The Ollie Chair by RockPaperRobot

“After I realized that I could change the shape of metal, I felt like there was nothing that I couldn’t morph — nothing I couldn’t change.” — Jessica Banks, CEO and founder of RockPaperRobot, on studying robotics at MIT.

We spoke with kinetic furniture designer and RockPaperRobot founder Jessica Banks and collaborator Pete Schlebecker about the future of furniture, getting scooped by Leonardo da Vinci, and their latest creation, an exquisite reimagining of a folding chair, now live on Kickstarter

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The Float Table by RockPaperRobot

A multicolored row of Ollie Chairs


Wallet cabinet by Pierre Charrié and Maison Fey

The Wallet cabinet is a wooden shelf structure, covered with leather, that closes with invisible magnets. The idea was created by Pierre Charrié and Maison Fey and initiated by the Péri’Fabrique program to be show cased at the Designers Days Festival in Paris.