furniture installations

Installation view of works by Memphis-group at the sales exhibition Bowie/Collector at Sotheby’s London, November 2016. Featuring works: First-chairs (1983), Polar-side tables (1984) and Flamingo-side table (1984) by Michele de Lucchi, Cucumber vases by Martine Bedin (1985).


TommyBuilt Tactical LLC

The long awaited XM8 conversion kits for the HK SL8 are now in production and available. This turns your sporting model HK SL8 into an XM8 clone by swapping out the furniture and installing the fire control group into the provided trigger group housing. There is a catch though; if you notice in the 2nd photo, the SL8 magwell is sunken in. That’s because it uses a single stack magazine. In order to use the G36 magwell and magazines, you have to send it in for magwell modification. You can get the AR-15 magwell adapters for the SL8 if you want to use USGI or Magpul mags. Only place I saw the kits for sale with a price was The Firearms Depot, at around $1,430…not including the rifle or magwell mods or adapter. On a side note, that optic in the last photo is the correct optic for the XM8 but those are very rare Insight ISM-V’s. (GRH)


Elizabeth Tubergen
The World is Flat, 2012
16’ x 20’ x 29" tall
Table comes to within 18" of the wall on all sides

The artist’s next iteration of this “impossible object” oversize table project, entitled Once we agree (2015) is on view at Vox Populi through 3/1! A must see- beautifully built and really quite funny in person.


Living Things - Symbiotic Living with photosynthetic algae

Superb speculative Emerging Technology Design exploring the symbiosis between humans and photosynthetic algae through the installation of furniture that cultivates living things. By Jacob Douenias and Ethan Frier. Want!

Living Things is installed at the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania until March 27, 2016.

Century Arms C39V2

100% American made AK variant, it has no foreign parts whatsoever. The one in the photo has Magpul and Ultimak furniture installed; from the factory most C39V2′s have wood furniture. Although the stock rifle has a bolt-hold open safety, the seller for this one added a Krebs Safety, which does the same thing but has a ledge for easier manipulation. (GRH)

“I work for the Norwegian Refugee Council. Right now I’m trying to think of ways to create safe public spaces for women and children in developing countries. Our ultimate goal is gender equality. But in some places, women are afraid to go outside. This keeps them from accessing basic services and participating in civic life. The problem needs to be worked on from many different angles. But my background is in architecture and urban planning, so I’m working on improving street lighting, installing urban furniture, and upgrading empty lots.”

Moving is exhausting

Today I:

> Made it to new residency city
> Met landlord for keys and did walk through
> Cleaned whole apartment
> Got my employment drug screen
> Got new state license
> Picked out new furniture and scheduled delivery
> Met delivery truck with stuff
> Got car safety and emissions tests

> Get paperwork for re-registration car
> Meet furniture delivery
> Meet internet install people
> Wait forever at DMV
> Move all boxes and furniture from truck into apartment
> Start building furniture
> Start unpacking

So. Tired.