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Vepr 5.45x39

Russian made AK variant that uses an RPK receiver. This one just happens to have RPK furniture installed, notably the uncommon railed handguard. With the recent sanctions against Molot, the company that produces the Vepr rifles and shotguns, the inevitable price increase has already begun. I’ve already seen some Gunbroker listings with Banned attached to the header. (GRH)

Installation view of works by Memphis-group at the sales exhibition Bowie/Collector at Sotheby’s London, November 2016. Featuring works: First-chairs (1983), Polar-side tables (1984) and Flamingo-side table (1984) by Michele de Lucchi, Cucumber vases by Martine Bedin (1985).

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Hey, I really want to decorate my bedroom. The floor is wooden, and my curtains are a pastel pink. All my furniture is wooden. I was thinking of a lilac for my walls. However, I feel like putting wallpaper on two of my walls, I just don't know what color scheme to go for. Neither do I know what decorations to put in my room.

I think that lilac would work for your walls! But I also think that a plain white-washed look would also be nice. I know that white’s a little boring, but pink is such an assertive color, I think they would balance each other out nicely. 

1. Get yourself some wooden furniture wipes and use them frequently. Wooden furniture gets that layer of dust on it so quickly. Keep those surfaces clear of debris.

2. Get yourself some simplistic standing lamps like this one. I definitely recommend getting white lamps that are tall and stand on their own. This sort of thing looks amazing with wooden furniture. The light installed in your room’s ceiling may cast a gross glow on your pink/lilac paradise, so rely on other lamps to light your space.

3. You didn’t mention any windows, but hopefully you have some! Line them with tea candles, potpourri, small rocks or wooden statues.

4. Get yourself some flowering plants that love low-light and/or are low maintenance. Get them white or pink pots. For example:

5. If you have a closet door, hang a series of small pictures of posters on it. Make sure they’re framed! Something abstract would look amazing, or else a simple line drawing.

6. Keep your desk space clear of clutter! Maybe stash one of your flowering plants in one corner, but keep it bare.

7. Get yourself a lilac or pink patterned comforter. I recommend not going for something in a full color, because it may be overwhelming to look at. Look for something with stripes or designs.

8. Organize your books, DVDs, CDs (don’t know if you have any of these, but you get the idea) by color! Same goes for your clothes!

9. Wrap something jangling around the doorknob like chimes or a little bell to add a cute tinkle.

10. In terms of the wallpaper itself, I would recommend sticking to straight colors of a simple pattern. Definitely don’t want your room looking like a 1950s doctor’s office. 


A new year's story

Football season on campus was Rose’s favorite time of year. The fall nights were warm without being hot, and combined with football and the approaching holidays, there was an electricity in the air.

Of course Thursdays were the best day of the week in the best time of year, because that meant Rose would be going out - a pregame for the weekend, if you will.

And of course this particular Thursday would be the best Thursday in the best day of the week in the best time of year, because, finally, some new spots were going to open up.

A developer had purchased a significant amount of property right on the edge of campus, and over the course of the last year had constructed shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. It was a walking-type open air complex, and it, all of it, each shop and restaurant and bar and club, opened tonight. Trendy eateries, some awesome shops that Rose loved, and hip clubs with the best DJs.

Rose and her friend Shannon had had this outing earmarked for awhile, and it seemed everyone in school was planning to be there in some form or fashion. Rose and Shannon had gone shopping the previous weekend, where they both found the perfect sundresses to wear.

Rose especially liked her dress. It hung perfectly on her body, and accentuated her legs and, she had to admit, her adorable ass. Checking her look in the mirror one final time, she thought about trying to get in a quick masturbation session - she had been horny all day, it seemed. She checked her phone and said to herself, “dammit. I need to get over to Shannon’s room. I’ll take care of business tonight when I get back”.

The girls made their way across campus to the entertainment complex shortly after sunset. It was impressive - hidden LED lights to illuminate the wide paved sidewalks, ornate streetlights that gave off a warm glow, lots of brick and reclaimed lumber and glass.

They hit a couple of the more trendy shops - Rose made a mental note to get her folks to add some juice to her checking account after fall break - and then joined friends for a late dinner. One of the friends was working at the restaurant and had helped them secure a primo table that overlooked one of the main courtyards.

Dinner was wonderful. Copious amounts of wine was poured, the food was excellent, and the conversations fun and sincere. Rose reflected upon her time in school and felt grateful for the friendships she had formed. The wine was making her feel warm and secure. She was especially grateful for Shannon - the two had formed a close friendship and shared everything with each other - well, almost everything, Rose thought with a sly grin.

“What are you grinning at, Rose?”, Shannon said. “Ah, nothing, just thinking about all of us and the fun we have had here, and how much I am enjoying this dinner”, Rose replied.

“Well, point your grin towards the door, I want to hit that club we read about online - it is supposed to be hopping.”

The girls hit the club - and it was unlike anything Rose had ever been to. Cages elevated from the ceiling, with gorgeous girls and guys, scantily clad, gyrating within them. Dark lighting and a techno beat pulses deeply throughout. They danced and drank and laughed and gave out fake phone numbers and did fireball shots and in general got wrecked.

Rose glanced at her phone - “Shannon - it’s almost 1:30 am - my class isn’t until 11 - but don’t you have one at 9?”

“Damn girl, you are right- let’s go. We definitely need to come back on a weekend - they stay open until 4 am!”

The girls spilled out onto the sidewalk, neither really drunk, just a good warm buzz.

As they were walking down the opposite sidewalk, Shannon pointed out a wooden door with a large glass pane in the upper half. There was an amber light spilling through the frosted glass. Shannon said, “did we go in there earlier?” To which Rose replied, “no, I don’t remember it”.

In contrast to the rest of the storefronts, which looked new and shiny and industrial, this door looked ancient, like it had been made from a 500 year old tree, and then stood in a doorway another 500.

Etched upon the glass in ornate English script were two words: “NEEDFUL THINGS”

“Rose! We have to check this out!”, Shannon said. “I don’t know, I think most of the shops are closed”

Shannon tried the door, and it opened straightaway. The girls walked in, and were agape at the setting. Rose thought it looked like something from a Harry Potter movie - almost like a library, but not quite. There were gargoyles in the corners, and lanterns hanging and scattered throughout, providing a flickering glow. Bookshelves and other shelving seemed to reach to the ceiling. At the center of the room was a tall rotund desk, almost like a judge’s bench. It was built of wood similar to the front door, decorated with roots and carvings of all sorts of creatures - doing all sorts of things. There was no one at the desk. Looking at the carvings, Rose began to really look around and see what the shop offered. “Porn”, she said softly. “What?”, Shannon said.

“Shannon - this is a porn shop. A sex store. Holy shit!”

Sure enough, Rose was right. Just glancing at the shelves one wouldn’t know - it was almost as when you approached a shelf that the contents appeared as if in response to your desires. In all other respects it looked like a high-end bookstore.

Shannon, who often acted like a distracted puppy, was oohing and aahing. Rose, however, was feeling lightheaded - she DID have a thing for porn, and all of these images and gifs of bodies writhing around were putting her already-semi-aroused-all-day body into a worked up state.

“Hello ladies, are you finding everything you need?” The greeting startled the girls, who spun around to see the person who had spoken to them.

Rose’s eyes fell upon one of the most striking women she had ever seen - she couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years older than Rose, but she gave off an aura of having been around a very long time. Her hair, which was just past shoulder length, was completely white, and her eyes were a brilliant, crystalline blue.

“Oh, hi, yes, we’re fine”, Rose stammered. “We sort of came in here by mistake - we didn’t know it was a sex store.”

“Perfectly understandable. For obvious reasons, we try to use some discretion, although sex, and porn in general, have never been more mainstream. Have you seen the showroom?”

“What showroom?”, Shannon, the puppy who just saw a squirrel, said.

“We have found over time that our wealthy clients often desire to have rooms in their homes which cater to their specific interests in regards to sex and playtime. It only made sense to design those settings and model them just as you would a new car or a furniture showroom. We install them throughout the country on a special-order basis.”

“Listen, it’s 1:30, so I need to lock up. You girls are welcome to stay and explore the showroom while I close up. My name is Alexis if I can help you with anything.”

“Come on Rose, let’s check it out!” The girls walked back to the rear of the store, and saw a sign, similar in all respects to the front door - old wood, ornate English script. There were two words, and one symbol, on the sign: “TICKLING & RESTRAINTS”.

Rose’s mouth went completely dry and she thought her knees might buckle. “Nonononono”, she thought. This was her secret desire, the thing that brought her lust and enjoyment and freedom - but she had kept that desire carefully hidden. To be this close to a setting like this was almost more than she could take.

“Shannon, come on, it’s late, let’s just - ”, Rose started. “Nope, I wanna see this newfangled showroom”, Shannon replied.

Underneath the ornate sign was another ornate door, which Shannon pulled open. The door was very thick. The interior of the space was also illuminated with lanterns, although not as brightly as the main area. There were also candles in red hurricane lanterns, which gave the room a soft reddish tint.

Affixed to one wall was a large steel X, as tall as a person, with handles and straps at each end, and in the middle of the X.

At the center of the room stood two massage tables, although they were unlike any massage tables Rose had ever seen. They had appendages for legs and arms, and between the tables stood a delicate wooden tray.

Upon the tray laid expensive-looking paintbrushes, and next to those, a plastic hairbrush you could buy at DollarTree, and next to that, a cordless Hitachi Magic Wand.

Rose could not speak, and felt riveted into place. “Okay, Shannon, great showroom, let’s go”. Shannon replied, “Rose, let’s check it out! Go stand in that X!” “Nope”, Rose replied. “Come on, let’s go”.

“Scaredy-cat!”, Shannon said. “Just get up there!”

Rose complied, standing within the X with her arms raised. Just the act of submitting to Shannon had caused a familiar tightness between her legs. Shannon said “I’m gonna tickle you!” and playfully grabbed at Rose’s ribs, making Rose shriek with laughter. It was playful, fun, tickling, the sort just like Rose desired.

“Ah, I see you girls are enjoying the vertical restraint”, said Alexis upon re-entering the room. “Have you considered the horizontal restraint?”

“Nope nope nope not gonna happen”, Rose thought to herself.

“Yes! We just need you to show us how!”, Shannon, gleeful puppy, responded.

Alexis replied, “ok Shannon, lay down on the table”. To which Shannon replied, “there is no way in hell I’m laying down on that. But Rose will”.

Rose felt Alexis’ gaze upon her. “Rose, do you want to try?” Rose fleetingly thought, “wait, I don’t remember us introducing ourselves”, but snapped back to the question at hand.

Rose thought “nonononoyesyesyesyes” and simply said “sure, why not?”

Alexis said, “lay down on your tummy and I will secure your arms and legs”. Rose did so. As soon as the restraints were fully in place, and she realized she could not move, Rose’s clit began to faintly throb.

“Ok Shannon, let’s pull up her sundress so you have access to the back of her legs”, Alexis said. “Ohshitohshit”, Rose thought.

“Get up onto the table and straddle her back, reverse-cowgirl-style”, Alexis said. Shannon climbed up, sat upon Rose’s back, and awaited instructions.

“Now, gently rake your fingernails along the back of Rose’s legs - be sure to get the inside of her thighs, and especially along the lines where her legs meet her butt. And don’t forget the upper inside of her thighs - that is a very sensitive spot”.

And with that, it was on. Shannon attacked Rose’s thighs, both gently and with flirty ferocity. Rose could tell that Alexis was helping, really getting into her sensitive spots. Rose thought her body would launch off the table, but the restraints held her in place. Rose’s laughter and squeals completely filled the room. The torture went on seemingly forever, and when Alexis and Shannon stopped, Rose was still giggling, and breathless. In addition, her clit was at full attention, and, although she wasn’t yet soaked, her pussy was very wet. Rose thought to herself, “as soon as I can get off this god forsaken table and get Shannon home and get to my dorm room, I am going to have the masturbation session of a lifetime”.

Just as Rose’s giggling subsided, she felt Alexis undoing the restraints. “See how fun that is? This is the kind of exploration we encourage. For while it can feel like you are trapped when you are tied down, it is also, ironically, liberating. It is a fascinating dichotomy.”

Shannon stood up off of Rose, and Rose rolled over, a bit breathless and quite a bit horny.

It was at that moment that Shannon said, “can we do the same thing with Rose on her back?” Rose looked at Shannon. The carefree puppy expression had been replaced with one of someone who had become intoxicated with power; Shannon’s eyes were heavy-lidded, her breath was shallow, and she was biting her lower lip. Most telling of all, however, was that Shannon’s nipples were visibly erect against her sundress.

Alexis replied, “sure. I don’t have to open the shop tomorrow, so time is not a constraint for me. Rose?”

Rose could not speak. Her heart was hammering in her chest and butterflies were doing NASCAR laps in her stomach. Almost out-of-body, she heard herself say, “okay”.

Permission thusly granted, Alexis said, “fantastic. Remove your sundress and bra, and lay back down.”

As if in a trance, Rose did so.

The restraints were re-applied, and this time, there was no instruction or direction. Shannon attacked all of Rose’s body- ribs, neck, tummy, thighs, and the sides of her breasts. Rose’s laughter and squeals consumed the soundproof room. She could not escape.

Rose could feel that her nipples were rock-hard, and she knew without a doubt she was soaking wet.

Alexis said to Shannon, “don’t neglect her feet”, and Shannon gleefully moved to Rose’s soles, teasing and tickling. “Shannon, there is a hairbrush on the tray which you might find effective”, said Alexis. Rose, who was desperately gasping for breath between laughing spells, thought to herself, “oh, fuck”.

Shannon took the hairbrush in her hands and almost expertly applied it to Rose’s soles. Rose’s body arched off the table and her entire
body felt like an electrical current was running through it. Shannon applied the brush non-stop, and Rose could hardly breathe. Complicating matters, there was a special spot on Rose’s sole that seemed to be connected to her clit, and Shannon was on it with uncanny accuracy. After about a minute of finding the spot, Rose was certain she was going to come, and she desperately needed to come. Shannon kept scratching and teasing and Rose was almost there, in spite of her gut-busting laughter. Then Shannon found THE spot, and Rose raised her hips in anticipation of her pending orgasm.

It was at that point that Alexis said, “that’s good enough, Shannon. Let Rose rest”. Rose almost cried out in frustration and exhaustion, and drifted off into a dreamlike trance.

When she awoke, Rose discovered that her panties had been removed. Alexis was standing by her head, stroking Rose’s hair, and gently tracing her fingers along Rose’s ribs and the sides of her breasts and neck.

Rose felt warm and horny and more lustful than she had ever known. She heard Alexis say,

“Shannon. Move the paintbrush tray closer to you, and position that stool between Rose’s legs. Now take that Sable No. 3 and trace her labia. Gently, but with purpose.”

Rose felt something like butterfly kisses against her sex, making her whimper ever so softly. Someone was also gently tickling her soles.

“Keep the circles going, alternating pressure. The brush is now completely wet from her juices and will flow freely”.

Rose was almost in a trance. Her friend was expertly applying a paintbrush to her now completely sensitive pussy and she thought she might lose her sanity if she didn’t get some relief, and soon.

“Okay, Shannon, now take the Sable No. 1 and apply it in gentle strokes to Rose’s clit. Don’t let her come”.

Shannon began teasing Rose, whose hips were now rising and falling against her restraints in a desperate move to achieve the orgasm which Shannon and Alexis had made so elusive. She was so close.

“Watch, Rose. Look at what Shannon is doing to you”. Rose WAS watching and thought she was about to lose her mind. Her body was on fire.

Alexis then said, “Shannon, stop.” Rose let out a low moan.

Alexis said, “rose, may I apply this blindfold to your eyes?”, to which Rose replied, almost drunkenly, “yes”.

After the blindfold was applied, Rose heard Alexis say, “Shannon, take the Sable No. 1 and tickle her clit, with constant pressure, but do not let her come”. It was almost instantaneous as Rose felt the teasing tickle of the brush and she eagerly moved her hips to receive the attention. Then she heard, “Shannon, stop.”

Rose was a hot mess, frustrated beyond belief, blindfolded and bound. She heard Alexis say, “Shannon, would you like to take off your sundress?”

Shortly thereafter, Rose heard several shifts of fabric, followed by a sound of approval. Bound, blindfolded, and horny as fuck, Rose awaited what would come next.

“Rose, your friend is dripping wet with the power you have graciously allowed her to have over your body. Would you like to watch me sit on her face?”

Rose suppressed a low moan. It was all getting so confusing and she was worked up into a state she had never been before. “Yes” she heard herself say.

The blindfold was gently removed, and then Rose saw Alexis, now nude, with beautiful breasts and perk, erect pink nipples, mount Shannon, who was also nude and laying upon the second massage table.

Alexis wasted no time in pressing her sex against Shannon’s mouth and emitting some whimpering of her own. Shannon tried to reach down and touch herself, but Alexis gripped her wrist and pulled it back.

Rose had to watch helplessly as Shannon brought Alexis to what appeared to be a quick and powerful orgasm.

Rose was overcome with desire and frustration. She felt Alexis watching her, assessing. Alexis said, “rose, you are quite ticklish, correct?” Rose replied, “yes”. “And that tickling makes you aroused, yes?”


“Would you like to cum, Rose?”, asked Alexis.


“Then please ask me”

“Please let me come”, Rose said.

Alexis said, “do you think Shannon should be allowed to come as well?

Rose was enveloped in total sexual desire. "Yes, of course”, she replied weakly. Anything to bring relief.

“Shannon, sit your wet pussy on Rose’s face”.

Shannon eagerly moved into place, and Rose hungrily moved towards Shannon’s clit. At the same time, Rose felt the Hitachi press upon her sex, and her hips rose instantaneously. Within less than a minute, the crescendo of the entire day fell upon Rose, and she felt her orgasm building, and Shannon was humping on Rose’s mouth like her life depended on it, whimpering and gasping.

The hitachi cannot be avoided, and in no time Rose felt her orgasm crash through, and her juices flowed all over the massage table. Shannon also finished at the same time, trembling against Rose’s face.

“Ahh, that is wonderful”, Rose heard Alexis say.

The restraints were removed from Rose, and she an Shannon found themselves laying upon each massage table. Alexis said, “if you both want to come again, now is a good time”. Both girls did not hesitate, and their frantic hand motions only served to increase the other’s desire. Alexis stood at the head of both tables, caressing each girls breasts and tickling their nipples. Rose felt she had never been this aroused and Shannon seemed to be feeling the same way, and they came together.

A short time later, both girls awoke, as if from a trance, back in their sundresses and lounging in the massive library. Alexis was nowhere to be found.

They walked back to their respective dorms, occasionally holding hands and just enjoying each other’s company. It was almost 4 am.


The next morning, Rose awoke, her sex sopping wet. She dressed for class, but left early to stop by the NEEDFUL THINGS shop. Rose desperately wanted to submit to Alexis again, and beg her to come.

She hit the sidewalk and immediately realized something was off. The storefront no longer said “NEEDFUL THINGS”. Instead, there was an etching of an hourglass. Opening the door, she realized the store was full of clocks - of every size, shape and configuration. No porn to be found. No showroom.

Looking toward the center desk, she saw a man that looked old as time himself, with a headful of shoulder-length white hair. He looked at her with crystalline blue eyes that belied his age and said, “welcome”.

“Uh, I was looking for Alexis”.

Rose was very confused.

“Ahh, you must be referring to my great-great granddaughter. She is quite a spirited soul. She won’t be back until the next farmer’s moon”.

Rose thanked the man, blew off her class, and went back to her dorm for the masturbation session of a lifetime

A Cry Without Tears

„Ey, Deg, remember that old song?” he ranted between bouts of quiet, nervous chuckling, old forgotten tune resurfacing somewhere in his broken mind, like an old psionic veteran returning home from the neurological warfare. Degtyarev looked with care at his friend; his tired, confused, insanely drunk friend, squatting on top of a washing machine crammed in the corner of Strelok’s little apartment, holding his old hunting knife, his hand shaking a little. Strelok made his final stand in the bathroom, his safe zone, atop that household appliance, too tired and intoxicated with a mixture of drugs and vodka to fight any more. It all happened so suddenly; Degtyarev was away on vacations in Odessa; he was supposed to be there for two weeks, orders from his superiors, but now, after a long drive from his short-lived break, he could barely feel rested. Corporal Boyko and 2nd Lieutenant Nadiozhny were already present at the apartment block, trying to calm down Strelok’s neighbour, Oksana Romanova, who was already painting all the possible dark scenarios in front of them. Degtyarev rushed out of his car, Oksana Romanova noticing him first.  They spent the entire next ten precious minutes trying to calm the widow down even though none of them were in the mood, ushering her back to her own apartment, with Colonel reassuring her Strelok probably just forgot to turn off the stove again or something as trivial; and that he was probably all right… They stormed inside the small apartment; it was an utter, incoherent mess. Degtyarev visited this place right after he received Strelok’s latest medical report, the worst to date…

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