Just once in a movie when the villain starts ranting about evolution through “survival of the fittest” I want someone who actually knows something about biology to call them on it.

“You know what? No. Just. Fucking. No. We are the top species on the planet for a reason and if it was strength then you wouldn’t be a furless lil squish with useless claws and teeth that can barely handle steak. For someone who can’t seem to shut up about how you alone know the great destiny of mankind you don’t know jackshit about how we got here. We cooperated, jackass. We evolved as together and we’re still evolving together. We worked together and supported each other, even the elderly and disabled who you’d deem meaningless. If anyone’s to blame for stagnating our evolution, it’s the people who disproportionately share resources and hold back the majority of our population over largely arbitrary differences…..you know, like you’re doing right now. You aren’t the next stage. You’re barely even the current stage. You’re a genetic throwback trying to drag us all with you and that light you’re guiding us towards is just the view out your mouth from how far you shoved your head up your own ass. Nature doesn’t give a crap about your ideals, just who survives. And we survive together.”

Aliens and beards
  • aliens not recognising their crewmate after his beard had been shaven off (honestly, neither can the humans, but the alien-freakout is highly entertaining)
  • aliens watching in confusion as comparing beards suddenly evolves into a full-out competition of beard-beauty (though having suspicions as to how the arrival of certain females of the species might have attributed to that)
  • furred aliens (especially those who can grow their fur long-ish, but well-groomed fur is the basic requirement, right?) joining in for fun, and to tease the competing males (one of the new competitors is an older female with rich fur around her neck, proof of her maternity and genetically encoded Care for her young)
  • furless aliens feeling a bit left out, but pacified as they are asked to act as judges, having a more objective point of view without their instinctual pull towards certain types of fur
  • (also they pick up supplies on the next station, faux fur and wigs and glitter and pretty beads and clams and… everythng. Next competition is in a week, and it shall be fabulous.)

#262 Mightyena

actuallyaltaria replied to your post “Who’s that Pokemon?”


Yay you got itttt!! I learned many things about Mightyena while crocheting it, such as the facts that from above it looks like a skunk because there’s no black fur running down the middle (but why?? IDK), it is 90 percent FLUFF, and that a fluffless Mightyena looks like a long-legged Chanel-boot-wearing rabbit(-eared donkey).

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I got this glittery moisturizer bar for Christmas and earlier I got the brilliant idea to rub it in my hands and then pet my cat, thereby making him all sparkly and now every time I see him I start giggling. 

I’m not saying this is something Kent Parson has done to Kit, but this is definitely something Kent Parson has done to Kit.

Trust: Chapter 1

Jack is broken. Blind and injured, unable to trust those around him after being rescued from Talon, he tries to push everyone away. However, Gabriel, adrift and trying to embrace the past and adapt to Overwatch once more, refuses to be pushed away determined that Jack will feel safe again. Kitty!76.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

Inspired by @noodl and Captain of the Hunt on Twitter.

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spooniefulofsugar  asked:

For the 4 word prompts. F!Ryder with whomever you'd like. "So, it was you" Please & thank you!

I hope you enjoy fluff, spoonie. That is not a pun, I swear!

The quartermaster had turned even paler than the sand. Sara’s hands balled into fists as she glared at her.

“Missing supplies? Again?

The guilt was almost immediate. Sometimes it felt like Sara knew everyone on Eos, but that was because she didn’t know any of them at all. She recognized the big ones; the important faces, and the names of those with influence - but she couldn’t claim any more knowledge than that. It didn’t matter that Prodromos was her pride and joy. It didn’t matter that she’d spent blood and tears to give this place a fighting chance.

She’d never so much as asked this woman’s name. She didn’t get to be rude to her.

“Sorry,” Sara muttered. She lifted her chin and flexed her fingers; took those deep, calming breaths that Scott always told her to take. “You want me to look into it, right?”

The quartermaster nodded. She didn’t look scared, precisely, but she was definitely nervous. A furious Pathfinder had that effect on people.

SAM spoke up on their private channel. “Travel on Eos will be considerably easier now that the Kett have scaled back their presence on the planet. It should not take long to fulfil the quartermaster’s request.”

“I’ll do it,” Sara sighed. “Give me the coordinates.”

The heat on Eos was more an annoyance than a hazard. Five minutes on Elaaden had a way of making any ordinary desert seem well and truly temperate, but Sara’s forehead was still sticky with sweat by the time the Nomad crested Sheartop.

“We’re almost at the quartermaster’s coordinates,” Peebee said from the backseat. She sounded a good deal more cheerful than Sara felt. “Down that path to the northwest, do you think?”

Jaal rumbled his agreement. “I believe so.” Unlike Peebee, he sounded a little nervous, but that was probably because of angle of the path in question. Anything more than a gentle descent fired up Jaal’s distrust of Milky Way tire treads - and the sandy surface probably didn’t help. “You’ll proceed carefully, right?”

Sara hoped he couldn’t see her smirk in the rear-vision mirror. “Of course.”

She took the slope at a good seventy or eighty kilometres an hour; not fast enough to send them off the edge of the narrow path, but enough to make Jaal squeak in alarm. The Nomad’s tires left the ground for a moment - several moments - and the adrenaline kick got the blood flowing through Sara’s veins again. Jaal gasped when the vehicle slammed back into the sand, kicking silicates up behind them like orange streamers.

Peebee snickered, slapping the panting angara on the shoulder. “See, Jaal? Carefully.”

For what it was worth, Sara did continue the descent with caution. The path was a winding one, curling around outcroppings and between towering, rocky pillars. The slope soon came close to levelling out. According to the quartermaster’s coordinates, they were exactly where they needed to be, but Sara couldn’t see anything.


“Is that a cave?”

Peebee crawled between the front seats to get a better look. “I think so! Let’s go take a look.”

“I recommend that you investigate,” SAM chimed in.

“Then let’s proceed on foot,” Jaal said shakily. Peebee giggled, clapping a hand over her mouth to muffle it, but Sara felt another flash of guilt.

“You got it, Jaal. Let’s go.”

The cave was several degrees cooler than the sun-drenched sand outside, and Sara was grateful for it. It was narrow, too, in contrast to the other sprawling caverns she’d seen on Eos, and the sound of their footsteps echoed back at them no matter how carefully they advanced. About twenty metres in, the tunnel hooked sharply to the right - then branched into two distinct paths.

Sara stopped. “Hmm. Scissors-paper-rock? Eenie-meenie-miney-mo?”

SAM responded before the others had the chance. “It would be more efficient to investigate both forks at once, Pathfinder. I do not detect any hostiles in the area. Perhaps you should proceed down the path to the right. Ms. B'Sayle and Mr. Amal Darav can investigate the path on the left.”

“You’re suggesting we split up. Have you been watching those horror vids Liam lent you? You know what happens when the team splits up.”

“Ugh,” Peebee muttered. “It’ll be fine! Quit worrying so much, Ryder.”

Sara raised an eyebrow at her. “Seriously?” She looked at Jaal, expecting to find an ally - but he was already heading for the path SAM had suggested. “Jaal!”

“I agree with Peebee,” he said calmly. “The kett are long gone from Eos, and if SAM detects no cause for concern -”

“Then we have nothing to be afraid of,” Peebee finished for him. She looped her arm through Jaal’s and led him away. With the sunlight cut off by the turn in the tunnel, the darkness was almost complete, but Peebee’s flashlight flickered to life a moment later. “Get going,” she called back to Sara. “What are you waiting for?”

Sara sighed. “If I get eaten by an eiroch,” she yelled at the rapidly retreating illumination, “I’m telling SAM to blame you!”

“You are not going to be eaten, Pathfinder.”

“Whatever you say, SAM.”

She advanced slowly, her weapon at the ready and a prepared biotic throw dancing on her fingertips. Her flashlight went some way towards dispersing the darkness, but its pale beam only stretched about ten metres in front of her. She couldn’t decide whether she was grateful for the narrow path or resentful of it. If any of the monsters from Liam’s vids were going to leap out at her, she only had one way to run.

Sara flinched when her omnitool pinged. “What?”

“Oh, nothing.” Peebee’s voice was a little crackly - probably thanks to interference from the surrounding rock - but she still sounded distinctly pleased with herself. “Just wanted to tell you what a great time we’re having over here. We could hang out here for hours. How are you doing?”

Sara sighed explosively. She was ready to fire back something irritable - but she could see a glimmer of light up ahead. “SAM?”

“It appears to be natural light, Pathfinder. There may be a gap in the cavern ceiling around the next bend.”

Sara set her omnitool to silence incoming transmissions. A little sunlight shouldn’t have made her nervous, but something about this wasn’t right. Peebee was being too cheerful. Jaal was being too reckless. And SAM? Sara couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something about the way he’d said hostiles.

But he was right about one thing: the was a gap in the ceiling. Sara rounded a twist in the tunnel to find herself standing in a cone of golden light, dust motes dancing in the air around her. There was a large provisions crate sitting in the centre of the illumination, an Initiative mark emblazoned on its side.

“Are these the missing supplies, SAM?”

“Yes, Pathfinder. The ID number matches that provided by the quartermaster in Prodromos.”

Sara breathed a sigh of relief - but something still didn’t seem right. She approached the crate slowly, reaching out to skim her fingers along the nearest surface -

And it moved. Only briefly, and only slightly - but it definitely shifted, skidding a half-centimetre across the floor as if something inside it had hurled itself against one side. Sara could hear a quiet shuffling coming from the crate. Panting, too.

This was not a supply crate.

“I swear to god, SAM, if there’s an eiroch in here -”

“I do not detect any eirochs in the area, Pathfinder, and we have yet to encounter one that would fit in a supply crate. Perhaps you should open it to confirm.”

Sara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “SAM -”

“I strongly recommend it.”

Sara sighed one more time. Something was very fishy about this, but SAM wouldn’t try to hurt her. Taking up position slightly to the side of the crate, she used her omnitool to slice through one of the joints. The shuffling stopped while the tool whirred. She crossed to the other side of the crate, hauling on the severed surface as she went. It creaked open - reluctantly - until it finally hung free, secured to the body of the crate by only one of its four connecting sides.

Sara peered into the dark interior. She couldn’t see much. There was a small device secured to one of the inside walls.

“That is slow-release oxygen supply, Pathfinder.”

“Why would there be -”

She cut off at the tell-tale scrape of claws on aluminium. Something was stirring in the darkness. She could hear it breathing; hear it advancing. Sara raised her gun, preparing to turn tail and run if she smelled even a hint of eiroch breath.

SAM was talking again. “You will not need your weapon, Pathfinder.”

What the fuck was going on?

Then it charged at her, barrelling out of the darkness like a little torpedo; leaping up to bat at her with tiny paws and wet nose -

Wait. What?

Maybe it was a reflex, or maybe it was just shock, but Sara stumbled backwards. She fell on her ass on the cave floor - and then it was on top of her, licking at her ears and snuffling at her hair.

“Oh my god -”

It was a puppy.

Sara could have cried with joy. She pushed it away just long enough to clamber up onto her knees. The puppy scrunched up its tiny face, worrying at her wrist as it tried to get in close again. It was an ahdi, by the look of it, with a brightly coloured dorsal fan and blunt little teeth. It didn’t have any fur, but Sara could live with that. Like adult ahdi, its skin was thick and leathery, but it came in rolls like a tiny, furless pug. Its eyes were huge and glinting, and it leaped at Sara the moment she let it go, snuffling at her neck as it tried to climb onto her shoulders; whining like a baby when she refused to let it lick her face.

A voice rang out behind her. “I see you found my present.”

Sara froze - then spun around, clutching the puppy to her chest as she searched for the source of the voice. When she found him, she wanted to cry again.

Reyes was leaning against the wall of the cavern, half in shadow and half in light, smiling that self-satisfied smile of his. “Do you like it?”

“What are you doing here?” The puppy managed to squirm high enough to lick Sara’s chin - and tears of joy pricked at her eyes. “And yes. Yes, I do.”

Reyes’ smile widened. He pushed himself off the wall. “Good. SAM couldn’t tell me if you were a dog person or not.”

“Hang on. SAM was in on this?”

Sara knew she was probably imagining it, but SAM sounded a little sheepish. “Mr. Vidal and I were in agreement. It has been too long since you took time for yourself, Pathfinder. He suggested that a surprise might be in order.”

“So you got me a dog?” Sara put a hand over her mouth to shield herself from the puppy’s assault on her chin. “Wait, SAM - so it was you? You took the supplies?”

Still smiling as if he’d never been so pleased with himself in his life, Reyes knelt down on the ground beside her. “Not exactly. We borrowed this crate from Prodromos, but we didn’t actually steal any supplies. SAM fudged a few numbers here and there.” Sara must have looked horrified, because his expression turned mollifying. “Hey - we had to get you to come out here somehow. You’d never have agreed to take the time if you thought it was a personal outing. SAM can fix the books up later.”

Sara glanced down at the puppy, heart pushing up against the bottom of her throat. He was pawing at one of the clasps on her armour. “He can’t live on the Tempest. Kallo will have an aneurysm.”

“Then he can live with me. That was my plan all along, you know.” Reyes smiled again, and Sara’s heart threatened to crack in two. “To give you another reason to visit me.”

He kissed her, lips slow and soft and gentle; fingers skimming up her arm to tilt her chin a little higher. Sara giggled helplessly into his mouth, scrambling to stop the puppy from climbing up between them. It was bouncing around in her arms, yipping in excitement.

“Oh my god. I think I’m going to cry.”

Reyes pulled back. He looked alarmed. “You aren’t allergic, are you? Can you be allergic to ahdi?”

Sara snorted a laugh. She hooked one arm around his neck, dragging him down to her lips again; clutching the puppy with her other hand as it squirmed and yipped and sniffed. “No.”

She kissed him again, wishing she could stay here forever. She wished she could show him just how loved her made her feel.

“I’m just happy.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I deeply enjoy reading your fics (especially the Duality Verse but really everything you write is great and inventive!) and I thought you should know, even though that's not the subject of my ask. Anyway, I've seen quite a few fanarts about Altean Lance and I was just wondering what were your thoughts on this concept? Feel free to ignore if you've already answered this/are not interested. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Thank you so much!

I really love Altean!Lance–I think that’s an AU with a lot of possibilities, whether you go with Lance as one of the old paladins or Allura’s brother or something (where he was in stasis for 10,000 years with Allura and Coran), or you go with Lance being descended from Altean survivors (whether or not he knows it.)

Actually, I recently got a comment from @seamarmot on my Coran-centric pre-canon fic (One Week to Say Goodbye) about Altean Lance and Allura’s mom, Lealle (who was the previous blue paladin in Voltron: Duality, for those who haven’t read the series.) So since that’s been on my mind, here’s some thoughts on Altean!Lance in the Dualityverse (pre-stasis; I might be tempted to write up some post-stasis thoughts at some point but this started to get long):

  • Lance grew up on Altea to a relatively average family. He wasn’t nobility, but his family was pretty well off, and Lance could have easily been a businessman or a minor politician or an artist or any number of things
  • But he idolizes the paladins of Voltron, dreaming about being a paladin himself someday, so he joins the Voltron Guard–the fleet of support ships and ground troops that helps the paladins out on larger/more difficult campaigns
  • He’s only an average pilot to start–good enough to be a pilot, not a foot soldier, but not good enough to really stand out–but he works really damn hard and he’s super enthusiastic about everything, and his fellow pilots all know him as someone who cares about his team
  • That’s how Lealle first hears about him, actually. She makes a habit of going around to check in with the Guard, eating lunch with a different squadron each day she doesn’t have other duties, stopping by in the evenings to see how everyone’s getting along, that sort of thing. She figures these people have dedicated their lives to supporting her mission and making her job easier, so the least she can do is help with morale.
  • But see, she’s also a bit of a prankster, so sometimes she’ll come disguised as another species–most often pretending to be a merchant (since she grew up with them and know how to fake it) so she can skip the whole blue-paladin-slash-queen-of-Altea hero-worship.
  • (The veteran soldiers see right through it after a while, but no one’s gonna ruin it for the newbies.)
  • So Lance.
  • Lance sees this gorgeous woman being all buddy-buddy with his friends, and he figures he owes it to them both to make her feel welcome.
  • His suave entrance is ruined somewhat when he realizes his friends are already talking about him, but he re-centers and makes a good faith effort to flirt with the merchant lady…
  • …only to be turned upside down, inside out, and left floundering because this woman can talk circles around him.
  • The sheer challenge of it snaps him out of flirtatious mode, and they start joking around, and at the end of the night Lealle lets her shift go and asks Lance if he’d like to train with her.
  • Once Lance is able to salvage his dignity, he agrees (duh)
  • Lance isn’t the only one training under the paladins–there are usually two dozen or so, and this group only ends up filling about half the vacancies on Team Voltron, since the lions ultimately pick their own pilots.
  • Lance and Meri (another Altean blue paladin hopeful, who’s a little bit older than him–closer to Allura’s age) become fast friends and wreak havoc on the castle–sock-skating down the hallways, sneaking down together to Blue’s hangar because they like hanging out with their fav kitty, Meri daring Lance to do stupid shit that ends with more than one fighter wrecked…
  • Every time Lealle catches them, she tries to act stern and disappointed (to keep up appearances in front of Alfor, Allura, and the other paladins), then drags Lance and Meri off by their ears. As soon as they’re out of sight of the others, Lealle lets go, then usually drags them off for more trouble disguised as training
  • Lance is great at strategy, which he learns from Coran, and diplomacy, which he learns technically from Coran but realistically from Allura
  • Meri is awesome at shape-shifting–only Lealle is better. Meri, Lealle, Lance, and occasionally Coran have shape-shifting competitions that Allura is of course too dignified to engage in
  • (Except the combined puppy eyes of Lance and Meri wins her over every time.)
  • Consider also that Zarkon is still a paladin at this point
  • Consider that Lance and Meri would absolutely prank the living hell out of Team Voltron’s “furless leader” (Lealle and Coran try really hard not to encourage them–they do! They just… are not successful.)

This bagel, he is a naughty little guy sometimes (he is always trying to table surf!), but he is also the best big brofur ever. He loves his little furless brother so much, and is so very patient and sweet with him. So glad he found his way to our family!

#MOTD featuring Pacifica Beauty, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Honeybee Gardens, Kat Von D Beauty, Illuminaré Cosmetics, and Furless Cosmetics! 😘

Valentine’s Morning, Quill Style

Gift for @imamotherfuckingstar-lord for that amazing Quill valentine <333

‘Babe,’ Peter knelt by your bed in the tiny cabin. ‘Babe. Babe. Hey, wake up. It’s Valentine’s, c’mon, open your eyes.’
‘Shove off,’ you muttered, cracking an eye open. ‘It’s too early for that sappy bullshit.’ He grinned at you, trying to look innocent.
‘Come onnnnn,’ he whined. ‘We landed on this really cool planet. There’s this place that-’
‘Who has a bounty on you this time?’ you asked, shoving at his chest as you grumbled sleepily. ‘Are we on the run again?’
‘No! Well, kind of, but they’re a-holes, and I thought you liked the devil-may-care sexy outlaw type.’ He smirked, leaning down to plant his hands by your head. ‘Admit it.’
‘Oh darlin’, you always were a terrible liar. Admit it.’
‘Eat tentacles, Quill.’
‘God, that was one time!’ He huffed, nudging your legs aside so he could sit on the edge of the bed. His scent filled your nose, leather and oil and something you associated with him alone. ‘Babe. If I get a kiss any day, surely it’s this one. Right?’ You leaned up, smirking when his eyes fluttered closed.
‘Nope, try again Star Prince,’ he groaned in frustration, head hanging.
‘Please? Please with pancakes? Please with pancakes and a mixtape? Please with-’
‘Hey, Quill, we need you in the- Jesus! Close the frickin’ door when you screw, you furless heathens!’ Rocket cried as he stuck his head into the cabin.
‘We’re not-’ you began weakly.
‘Oh you’d know about it!’ Peter called after the tiny, angry raccoon. You blushed bright red as he waggled his eyebrows at you. ‘She would not be coherent!’
‘You got issues, Quill!’ Rocket snapped back.
‘Get off my damn ship,’ Peter said, authoritatively. ‘I wanna test that theory.’

I am a very passionate person and one thing I am extremely passionate about is animal rights. Now, I am in no way a perfect human, I only began transitioning into this lifestyle 6 months ago and still have quite a ways to go. I compiled this list out of my own research and decided to share it, I can only hope it will be useful to someone ◕‿◕ I will update it as frequently as possible, but please feel free to edit, ask questions, or educate me and others. Thank you!!!

♡ Related Links: 

Leaping Bunny - Administers Cruelty-Free guidelines internationally and is the most reliable source for “…assurance that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers.”

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VitaCost - Has Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan sections to purchase from.

♡ Related Blogs/Youtubers: 

Veganmakeup - my favorite Cruelty-Free/Vegan beauty blog (let me know of any others!!!)





♡ Key: 

Obviously, everything on this list is currently Cruelty-Free (CF).

Ⓥ = Vegan

N = Natural

☆ = personal favorite!

♡ Makeup:

100% Pure (Ⓥ N)

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Beauty Without Cruelty (Ⓥ)
Beauty Secrets (Ⓥ)

☆ BH Cosmetics (CF)

BITE Beauty (CF)
Cheeky Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cherry Street Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cosmic Tree (Ⓥ)

Crazy Rumors  (Ⓥ)
Cruelty Free Shop (Ⓥ)
Devita (Ⓥ)
Devine Natural Mineral Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earth Goddess (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials  (Ⓥ)
Eco Minerals (Ⓥ)
Eco Glow Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ ELF (CF)
Elixery (Ⓥ)
Emani Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ essence (CF)
Everyday Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ Fyrinnae (Ⓥ)
Gabriel Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Glam Natural Makeup (Ⓥ N)

☆ Hard Candy (CF)

Hurraw! (Ⓥ)
Illuminare (Ⓥ)
Inkia (Ⓥ)

Juice Beauty (CF N)
Killer Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kett Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

L.A. Colors (CF)
Logona (Ⓥ)
Lip Ink (Ⓥ)
Mad Style Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
☆ Melt cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Minerale  (Ⓥ)
☆ Motives Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Modern Minerals Makeup (Ⓥ)

Mountain Minerals (Ⓥ)
Musq  (Ⓥ)
My Earth (Ⓥ)

Natural Girl Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)
☆ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Pink Quartz Minerals (Ⓥ)
☆ Pumpkin & Poppy (Ⓥ)
Pure Gaisha  (Ⓥ)
Prirodna cosmetics (Ⓥ)

Rockeresque (Ⓥ)
Rogue Republic (Ⓥ)
Scout Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
☆ Shiro Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Smash Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

☆ Sugar Pill (Ⓥ)
Swagger Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Tick Tock (Ⓥ)

☆ Too Faced Cosmetics (CF)

Well 2  (Ⓥ)

Wet N’ Wild (CF)

♡ Brushes: 
Alima Pure (Ⓥ)
Bare Escentuals (Ⓥ) 

Cozzette (Ⓥ)
DermaBrushes (Ⓥ) 

Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials (Ⓥ) 

Eco Nvey (Ⓥ)
☆ Eco Tools (Ⓥ)
☆ Furless (Ⓥ)
Inika (Ⓥ)
☆ Pirouette (Ⓥ) 

☆ Real Techniques (Ⓥ)
Vegan Vibrance  (Ⓥ)

♡ Nail Care: 
Acquarella Polish (Ⓥ)
Anise (Ⓥ)
Big Ruby Nail Tattoos (Ⓥ) 

Beauty without cruelty (Ⓥ)
Butterlondon (Ⓥ)
Colorclub (Ⓥ)

Dreams (CF)
Gabriel cosmetics (Ⓥ) 

Gosh (Ⓥ)
Misa (Ⓥ)
ncLA  (Ⓥ)
Nail Aid (Ⓥ)
No miss (Ⓥ)
Nubar (Ⓥ)
Priti (Ⓥ)
☆ Sparitual (Ⓥ)
☆ Zoya (Ⓥ)

♡ Skincare:  
Aeon Botanica (Ⓥ)
Akin (Ⓥ)
Amie (Ⓥ)
Ayana Organics (Ⓥ N)

Be Genki  (Ⓥ)
Be Natural Organics (Ⓥ N)

Beautiful Earth (Ⓥ)
Bioethique Organic (Ⓥ N)
Blue Ridge Gypsy (Ⓥ)
Bonicca ( Ⓥ | also makes cosmetics)

Botani  (Ⓥ)
Botanicals For Beauty (Ⓥ)
Bronzo (Ⓥ)

Ceela (Ⓥ)

☆ Dermalogica (CF)

Devita (Ⓥ)

Dinga Bear (Ⓥ)
Dolphin Organics (Ⓥ N)
Dr Danton (Ⓥ)
Dr Loretta (Ⓥ)
Different Daisy (Ⓥ)
Dr Wendy (Ⓥ)
Elta (Ⓥ)
Envy Tan (Ⓥ)
Essential Stuff (Ⓥ)

Florere (Ⓥ)
Från Krämer  (Ⓥ)
Gourmet Body Treats (Ⓥ)
Happy me Skincare  (Ⓥ)
Herbal Choice (Ⓥ)
Herbology (Ⓥ)
Hippy Heaven (Ⓥ)

Hothouse Botanicals (Ⓥ)
☆ Hugo Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Keshi Organics (Ⓥ N)
Kimberly Sayer (Ⓥ)
Kuush  (Ⓥ)
KSA Jojoba (Ⓥ N)
LaMari   (Ⓥ)
Lin Lou (Ⓥ)
L’uvalla (Ⓥ)
La Bella Pink (Ⓥ)
La Isha (Ⓥ)
La Natura (Ⓥ)
Leap Organics (Ⓥ N)

Lillian Skincare  (Ⓥ)
LooLoo’s Escape (Ⓥ)
Loving Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Malcoms Miracle (Ⓥ)
Metamour Skincare (Ⓥ)
Metropolis (Ⓥ)

moom  (Ⓥ)

Mystic Zen (Ⓥ)
Naturally Green (Ⓥ)

Nature’s Gate (Ⓥ)

Nude  (Ⓥ)

Odacite (Ⓥ)
Organic Grooming (Ⓥ N)

Organic Kama (Ⓥ N)
Organic Roseshare (Ⓥ N)

Osea Malibu (Ⓥ)
Paradise City (Ⓥ)
Planet eve (Ⓥ)

☆ Paula’s Choice (CF)
Raw Gaia (Ⓥ)
Sanctum  (Ⓥ)
Sevi (Ⓥ)

Smartmen (Ⓥ)

Soapwalla  (Ⓥ)
Sukin  (Ⓥ)
Treasured Earth (Ⓥ)

Tri Nature  (Ⓥ)
U little Beauty (Ⓥ)
Yaoh (Ⓥ)
Y natural (Ⓥ)
Y-yo (Ⓥ)
Yuva  (Ⓥ)

♡ Bath & Body:  

Antho (Ⓥ)
Bare Body Soaps (Ⓥ)

Bubble Shack Hawaii (Ⓥ)

☆ Clean Cauldron (CF N)
Dixie Bits (Ⓥ)
Dr Singha (Ⓥ)
Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics (Ⓥ N)

Earth Light Organics (Ⓥ N)
Earthly Body (Ⓥ)
Emerita (Ⓥ)
Enfusia (Ⓥ)
Fanciful Fox (Ⓥ)

Free Of (Ⓥ)
☆ Freeman (Ⓥ)
Holistic Body Care (Ⓥ)
I Love My Muff (Ⓥ)
Kalliste (Ⓥ)
Keys (Ⓥ)
Little Owl (Ⓥ)

☆ Lush (Ⓥ N)

☆ My Konjac Sponge (CF N)
Sensibility Soaps (Ⓥ)
☆ Spa Ritual (Ⓥ)
Squid Balm (Ⓥ)
Well in Hand (Ⓥ)
Wildflower Organic Bodycare (Ⓥ N)

♡ Hair Care: 
☆ Abba (Ⓥ)
Aesop  (Ⓥ)
A’kinAl’chemy  (Ⓥ)
Apteka (Ⓥ)
Animal Aid (Ⓥ)
Australian Organics  (Ⓥ N)

Botanicals (Ⓥ)
Colure Hair (Ⓥ)
Creo Care (Ⓥ)
Daniel FieldDavid Babaii for Wild Aid (Ⓥ)
Davroe Hair Wellness  (Ⓥ)
Delorenzo (Ⓥ)

Giovanni (mostly Ⓥ)

Green Body Green Planet (Ⓥ)

Honesty Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kept (Ⓥ)
Know! (Ⓥ)
Max Green Alchemy (Ⓥ)
Micro Broo (Ⓥ)
Mixed Chicks (Ⓥ)
Muk (Ⓥ)
Natures Quest (Ⓥ)

Not You Mothers (CF, ?)

O.B.I Natural (Ⓥ)

☆ Organix (CF N)

Paul Mitchel (CF, some Ⓥ)
Peter Lamas (Ⓥ)
Salon Naturals (Ⓥ)
Surface (Ⓥ)
Tara Smith (Ⓥ)
Tisserand (Ⓥ)
YarokZerran (Ⓥ)

♡ Hair Dye:  
Daniel Field (Ⓥ)
Developlus (Ⓥ)
Herbatint  (Ⓥ)

Ion (Ⓥ)
☆ LaRiche Directions (Ⓥ)
Light Mountain Hair Color (Ⓥ)
☆ Lush (Ⓥ)
☆ Manic Panic (Ⓥ)

Naturtint (Ⓥ)
Special Effects (Ⓥ)

Splat (Ⓥ)
Tints of Nature (Ⓥ)

♡ Sun Care: 
☆ Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Invisible Zinc (Ⓥ)
☆ Kiss My face (Ⓥ)
KINeSYS Sunscreen  (Ⓥ)
Monimay (Ⓥ)
Natural Glow (Ⓥ) 

♡ Dental Care: 
Desert Essence (Ⓥ)
Dr Sharp (Ⓥ)
Eco Dent (Ⓥ)
Jack N Jill (Ⓥ)
☆ Jason (Ⓥ)
Kiss My Face (Ⓥ)
Natures Gate (Ⓥ)
Oxyfresh (Ⓥ)
Stim-U-Dent (Ⓥ)
White Glo (Ⓥ)

♡ Deodorant: 
Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Alvin Connor (Ⓥ)
Deodorant Stones (Ⓥ) 

LaMari (Ⓥ)
Milcu (Ⓥ)
Naturally Fresh Crystal (Ⓥ N)

♡ Perfume: 
Green Ritual (Ⓥ)
Kai Fragrance (Ⓥ)
perfume organic (Ⓥ N)
Julian Rouas Paris (Ⓥ)
Le Labo (Ⓥ)
Malibu (Ⓥ)

☆ Pacifica (Ⓥ)

♡ Body Mod. Aftercare: 

☆ Really helpful post about Vegan Tattoos.

After Inked (Ⓥ)

H2Ocean (Ⓥ)
Out Of Sea (Ⓥ)

☆ PunkMedics (Ⓥ N | stretching, piercings, tattoos, everything)

♡ Sexual Health & Hygiene: 

Earthly Body(Ⓥ)

☆ Glyde(Ⓥ)

Good Clean Love(Ⓥ)

SebaMed (CF)

Sir Richards condoms (Ⓥ)
The personal Vegan (Ⓥ)

♡ For Fury Friends 

Beach Organics(Ⓥ N)

Castle Baths (CF N)

demes (CF N)

Farm Dog Naturals (Ⓥ N)

ecos (CF)

♡ Household Products 

Astonish (CF)

☆ Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps (Ⓥ N)

Earth Alive (CF N)

Eco-Me(Ⓥ N)

Ecover (CF N)

Martha Stewart (CF N)

Miarose (CF)

☆ Seventh Generation(Ⓥ N)

i decided to put all the headcanons i posted so far into one big post 

here you go:

1. Lonnie joins the tourney team and her and Jay become sparring buddies

2. Evie takes an interest in Jay’s hair and insists he uses hair care products to keep it healthy and she also likes braiding it etc; Jay just lets her do whatever because he secretly likes looking fabulous af

3. Audrey and Ben become good friends after a while; she knows they just weren’t meant to be and that she deserves someone who really appreciates her

4. Mal won’t admit it but she likes being really girly sometimes, like twirling in a cute skirt; Evie knows of course but she never says anything

5. Carlos spends hours just looking at images and videos of dogs on the internet

6. Dude turns out to be female and also pregnant because she somehow managed to shake off Carlos for a while; and when she gives birth to the puppies Carlos loses it because he’s not ready to be a father but he will use everything he has learned in Auradon to care for them

7. Evie decides that she wants to try out lots of different kinds of science and whenever Carlos has a problem with his tech stuff he asks her for advice because she often looks at problems from a different angle

8. Evie sews matching outfits for Carlos and Dude, and Carlos loves all his new, clean, fashionable and furless clothes

9. Jane convinces her mother to teach her simple magic, because it’s her heritage

10. Carlos gets a little muffin top from eating excessive amounts of chocolate but his friends don’t say anything, they’re just glad he gets enough to eat

11. After some time in art class, Mal gets asked to paint a big mural to celebrate the historic event of the VKs choosing good

12. Carlos quits tourney and becomes a cheerleader instead

13. Instead of being vengeful, Audrey makes a point of being supportive of other girls at all times, because she realized how important that is.

14. Doug knows sign language because his father (Dopey, who is mute) taught him.

15. Even after the events of the movie the VKs attend goodness class to better understand what being good actually means. Like helping and supporting each other, how to give and take compliments, what goes around comes around.. all the things they never learned growing up.

16. Carlos and Jane become friends because of the fact that sciene and magic are so similar, so they often talk about how they can improve either with the help of the other.

Not super important stuff, but have a lovely thing of minor arguing and the reason why Foxpaw wears a bandanna. Bandana? I don’t know.

“I’m going to tear his mangy pelt right off him,” Foxpaw growled. “He’ll be crow-food by the time I’m done with him. I’ll send him to the Dark Forest furless and ripped to pieces.” She flexed her claws.

“Do you know where to find him?” Jesse asked.

Foxpaw clawed at the soil. “I don’t. But a cat leaves a trail, just like prey. I can follow him. And then… and then I’ll take what I was supposed to get in the first place.”

“Then I can help you.” Jesse puffed herself up, trying to look bigger and tougher. “I’ve tracked things. I’m stealthy. I can help in a fight.”

“Says the cat who nearly got eaten by a fox.” Foxpaw shook her head, but a small purr escaped her throat. “I told you I would take you back to your barn. I’ll go do that, then come back here.”

“But the scent trail may have faded by then,” Jesse tried. “You have to follow it now, or you might never find him.” Jesse saw this caused Foxpaw to pause, and a feeling of accomplishment coursed through her. But then-

“Broken twigs and footprints remain. And what about Reuben? You said you came all the way here because of him. Don’t you have to find him?” Foxpaw mewed.

“No, no, I found him,” Jesse mewed quickly. “Then the fox came, and I told him to run to the barn. He can find his way back home better than I could.”

“In that case, you really should go back to the barn.”

“Y-yeah, but I can’t just let you go without any support!”

“Jesse. You don’t have to worry about me. I can handle myself.”

“Petra- Foxpaw-, please.”

Foxpaw’s tail swished with agitation. The ginger apprentice muttered something about regret, then meowed in a more clear voice, “Then, Jesse, go to the barn yourself.“ 

Jesse was shocked. "What? I don’t know where it is!”

“The territories are that way,” she mewed tilting her head to indicate the direction. “You should be able to get home from there. Find Reuben. And if you still want to help, come back here.”

Jesse didn’t know what to say. Finally, a thought occurred to her, and she mewed, “Do you still have the ‘kerchief?”

“Yes, but how is this important? We’ve wasted enough time as it is.”

“Just- just give it to me.”

Foxpaw went inside the den and dropped at Jesse’s paws. “Happy?”

“Stay still.”

“What?” Foxpaw managed to exclaim, before Jesse put the ‘kerchief on the ginger apprentice’s head. “What’s the point in that, Jesse?”

“It’s supposed to be lucky, so please wear it?” she pleaded.

Foxpaw rolled her eyes, but made no motion to take it off. “Get going, Jesse.”

Jesse nodded, and ran.

that was like,,,, really cute,, i believe in them