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Those other Galrans are pretty different too. Note: Haxus has no visible ears, tentacle like hair instead of fur, neither Thace, or Porok have giant, poofy bat-ears like Sendak. Haggar has no fur, just like Zarkon, & that officer with horns & scales. While numerous nameless Galran generals wearing the uniform wearing the same uniform as Sendak, just have pointy furless ears on the side of their head, rather then furry ears on the top like Sendak.

@spoopyshayneart i think this is for u too buddy

Honestly the galra designs are all over the place– i didnt even notice that thace didn’t have ears, i thought his hair was his ears until i saw him in fanart! 

and that horned officer is the bane of my existence cause you can make arguments that the other characters are galra even w/ the differing designs but that guy is no where CLOSE–he’s an anomaly

I still really like the furry kitty design though so i’m just sticking with that, plus a new hc that some galra are hairless, like siamese cats. It just makes things easier to sort out cause all the designs are so different //shrug


I kinda have a problem with all the designs of Brightheart with this big massive furless scar on half her face, because my Nanas cat, Bells, lost an eye and had some damage to her face, and as a primarily outdoor cat her face healed more than fine and fur grew back over most of it. While I understand the design choices it just, doesn’t fully connect? IDK MAN

Which OC should I make?

                    i’ve been so indecisive about this, so opinions would be highly appreciated. i already have the page  +  theme set up seeing as his face-claim was the only thing i was sure about.