In bed with... Yuta


Okay, so I know I’ve been prolonging this for a while but it was because of my short hiatus and then I read it and had to edit it because it was utter crap tbh it still is I just hope you like it and yeah :-) I’m blessing your eyes js  ^_^

In bed with… series:

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i know i use this gif for literally every fucking reaction but i am obsessed with it bc of his thighs. when we get more thigh action, i promise to stop lmao actually not really :-)

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gdi flo i used all the good gifs in my making out with yuta post dbaibd check it out for some cool gifs of yuta ok

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anonymous asked:

MM would have been staying at Jessicas house because there would have been no furniture at her own house. If Corey was paying the rent he prob paid for the furnitre and took it with him. Mad Meg was so sure she would be living at KP no chance she would have bought her own, it would have been shoes, clothes and handbags in storage. Megs only thinks of herself no chance sh bouht furniture for us to share (meg and corey).

The furniture, they did an article of meghan house, it was all Corey’s furniture and he moved out in September kids, not july. 

thanks anon