Jeanette Chair | Tom Fereday Design

A minimal chair created by Australia-based designer Tom Fereday. With its low-line silhouette, Jeanette is designed for the outdoors with the sophistication of an indoor dining chair. The wire grid of the seat is seemingly suspended from the soft arc of the arm and backrest which creates both comfort and timeless elegance. The powder-coated bent steel wire of the chair has three protective layers ensuring Jeanette is durable whether it is outdoors or inside at a dining table. It has been CATAS tested for commercial use and durability. Jeanette Chair is available with or without a low profile cushion for indoor/outdoor use.

GIO PONTI, Leggera chair (model no.646), 1951. Manufatured by Cassina, Italy. Material oak and straw. Leggera chair was the predecessor for the SuperLeggera chair, (model no.699) which Ponti created in 1957. The structure is almost the same on both, but the Superleggera got sharper edges and even lighter weight. / Gio Ponti


Beautiful Fusion Between Materials in Eduard Locota Designs

Eduard Locota  is a Romanian designer, working with glass resin as a primary medium. His delMare Table and Oceanus Blocks are hypnotic. Every piece is handcrafted from zero with primary materials white marble and acrylic glass. If you are curious, you may check the fabrication process on his page.

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Tenderete Home Workstation Design

Tenderete is a home workstation that easily adapts to most common user’s needs through accessories designed to function as modules and extensions, adapting the desk to any lifestyle and needs. Tenderete is an honest piece of furniture manufactured without using any steel nail, screw or weld bead. The goal was to communicate the inventive capacity of the Mexican Society to solve practical problems in a clean, functional workstation.

Designed by Adolfo Navarro & Joshua Allen 

Manufactured by Casa Bobadilla