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March is the start of Florida’s sea turtle nesting season. 🐢  Female sea turtles leave the ocean to dig nests and lay golf ball-size eggs in the sand. Visiting a Florida beach? Do your part to help sea turtles – leave the beach as natural as possible by removing beach furniture and other obstacles before sunset each day. Photo of Loggerhead hatchlings by Tonya Long, Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Model Sessions (m)

“You’re such a masterpiece… a masterpiece I want to get a taste of.”

Synopsis: Your nude modeling portfolios are due in a few days and, with all your sketches an absolute mess, Namjoon offers to help; though, his idea of aiding your lack of skill is different that what you thought…


Pairing: Namjoon x Reader // artist!au

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 6.7k

Includes: Blowjobs & fingering ,’:^)

A/N: my friend and i had a talk abt her nude modeling portfolio, then with my thirst for joonie, this spiraled out

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Lostcauses Fic: The Commander’s House

Yeah.  Still not over it.  Sorry.  

(Any similarity between Levi Ackerman and Emma Hamilton is entirely coincidental.) 

It doesn’t get any easier.  The pain doesn’t dull.  It’s as sharp and bright as it was four years ago in Shiganshina.  It’s just buried deeper.  Carved into his bones, woven into his sinews, twined around his heart, his lungs. Some days it feels like it’s strangling him, suffocating him from the inside out.  Other days Levi knows it’s the only thing holding him together.

But he keeps on going.  He does his job, leads reconnaissance missions beyond the walls, accompanies the surveyors and cartographers as they map every inch of the island.  Strange to think that all this time they have been on an island, and that out there, across the ocean, is a world vast beyond their comprehension. He wonders what Erwin would have made of it all.

There are settlements outside the walls now; farms and villages, homesteads dotted along the rivers and valleys, straggling along the coast.  But Levi always returns to the walls. To Shiganshina.  

He buys the house.  The one where they laid Erwin to rest.  Repairs it with his own hands.  Hanji had it cleared out, burning every last stick of furniture when they removed the body. His body.  When they took Erwin away.  “We can’t risk spreading disease, Levi.”  He knew that of course, he’s not a fucking idiot. Growing up in the Underground, he saw first hand how quickly disease could spread. But he saves the bottle from beside the bed, washes it carefully, and every time he visits, he fills it with fresh flowers.

People call it The Commander’s House now and the local children whisper that it’s haunted. It is, but only by Levi.  He inhabits the house like a restless spirit.  He doesn’t really live there.  He doesn’t really live anywhere. He just exists.  

Levi moves some of Erwin’s belongings into the house; his books, personal papers, a few clothes.  He claims a worn uniform and weathered cloak, the threadbare shirt with the ink stain on the sleeve, old boots, worn and scuffed by wear.  They hang in the wardrobe in the bright upper room now.  Erwin’s dress uniform, the one with the gold braid and the sleeve pinned back, is in the museum at the cenotaph.  Levi tries not to think about tearing open the buttons of that uniform, tries not to picture it lying in a crumpled heap of gilt and braid on the floor beside the bed, tries not to feel the weight of his Commander, lying hot and heavy on top of him, slick with sweat and consumed with desire.

Levi, fuck…Levi…

Sometimes Levi sits in the room at the top of the house and reads or just listens to the sounds from the street below; children playing, a dog barking, the notes of a blackbird singing somewhere.  But if he closes his eyes he can still smell the blood and the ash and the entrails.  Still feel the titan blood evaporating from his skin.  Still hear the words “teacher…how…find out…don’t exist?” more real than the sounds of laughter filtering in through the window.  That was Levi’s world, not this one.

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Never Again (Elorcan Fic)

HELLO! Sorry I haven’t been writing recently but I was recently inspired to write an angsty Elorcan fic and here it is!

I hope you guys like it! I haven’t written anything in awhile so please forgive me if the writing is a bit all over the place. I’m planning to edit it in the future (haha).

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.


Lorcan trailed behind Elide silently as they traveled, watching her black hair glisten and her soft skin practically shining from the sunlight.

You sound like a love sodden sap, Lorcan.

The thing is, I am.

“You know you don’t have to do that.” Elide muttered, her voice laced with cold.


“The brace. I can walk just fine.”

Lorcan ignored her, bracing her legs the entire way like he did from the start.

It was their fifth day of travel to Perranth, just the two of them as Aelin refused to let Elide travel alone. Terrasen was still in the process of rebuilding so carriages and horses weren’t ready at the time. And Elide needed some time and peace to herself anyways, even with the brooding fae male behind her. It had been years since Elide had the chance to simply walk through the forest without a single worry in her mind. It had been even longer since she set foot on the small kingdom her parents once led.

Elide glanced around the pathway she was walking on within the forest, noticing the area around her becoming more and more familiar.

We must be getting nearer.

In all honesty, Elide knew a faster way to her home - closer to the small kingdom she would finally be able to rebuild and lead. But she didn’t know how to comprehend her feelings for a certain fae male behind her when the time comes for him to leave. It was true that she had forgiven him but her emotions were still all over the place. She wanted to give in, be able to feel what she felt that night in the gave with Lorcan. But she didn’t know whether she could forgive him either for the things he did to her queen and king.

“You have to forgive him, Elide. If I were in his place I would’ve done the same.”

“I can’t just do that, Aelin. Look what he did to you. Look what he did to all of us.”

“Love does a lot of things to people, especially those that haven’t been able to find a real one for centuries of their lives.”

Aelin’s words stuck to Elide. She said love. Love. And she said it with so much confidence as if there was no doubt in her statement. Deep inside her, Elide didn’t want Lorcan to leave. She was afraid to run Perranth alone, to be responsible of so many of her future peers. But did Lorcan really deserve her forgiveness wholly?

Elide took a turn to the left, the sound of rustling leaves the only thing between the her and Lorcan.

“Elide, do you want to take a break?”

“Why? Are you tired?”

“No. I just-“

“Then no. We keep going.”

Lorcan sighed quietly, following behind her while taking in the trees and flora around him. He noticed how she looked exhausted, as if she was about to collapse on the ground and sleep for the longest time. They did not have much sleep last night, Elide determined on walking out the dark as much as possible and waking up the moment the sun showed any small sign over the horizon.

Lorcan had tried his best to be as much as he could for Elide, hoping she would take him back in any ways or form. Whether it be friends, acquaintances, lovers, he didn’t care. He just wanted to be fine with her again, to be able to talk to her about things he would never tell anyone else. Honestly, Lorcan had practically begged for Aelin to let him accompany Elide on this trip - wanting to spend as much time with her as possible before she came to visit Terrasen only every few weeks.

“I wanted to go to Perranth with you.”

He remembered saying those words clearly as any day. He wanted, so desperately wanted, to go to Perranth with Elide. He had never found someone that accepted him so easily with so much trust in her eyes. He had never loved someone so quickly than when he met her.

And you had to go out there and destroy that trust.

Lorcan shook his head, concentrating back at the human girl walking in front of him. Was it even possible to fall in love so quickly? He didn’t know. He just knew that whether she was his mate or not he would always be in love with her.

Elide felt Lorcan’s gaze shifting back and forth onto her back, as if he was in doubt of a thought. Truthfully, Lorcan had been more than considerate the entire trip. She would wake up every morning in their make shift tent with her clothes from the previous day washed. He would also seem to know when her monthly cycle was as strips of cloth was always prepared beside her makeshift bed. Sometimes, she would wake up to a few sweet looking berries wrapped in a piece of cloth. Elide knew this was all of Lorcan’s work but she was still in doubt. What if he just gave up once she’s forgiven him?

She ignored her thoughts and his gazes for now, willing herself to stay headstrong like she did the whole trip. She would decide later whether she wanted Lorcan to stay or whether she forgave him entirely. All she wanted to do now was reach Perranth in hopes that there was something left of her old home that she could live in for the time being.

Lost in her thought, Elide didn’t know that she had stepped foot onto somewhere familiar. Somewhere she had considered her home for the majority of her childhood. Elide glanced up, the first smile growing on her face since the beginning of the trip. She noticed the land around her, the small patch of pink flowers that she use to spend so much time on with Aelin and Aedion as a kid. Beside it was a pathway leading up to a large cabin - one that looked like it hasn’t been used in years.

“Oh my Gods,” Elide whispered, her eyes filling with unshed tears, “That’s-That’s-“

“Elide, are you alright?”

Lorcan rushed up beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist as she swayed to the side. He noticed the wide smile on her face, the tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s my home. That’s where-“

Elide couldn’t finish her sentence as a small sob left her lips. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth, unconsciously leaning further onto Lorcan’s chest. Lorcan stayed quiet, simply holding her tight against him while leaning his chin against the top of her head. He knew he had to leave soon, although he wanted to do just the opposite.

“You want to go look inside? I can help you set up a few things.”

Elide could only nod before realising her position. She pushed away from Lorcan, swaying slightly before regaining her balance. The wide smile was still on her face though. She led the way towards her old home, practically bounding there with her mangled ankle.

Lorcan had never felt pure joy like he did when he was watching her. A smile had grown onto his own face from how happy his Elide was.

His Elide.

I wish.

Lorcan ridded of his thoughts, willing them to go to the back of his mind. He’ll think about these on his way back to Terrasen. He followed Elide silently like he did the whole trip as she pushed the large, wooden door open to her childhood home. Lorcan followed suit, pushing the door the rest of the way as Elide bounded inside the house. He noticed immediately the once homey feeling of the cabin. The fireplace across the wooden table and couch. The kitchen was to the left, an intricately carved marble counter in the centre. On the far right corner, there were stairs that led up to the rest of the cabin.

Elide sprinted as fast as her legs would from one side of the house to the other, pulling off tarps and blowing off the dust from the furniture. She noticed that Lorcan had moved to help her, but she didn’t say anything towards the fae male. It was obvious he would have to leave soon and Elide still hadn’t come to a conclusion about her feelings.

“I’ll help you set up before I-I’ll be on my way.” she heard Lorcan mutter from the back.

Before she could reply, Lorcan had set to work - the sound of moving furniture drowning out everything else.


It took them a full day to prepare everything, shifting the furniture into place and removing all the tarps along with getting rid of the mountains of dust on everything. Lorcan had obviously stayed the night. He was tempted to wake up earlier than Elide, leaving before his emotions got the best of him. But he stayed, only because he wanted to say goodbye to her one last time before seeing her only every few weeks.

Lorcan woke up to the sound of soft footsteps across the wooden floor of the cabin. He didn’t even need to look at her as his powers immediately shifted to bracing her legs. A soft, annoyed groan left her lips but she didn’t say anything about it.

Lorcan pushed himself off the ground brushing off the wrinkles in his clothes before walking over to Elide. They stayed in silence for a moment as Elide inspected the empty cabinets as if there was something that was going to magically pop up after years of no use.

“Elide,” Lorcan broke the silence, “I-I should be on my way.”

Elide halted in her movements.

What do I do? What do I do?

She wanted, wanted so badly, for him to stay but what if he does the exact same things he did last time. Elide mustered up the only words she could think off, trying to prolong his time here while she gathered her thoughts.

“I-I’ll walk you out.”

Lorcan gave a small nod as he made his way to the door. He felt his heart growing heavier every step of the way - as if his body and soul knew he was going to be moving farther and farther away from the woman he fell in love with so many months back.

They both walked side by side to the forest line before the greenery turned into a pathway into the forest and back to Terrasen. Lorcan turned to his side, looking down at Elide hoping that she would change her mind.

“Have a safe trip, Lorcan.”

He felt his heart fall out of his chest right then. He had never felt this way all his life. He was destroyed completely by a human girl and, for once, he didn’t care. He was happy he got the spend the last few days with her, even in silence.

“Thank you, Elide.”

Elide stared at him weirdly, trying to rid of the tears that threatened to fill her eyes.

“What for?”

“For letting me come with you. For letting me see Perranth, even if it was only for a day.”

Elide couldn’t comprehend any words as she watched Lorcan turn and walk down the path that led back to Terrasen.

“Lorcan! Wait!”

Lorcan stilled, unwilling to turn, afraid of what she was going to say. What if he said that she never wanted him to visit during trips? What if she wanted him gone during her visits to Terrasen?

Lorcan stayed silent for a moment before he felt a soft hand touch his shoulder, hands he had grown to love when she was-

“Can you please stay?”

And that’s when he broke. Lorcan had never moved so fast in his life before as he turned, wrapping his arms around Elide and pulling her against his chest. He buried his face in her hair as tears streamed down his cheeks, a small sob leaving his mouth. He felt her small arms wrap around his wide shoulders and her face burying itself into the column of his neck.

“Elide, Elide, Elide, tell me this is not a dream. Tell me this is rea-“

“This is real, Lorcan. Please stay. I want you to stay.”

Lorcan nodded, the only action he could do amongst his sobs. He didn’t care if anyone saw. He didn’t care if anyone called him weak. He was too happy at this moment, too relieved to be feeling anything else. He felt his legs slowly  giving out on him as he lowered to the ground with Elide until he was a sobbing mess beneath her. Elide was sitting on the grass, Lorcan’s face buried in her neck as he cried softly with his arms still wrapped tightly around her. Elide kissed his forehead softly, feeling her own tears spilling out of her eyes.

“Lorcan,” Elide whispered, “Is-Is what Aelin said was true?”

“What did she say?” he asked, composing himself slightly but refusing to leave the position he was in with his face in the crook of her neck and his arms around her waist.

“That-That you,” she paused, “That you love me?”

Lorcan’s breathe halted in his throat before he exhaled.

“I wasn’t going to lie to her, Elide. Never again.” he whispered against her skin before shifting back and cupping her face softly. He gently, so gently, wiped away the tears on her cheeks with the pads of his thumb.

“So what she said was true?”

“Of course it’s true, Elide.”

Elide felt her chest tighten. Her hands moved up in its own accord, cupping Lorcan’s rugged cheeks in her small, delicate hands. No words could express what she felt right now, the joy, the nervous, the happiness-

So she kissed him. For the first time since that night in the cave.

Lorcan’s eyes widened, his whole body stilled once more in shock before he leaned forward and kissed her back with all his pent up feelings he had locked inside his body. He pulled her closer until they were chest to chest, their lips moving desperately, messy as they tried to express their emotions through that one action. Lorcan’s hands had shifted and buried itself into Elide’s hair, cradling her head delicately as he leaned forward, pushing back towards the grass until she was laying down. He set her down so softly Elide felt like she was going to cry once more.

They both pulled away when they were out of breathe, panting like they just ran away from another pack of Ilkens.

“I love you too.”

Lorcan thought he was delusional now.


“I love you too, Lorcan Salvaterre. But if you do anything like what you did to Aelin I will-“

Lorcan pressed his lips once more against hers, his tears dripping down onto her cheeks. He couldn’t even reign in his emotions anymore at this point.

“Never, never again. I swear to you, never again. I love you, Elide Lochan and if you will have me here with you in Perranth, I will honour that for the rest of my life.”

Elide cupped his cheek softly, a smile on her face as she brushed away his tears. She kissed his scarred cheek tenderly, nuzzling it a little.

“Let’s go home.”

And Lorcan wasted no time sweeping her into his arms, kissing her forehead once more before making his way back to home, his real home.

Struggle -5- Suga AU

Originally posted by amayaladon

Struggle -5- Suga AU story

Parts; Masterlist, one, two, three, four, five

Pairing; Suga x Reader

Genre; Angst, Romance, Action, AU, Smut

Word Count; 3.083

Synopsis; Seoul was swarmed with gangs and in order to protect your little brother you made sure you could protect him and yourself but one night you followed your best friend into a club, which led your right into the arms of one of the biggest gangs.

The next few days, you were revalidating, it wasn’t that you spend much time in that room but the fact that they beat you up and didn’t give you anything to keep warm, well it didn’t do anything good for your muscles. Yoongi wasn’t around much because he was taking care of business and one of those businesses was getting revenge on that bastard. Your little brother was around you all the time and the dark circles under his eyes told you that he had been awake from the moment you got abducted.

“Tae Oh, just go to bed, I’m fine, really Noona is fine.” you ruffled his hair as he was cuddling you, it was heartwarming but also sad because he had been really scared that they would’ve killed you but he should’ve known that his sister wasn’t that easy. “Can I sleep here tonight.” you shook your head because if you let him sleep in your bed now, he would never go back to his own bed.

“No, you should go to your own bed, Noona will be here when you wake up.” you gave him a kiss on his cheek and send him off, you quickly got out of bed and walked through this place to find Jin, as he was the doctor, luckily you found him fast enough. “Jin Oppa, can you give Tae OH a sleeping pill?” you asked him after you stopped him and the way he looked at you was not good, you knew there would be some scolding later on, as you were supposed to be on bedrest right now and he had told you specifically that if you didn’t listen he would tie you up.

“I do, why?”

“He hasn’t been sleeping the last couple of days and I’m worried.”

“I see, I will get one. Oh, I really need to have a word.” You sighed deeply as you saw him walking away, this could only mean one thing and that was a scolding, which you weren’t looking forward to. He returned and handed over the pill, you thanked him and walked away to give it to Tae Oh. “Here take this.” you gave him the pill and a bottle of water, which he took and not long after he took the pill, he finally fell asleep. You just sat there staring at him and felt guilty for putting him through so much. You brushed his hair from his forehead and gave him a kiss before walking out and of course, Jin was waiting for you.

“Look I know I’m supposed to stay in bed but I got restless and really I feel much better.” but Jin just shook his head. “I wasn’t going to scold you. I just wanted to tell you that you have to attend the next meeting, which will be tomorrow at 7 am.” you know you looked surprised because why would they need you to be there so early. “Where is Yoongi?”

“He is in his room.” with that he left you. You walked towards Yoongi’s room and hesitated for a bit because well you were nervous. You knocked and he actually asked you to come in, as if he knew who it was and the minute he saw you he smiled warmly, he sat behind a massive computer but he motioned for you to come closer “If you’re busy I can come another time.”

“I’m not busy.” he was a no-nonsense kind of guy, which you liked at least what you liked right now. You wanted to sit down in one of the chairs but he leaned over and pulled you on his lap, which made you stumble for a second. He immediately steadied you and pulled you down. “What’s wrong?” he was brushing away the hair from your neck and him playing with your hair made you go weak and it took a few seconds to realize he actually asked you a question. “I’m a bit bored.” you shrugged and he actually chuckled “So what can I do to change that?” his tone was suggestive and you actually punched him but he picked you up and threw you on his bed, you couldn’t do much as he immediately hovered above you, you know your face was bright red by now because you didn’t expect him doing this.

“Oppa, get off me!” this really sounded weak and Yoongi thought the same as he smiled mischievously. “I don’t want to.” You tried to push him away but to be honest, your heart wasn’t in it because this really didn’t feel wrong and you kind of hoped he would kiss you. “You know I was thinking about watching a movie, do you want to watch with me?” he was way too close and if you move forwards, you would be kissing right now and that was all you could think, Yoongi knew this and was smiling as he got of off you. He did pull you against his chest as he turned on the tv, he picked a horror movie and you couldn’t help but smile throughout the start of the movie because he thought you would easily be scared but you actually loved horror movies. It was lovely to spend some quiet time with Yoongi, it really was what you needed before everything would go crazy again and you had a feeling that, that was the case tomorrow.

You felt his lips on your forehead before you doze off and when you woke up you were alone. You sighed because it would’ve been better to wake up with him next to you but what did you expect. You got up from the bed and walked to your room and quickly got dressed in jeans and a sweater. You walked towards the meeting room where everyone was already waiting and it seemed that Yoongi was in a heated discussion with Namjoon, they were really in each other’s face but stopped talking as soon as you scraped your throat. “Morning,” you mumbled awkwardly and quickly took a seat at the table. “Thank you for coming.” you smiled at Jin and just waited for them to tell you what they wanted for you and you had a feeling it was going to be something physical. Yoongi took the seat at the head of the table and just looked angry, he wasn’t meeting your eyes, which meant something was really wrong but you didn’t know what it was.

“I will go straight to the point but the reason why we asked you to join this meeting is because we need your help.”

“What can I do for you?”

“We know you are a fighter and we need those skills, to get more dealers because we believe that you are the key to ending these street battles.”

“Me? That’s ridiculous, I’m not a superhero Namjoon.”

“We are aware of this but we do need you to act like one.”

“So what you’re saying is that I actually don’t have a choice but you are just telling me?” he nodded, you looked over at Yoongi to see what he was thinking, he was balling his fists and you knew he thought this was a stupid idea as well. “Say that I’m willing to do this, how are you going to prevent me getting hurt?”

“We will find a way.”

“Of course you will but apparently you don’t know what it means to be a fighter, there is no way you can prevent me getting hurt.”

“We do know what it means but we trust you to be good enough.” You snorted at him because he really was being delusional, thinking you were invincible.

“How many fights are we talking about and how many days will be in between?”

“It will be every day for at least a month.”

“Are you out of your damn mind?! There is no way my body is going to keep up, I need at least two days rest between fights.”

“That’s not possible.”

“Then I’m not going to help you.” the guys shared a look that told me enough “If you don’t do this we will not protect Tae Oh.”

“That’s low, why would you put his life in danger like that.”

“Because that way we know you won’t refuse.”

“Fine but you better stay out of my way from now on.” you got up and left the room, the first thing you did was punch the wall, which hurt like hell but it was the wall or Namjoon’s face. The door opened and Yoongi walked up to you but you were really not in the mood to see him or anyone else for that matter, you just had to think of a way to get out of here with Tae Oh, how stupid of you to think you were safe here.

“I know what you’re thinking but you are safe.” You snorted because didn’t he just hear Namjoon threatening your little brother. “Shut up Yoongi, I don’t want to talk to you, you made me feel safe only to betray me afterwards, you know you’re just a cowards who hides behind a woman’s skirt.” you started to walk away but he pulled you back but not for long because this time you pulled yourself free. “Don’t ever touch me again.” He looked at you as if you had slapped him in the face but this time he brought it on himself.

You walked away and retreated to your room, blocking the door with furniture, this way they couldn’t come in. You were lying on the floor, whilst they were banging on your door, first it was Yoongi, not long after it was Jimin, followed by Taehyung, they even send Jungkook and Hoseok but you just shut them out and just stared at the ceiling. There was no way for them to make this up to you, so they should just leave you alone and when it was finally quiet you got up because if you really had to fight, you had to make sure you were in the right state, which meant you had to get stronger and thus began the training, it wasn’t much but you did so much that you eventually fell down on the floor in exhaustion, only to be woken up by some really loud banging on the door. “WHAT?!”

“Today at 1 pm be ready.” it was Namjoon and you immediately got up and removed the furniture so you could open the door and as you opened it, you couldn’t maintain the anger and actually punched a surprised Namjoon straight in the face, which made him fall. “Asshole.” was all you said as you stepped over him to get something to eat and after eating you called Jimin. “Jimin, I need clothes to fight in.” he nodded hesitantly and gave them to you as he returned, it were shorts and a sports bra with a white shirt to put over it. You had your own shoes and after mentally preparing yourself you got into the car, that would bring you to the fight. You had your own time in the dressing room and after you put your hair in a bun, you started wrapping tape around your hands, they hadn’t told you who you had to fight but you were afraid that this would be against guys, which meant I had to keep a clear mind and mostly observe their moves.

“It’s time.” Namjoon brought you to the ring and your assumptions were correct, you had to fight guys, this was going to be painful and to think you had to do this every day. Yoongi wasn’t around out of safety issues, which meant you were on your own, with only Jungkook, Namjoon, and Jin as bystanders. You entered the ring and people went nuts and you could hear them putting bets on the guy, who was smirking at you because he thought he had won already, you couldn’t help but sigh as you cracked your knuckles because sadly for the guy in front of you, you would have him knock out within a few minutes, because he was much heavier than you, which meant he was slower. There was a referee but you knew how this was going to go, he was only there to start the match and to end it, this was going to be a game without rules.

The guy was really stupid because the second the whistles was blown, he threw a punch your way, which you easily avoided. He tried again but this time my fist went straight into his stomach, which made him bow over which gave you the opportunity to kick him, which you did, this made him fall over but it didn’t guarantee a win because he got up really fast and actually got in a good punch against you shoulder, you could feel the shift, when his fist collided with your arm and because you had recoiled he threw another punch, which went to your cheek and you knew it was bleeding but this time you didn’t recoil and as he tried another hit you avoided him and kicked him in his knee cavity, which made him fall on his knee and this time you didn’t give him a chance to get up because you hit him against the side of his face, which made him black-out straight away. You had to wait a few seconds before the game was over but when it was over, you didn’t wait but went straight to the locker room, to wash the blood of your face, when the guys entered.

“You did well today, make sure you prepare for tomorrow.” Namjoon walked out followed by jin and Jungkook who looked apologetic and as you quickly washed up, you walked towards the car and sat down. Your muscles were aching but they wouldn’t get much time to heal and as you walked into the house, you quickly took a look with Tae Oh and when you saw that he was already sleeping, you walked into your own room and took a long hot shower to loosen up the muscles when the bathroom door suddenly opened, you wrapped the towel around you when Yoongi appeared through the door. You still didn’t want to talk to him and just looked at him, trying to make him nervous. “Are you okay?” he was already inspecting your body for bruises, when he spotted the bruise on your shoulder, his eyes went big and he quickly approached you but you didn’t want him to touch you. “I’m fine, just leave.” you tried to pass him but he grabbed your arms, which hurt like hell and as he narrowed his eyes, you knew you had gone too far. “Stop this!” this time you weren’t backing down and as you stared him straight in the eyes, you could tell that he was taken back by your behavior. “Stop acting like a little kid.” you narrowed your eyes and flexed your muscles under his touch, he noticed this and before he knew what happened you had pulled out of his hold and actually shoved him roughly out of the way, he fell against the wall really hard and to say he was shocked was an understatement but you weren’t going to stay and see if he was okay.

“Stop acting like a kid, is he fucking kidding me?!” you were pacing through your room whilst talking to yourself because you really were angry and he was lucky that you hadn’t hit him because if you had, then he would’ve blacked out.

“You quickly put on some clothes and walked to the kitchen where you made yourself some ramen, Yoongi finally had gathered himself and entered the kitchen as well but this time he locked the door, making sure you were the only two in the room. “What are you doing?”

“I think we need to talk.”

“I don’t think we do.” he approached you and at a certain point, you were stuck between him and the fridge. “You should stop acting this way.”

“How am I acting?”

“You’re acting like a little kid who doesn’t get his way.”

“So what you’re saying is that I should be happy that I can help you guys by fighting every day?”

“No I don’t expect you to be happy about it and if it was only up to me then you wouldn’t be in this position but sadly enough, this is a team, so we vote.”

“Ah and then I just have to act as if it’s not a burden on me? Do you think I like to get hurt every day? Because I don’t, I hate fighting, the only reason I fought was because I needed the money to buy food for Tae Oh and me but now I’m fighting because you need the bait, I don’t get anything out of it except for scars.”

“We will make sure.”

“Whatever Yoongi, there is no way you can be sure I won’t get scars or worse, so don’t even bother. You know it would be nice if you guys saw me as a woman but this just proved me that you don’t think of me like that.” Something flickered in his eyes when you said that and he came even closer, making him look really dangerous and the tension grew, you could feel the butterflies in your stomach and for some reason, your eyes went to his lips, you couldn’t help it.

I will proof that I see you as a woman.” that’s when he pressed his lips against yours and if you thought this was a gentle kiss then you were wrong. His hand was sliding around your neck to hold you in place and as his tongue touched your lower lip, you gave him access, without hesitation, he pressed himself against you and your could feel everything, his rough manner felt so good that you couldn’t stop the moan that came out of your mouth and that’s when he deepened the kiss but this time he let his free hand wander down and as you felt him touch the side of your breast, your legs gave in, he had to catch you before you fell, he still kept teasing you and if he would decide to go further than this, you weren’t able to say no but for some reason he abruptly stopped.

“Is this proof enough?”

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Sneak Preview

A little something that may or may not have been inspired by certain people and events at last weekend’s Fetish Fair Flea:

I almost didn’t see it at first because the room was so dim, but then Joanie moved the curtain a little and I noticed a subtle reflection from behind a stacking chair nearby.  It was a pocket watch.  

You see bunches of those at hypnosis cons, of course, and there had probably been a several pulled out of pockets that day just in this room, which was used as an informal practice lounge.  But this one was different.

For starters, it was all black.  The metal casing had a satiny sheen to it, as did the equally dark chain and clip.  Embossed in the black metal on the back was a crest comprising a two-headed eagle, a crown or scepter, winding lengths of thorny vine – or perhaps barbed wire? – and the motto potentia regere.  A similar design adorned the front cover.  The effect was striking, looking both regal and vaguely sinister at the same time.  And I felt certain I’d seen it before, but couldn’t quite place where.

“Dave! Are you going to help me or just stare at your hand?”

Joanie’s annoyed voice snapped me out of my fog.  "Sorry,“ I gulped, slipping the watch into my pocket.  "What should I do?”

“Just straighten out the chairs and pick up anything people left on the floor.  Nobody is using the room until tomorrow morning, so we don’t have to stack them or anything.”


The practice lounge was a hotel room with the two queen beds and most other furniture removed and a bunch of standard-issue stacking chairs and ottomans brought in.  The result was a practice space that could seat as many as two dozen people in clusters of typically two to five, and have each cluster sufficiently separate to keep the general din of voices under control.  There had been times during the day when we’d pushed the upper limit; fortunately hypnokinky people tend to be very friendly.

It only took a few minutes to straighten up for the next day.  We collected water bottles and stray cups for the recycling and put the chairs against the walls to make a big open space in the middle, and we were basically done.  Which was good, because I’d been trying all day to work up the courage to ask Joanie for a play date.  Joanie she loves trance and has very few boundaries, which makes her extremely popular during the evening parties; my best chance was to ask her before the party started.

And there she was, holding out the blue recycling can in front of me. “Find anything interesting?” she asked.

“Actually, yeah.”  I dropped the plastic items into the can, took it from her, and set it aside.  "Do you have any idea who this belongs to?“  I fished into my pocket and took out the watch.  Just out of sheer habit, I dangled it from the chain in front of her face.

Joanie’s eyes locked onto the watch instantly with a surprising intensity. Her pupils dilated as her eyes tracked the slight movements of the watch on its chain.  I hadn’t been deliberately swinging it, but the way it captured her attention left no doubt as to where her mind was going.  "Oops,” I said.  "Should I stop holding it like this?“

"No,” her dreamy voice replied.  "Keep going.“

Well, I thought to myself, you were going to ask her; I guess she just asked you instead.  "That’s right,” I heard myself say, and Joanie shuddered a tiny bit at the words.  "It feels so good to look at this beautiful, shiny watch … to notice every detail … the way the light shines off it … the intricate decorations.  But somehow, the more closely you study this watch, the more you can imagine your eyelids getting heavy, drowsy, droopy, sleepy.“  And they were, big-time. Joanie’s bright, sparkling eyes had gone glassy and hazy, blinking heavily and often.  She was losing the battle to hold them open.  

"So sleepy now,” I continued, feeling a confidence that was almost alien to me.  "And the more you struggle to keep those eyes open, the more they just want to close down.  That’s right.  Closing … down … now.“

Joanie shuddered again at the words that’s right, and it wasn’t remotely cold in the room.  Sliding the watch back into my pocket, I deepened her trance while gently guiding her into a nearby chair.  She slumped into it, dropping her shoulders and leaning a little bit forward, and the straight male in me just couldn’t not look down the scooped front of her tank top.  The view was breathtaking, and for a moment or two I just stalled mentally and drank it in.

No guarantees as to when it will be finished, but it’s been too long since my last post so I wanted to share this as a preview.


fairlie lodge ▴ shackleford, surrey, england

owner john elton moved to the newly built modest bungalow called fairlie lodge in about 1965 where he lived with his housekeeper. he frequently had “ferocious rows over the fence” with his neighbour, lord carver of the old rectory, which resulted in the planting of a now “huge leylandii hedge” which today separates the two properties. following elton’s death in 1980, the bungalow was sold, and it was noted at the time that the bungalow was somewhat bizarre in having ugly hardboard doors throughout and internal cedar cladding, but furnished with amazing antiques (louis xv table, chairs and sideboards and 6-8 huge oil portraits of the family past and present). the furniture was removed by his family, but the housekeeper was left behind; “she didn’t know where to go and sat in her bedroom with the removal men working around her”.

17 Good and Rational Reasons Not To Love Me.

with regards to Brenna Twohy

because I live too far away and my voice cannot be duplicated by phone.

because if I do not like your name, I will just call you by another name.  

because I will not stop talking about robots, and inviting robots over for dinner and sitting with them in the cafeteria and whispering secrets in their ears.

because I am already in love with you and no one likes to run a footrace with a cheater.

because I am too old, and I just keep getting younger, while everyone else gets older, and so we are like two trains on parallel tracks traveling in opposite directions. To love me is liking trying to leap between coaches without being able to see for sure if the other window is open.  

because I have so many toys in my room, and do not realize that they are toys.  

Because I write list poems and I do not ever intend to fix this about myself. 

Because I am probably smarter than you

because I am probably a better kisser than you.

because I am so, so much prettier than you.  

because you do not have to love me back to get me to stay.

because I am fat, and to love a fat human is to love a giant’s castle, it takes forever to walk from the dining room to the library, if you forget where you set down your keys they may be gone forever. 

because I am fat, and to love a fat person means the apartment is always too small, there is no privacy, you will always share the exact same room with the better version of me you could be loving, 

because my actual eyelids are made of actual fog and the lens flares are tacky and contrived

because I am this kind of a writer, and loving me means knowing that the story of how you loved me will be better than how you ever loved me.  

because loving me is to always be at the very tallest peak of the roller coaster, inching forward and inching forward and waiting for gravity to take hold and it never does

because to love me is to love a haunted house; the neighborhood kids tell stories and dare each other to knock on the door, but the door is already open, and inside it is just this, just an ordinary room with most of the furniture removed and all the paint faded and not even one ghost, just a porcelin vase on the kitchen counter, an ironing board in the upstairs closet,  things the previous owner had no room to carry, things they may even have wanted but did not pack for fear that it would break.  

Feysand Modern AU, Part 2

Part 1

So I kind of combined the fluffy prompts #31 into this, since it fit so well.

I hope you enjoy!

Feyre woke to Rhysand shaking her awake. She groaned, rolling over and bringing the pillow over her head.

“Fey-ruh.” Rhys enunciated, adding a little whine to it. “Get up.”

Feyre turned in bed, completely ignoring the fact that she should probably listen to him since it was his bed, and glared at the man in front of her. Instead of the intended effect, she got hit with something that felt very soft. She quickly threw them away from her face onto the bed as Rhys retreated.

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Admin O requested a smut based on “I’m Him” and this is what she got from Admin R.

Warning: Smut

You were getting ready for the night in the back of the club. You’d arrived super early to be sure your performance was spot on.  You had special guests in the club tonight and your boss wanted everything perfect. SMTM4 were doing a bunch of solo acts and you were dancing. You were still in your leggings and tank from earlier, waiting to change into your outfit right before the show. The dressing room was a buzz with your honored guests. You flipped your hair over your shoulder, the curls brushing your waist as you conversed with your choreographer. A presence behind you drew your attention, “Yes?” you asked. One of the special guests was behind you. “Is there something wrong?” You blinked. He had a smirk on his face, cheesy enough to make you laugh. He introduced himself as Song Mino.” You recognized the name from both TV and the program for the night. Politely, you introduced yourself and welcomed him to the club. You weren’t really sure what protocol was. “Hey you like ducks?” You stared at him quizzically for a moment and shook it off. “Uhm, they’re ok?” A manger popped in and called for a musician practice. Mino took off, loping like a goofy dog down the hall. You shook your head as you watched him leave. What was his aim? You eventually gave up and shrugged, turning to the mirror to start getting ready for the show.

You crawled through the small space for your cage under the stage. It was definitely not safe and many nights you had to be helped out because your muscles were too tired to pull yourself out without a lot of effort. You caught your garter and felt the thin material of a thigh high rip. You cursed, assessing it as you made it into your cage. It was artful thank goodness, or you’d have to try to get out and in again in under 3 minutes. The stage door opened above you and you grasped the bars and posed as the cage brought itself up. “Thanks JC, you mumbled into your mic.” The lights were already blazing and the first musician had started his show. Only half of your dance was choreographed to match the other dancers. By the third set you were sweating heavily and even the scanty outfit you wore did little to help keep you cool. You paused in place for the next musician to come out. It was Mino. You dropped your hips and knees to hang by your arms and swayed sensually to the start of his number. You arched your back and moved with the music, this was one of only a few songs that weren’t choreographed and you could do as you pleased. The crowd was responding well to his rap and you felt the energy like a high. You grabbed the bars and pressed yourself against them. Facing Mino as he sang, “I’m raw” he winked at you, starting towards the cage. You rolled your eyes so hard at his antics that you swore you could hear your boss curse at you from the crowd.

You turned away from him in the cage and went back to crowd-pleasing. You rolled your chest out in front of you towards a group of young men who whooped and hollered in delight. You smirked; you enjoyed the appreciation. You worked hard for your body and it paid off well. Mino had inched closer again; you flipped to face him, playing to the crowd. He stuck a hand in and you moved to bite him. Snapping your teeth down in a tight grin as he moved his hand away just in time. He smirked and pointed at you as he danced smoothly away, not missing a beat. You disgruntledly finished the set. You weren’t staged for the last one since it was a slower set to cool the crowd down. Your cage sank back into the stage. The space below was pitch black and it took you several moments to readjust. Just feeling how hot it was made you groan, getting out would be interesting. You slid yourself head first through the crawlspace, hoping that a stagehand would be hanging out to help pull you through.  You got most of the way when you began to stick to the cool surface and you cursed as you felt it rub your arm. You could feel the cooler air of the room on your hands as you army crawled. You slumped with a hand stuck out of the crawlspace, taking a short rest. You felt a strong, warm hand envelope your own and tug. You felt yourself slide out of the skinnier wedge and move into the entrance, pulling yourself out with little effort. “Hey JC, thanks for… You’re not JC” Mino was still holding your hand as you unfolded yourself from the crawlspace. He smirked at you in the same way he did on stage; you couldn’t deny, he was pretty cute. “Thanks…Mino” you said shortly, brushing some invisible dust off your shorts. You lifted your head up to bask in the glory of air conditioning under a vent. You felt your skin tighten as the cool air rushed over your slick skin. You licked your lips and tasted salt as you cracked your neck. Mino readjusted himself to be in your line of vision. “Can I help you?” you asked cattily. You sashayed from the room, feeling his eyes follow the swing of your hips as you flung the door open.

You hit the dressing room and collapsed on the sofa for a few minutes, groaning as you tried to get the initiative to shower and change for the cast and crew after party. One of your friends from the troupe passed by and tugged your heels off for you. You sighed at the fresh air around your aching feet. She leaned over you, “UP UP UP!” You flopped off the couch and she skipped on her way. You groaned and half crawled-half stumbled to a shower stall. You stripped and sat on the floor as the cold water rushed over you. A phone alarm went off and you knew you only had 15 minutes to be ready. You removed yourself and ran the blowdryer, your curls coming naturally as you flipped your hair back into position. You ran a line of eyeliner over your lids and swiped on some mascara. You weren’t putting a lot of effort in after spending that long washing your stage makeup off. You shimmied into a tight purple dress. The material shimmered under the light and large cutouts exposed your sides and stomach. The neckline dipped just short of indecent and you could barely bend over without showing everything. You grabbed some slightly lower heels from before and shoved your now bandaged feet into them, grunting as a particularly sore blister rubbed the wrong way. You grabbed your clutch from the lockers and caught up with JC on his way to the party, catching a ride in his new sedan.

The party was in the penthouse of a popular hotel. Some of the stage crew had called in some favors and not only was the party private, but booze provided. JC smirked at you as he opened the door and you both waved your studio ID cards at the guard. He waved you through and you stepped into the penthouse. The bedroom furniture had been removed, and the staff had filled the large space with couches and chairs, as well as turning the kitchenette into a bar, complete with bartenders. JC eyed up the attendees and nodded towards the bar. You grinned and nodded back as he broke off to get you both drinks.

You turned to face the room of already half-inebriated people and waved to your troupe in one corner. You started to make your way over, but were cut off by a couch and a crowd of people. You turned back to search for JC’s flaming red crop of hair, but were interrupted by a brief break in the crowd. Mino stepped through the center, scanning the room. He smirked when he saw you and you almost gaped as you saw his sculpted arms in his tank. You kept your face noncommittal with great effort and smirked back in a rude way. You turned as JC reached you and tapped you with your glass of ….? You sniffed it; a triple of Vodka. You cursed yourself out for being so rude to Mino, but you had no idea how else to be. You clinked glasses with JC and threw back. You were squinting through the rough follow-through of bottom shelf booze, but you could see the annoyance on Mino’s face as he sized up JC. You laughed aloud – you couldn’t help it. You and JC had been besties since you joined the company. His wife and 6 month old could attest, but you could feel the jealousy flowing in waves. JC hugged you with one arm and you giggled, knees knocking into the couch as the vodka started to take hold. He caught you and righted you and gave you a stern look, “You need more to drink” you laughed again and waved him off as he disappeared to visit his friends. You turned back to see Mino still glaring after him. Feeling the warmth down to your toes since you were well dehydrated before you had even thought of alcohol, you sashayed over, laughing as you threw an arm over the shocked Mino’s neck. “Dance with me!” He gaped at you for a moment and you stumbled as you laughed. “Surprised?” He nodded, still wide-eyed. He was hesitant, but you brought yourself to press against him and his eyes widened even more. He reached over, grabbing the glass from Pyo Jihoon’s hand and threw it back. “hell” he said with a sigh and fell into the beat with you. Your hips collided and you felt his hipbones jutting out against your own as you danced face-to-face. Letting loose was fun. You hadn’t gone out in forever, mostly because you were normally working.

You felt the side of your skirt slip up your thigh a bit and Mino’s warm hands wrapped around your waist, tingling where they touched your exposed skin. A few other idols turned to glance at the two of you in envy as Mino pulled you closer. His hands slipped lower to hold you by the hips and grind into you. You stumbled into him and he stepped backwards to stabilize both of you, but ended up taking you a few steps closer to the door as he also stumbled. The dumbfounded expression he wore was cute and his tank was gapping to let your hands wander across his well-defined abdomen. He took in a gasp of air and you smirked, quickly kissing him on the cheek before retreating slightly. He didn’t let you get far before pulling you to meet his lips. He was somewhat hesitant, but his lips didn’t lie. You knew he was interested since he first said hello. You responded to him eagerly. You stepped forward, forcing him back as you begged for entrance with your tongue. He accepted as his back pressed against the door. You reached behind him and turned the knob, both stumbling into the hallway, refusing to part bodies. The guard coughed loudly and you broke apart. You blushed guiltily at him and tugged Mino down the hall to the elevator. He clomped along goofily behind you. The doors opened as new guests arrived to the party and you entered the elevator. The doors closed and Mino pushed you against the wall, lifting you to rest on the handrails. Your dress was indecent at this point, the skirt nearly up to your waist and the neckline plunging dangerously low. Mino was less restrained in the elevator, his hands groped and his lips wandered to your throat as he moved against you. You could feel his length growing harder as he pressed against you. He sucked harder suddenly on your neck and the world flashed for a moment before you realized that he had reached behind himself to hit a floor button.

Mino pulled you from the elevator as the doors were opening. You passed an older couple as you continued your amorous activities down the hall. He pressed you against the door and you giggled as he fumbled for a key card. You heard a quiet beep and the door swung open behind you. He pushed you into the room, never breaking contact with your lips. You laughed as you stumbled backwards towards the bed. Mino used your stumbling as an opportunity to rid himself of his tank. You dropped to the bed, kicking off your shoes. Your aching feet sang in happiness and you marveled at his sculpted body, leaning forward to trace the lines of his abdomen with your tongue. He was musky, and slightly salty from sweat. He shuddered against you, grasping your hair gently. His hands traveled to your shoulders and subconsciously pushed you down, towards the line of his trousers. Your tongue traced a line along the top and he jumped suddenly. You smirked up at him, seeing his trousers tent themselves with a twitch. Your hand grazed over his length, marveling as he closed his eyes and threw his head back, bucking into your hand. Your moment of dominance was short lived as his hands shoved you backwards on the bed and he crawled over you. You reveled in his warmth as he consumed you with his own body. His kisses grew sloppy over you as his restraint wavered. His lips met your neck, warm and wet as he worked his way to your chest. Your dress was barely there, and you could feel his breath through the cloth.

Your hands slipped over his smooth skin, slightly moist with sweat. You grasped his sides as he moved down. Mino stopped suddenly, red in the face. You blinked drowsily for a moment before realizing why. “Ticklish?” you questioned. He didn’t move. A grin spread across your face and you attacked his sides with your fingers, gaining the upper hand easily as he squirmed. You perched above him on the bed, your skirt was hiked up again and you straddled Mino’s midsection, barely brushing against him. You could feel his heat through your panties and you felt like drooling as he propped himself up on his elbows to kiss you. He shifted to lean on one arm as his hand rested on your thigh, his thumb moving gently back and forth, slowly pushing harder as his tongue slipped into your mouth. You writhed above him, feeling a deep ache of want as you shifted over Mino’s stiffening member and you felt yourself become wet. His eyes darkened as he watched your face. You reached between the two of you to palm him. He pushed your hand out of the way and bucked beneath you, grinding into you through the thin material of your lace panties.

You were airborne for a split second as he flipped you, covering your body with his own, grinding with more urgent need. He pulled at your dress and you heard a rip, the thin material split all the way up the left side and he tossed the shreds away. His warm flesh molded against yours and you reveled in the way his muscles moved under his skin. Your head was swimming both from alcohol and from the heady, sex fueled atmosphere. Your panties didn’t last long. Mino’s fingers grazed over your clit and you gasped, he rubbed your own wetness across your folds as you moved beneath him. Your body was open to him, completely exposed and the rough feeling of his pants against your skin was maddening. You tugged at them frantically and sighed as you heard him pull down his zipper. Contact was briefly broken as he shed his pants, but you were soon a tangle of legs. He had gone commando. His tip nudged against your opening and you bucked beneath him, gasping audibly. He stopped suddenly, leaving you mewling for more contact. “Are you sure you want this?” You nodded, but he wouldn’t take that for an answer. His fingers were inching closer to your need and you were barely coherent, “Yes…Oh, YES” You said as they hit their mark. You pulled him closer by the neck to kiss him and without warning he was inside of you. You arched your back, startled for a second as your body stretched to accommodate his wide girth. It was a good kind of soreness that overtook you. He slowed, but did not stop moving as he found his rhythm. It was slow, but not tortuously so. His arms were tight by your sides; you could feel the strength in his arms and thighs with every stroke as you met his pace. He had you unwound and you hadn’t even had time to realize it. Your head swirled as you felt the tension in your body building relentlessly. He wasn’t letting you catch yourself; you came and then you came again. You shrieked in pleasure and your nails cut furrows into his back as he continued to ride you. You brought your ankles up to lace together behind his back as he moved deeper into you, his thrusts more jagged. Both of you were grunting and you could feel every movement. He stopped suddenly, grunting louder, pushing as deep as possible into you as he came. He continued to thrust minimally for a few short moments and nearly toppled over on to you. He caught himself, and the sweat dripped from him onto your own damp self. It should’ve been gross but it was an intense experience. He was still within you and you felt him twitch as your walls experience the aftershocks of orgasm. He leaned his forehead on your own and stopped to just look at you. “God, you are so beautiful.” You didn’t even have the energy to be embarrassed. “So are you.” He laughed breathily and collapsed on top of you. He slid slowly out of you and you mewled at the loss of feeling full.

He moved to curl around you with his body as you both turned to your side. You shivered as goosebumps over took you as your skin cooled and he lazily tugged a blanket over both of you. You could feel the aftermath of your endeavors on your thigh, but were too worn out to care. The alcohol had worn off and you blinked sleepily; sated. You both fell asleep quickly; you had a feeling that you would not be alone when you awoke. The thought made you smile.

These guys from Junkluggers were a huge help when we were moving out of the Lowline Lab and donating our plants from the lab to many schools across the city. Thank you so much! We couldn’t have done it without you!

(Junkluggers is a premium eco friendly furniture and junk removal company focused on donating, reuse and recycling.)

Fanfiction - Beauchamp Riots (Part IV)

It’s the final chapter!! And it’s here! I’ve actually written this small story in less than a week!! I’m beyond humbled, emotional and grateful for all the comments and feedback. This truly only makes sense because you guys are here to share it with me. I hope it ends on a good note! Without further delay – see you on the other side! <3

All my fanfiction

Part IV – Morning Glory

I woke up to a small wail that made the strings of my heart resound like a guitar. He was already moving beside me in bed – I could feel his warmth slipping away, my body bent in a mirror shape of his own. I didn’t open my eyes, content with feeling the heart-breaking tenderness of his thumb tracing my earlobe.

“I’ll go.” He whispered in my ear. “Rest some more, mo nighean donn.”

I hummed, knowing that he would be back to me. He always did. I could already anticipate his powerful hands, insinuating themselves bellow the hem of my nightgown. I would be instantly aroused by his touch, the smell of morning glory on his skin, highlighted by our daughter’s sleepy scent. It was the smell of love – and I was lucky enough to be bathed in it each dawn.

After a few moments, I listened as he strode across the room again, raising the sheets to lie down next me.

“She’s sound asleep.” He kissed the back of my neck. His voice was husky – unhinged after a night of silence. “Have I told ye today how much I love ye?”

“Hmhm.” I smiled. Jamie was brushing my wild curls away from my shoulders, so he could more easily access the exposed skin of my shoulder. “I believe you haven’t.”

“I love ye.” His hand caressed me and slid to nestle against my breast – possessive, famished, loving. “Yesterday, today and tomorrow. And all the wee hours in between.”

The alarm clock went off and I almost jumped out of bed like a rocket ready for launch. I turned it off, rubbing my eyes to persuade sleep to go away from me – I felt boneless and exhausted after a week of nightshifts and very few hours of sleep. And when I did sleep, I dreamt – vivid images of a lost life, that left me aching and irascible – so much so that I became weary of falling asleep altogether.

I mechanically moved to open the water tap for a shower, turning on the coffee machine on my way. I brushed my teeth and dressed with the precision and discipline of a trained soldier. It was easier that way – to function and appear normal, not allowing my mind to drift to unwanted places. I needed to maintain a routine, to keep going – or I might be doomed to stand still for the rest of my days.

Jamie didn’t marry Geneva - that much I knew. Ian phoned me, the night after our argument at the pub, to let me know Jamie had called off the engagement. I recalled that moment – when I had felt so hopeful and joyful – with anger and frustration. I was, of course, expecting him to drop at my door – but he hadn’t. Instead Jamie had gone home, to Lallybroch, to heal and get away from all the gossiping and harshness – where he still remained to my knowledge. I hadn’t seen him or heard from him in over a month.

I looked at my image in the mirror with detachment. My hair was unruly – but that wasn’t a novelty – and deep dark circles surrounded my eyes. I looked half as tired as I felt. Adso came and sat by my feet, looking at his reflection with mild interest – by then he knew better than to try to tackle that weird cat that moved in front of him. He touched my leg with his paw and meowed in sympathy.

I grabbed my purse, mentally listing the groceries I needed to acquire at the supermarket, and opened my front door.

He was standing there, his eyes downcast, his hands hidden in the pockets of his coat. I noticed his hair was shorter than the last time I had seen him. How long had he been there, summoning courage to knock at a door that used to be always open for him?

Jamie breathed deeply and raised his eyes to meet mine.

“May I come in?” He asked softly.

I honestly thought for a second of closing the door on his face, but something in his tone forced me to be gentler. I nodded and silently fell back and allowed him in.

Adso padded towards us and greeted Jamie in his usual fashion – purring and rubbing himself against Jamie’s legs, begging for his attention and long fingers.

“Must all males in my life be such obnoxious traitors?” I grumbled, throwing Adso a resentful look. “We don’t like him anymore, remember?”

With a mixture of gestures and monosyllables, I invited Jamie to sit on my kitchen table and placed a cup of strong tea in front of him. I sat on the opposite side of the furniture – as removed from him as possible.

We both sipped our tea in silence, playing a game of hide and seek with our eyes.

“This has been lovely.” I finally said, setting down my cup with a tump. “But unless you actually have something to say, I have places to go and things to do. Not all of us can go into hiding and leave our entire lives behind.” I watched as my words hit him, the invisible wound formed underneath his skin – we were fortunate that words didn’t leave bruises, or the both of us would be disfigured.

“Do ye remember…” He started slowly. “After the bombing, when I left the hospital and came here to convalesce?”

“I do.” I replied softly.  I did, of course. I had been covering the ER the day of the attack – sometimes I could still close my eyes and see the image of endless corridors filled with people screaming, blood and tears streaming like rivers of sorrow, my trembling hands continuously stitching and holding people together with small threads of kindness. I was still shaking with tiredness and horror when they called me – from that exact same ER – as mine was his top listed contact.

I had felt like screaming and crying when I saw his back – but I hadn’t. I remembered the strong lines of his back, the grace of bone and muscle, the softness of his skin under my fingers when I occasionally had touched him there. But I had locked away my feelings of loss and surrendered myself to the task of nursing him back to health.

It hadn’t been easy – he was in serious pain, although he tried to hide it under cheerful remarks and crude jokes. He was incredibly weak and depended on another person for every small task – even wiping his own arse. When he had completed the initial skin grafts, I had taken him to my house and continued to nurse him there.

I think, perhaps, that was truly the moment I knew I loved him. There is something terrible and wonderful in seeing someone stripped of every mask of civility; of every notion of propriety or ego.  The man that remained under every one of those layers was still Jamie – and as deserving of my love as the handsome young man that had saved my broken heart in a pub.

“Sometimes I would come awake from the pain.” He proceeded, searching my eyes. “It was unbearable. It tainted my dreams and I thought I’d go mad from it. But then I saw yer face, lying next to me, half smiling in your sleep…” Jamie gulped. “So serene and beautiful. It soothed me enough for me to bear it another day.”

“Why did you decide not to marry Geneva?” I asked, fighting against the tears that had formed in my eyes at his words.

“Ye were right.” He smiled, a sad smirk that made me well up even more. “She wasna right for me – or I for her, for that matter. Marrying her would be deceiving us both.”

“So, you realized that you weren’t meant to be.” I stood up and placed my empty cup in the sink, bracing it for support. “Is that it?”

“Not all of it.” He whispered, moving his shoulders against the fabric of his jumper. “I’m in love with ye, Claire – have been, from the moment we talked in the pub five years ago. Maybe even longer, when I first saw ye there, so unware of how remarkable ye are.”

“And yet you needed me to tell you that.” I bit my lip, turning my head to face him. “You were about to marry another woman!”

“Aye.” He said, his voice coming out stronger. Firm. Decided. “I had lost all hope that you’d ever be mine. So I accepted this small thing, a pale shadow perhaps, thinking that it might be best for the both of us. Do ye know what is to live each day so close to the person ye love, yet not being able to touch her or hold her, having to pretend ye feel nothing? Having to talk and smile when inside yer head ye’re screaming so loud ye can barely think?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed. “I bloody well do know, James Fraser!”

“Aye?” He raised and grabbed my arms, his hands hot enough to sear my skin. “And why did you tell me all those things in the pub, Claire?”

“Because I wanted you.” I whispered, letting him see on the glass of my face how honest I was. “More than I ever wanted anything in my life.” He had never been good at hiding his emotions from me – his face changed, like deep dark waters lighted by a moonlight beam.

“But ye only realized that when I told ye I was engaged?” He licked his full bottom lip. “Are ye no confusing the fear of losing me with really wanting me?”

“No.” I asserted. “I was just blind before – so afraid things would change. But I’ve always known.”

He nodded and smiled tenderly, his palm coming up to touch my face, tracing me from brow to chin with moving lightness.

“I’m sorry I dinna come sooner, mo nighean donn.” He slowly leaned over and rested his forehead against mine, so close I could feel the warmth of his breath, the smell of earl grey tea and the slight tremors that coursed through his body. “But I was so ashamed. I dinna ken how to tell ye that I’ve been such a fool. How to amend for making such a mess of things.”

“I was so angry at you.” I was shaking too, from relief and strong emotion. “I thought you had left me.”

“I could never leave ye, mo ghraidh.” His finger caught a curl and entwined it on my hair, keeping me close to him. “No man can live long without his heart.”

He tilted his head – a movement so imperceptible that no one but me would have noticed – and I knew he was searching for a way to meet me. My hands travelled to his short, but still softly wavy, auburn hair and nestled there. I already knew the ways of his heart – and was confident that it would take me a very short time to be as knowing of the mechanisms of his body, so complicit with mine.  

We kissed then, passionately, with a desire and longing that had been five years in the making. There are plenty of beautiful descriptions of a kiss in literature – the feelings, the slow burning dance, the fight that comes from the will to surrender – but they would never be enough. Not to describe what it is to be kissed by Jamie. Not to portray what it is to be made anew.


Calman geal.” Jamie whispered, brushing my hair away from my face. We were lying down on my bed, bared, facing each other. I had spent the last few hours busy with the pleasant job of discovering his beautifully made body. I felt a sore happiness in every limb, as if my arms and legs could open up and laugh from joyfulness.

“That one is new.” I kissed the sensitive skin inside his forearm. “What does it mean?”

“White dove.” He smiled, as his hand fondled my waist, quickly making its way to the curve of my bottom. I was right – he did like it quite a lot. “I never knew a woman could be as beautiful as you, my own.”

“Hm.” I hummed, satisfied. “I’ll accept that - even if I still think you were actually calling me something funny.”

“Ah.” He laughed. “Perhaps tomorrow we can have a proper first date? I’ll take ye out to dinner somewhere nice.”

“I think we have exhausted every possible first date and conversation a long time ago.” I bit him on the chest, close to his nipple. “This seems like a perfect date for us, if you ask me.”

“I bet there are still things ye don’t know about me, tough.” He kissed me thoroughly on the lips. “We could talk about those. Maybe dance a little afterwards - put those waltz steps to good use.”

“Is this a challenge, James Fraser?” I blew away a curl. “I thought I’d spent the last hour showing you how much I do know you.”

“So ye did.” He rolled on his back, pulling me to straddle him. “But I want ye to have everything ye deserve, Claire. I want to go out and shout to the world that ye’re mine now, as I am yours. I want to do those silly things, like holding your hand in the darkness of the cinema and send ye flowers. I want ye to be surprised when I steal a kiss from ye and find every new way to love ye. We lived a lot together, already – but it ain’t enough. It will never be enough, Sassenach.”

“Please do, Jamie.” I winked and rolled my hips, taunting him. “Or I might just riot.”

The End

Jesse James BAR

This is the Second All out Custom built by Jesse James. Jesse was asked by Discovery Channel President, Clark Bunting to make an appearance on the Hit Series Sons of Guns filmed at Red Jacket Firearms. Jesse said he would do it only if they could build a Browning BAR. Clark Agreed, and Jesse and Will Haden & Crew built one of the most coveted rifles in history.

The Red Jacket crew wanted to build a “Tactical Style” BAR, but Jesse had a different game plan. The gun started off with a Genuine Pre WWII BAR from the Chilean Army chambered in NATO .308. All original wood furniture was removed. New furniture was machined on a manual Bridgeport knee mill. All billet furniture was polished by Jesse and sent off to master engrave Tay Harrera. 

Jesse & Tay came up with a direction for the engraving that was inspired by trench art. The inscription “ San Miguel Archangel Defiendenos En La Batalla” is from a prayer from the Chilean Army. The whole gun was then disassembled and rebuild by master gunsmith Glenn Flemming. The results are Stunning across the board.

Your Song

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OC (Dean and Reader’s daughter)
Words: 1061
Requested by @captain-swan-winchester
Based on your song by Ellie Goulding (originally by Elton John)

        Sleep was a rare thing after your daughter was born. When you wanted to be asleep, she was awake and needing fed, changed, or just attention. And when she actually did sleep, it was time to clean, do laundry, and other adult things around the house. You loved her to death, but you really did want some sleep.

           So, when you woke up one morning, you were surprised that you had actually been able to sleep through the night. Did that mean Layla had too? You looked to your side and realized your husband was not next to you.

           You got out of bed and made your way to Layla’s nursery. But when you saw her crib empty, you got a little worried. You continued walking through the bunker trying to find your husband and daughter.

           “Good morning,” Dean said, looking up at you when you walked into the library where he was sitting with Layla in his arms.

           “Good morning,” you smiled, “What are you doing?”

           “Layla and I are just sitting here looking through some books,” Dean answered, “Dreaming.”

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Matt Murdock goes to church: Prayerdevil

Matt Murdock goes to the carnival: Fairedevil

Matt Murdock runs for public office: Mayordevil

Matt Murdock bakes a tart: Peardevil

Matt Murdock works as a nanny: Au pairdevil

Matt Murdock visits the zoo: Beardevil

Matt Murdock sells furniture: Chairdevil

Matt Murdock removes hair from his legs: Nairdevil

Matt Murdock splits a sandwich with Foggy: Sharedevil

Matt Murdock lets the economy do it’s own thing: Laissez-fairedevil

Solangelo Headcanon #2

For lionsleeps2nite who wanted a headcanon about Nico/Will’s relationship from the view of their parents :)

The last thing Hades wants is to be related to Apollo in any other way besides Uncle-Nephew. Apollo is loud and blindingly happy; he is musical and insists on reciting 42 new haikus every time he sees Hades; and he once tried to redecorate his palace (“It is dark Uncle/Not good for setting the mood/We want grandchildren”). 

Apollo isn’t too keen on getting closer to his uncle. Hades is even more anti-social than Artemis; he is stubborn and won’t listen to the Sun god’s romantic ideas for their sons; and he, on several occasions, forcibly ejected Apollo from the Underworld (“Stop removing my furniture you Zeus da-” “Now, now, Uncle. Lannnggguuaaggeeeee!….”

But when Nico visits the Underworld with gradually tanner skin that starts to resemble his mother’s and comments on the new decor with a small smile….

And when Will starts to hone his archery skills and practice his singing (and Apollo has his theories about why his song choice is so 1930s)…

Neither parent can really bring himself to care about the other because the first thing Hades wants is his son to be happy, and Apollo is especially keen on making sure his son shines as bright as possible.