furlong problems

She Drives

Okay, so I tend to ignore all the tweets and posts about RAS and She Drives in general but I’m getting so sick and tired of this repeated trashing. Let’s get some things straight. 1. You all obviously do NOT know how the music industry works. I’ve been dealing with it for almost 3 years with the jobs I’ve had, and trust me, to release a song, it goes through hundreds of people that have to approve it. If just ONE person doesn’t, it can not be released. And if anyone releases it without permission, they end up in court and will lose. 2. RAS has never mentioned She Drives willingly. He only ever mentions it because people like YOU and all you rude spammers, constantly harass him for it. He’s been in the music business for almost TEN years, and he’s only ever worked with BTR in the last two-three years. So no, he isn’t using his friendship with them to gain fame. Trust me when I say that. 3. He is the nicest and sweetest guy ever. He goes out of his way for each and every single fan of his. You don’t even have to mention him in a tweet, he sees them all on his timeline. Calling him names and threatening him to hack him isn’t going to make him release anything sooner, it just pisses him off. So if you could all calm your motherfucking tits and act like normal fans it’d be much appreciated because you’re giving some of us a bad name. And if you don’t like him, do us all a favor and unlike his Facebook, unfollow him from Twitter; and pretend he doesn’t exist. Thank you.