me lookin at road kill: ew that’s gross lol

dead raccoon: you ain’t looking that good either sweetie :) your hair is drier than the crusty blood matted in my fur


mom's reaction to the bmp princes

me: ok so here are the princes. tell me what u think of them

mom: u need to stop bothering me with your questions.

mom: this is the third time I’m suspicious of u.

me: why?

mom: hes sneaky

mom: wipe that shitty grin off his face for me.

me: u don’t like him do u?

mom: no.

mom: he needs to brush his hair

mom: but its better than urs

me: thanks mammy

mom: he reminds me of that gay collage kid u know.

me: but hes black

mom: idc

me: ok

mom: hes a flower boy

mom: weak

me: so mean

mom: hes the weak one

mom: so girly

me: ur so harsh on him

mom: he looks like one of those kpop stars

mom: I feel like I can break him easily

mom: hes like casanova

mom: he looks loyal

mom: i like his hair

mom: kinda dorky

mom: tough boy here

mom: he looks like that boy u use to like

me: u will never mention him again.

mom: oh wow

mom: wow

mom: wow

mom: so good

me: u ok

mom: wow

mom: are u smitten?

mom: hes the beast

mom: hes my fav

mom: can i have him

 mom: works bc i’m not married

me: I swear in that moment we were all my mom

mom: wtf does that mean

me: this man, hes my favorite

mom: shut up I’m talking

me: ok

mom: he seems pissed off

mom: his hair is like a lion fur

me: mane?

mom: yea whatever

mom: hes ok

mom: weak but clever

mom: he looks like one of those secretive abusive husbands

me: wow ok

mom: he can be nice but hes cold

mom: he looks like a cat

me: he hates cats

mom: all abusive husbands do

me: o_o

*there was an awkward silence to this*

anonymous asked:

Have you ever carried fish in your mouth so you're hands were free for escaping power?

* Yes. 

* Furequently when I was younger. 

* Cats are naturally agile, but we often need all four paws in order to get away from bad situations. 

* Even in a human furm~ 


D –> Happy New Year's 

:33 < furm all of us! 

D –> May your 2015 be STRONG  

:33 < and furry awesome! 

D –> Now let us participate in these frivolous humanb100d activities, Nepeta 

D –> You will join me 

:33 < sure thing equius!! 

Dear Ryan Murphy,

geuss what? I ship brittana AND IM STRAIT.

Honestly it was never about Santana being a lesbian for me. I just wanted her to be with the person she belongs with. Brittany. I don’t see a gender when I look at them.

NOR is it about kisses or sex sceens. Just an equal amount of screen time atleast! What we get out of brittana for the most part is heya background moments and that’s ABSURD!

Try to realize what you fans are saying.

As extremely frustrated me.