furniture hunting!

so today me and my bf were walking around tuesday morning to look for furniture and i just randomly got hit with the thought of andreil shopping for their new apartment (im trash im truly trash now)

  • it begins when neil realizes that their apartment looks more like a hospital room than a home
  • there are barely any cups, any plates, not enough silverware (all given as housewarming gifts from the other foxes)
  • the only decorations are pictures of the foxes given as (like before) housewarming gifts
  • and ok so i have this really really deep love (and i cant be convince otherwise) that neil suddenly realizes that he doesnt need to live on just necessity anymore?
  • he doesnt have to fit everything in one bag, doesnt have to keep rations, doesnt have to be small, be quiet, dont be noticed
  • and this is his and andrew’s home, like they have cats now, they eat at this rickety table that neil had to shove 8 folded over napkins into a leg to keep it from creaking
  • so he manages to rope andrew into going furniture hunting with him (its not that hard tbh its more on the part that andrew is bored (and neil asked excitedly and fuck him for those stars in his eyes) and just why not

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My Ultimate Check Please FicRec

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Jack/Bitty - ‘Cuz in the end we’re all here for Zimbits

Ice Crew Please! – In which Jack does not experience “Tragic Backstory TM”.
– Teen & Up – 58,746 Words
   Summary: Jack Zimmermann was drafted first by the Providence Falconers when he was eighteen years old. He is good at hockey. Very good. His team won the Cup his second year and now, in his third year, they are looking good. Jack should be on top of the world. And some days, he manages to convince himself he is.
He’s not, of course.
Enter the Ice Crew.

Easy as Pie – The one with actually magical pies.
– Mature – 23,408 Words
     Summary: It’s hard enough to have a crush on your team captain without pies magically appearing every time you speak to him.

Hold it All at Bay – The first Check Please fic I ever read… or at least bookmarked.
– Mature – 49,957 Words
     Summary: The theory of extrapolative synchronization of the mirror neurons was debunked back when he was still in his teens, so Jack is reluctant to mention that he can smell Bitty’s pies baking from across campus.

A Life in Song  - Professional hockey and professional gay don’t make the neatest mix.  – Teen & Up – 25,806 Words

     Summary: For Bitty, watching Jack be in the closet is nearly as hard as being in it himself had been.

A Chance We Could Make It Now – Bitty owns a bakery, because he’s worth it.
– NSFW – 24,211 Words
     Summary: Jack has just signed with the Falconers, fresh out of Samwell. He’s new to the area and on the hunt for furniture for his apartment when he stumbles into Eric Bittle’s Bakery.
“I have to go grab a customer but make sure you stop by again sometime.”
“I will. The food was great.”
“Look forward to it,” Eric said walking away from the table. Jack turned around and watched him, letting his eyes roam over Eric’s back as he waved to the customers who had just walked in, his cheerful voice ringing through the Bakery as he said “Hey y’all!”
Jack liked this place. And Eric had a nice ass.

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anonymous asked:

I'm looking at apts and some are furnished. Will the furnished option be an upfront expense usually? Or a monthly add on to rent?

Furnishings will be added on to your rent monthly. Basically, you’re paying to rent the apartment and you’re paying to rent the furniture, too. On top of that, your security deposit is probably going to be higher, because the landlord is trusting you to not only take care of the apartment itself, but all of the furniture inside of it.

Furnished apartments are great if you’re someone that moves around a lot for work or needs something short-term (perhaps while waiting for the sale of a house to go through or you’re moving a month or two after your lease ends). In most cases, it will be cheaper to just buy your own furniture, but, then again, you’ll have to move that furniture later.


Request: Can I have a roommate/bestfriend!mikey thats pretty long, and lots of cuteness?? pretty please I’m all up in my mikey feels right now.

To say that it’s been a bad day is an understatement. Everything’s going bad in your life. You failed one of your most important quizzes for this term, you got shouted at by your boss that almost got you fired and now it’s been exactly a week since you and Michael hadn’t talk and it’s been killing you so much.

Michael is your best friend since forever so when he asked you if you wanted to move in with you had already said yes with no hesitation at all. The both of your parents were happy and even surprised that it took you guys long enough to finally decide on that. It was fun to say at least. House hunting, furniture buying and even moving in. No matter what the situation was the both of you would mange to make it the funniest thing ever.

The first year was nice. You were convinced that living with your best friend was the best decision you’ve ever done. The both of you would do movie nights and build forts. Cooking, however was something the both of you aren’t very good at so you had to live with takeouts and mac&cheese. You learned though, just to be able to eat some proper meal for the both of you.

You barely had fights, when you do, it’s about the littlest things. Who gets to wash the dishes, who gets to do the groceries or who gets to take out the trash. Sometimes it involves Michael’s dirty underwear across the floor and you being pissed off about it but either than that everything was easily resolved.

The both of you had some rules and regulations in this house, formed after something goes wrong or when you and Michael fought about it. You managed to form some schedule on who does some chores and which but suddenly Michael stopped doing them. For everyday in two weeks all you did was fight. It was silly at first, but you were tired cleaning up after him. You had your life too and he was there seating doing nothing with all the mess he made, expecting you to clean after.

The one night you just had enough. It was a bad day at work too and seeing all the pizza boxes and bottles of beer scattered around the living room made you furious. Him and the 5sos boys were playing video games and you just snapped. “Do you even fucking clean up?” Michael just glared at you and continued playing. The three noticed the tension in the air so Luke stood up and picked some of the boxes and smiled at you. As you were about to thank him Michael spoke up. “Just let them be Luke I’ll clean it up later.” You scoffed at him. “That’s the problem Michael! You never clean up!” “What the fuck is your problem?” He now stood up and faced you. “Uhm guys we’re gonna go. We’ll see you soon Michael.” The boys left and it was just you and Michael.

“We’ve had this argument for two weeks now Michael! You always tell me you’re gonna clean up but what? You never do!” You shouted at the top of your lungs. “Do you really have to do that in front of them huh? I was gonna clean up this time!” “That was what you said the last time!” The both of you fought for the whole night and it was exhausting. “Whatever Michael just talk to me when you stop being a jerk.” “Talk to me when you stop being a bitch.”

Ever since then you and Michael stopped talking. It’s been two weeks since you stopped talking and a month since the argument started. You missed him. You missed him more than anything. You missed his voice, his laugh and god his cuddles. You need his cuddles now more than anything. You wanted to talk to him, tell him all about your bad day so he could tell you everything would be alright. You just wanted him to make some corny joke and you’d laugh at it and every tear would be forgotten.

He wasn’t even at the house right now and you feel like crying. You picked up your phone and dialed Calum. He was the closest to you besides Michael. “Hey bub.” You sniffled as you answered, your lips trembling. “Calum.” “Hey what’s wrong?” That’s when you started sobbing. “Everything’s wrong Calum my job, my grades even Michael…” You ranted all night long to him and he listened to you. He didn’t mind, if he could he’d drive all the way just to see you but you didn’t want him to come. You were tired and you just wanted to talk.

Michael just came from Luke’s house to write some songs. He was exhausted and he didn’t want to face you again knowing he’ll probably just upset you even more. He silently opened the door so you wouldn’t wake up just in case you were already sleeping. He tip toed to enter his room but stopped when he heard you sobbing. He placed his ear against the door trying to listen what’s it about. “…I miss him Calum but I’m still mad at him…” Your voice was stuck in his head when he heard that. He knew he truly hurt you and he missed you as well.

The whole night Michael tried to clean the kitchen as quiet as possible. He picked up all his mess and took out the trash. He washed all the dishes and dried them all. The next morning, he woke up early and bought some groceries so he could cook for you.

Your eyes fluttered and you were greeted by a burning smell from the kitchen. You sat up and ran to the kitchen just to see your best friend trying to put out the fire. You stared at him and you wanted to laugh but you just remembered that you guys aren’t really in good terms. “I- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make a mess but I just wanna cook you a meal and I’m sorry.” He sighed and looked at your eyes. “I’m sorry.” He opened his arms and you jumped at him. You wrapped your thighs around his waist as held you and placed his fave on the crook of your neck.

“I’m sorry bub. I’m really sorry. I was so insensitive bub. I heard you last night, I didn’t mean to but I’m glad I did. Punch me in my senses y'know? I missed you so much. I promised not to make a mess anymore. I love you okay.” You nodded. “I’m sorry too Mikey.” He shook his head. “No bub. It’s my fault. Now tell me about your day…”

a/n: it’s a bit angsty but I still think it’s cute. Requests are open!!!




A/N: What is this filth? Gah, I’ve been writing too much NH, I needed a break. So, voila!  I couldn’t write normal Sasuke with justice, so there, wrote him drunk.

The room was awash with the darkness of the night. It was silent except for the sound of chewing and chomping, and the occasional bubbling laugh from the pink-haired woman lounging on the sofa. Uchiha Sakura was scrolling through her phone, thoroughly enjoying her alone time.

It has been a while since she was able to spend some time with herself. Before they got married, they had filed for a three-month leave. During the first month, they purchased a two-story house with three bedrooms at the first week. The next couple of weeks were spent hunting for furniture and preparing for the wedding. On the fourth week was the wedding itself. Sakura still couldn’t help but smile dreamily as she recalled that day.

The second month was for their honeymoon. They spent fifteen days of relaxation at a private onsen, courtesy of Rokudaime-sama. The rest of the month was spent just lounging around the house, getting used to each other’s presence as husband and wife. Of course, they had lots and lots of sex—really great sex.

Of course, they were individuals, as much as they needed each other; they had to spend some time apart, even for just a few hours.

Two days ago, Naruto came barging at their home and invited Sasuke to a boy’s night out. Of course, her darling husband refused, but after some cajoling from Naruto and some promises from her, the Uchiha agreed.

He left three hours ago, and has been sending Sakura texts asking her to kill him and such. But Sakura only laughed and reminded him of her promise. She was commenting on Ino’s new profile picture when Sasuke suddenly called. Rolling her eyes, she swiped on the screen to answer the call.

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That lot again, now with added sky object and landscaping. :D

Yes you do get 2 pics of the ‘lake’ because I spent ages placing all those pond plants on omsps and you can just deal with it.

Also that second lake pic shows the view from the balcony. Strangely I didn’t get a good pic of the balcony itself :/

I think I’ll leave it for now, unless I decide that I do want to mess around with vimpse’s tutorial for flatter, smaller beach lots

Animal Crossing Creeper Or, I’ll Give You 20 000 Bells to Leave Me The Fuck Alone

Well, this was a somewhat short (but still very creepy) weeb encounter that I recently had while playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, and it sadly proves that despite the progress made in making gaming safer for women, women still can’t enter metagames without being at the mercy of creepy potential stalkers.

Anyways, a bit about me. I’ve played Animal Crossing since Wild World in 2006, so very nearly 8 years now. In recent years though, I’ve played more on and off, due to more hectic and demanding work schedules. Naturally, with school over, summer tends to be an “on” time for me, and I start focus heavily on remodelling my home, expanding my home and upgrading my town in New Leaf. This year, I decided I wanted to complete the Polka-Dot Set, since I saw how nice it looked modded with the fiendish shirt and the Pop-Black exterior by Cyrus.  However, no matter how much time travelling I did, I could never get a Polka-Dot furniture item to appear in my shop. So, I turned to the next thing; I checked the HRA showcase. Nothing I didn’t already have. I even checked my sister’s catalogue, shop and HRA showcase; still nada.  Then, I decided to try asking friends. I saw one of my friends had a few items, but sadly, she got occupied because her phone broke down, and I had to go somewhere so she couldn’t give them to me. When that failed, I tried asking my sister’s friend. My sister’s friend had the whole Polka-Dot set, unfortunately, her parents make North Korea look like a free country and they had taken away her 3DS for her “using it too much” and still hadn’t given it back. Completely out of options, I turned to the place where most people hunting for furniture nowadays go: the Internet.

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You're separated in a crowd and you get hurt

Harry: It happened every single time you came through and airport with him. The sheer number of people astounded you. Though you didn’t mind the fans, they too were concerned for the safety of the boys and they of course were concerned for the well being of the fans. The problem was the aggressive paparazzi, they were relentless, even abusive. They want a reaction, attention, something they can sell. But when there’s thirty of them plus 100 fans it gets dangerous. You’d joined the boys on tour two weeks ago now and it was definitely well known throughout the media and you knew they were after a good shot of ‘Harry Styles girlfriend’. Harry held you close, his arm protectively wrapped around your waist as you made your way through the now crowded airport, unbeknown to you however the crowd outside the airport doors was three times bigger. You were surrounded by security but once you stepped outside the airport they were helpless. The unfamiliar blinding flashes from a plethora of professional cameras dizzied you giving you no chance of staying coherent when the barrier holding the fans back failed. Before you knew it Harry’s arm was no longer on your waist and no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t see any familiar faces. The air began thick and you were finding it difficult to breath let alone think. “Harry!” You screamed helplessly over the crowd. Your vision became blurry as the dizziness increased ten fold before you were shoved to the floor. Each attempt to get back up failed as the hyped up crowd carelessly trampled over the top of you. Before you could understand what was happening you were lifted off the floor by a familiar pair of strong arms. Your arms almost instantly found his torso, clinging onto him in an attempt to keep your legs from buckling beneath you. “Are you ok babe?” He said, still panic stricken. “Yeah” you managed to croak out trying your best to sound convincing. The truth was you were a bit battered and bruised, people who hadn’t noticed you fall had either kicked or stepped on you and you were beginning to feel the after effects. His grip on you was tighter than before, his determination to keep you safe was noticeable to any on looker. Security had tightened and police had been called. Finally you both reached the waiting car where you both sighed in relief once you were safely inside. You shuffled closer to Harry his arm still around your waist, resting your head on his shoulder out of exhaustion. “I’m so sorry” he spoke on the verge of tears. “Harry it was not in any way your fault, don’t you ever apologise for something like that ok?” You replied knowing how guilt ridden he feels when uncontrollable situations occur. He nodded, placing an array of kisses on your forehead. “I love you” he whispered, lips still resting on your forehead. “I love you too Harry” you responded, lifting your lips to his placing a soft tender kiss upon them.

Liam: Liam saw the crowd forming outside the small boutique, one girl turned into two, two then somehow turned into 50 or so. You on the other hand were oblivious to the commotion, your attention caught only by the rows of beautiful antique trinkets, jewellery and furniture. It wasn’t until one girl screamed at the sight of your boyfriend that you noticed the extensive crowd. All you wanted was to spend a day with Liam furniture hunting for your new flat but you knew this shopping trip was now over and you both had to get out of here before someone got hurt. Liam had caught onto the dangerous nature of the situation and was already on the phone to Patty in hopes he was close enough to round up a few extra security men plus himself to contain the crowd and prevent the worst from happening. Within ten minutes Patty had arrived managing to squeeze his way through the crowd of now 100 girls. “Sorry mate but I’m the only one available to help you today” he said as soon as he walked in. Panic then set in for both of you, Liam knew of your claustrophobia when it came to big crowds, and though he wanted it to be so he knew he couldn’t always protect you from it. “Ok well you two stay as close to me as possible, ready?” You both nodded before Liam clasped your small hand in his large one before following Patty out the door. “Liam I love you so so much please take a picture with me!!” “Liam omg can I take a selfie?!” “Liam!” This was all you could hear as the girls surrounded you, suddenly you and him were forcibly separated as you were roughly shoved to the side. It felt as though the world was spinning, your fear of small spaces causing your chest to constrict as you begun to hyperventilate. Your vision blurred before darkness consumed you and you hit the ground hard. Your hearing returned first, Liam’s pleading voice getting louder and louder the more you came to. “Move back! Can’t you see she’s in danger! I will not take any pictures, I need to get my girlfriend to safety! Move back!” He yelled startling the crowd of now guilty fans. He didn’t care though he just lifted you off the ground placing your head on his shoulder in the most comfortable way before taking the last few paces towards the car and placing you in the back seat. You stirred, blinking your eyes before the memory of what had happened came back to you. “Babe oh my god are you ok?” Liam panicked. “I’m ok Liam” you whispered silently suffering a head ache. “Babe we’re just going to take you to the nearest hospital, you hit your head pretty hard and I want to make sure you’re ok” you nodded before positioning yourself to lay down as best you could in the small area. “It’s ok babe, just rest, you’ll be better soon” Liam soothed, running his hand softly through your now tangled hair. “I love you Liam” you muttered before falling into a light sleep. “I love you too beautiful, I love you too”.

Louis: To Louis you were everything and if ever you were in danger he would stop at nothing to protect you. So when you found yourself surrounded by fans completely security-less, Louis pulled you as close as possible, trying his best to not lose you. He knew if one wrong step was taken you’d be separated from one another. And to his horror, someone had shoved you too hard causing you stumble as Louis was forced ahead by the now ridiculously huge crowd. You were being shoved and pulled every which way until you were slammed into the ground, hitting it with enough force to that you involuntarily let out a yelp of pain. You could hear Louis yelling your name but the force of the crowd had grown and neither of you could move. “Everybody calm the fuck down, and move away my girlfriend is hurt so move the fuck back!” Louis screamed, not caring what people would think of him, your well being came before anything else. The crowd hushed before parting to allow Louis to reach you. You were now sobbing on the ground, your wrist feeling as though it had been snapped in two, looking like it too. “Babe are you ok?” Louis’ panic stricken voice came beside you as he hastily lowered himself to your level gently helping you to your feet. “My wrist” you sobbed, the movement now making the pain unbearable. “Are you all fucking happy now?” He muttered under his breath as not to upset the crowd any further. He was angry, even guilty for what had just occurred. “C'mon babe lets get you to a hospital” he soothed leading you to his car parked only 20 metres away. “I’m so sorry, I’m meant to protect you, I just…” He then began to sob at the sudden realisation that you were in pain. “It’s ok, really, it’s not your fault Louis, it’s not your fault” you whimpered still in an almost excruciating amount of pain. “I love you so much” he whispered placing a kiss on your now dewy forehead. “I love you too Louis, I really do”.

Hi lovelies, I hope you enjoy this preference, send me any requests that you may have! The Niall and Zayn ones for the same preference will either be up tonight or tomorrow morning! I apologise that it took me a bit extra to post this one, today has been crazy busy! Anyways again I hope you enjoy :) xxx E
P.s this was done on my phone so if a word doesn’t make sense blame autocorrect :P x