please forgive me for what I’m about to say but… what an absolute scene…! The producer wouldn’t be displeased with me if I proposed we refurbished the studio, will they?“

63. Once a year Gryffindor hosts a big party for all the houses to attend, hosted by the 7th years. In the weeks spent preparing for the big event, the common room is even more chaotic than usual - accidentally-detonated weasley’s wildfire whiz-bangs leave a lingering smell of ash on the furniture; smuggled butterbeer stains the floor; and frightening halloween rejects including life-sized umbridge cutouts stick to the walls.

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Linsey is one of the cutest ladies in Janice’s sorority and is a really fun girl to have at our parties. She had a reputation for wetting herself in high school especially when she was having fun and didn’t like wasting time at the ladies. She knew she was really sexy and a wet ass was just no big deal to her. She even told us her mom suggested going outside if she was going to wet her panties so the furniture wouldn’t get stained which. I actually watched her do that one day.

Now she’s starting to wear Tena pants so that she can just go anytime she wants. This one is already a bit wet from lounging around the sorority on a Saturday afternoon. Some women enjoy having their puss nestled in wetness.

  • doesn’t have a phone
  • has two sets of clothes
  • doesn’t wash his clothes
  • he stinks of strawberry
  • overly obsessed with the colour red to the point that if he sees anything of that colour he will steal it and bring it home
  • hoards a roomful of red junk
  • has a coffin with his dead girlfriend inside, in his room
  • his room is a dump - shattered glass, broken furniture, yellow stained bed sheets and mattress (there’s burnt holes in his mattress as well)
  • his diet consists of animal blood (where he occasionally dumps the remains in Aluins [ @bcbybats ] coffin) and tomato sauce (loves that shit to death; even bought a kitchen full of them with a red credit card that he’s stolen)

Today I cleaned the front room and went to Blackrock and organised my Important Paper Drawer and helped my mom move furniture and stained a dining room table and ate beans with cheese and fitted new storage things in the bedroom and did laundry and smiled as I walked down the street and wore gold lipgloss and built a DVD tower and stared out the window thinking of springtime and flowers and said a word I’d never said before and danced a little bit in the kitchen and drank tea and sat on the floor and cried and traced the cut on my cheek and it’s only ten to three, the day hasn’t even begun yet. I am not yet real, not yet alive.

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My Valentine's party so far has been staining wood furniture, eating a whole chocolate Easter bunny and plucking my monsterous eyebrows. So it's going pretty well, lol! My friend, I have a terrible crush on Keith David's voice and it all started with Goliath from Gargoyles.

Sounds like a textbook Valentines to me anon - ya got the full trifecta: pleasure, pain, and plenty of wood! :-P The Valentine’s party may be over but there is *always* room in the shame shed for you my dear anon! <3

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The William Morris Gallery, opened by Prime Minister Clement Attlee in 1950, is the only public museum devoted to English Arts and Crafts designer and early socialist William Morris. The gallery is located at Walthamstow in Morris’s family home from 1848 to 1856, the former Water House, a substantial Grade II* listed Georgian dwelling of about 1750 which is set in its own extensive grounds (now Lloyd Park). The Gallery underwent major redevelopment and reopened in August 2012; in 2013 it won the national prize for Museum of the Year. The gallery’s collections illustrate Morris’s life, work and influence. They include printed, woven and embroidered fabrics, rugs, carpets, wallpapers, furniture, stained glass and painted tiles. Aficionados of interior design will love seeing a glimpse into the world of William Morris. Ask your concierge at Sofitel London St James for opening times, directions, and any special exhibitions that are happening during your stay.

May 12 - The Games for May concert by Pink Floyd took place on this day in 1967. The show featured the premiere of Floyd’s quadraphonic sound mixer known as the Azimuth Co-ordinator, a pre-show tape of ambient nature sounds prepared by Roger Waters, a man dressed as an admiral handing out flowers, and a bubble machine which resulted in Pink Floyd being banned from performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall again because the bubbles stained the furniture.

Games for May was further immortalized in the lyrics of See Emily Play, which was recorded 11 days after the concert.