Hanging Trampoline Bed

Redefine the way you think about relaxation with the hanging trampoline bed. The bed’s innovative design wonderfully combines different elements to produce an original, versatile and extremely comfortable piece of furniture you’ll love.


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One chair, five different tops

The ultra productive design studio Nendo has created another fascinating piece of design. The Twig Chair designed by Sayaka Ito has a white aluminium base, that can be combined with five different wooden top-parts. each is giving the chair a different shape and comfort of seating. The chair was made for the Italian furniture company Alias.

The Nendo Design Studio

The Tokyo based studio Nendo is led by Oki Sato and has brought over one hundred products to market during the last year. Their style is a clever mix of simple elegance and innovative playfulness.

Nendo: Website | Facebook

Alias: Website | Facebook

If you like the style of Nendo’s products have a look at the Fandango reinterpretation or the scented candle holder Flame.

When you are especially looking for chairs have a look at the Sofa So Good and the Donut Stool.

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so I'm having a pretty tough time right now...

I ended up in hospital last night due to vomiting blood and having severe stomach pain.
Been referred to the endoscopy unit for a gastroscopy on 16th August.
Hopefully they’ll figure out what’s going on, I’ve been told it could be stomach ulcers or a tear in my oesophagus.
This means two days off work now, and then another one on my procedure day, so I’m losing money which isn’t helpful at all.
But on the plus side, my new bedroom furniture gets delivered tomorrow, so excited for it, haven’t ever had any decent furniture before - and I’ve bought it all myself!
I’ll post pics tomorrow when it’s here so everyone can see how pretty it is!!
My eating is going really well after my 4 ½ lb loss this week, I’m super buzzing to see how much I can lose this week.
But for now, send me things to cheer me up please?