Just once in a movie when the villain starts ranting about evolution through “survival of the fittest” I want someone who actually knows something about biology to call them on it.

“You know what? No. Just. Fucking. No. We are the top species on the planet for a reason and if it was strength then you wouldn’t be a furless lil squish with useless claws and teeth that can barely handle steak. For someone who can’t seem to shut up about how you alone know the great destiny of mankind you don’t know jackshit about how we got here. We cooperated, jackass. We evolved as together and we’re still evolving together. We worked together and supported each other, even the elderly and disabled who you’d deem meaningless. If anyone’s to blame for stagnating our evolution, it’s the people who disproportionately share resources and hold back the majority of our population over largely arbitrary differences…..you know, like you’re doing right now. You aren’t the next stage. You’re barely even the current stage. You’re a genetic throwback trying to drag us all with you and that light you’re guiding us towards is just the view out your mouth from how far you shoved your head up your own ass. Nature doesn’t give a crap about your ideals, just who survives. And we survive together.”

Aliens and beards
  • aliens not recognising their crewmate after his beard had been shaven off (honestly, neither can the humans, but the alien-freakout is highly entertaining)
  • aliens watching in confusion as comparing beards suddenly evolves into a full-out competition of beard-beauty (though having suspicions as to how the arrival of certain females of the species might have attributed to that)
  • furred aliens (especially those who can grow their fur long-ish, but well-groomed fur is the basic requirement, right?) joining in for fun, and to tease the competing males (one of the new competitors is an older female with rich fur around her neck, proof of her maternity and genetically encoded Care for her young)
  • furless aliens feeling a bit left out, but pacified as they are asked to act as judges, having a more objective point of view without their instinctual pull towards certain types of fur
  • (also they pick up supplies on the next station, faux fur and wigs and glitter and pretty beads and clams and… everythng. Next competition is in a week, and it shall be fabulous.)

#262 Mightyena

actuallyaltaria replied to your post “Who’s that Pokemon?”


Yay you got itttt!! I learned many things about Mightyena while crocheting it, such as the facts that from above it looks like a skunk because there’s no black fur running down the middle (but why?? IDK), it is 90 percent FLUFF, and that a fluffless Mightyena looks like a long-legged Chanel-boot-wearing rabbit(-eared donkey).

PLEEEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK ON THIS ONE. COMMENTS, CRITICISMS, CONCERNS. Drop me an ask, message me, reblog this with comments and/or tags. 

I got this glittery moisturizer bar for Christmas and earlier I got the brilliant idea to rub it in my hands and then pet my cat, thereby making him all sparkly and now every time I see him I start giggling. 

I’m not saying this is something Kent Parson has done to Kit, but this is definitely something Kent Parson has done to Kit.

i dunno how relatable a feel this is bc i know a lot of ppl dont like bugs In General but goddd do u ever,,,, think abt moths and just go. HOW. how was there ever a time where i thought they were gross and creepy. how did i ever have this image of them where they were scaly and furless and creepy looking. how did i ever not take the time to see that they’re actually harmless and one of the most adorable insects to ever fly my way,,, i love moths

Ultimate TF Shitpost Blog Masterlist 23-05-17


Lost Light Crew:
Rodimus: @rodimemeprime @autobot-flameout-prime @flameonrodimus
Ultra Magnus: @ultramagnussmartposts
Drift: @driftofficial @thunderthighsmcgee
Megatron: @thebesttyrant
Ravage: @loyaldecepticat
Tailgate: @minibotme
Cyclonus: @cyclonusshitposts
Whirl: @whirlfacts @whirlie-bird
Rung: @rung-not-ring
Swerve: @swerveshitposts
Skids: @skidstheorizes
Nautica: @bothtrueandfalse
Nightbeat: @nightbeatmysteries
Perceptor: @sniproscope
Brainstorm: @brainstormsbrainstorms
Chromedome: @chromedomefacts
Rewind: @rewindsreceipts
Ambulon: @leg-of-action
First Aid: @doyourequirefirstaid
Ratchet: @unrelentingcynicism @ratchets-clinic
Pharma: @betterdoctorthanyou
Velocity: @tenthtimesthecharm
Trailbreaker: @forcefieldguy
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Riptide: @hydr0b0t
Atomizer: @raiseyourcrossbows
Sunstreaker: @itsalwayssunnyon-cybertron
Protoseeker: @proto-seeker (OC)

Luna 1:
Fortress Maximus: @gunsinlegs
Red Alert: @redalertalerts @ask-the-paranoid-autobot
Prowl: @doubledutycops
Mixmaster: @questionable-lab-safety

The Decepticon Justice Division:
Tarn: @therealtarnshady @tarn-nation
Kaon: @itskaonandthepet @thepitsofkaon
Nickel: @medic-mum

The Scavengers:
Krok: @best-strategist
Fulcrum: @kick-ass-k-class
Misfire: @misfire-misfires
Spinister: @spinnyster
Crankcase: @grumpyboxwastaken
Grimlock: @grimlock-is-king

On Cybertron:
Shockwave: @dailydoseoflogic
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Starscream: @starscreamscreams
Bumblebee: @autobot-commander-bee
Wheeljack: @wheeljackingit
Blurr: @blxrredracer
Roller: @bigfriendlyroller
Damus/Glitch: @tarnception
Sunstorm: @chosenbyprimus
Silverbolt: @silverbolt-roleplays-for-real
Jetfire: @jetfireitup
Metroplex: @metroplex-heeds-the-call
Trypticon: @the-talking-trypt

Earth Crew:
Optimus Prime: @optishitprime @maximum-primeage
Soundwave: @broadcasted-idiocy
Frenzy: @getfrenzied
Lazerbeak: @laserfocus-prettybird
Ratbat: @ratbatusedskree
Thundercracker: @crackingthunder
Skywarp: @skyvop

Verity: @wrecker001


Optimus Prime: @hipsdontprime
Arcee: @sexy-blue-two-wheeler
Ratchet: @ineededthat
Wheeljack: @subtleshifting
Cliffjumper: @lifebythehorns

Megatron: @darkenergon-megatron
Starscream: @birbscream
Shockwave: @amostillogicalarguement
Knock Out: @cherryautomobileenthusiast
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Blades: @fearlesshelicopter
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Bulkhead: @bulkbot
First Aid: @red-med-femme
Blurr: @the-fast-and-the-furless
Sentinel Prime: @sentinel-shouting

Shockwave: @prime-decepticon
Blitzwing: @three-for-one
Lugnut: @p0kewar
Black Arachnia: @spideysshitposts
Swindle: @swindlestealsyourcash

Beast Wars/Machines:

Megatron: @predicons-terrorize-yesssssss

Shattered Glass:

Soundwave: @god-tier-soundwave
Ravage: @catposting

Chase: @lawwhatlaw
Prowl: @doubledutycops (yeee there’s two of them and one’s SG)


Optimus Prime: @give-me-your-face
Bumblebee: @radiopoweredhoneybee
Crosshairs: @gemsnatchinsniper
Drift: @spectralistdagger

Starscream: @inkedstar
Barricade: @bad-robocop

Sam: @yesiamladiesman217

Non-continuity OCs:

Landon: @landongalaxies
Arana: @arachnicon-arana
Max: @maxthenightbirb
Ross: @chiaroscuros-void
Glass: @rungscuteglasses
Lavender: @universallavender
Terra: @immortalwanderer

everyone is organised by continuity of origin. shitpost blogs that are also personals have not been included (to the best of my knowledge). if i missed anyone or got something wrong please IM/PM me ^3^


some observations on species diversity? 

branca goes the fucking hardest, he’s got, what, three different kinds of birds, dogs, a pig, a monkey, a rat, an unsettling furless HORSE, my man is just completely obliterating the birds-pigs-dogs standard

rota’s got dog people almost exclusively, the ducks always stand out, especially in how small and fragile they look amongst adults, though the baby dognoses are almost the same size as baby ducks for some reason

rodriques has got a couple small birds around. specifically this one was memorable to me because he’s got the darkwing-style body type, not the bean-type, they look so different i honestly think they’re different kinds of ducks

maybe he’ll grow up to be one of the tall ones?

Trust: Chapter 1

Jack is broken. Blind and injured, unable to trust those around him after being rescued from Talon, he tries to push everyone away. However, Gabriel, adrift and trying to embrace the past and adapt to Overwatch once more, refuses to be pushed away determined that Jack will feel safe again. Kitty!76.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

Inspired by @noodl and Captain of the Hunt on Twitter.

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ML Kittens!AU

Okay so I saw this incredibly cute art by @qookyquiche and I just couldn’t resist, so I had to write the first part of a Kittens!AU… Thanks for the permission, qooky!

Marinette was having a good life.

She was born in a safe place, with a caring mother and a strong father. The humans always were nice to her, cuddled her and kept her clean and gave her and her family a warm, cozy bed.

When she became a little older and was able to stumble around with her siblings and play a few games the humans slowly gave her brothers and sisters away, one by one. Her mother always urged her to properly say goodbye to them and to not be sad. She’d eventually see them again and if not, they’d have a good life.

She had asked herself why her mother knew that for sure but she trusted her judgement and always bid them goodbye with a few nose rubs and little games.

It never was that hard. Marinette was still young and didn’t really understood what parting from them really meant. Besides, she always got to stay with her beloved mother.

So of course, she could never have anticipated what came next.

One day a young woman came to look at her family. Marinette knew what that meant. Another one of her siblings would be taken. She didn’t really care about the woman, she instead just rolled to her other side, snuggled up to her brother and continued napping.

The young woman sat down on the table with the mother of her human family and started talking to her. It may have seemed like Marinette was sleeping but her ears twitched at the smooth, soft voice of the woman.

She liked it. Liked it a lot. She couldn’t deny that.

Okay, she decided, I maybe am a little interested what she’s doing.

Marinette finally lifted her head, just like her tail on which the tip lightly moved, and snuffled in the air, trying to figure out the scent of the woman. She didn’t smell like cigarettes, the disgusting things the mother of the family always used on the terrace. There had also been one guy who had wanted to take one of her siblings but her human family had sent him away again.

There was a light smell of cookies to her. Marinette wrinkled her little muzzle and stretched a little forward. A few other things that sometimes landed on the table of her human family, she didn’t know all the scents but it was food. And paper? Where did that come from?

But not the paper the boy of her human family sometimes carried around in his colorful backpack. It was more like the paper the father smelled after, the adult paper.

Over all it was a soft scent. Marinette liked it. So as the two women got up to walk over to the crib with Marinette, her mother and her remaining two siblings, she stretched and shakily got to her four little legs. Her paws were still unstable, not as elegant and quiet as those of her mother and not as strong and surely placed as her father’s.

The two women crouched down and Marinette curiously padded towards the lap of the strange woman with the soft scent and warm voice. She sniffed on her knee and lifted her paw to hit it, seeing if she could get a reaction. When she didn’t get one, the blue jeans mockingly staying still, she hit it again but lost her balance and rolled on her back. She quickly got up again after rolling around a bit, only to attempt a hiss and jump at the knee. She had seen her mother hiss once, at the guy smelling like cigarettes and another sharp smell she couldn’t identify. When her mother hissed it sounded so hostile and sure.

Marinette merely managed a light, dry choking sound with a little squeak but finally she got a reaction. Just not the one she hoped for.

Her mother gently bit into the thick fur on the nape of her neck and pulled her back, giving her a scolding glare. She then nudged her to watch how she should do it. Her mother propped her front paws up on the woman’s leg and stretched her head up, letting the woman pet her.

She then turned her gaze towards her daughter, nodding at her.

Try now, she encouraged Marinette and got off the woman’s leg to nudge her kitten again.

Marinette unsteadily got to her feet and once again approached the woman, her little fuzzy tail flitting behind her. She tried the same move but the woman’s knee was too high so instead of standing tall and elegant like her mother she fell backwards. Just before she hit the floor, however, a soft hand caught her and lifted her up to place her on the woman’s leg, remaining close to keep her from falling off. Marinette glanced up and tried sitting down to keep her balance on the-… Somehow squishy big human things. She managed barely, only with the help of the steadying hand, and looked up to meet the woman’s gaze.

She didn’t know much about human beauty but she thought this woman was really pretty. The fur on top of her head was properly groomed and smelled so much like her, her eyes were behind those weird, partly invisible round things and sparkled in a warm hazel-green color. She blinked down on her and began laughing as Marinette tried reaching up with her tiny paw to knock these glass things off her nose so she could see her eyes better. Of course she was way too far down but Marinette didn’t really know her way around with distances yet.

Her piercing blue eyes wandered to the fur of the woman and finally she had something to play with that was in her reach. The fur was very, very long and darker on top while it became orange on the tips. What a weird fur… The mother, the father and the boy of her human family all had short fur. Even shorter than Marinette’s mother’s.

It was fascinating her how long it was and how it moved so tauntingly close, swinging with every movement. The humans talked to each other in light voices but Marinette didn’t try to listen to them. She crouched down, her concentrated eyes fixed on a close strand of fur.

She didn’t even notice her siblings now slowly coming closer as well, having woken up from their nap. Her other remaining sister curled up on the mother’s lap, laying down to sleep again. Her brother tried to play with her mother but she dismissed him with a gentle wave of a paw.

Marinette didn’t see all of that. She widened her eyes at the swinging strand of fur, her pupils narrowing to slits and her tail excitedly swishing. She ducked down behind the wrist of the steadying hand and lightly pawed her leg, kneading like she saw her mother doing that on a blanket before laying down.

She was impatient but when her father had trained her in sneaking and bringing quarry to bay he had made her wait longer. She had to be cautious, she had to concentrate, that fur was everything.

Her tail swished faster as she decided that she’d jump in a moment.

Then she suddenly jumped by putting her paws on the woman’s wrist, closely followed by her back legs to lunge forward and catch the strand of fur between her front paws and muzzle, her tiny sharp teeth sinking into the fur. Her butt flew further and she toppled over the side of the leg, refusing to let go and thus yanking the woman’s head down with her.

She didn’t care, however, she just continued nibbling at the strand of fur while she heard a yelp and then a soft laugh before now a pair of hands cupped around her and lifted her up again. The fur slipped away from her grasp and she tried jumping after it but the hand quickly caught her. Suddenly she was in front of the woman’s face, seeing her hazel-green eyes smirking at her. Her tone was joyful, playful and she overall seemed amused.

Why was she amused?

Marinette reached out and padded a paw on her nose, tilting her head when the sound of laughter sounded so much closer suddenly.

The skin of the woman was so soft and furless… Wasn’t it really cold for her to walk around so naked? Marinette prodded forward and pushed her head against the crook between the woman’s nose and her cheek. She then pressed her face along the cheek, her tail swishing against the woman’s other cheek and her body leaning against her nose. Just then she noticed she had moved the weird black glasses thing. She jumped back and jabbed her paw against the glasses thing, her back arching and her tail straight in the air. These things were so irritating!

She was rewarded with the soft sound of the woman’s laughter again and she removed one hand underneath Marinette and took off the things. The hand joined the other and her eyes blinked a little unfocused before looking at her again.

The woman now talked to her, in a gentle voice, capturing her gaze and moving her a little away from her face, probably to see her better. Marinette shakily sat down on the unsteady platform the woman had created for her and tilted her head.

What are you saying?, she asked.

But the woman didn’t communicate the way Marinette did. She didn’t understand every human word yet, she just knew a few names, apparently, and a few commands. Like her own na-

“Marinette.”, the woman said. She said it! She said her name! Marinette got to her feet again and tried getting closer to the woman but she just laughed and kept her where she was. Then another word caught her attention.


She liked the sound of that. Alya… Yes, she definitely liked the sound. It sounded soft and warm and Marinette wanted to keep hearing that word. Was that the name of the woman in front of her?

She once again stood up and this time the woman held her protectively now, lightly leaning her against the crook of her neck. Marinette wiggled out of her grasp and climbed up her plaid shirt to reach the squishy thing that humans have on the sides of their heads. She caught it between her teeth and Alya lightly yelped but laughed again, prying Marinette’s muzzle away from her earlobe with a gentle finger and lifted her up again. She then nodded to the other woman and Marinette tried fighting her way out of her grasp again but the woman held her so comfortably and warmly and the playing and hunting had really worn her-… Out…

Marinette yawned and curled up in the woman’s hands, still keeping her attention up and her eyes awake but snuggling with the thumb of the woman really relaxed her. Her breaths became slower and evened out and before she knew it she barely felt how the woman stood up, sat down on the table with the mother again and began rustling with paper after snuggly placing her in her lap. Marinette pushed her nose against the blue jeans and slowly let her eyes droop and close.

When she was woken up again it was by her mother’s soft touch on her nose. She slowly blinked and yawned, then stood up and pawed on Alya’s legs, stretching out the sleep.

The soft hands of Alya lifted her up and set her down on the floor, her voice slightly worried and directed to the mother but Marinette paid no attention to that. Her gaze caught her brother and sister playing and she quickly ran up to them, tackling them both to the floor. They rolled around for a bit and playfully bopped each other’s noses and bit in each other’s ears before Marinette’s mother once again lifted her up in the nape of her neck and carried her back to their bed, settling down with her and beginning to lick her clean.

What does that mean, Maman?, she asked by flattening her ears back to her head.

Her mother didn’t reply at first but soon she stopped licking and rubbed her head on Marinette, purring lightly.

The Alya human wants to take you, she finally said by nudging the little kitten’s head towards the two humans who were still sitting at the table, talking to each other. Marinette’s ears perked up at this, standing straight up and her tail started swishing behind her, going from one side to the other.

Really?!, she asked excitedly, her gaze jumping between Alya and her mother but soon her ears dropped back again and her tail lowered, she became a little unsure, really?

Her mother lovingly began licking her again and her purring got stronger.

Alya is a good human. She will care for you. And now go say goodbye to your siblings, kitten, her mother bopped her nose against Marinette’s and nudged her side, encouraging her to get up again and join her brother’s and sister’s game.

She did, though she was not as playful as usually. She found herself wondering how it’d be to go with another human. She has seen a few humans, mostly her family and a few friends and family of them, wanting to see her mother and her siblings. Then those who took her other brothers and sisters. Where were they taken? What awaited them there?

She couldn’t imagine something different than this.

What would it be like, living with Alya? Did she have a human family, too? And did she live far away? Would Marinette be able to visit her mother?

Her brother jumped and caught her off guard, causing them both to roll over the floor with uncoordinated motions. Her brother was the first to come to his paws again and flopped down on top of her, nibbling on her ear. His ears were excitedly straightened up and his blue eyes sparkled of mischief.

Gotchu!, he celebrated, then pulled on her ear, his tail pointing straight up in the air, Gotchu, gotchu!

She huffed and tried rolling out underneath him but he pinned her to the floor and then bopped his muzzle against hers, lightly licking over it.

She bopped his nose, pulled his head down and bit on his ear, gently nibbling on it. He suddenly jumped off and chased after their sister but quickly got distracted by a mouse toy that lay in his way, instantly choosing this as his prey and catching it with wide arms, rolling over the floor.

Marinette watched him for a moment before her sister pressed her head against her side, making her jump. The two girls, entangled in each other, rolled over and both came to a halt crouching down in front of the other. They both had their tails up in the air, the tips lightly jumping around until Marinette finally lunged and toppled her sister over, meowing loudly as she came to a victorious halt.

Her sister tried snapping at her ears but Marinette just caught her muzzle with one of her paws, softly hitting her repeatedly while her sister now tried to catch her paw. She let the game go on for a bit before pushing her nose against her sister’s cheek, effectively stilling her.

They both went on to lick each other’s cheeks a bit before Marinette went off of her and walked back to her mother. Alya stood up and her mother started meowing, as she always did when one of her kittens was taken.

Marinette snuggled up to her side and mewled quietly, then, as the hand of the mother came down to gently lift her away she playfully jumped at the fingers and started chewing on them. Her mother licked her back but then backed off a little, watching the Alya human with careful eyes.

The mother softly caught Marinette and lifted her up to place her in a little transport crate, stuffed out with a blanket that smelled like home and her siblings, together with a few toys that looked like a toy mouse and a big ring. She briefly thought about attacking the mouse but first she wanted to see what the human mother was doing. When she turned the crate is closed with a-… A grid?

She started pawing at it, jabbing at it and a frustrated mewl escaped her muzzle as it doesn’t budge. Her blue eyes focused on the outside now as she tried biting into it but the grid was too small to allow her teeth to find a good grip. Suddenly, Alya’s face came into view. She looked worried but Marinette instantly relaxed at her soft face.

She started talking and repeated her name, “Marinette”, from time to time.

Then she vanished and she heard her mother protesting from another room but she knew she was gonna get through this. She still got her remaining siblings and who knew, maybe she could visit her sometime?

Marinette shouted back, her eyes widely opened, her ears tensed up and her tail straight out to the back, levelling with her spine. She already missed her mother and siblings and her human family but she was also excited to go with Alya.

She seemed nice.

And soon they were out on the streets of Paris, Alya carrying her safely and carefully through the slightly rainy day, heading to her new home.

More to come soon!

I am a very passionate person and one thing I am extremely passionate about is animal rights. Now, I am in no way a perfect human, I only began transitioning into this lifestyle 6 months ago and still have quite a ways to go. I compiled this list out of my own research and decided to share it, I can only hope it will be useful to someone ◕‿◕ I will update it as frequently as possible, but please feel free to edit, ask questions, or educate me and others. Thank you!!!

♡ Related Links: 

Leaping Bunny - Administers Cruelty-Free guidelines internationally and is the most reliable source for “…assurance that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers.”

Shop Cruelty-Free - Search brands to see if they are Cruelty-Free or Vegan.

White Rabbit Beauty - Sells only Leaping Bunny approved brands.

VitaCost - Has Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan sections to purchase from.

♡ Related Blogs/Youtubers: 

Veganmakeup - my favorite Cruelty-Free/Vegan beauty blog (let me know of any others!!!)





♡ Key: 

Obviously, everything on this list is currently Cruelty-Free (CF).

Ⓥ = Vegan

N = Natural

☆ = personal favorite!

♡ Makeup:

100% Pure (Ⓥ N)

Afterglow Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)

☆ The All Natural Face (Ⓥ N)

Alythea  (Ⓥ)
Arbonne (Ⓥ)
Aromi Beauty (Ⓥ)
Au Naturale Glow (Ⓥ)

Avalon Organics(Ⓥ N)

☆ theBalm (CF)

Balm Envy (Ⓥ) 
Beauty Without Cruelty (Ⓥ)
Beauty Secrets (Ⓥ)

☆ BH Cosmetics (CF)

BITE Beauty (CF)
Cheeky Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cherry Street Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cosmic Tree (Ⓥ)

Crazy Rumors  (Ⓥ)
Cruelty Free Shop (Ⓥ)
Devita (Ⓥ)
Devine Natural Mineral Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earth Goddess (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials  (Ⓥ)
Eco Minerals (Ⓥ)
Eco Glow Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ ELF (CF)
Elixery (Ⓥ)
Emani Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ essence (CF)
Everyday Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ Fyrinnae (Ⓥ)
Gabriel Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Glam Natural Makeup (Ⓥ N)

☆ Hard Candy (CF)

Hurraw! (Ⓥ)
Illuminare (Ⓥ)
Inkia (Ⓥ)

Juice Beauty (CF N)
Killer Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kett Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

L.A. Colors (CF)
Logona (Ⓥ)
Lip Ink (Ⓥ)
Mad Style Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
☆ Melt cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Minerale  (Ⓥ)
☆ Motives Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Modern Minerals Makeup (Ⓥ)

Mountain Minerals (Ⓥ)
Musq  (Ⓥ)
My Earth (Ⓥ)

Natural Girl Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)
☆ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Pink Quartz Minerals (Ⓥ)
☆ Pumpkin & Poppy (Ⓥ)
Pure Gaisha  (Ⓥ)
Prirodna cosmetics (Ⓥ)

Rockeresque (Ⓥ)
Rogue Republic (Ⓥ)
Scout Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
☆ Shiro Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Smash Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

☆ Sugar Pill (Ⓥ)
Swagger Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Tick Tock (Ⓥ)

☆ Too Faced Cosmetics (CF)

Well 2  (Ⓥ)

Wet N’ Wild (CF)

♡ Brushes: 
Alima Pure (Ⓥ)
Bare Escentuals (Ⓥ) 

Cozzette (Ⓥ)
DermaBrushes (Ⓥ) 

Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials (Ⓥ) 

Eco Nvey (Ⓥ)
☆ Eco Tools (Ⓥ)
☆ Furless (Ⓥ)
Inika (Ⓥ)
☆ Pirouette (Ⓥ) 

☆ Real Techniques (Ⓥ)
Vegan Vibrance  (Ⓥ)

♡ Nail Care: 
Acquarella Polish (Ⓥ)
Anise (Ⓥ)
Big Ruby Nail Tattoos (Ⓥ) 

Beauty without cruelty (Ⓥ)
Butterlondon (Ⓥ)
Colorclub (Ⓥ)

Dreams (CF)
Gabriel cosmetics (Ⓥ) 

Gosh (Ⓥ)
Misa (Ⓥ)
ncLA  (Ⓥ)
Nail Aid (Ⓥ)
No miss (Ⓥ)
Nubar (Ⓥ)
Priti (Ⓥ)
☆ Sparitual (Ⓥ)
☆ Zoya (Ⓥ)

♡ Skincare:  
Aeon Botanica (Ⓥ)
Akin (Ⓥ)
Amie (Ⓥ)
Ayana Organics (Ⓥ N)

Be Genki  (Ⓥ)
Be Natural Organics (Ⓥ N)

Beautiful Earth (Ⓥ)
Bioethique Organic (Ⓥ N)
Blue Ridge Gypsy (Ⓥ)
Bonicca ( Ⓥ | also makes cosmetics)

Botani  (Ⓥ)
Botanicals For Beauty (Ⓥ)
Bronzo (Ⓥ)

Ceela (Ⓥ)

☆ Dermalogica (CF)

Devita (Ⓥ)

Dinga Bear (Ⓥ)
Dolphin Organics (Ⓥ N)
Dr Danton (Ⓥ)
Dr Loretta (Ⓥ)
Different Daisy (Ⓥ)
Dr Wendy (Ⓥ)
Elta (Ⓥ)
Envy Tan (Ⓥ)
Essential Stuff (Ⓥ)

Florere (Ⓥ)
Från Krämer  (Ⓥ)
Gourmet Body Treats (Ⓥ)
Happy me Skincare  (Ⓥ)
Herbal Choice (Ⓥ)
Herbology (Ⓥ)
Hippy Heaven (Ⓥ)

Hothouse Botanicals (Ⓥ)
☆ Hugo Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Keshi Organics (Ⓥ N)
Kimberly Sayer (Ⓥ)
Kuush  (Ⓥ)
KSA Jojoba (Ⓥ N)
LaMari   (Ⓥ)
Lin Lou (Ⓥ)
L’uvalla (Ⓥ)
La Bella Pink (Ⓥ)
La Isha (Ⓥ)
La Natura (Ⓥ)
Leap Organics (Ⓥ N)

Lillian Skincare  (Ⓥ)
LooLoo’s Escape (Ⓥ)
Loving Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Malcoms Miracle (Ⓥ)
Metamour Skincare (Ⓥ)
Metropolis (Ⓥ)

moom  (Ⓥ)

Mystic Zen (Ⓥ)
Naturally Green (Ⓥ)

Nature’s Gate (Ⓥ)

Nude  (Ⓥ)

Odacite (Ⓥ)
Organic Grooming (Ⓥ N)

Organic Kama (Ⓥ N)
Organic Roseshare (Ⓥ N)

Osea Malibu (Ⓥ)
Paradise City (Ⓥ)
Planet eve (Ⓥ)

☆ Paula’s Choice (CF)
Raw Gaia (Ⓥ)
Sanctum  (Ⓥ)
Sevi (Ⓥ)

Smartmen (Ⓥ)

Soapwalla  (Ⓥ)
Sukin  (Ⓥ)
Treasured Earth (Ⓥ)

Tri Nature  (Ⓥ)
U little Beauty (Ⓥ)
Yaoh (Ⓥ)
Y natural (Ⓥ)
Y-yo (Ⓥ)
Yuva  (Ⓥ)

♡ Bath & Body:  

Antho (Ⓥ)
Bare Body Soaps (Ⓥ)

Bubble Shack Hawaii (Ⓥ)

☆ Clean Cauldron (CF N)
Dixie Bits (Ⓥ)
Dr Singha (Ⓥ)
Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics (Ⓥ N)

Earth Light Organics (Ⓥ N)
Earthly Body (Ⓥ)
Emerita (Ⓥ)
Enfusia (Ⓥ)
Fanciful Fox (Ⓥ)

Free Of (Ⓥ)
☆ Freeman (Ⓥ)
Holistic Body Care (Ⓥ)
I Love My Muff (Ⓥ)
Kalliste (Ⓥ)
Keys (Ⓥ)
Little Owl (Ⓥ)

☆ Lush (Ⓥ N)

☆ My Konjac Sponge (CF N)
Sensibility Soaps (Ⓥ)
☆ Spa Ritual (Ⓥ)
Squid Balm (Ⓥ)
Well in Hand (Ⓥ)
Wildflower Organic Bodycare (Ⓥ N)

♡ Hair Care: 
☆ Abba (Ⓥ)
Aesop  (Ⓥ)
A’kinAl’chemy  (Ⓥ)
Apteka (Ⓥ)
Animal Aid (Ⓥ)
Australian Organics  (Ⓥ N)

Botanicals (Ⓥ)
Colure Hair (Ⓥ)
Creo Care (Ⓥ)
Daniel FieldDavid Babaii for Wild Aid (Ⓥ)
Davroe Hair Wellness  (Ⓥ)
Delorenzo (Ⓥ)

Giovanni (mostly Ⓥ)

Green Body Green Planet (Ⓥ)

Honesty Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kept (Ⓥ)
Know! (Ⓥ)
Max Green Alchemy (Ⓥ)
Micro Broo (Ⓥ)
Mixed Chicks (Ⓥ)
Muk (Ⓥ)
Natures Quest (Ⓥ)

Not You Mothers (CF, ?)

O.B.I Natural (Ⓥ)

☆ Organix (CF N)

Paul Mitchel (CF, some Ⓥ)
Peter Lamas (Ⓥ)
Salon Naturals (Ⓥ)
Surface (Ⓥ)
Tara Smith (Ⓥ)
Tisserand (Ⓥ)
YarokZerran (Ⓥ)

♡ Hair Dye:  
Daniel Field (Ⓥ)
Developlus (Ⓥ)
Herbatint  (Ⓥ)

Ion (Ⓥ)
☆ LaRiche Directions (Ⓥ)
Light Mountain Hair Color (Ⓥ)
☆ Lush (Ⓥ)
☆ Manic Panic (Ⓥ)

Naturtint (Ⓥ)
Special Effects (Ⓥ)

Splat (Ⓥ)
Tints of Nature (Ⓥ)

♡ Sun Care: 
☆ Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Invisible Zinc (Ⓥ)
☆ Kiss My face (Ⓥ)
KINeSYS Sunscreen  (Ⓥ)
Monimay (Ⓥ)
Natural Glow (Ⓥ) 

♡ Dental Care: 
Desert Essence (Ⓥ)
Dr Sharp (Ⓥ)
Eco Dent (Ⓥ)
Jack N Jill (Ⓥ)
☆ Jason (Ⓥ)
Kiss My Face (Ⓥ)
Natures Gate (Ⓥ)
Oxyfresh (Ⓥ)
Stim-U-Dent (Ⓥ)
White Glo (Ⓥ)

♡ Deodorant: 
Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Alvin Connor (Ⓥ)
Deodorant Stones (Ⓥ) 

LaMari (Ⓥ)
Milcu (Ⓥ)
Naturally Fresh Crystal (Ⓥ N)

♡ Perfume: 
Green Ritual (Ⓥ)
Kai Fragrance (Ⓥ)
perfume organic (Ⓥ N)
Julian Rouas Paris (Ⓥ)
Le Labo (Ⓥ)
Malibu (Ⓥ)

☆ Pacifica (Ⓥ)

♡ Body Mod. Aftercare: 

☆ Really helpful post about Vegan Tattoos.

After Inked (Ⓥ)

H2Ocean (Ⓥ)
Out Of Sea (Ⓥ)

☆ PunkMedics (Ⓥ N | stretching, piercings, tattoos, everything)

♡ Sexual Health & Hygiene: 

Earthly Body(Ⓥ)

☆ Glyde(Ⓥ)

Good Clean Love(Ⓥ)

SebaMed (CF)

Sir Richards condoms (Ⓥ)
The personal Vegan (Ⓥ)

♡ For Fury Friends 

Beach Organics(Ⓥ N)

Castle Baths (CF N)

demes (CF N)

Farm Dog Naturals (Ⓥ N)

ecos (CF)

♡ Household Products 

Astonish (CF)

☆ Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps (Ⓥ N)

Earth Alive (CF N)

Eco-Me(Ⓥ N)

Ecover (CF N)

Martha Stewart (CF N)

Miarose (CF)

☆ Seventh Generation(Ⓥ N)


It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that our squirrels were furless and had their eyes closed, but they grow up fast! We have several age groups in at the centre at the moment, and all are shortly awaiting release!
It’s always incredibly rewarding to not only bring up an orphaned animal, but to give it another chance in the wild. We wish them the best of luck!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I deeply enjoy reading your fics (especially the Duality Verse but really everything you write is great and inventive!) and I thought you should know, even though that's not the subject of my ask. Anyway, I've seen quite a few fanarts about Altean Lance and I was just wondering what were your thoughts on this concept? Feel free to ignore if you've already answered this/are not interested. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Thank you so much!

I really love Altean!Lance–I think that’s an AU with a lot of possibilities, whether you go with Lance as one of the old paladins or Allura’s brother or something (where he was in stasis for 10,000 years with Allura and Coran), or you go with Lance being descended from Altean survivors (whether or not he knows it.)

Actually, I recently got a comment from @seamarmot on my Coran-centric pre-canon fic (One Week to Say Goodbye) about Altean Lance and Allura’s mom, Lealle (who was the previous blue paladin in Voltron: Duality, for those who haven’t read the series.) So since that’s been on my mind, here’s some thoughts on Altean!Lance in the Dualityverse (pre-stasis; I might be tempted to write up some post-stasis thoughts at some point but this started to get long):

  • Lance grew up on Altea to a relatively average family. He wasn’t nobility, but his family was pretty well off, and Lance could have easily been a businessman or a minor politician or an artist or any number of things
  • But he idolizes the paladins of Voltron, dreaming about being a paladin himself someday, so he joins the Voltron Guard–the fleet of support ships and ground troops that helps the paladins out on larger/more difficult campaigns
  • He’s only an average pilot to start–good enough to be a pilot, not a foot soldier, but not good enough to really stand out–but he works really damn hard and he’s super enthusiastic about everything, and his fellow pilots all know him as someone who cares about his team
  • That’s how Lealle first hears about him, actually. She makes a habit of going around to check in with the Guard, eating lunch with a different squadron each day she doesn’t have other duties, stopping by in the evenings to see how everyone’s getting along, that sort of thing. She figures these people have dedicated their lives to supporting her mission and making her job easier, so the least she can do is help with morale.
  • But see, she’s also a bit of a prankster, so sometimes she’ll come disguised as another species–most often pretending to be a merchant (since she grew up with them and know how to fake it) so she can skip the whole blue-paladin-slash-queen-of-Altea hero-worship.
  • (The veteran soldiers see right through it after a while, but no one’s gonna ruin it for the newbies.)
  • So Lance.
  • Lance sees this gorgeous woman being all buddy-buddy with his friends, and he figures he owes it to them both to make her feel welcome.
  • His suave entrance is ruined somewhat when he realizes his friends are already talking about him, but he re-centers and makes a good faith effort to flirt with the merchant lady…
  • …only to be turned upside down, inside out, and left floundering because this woman can talk circles around him.
  • The sheer challenge of it snaps him out of flirtatious mode, and they start joking around, and at the end of the night Lealle lets her shift go and asks Lance if he’d like to train with her.
  • Once Lance is able to salvage his dignity, he agrees (duh)
  • Lance isn’t the only one training under the paladins–there are usually two dozen or so, and this group only ends up filling about half the vacancies on Team Voltron, since the lions ultimately pick their own pilots.
  • Lance and Meri (another Altean blue paladin hopeful, who’s a little bit older than him–closer to Allura’s age) become fast friends and wreak havoc on the castle–sock-skating down the hallways, sneaking down together to Blue’s hangar because they like hanging out with their fav kitty, Meri daring Lance to do stupid shit that ends with more than one fighter wrecked…
  • Every time Lealle catches them, she tries to act stern and disappointed (to keep up appearances in front of Alfor, Allura, and the other paladins), then drags Lance and Meri off by their ears. As soon as they’re out of sight of the others, Lealle lets go, then usually drags them off for more trouble disguised as training
  • Lance is great at strategy, which he learns from Coran, and diplomacy, which he learns technically from Coran but realistically from Allura
  • Meri is awesome at shape-shifting–only Lealle is better. Meri, Lealle, Lance, and occasionally Coran have shape-shifting competitions that Allura is of course too dignified to engage in
  • (Except the combined puppy eyes of Lance and Meri wins her over every time.)
  • Consider also that Zarkon is still a paladin at this point
  • Consider that Lance and Meri would absolutely prank the living hell out of Team Voltron’s “furless leader” (Lealle and Coran try really hard not to encourage them–they do! They just… are not successful.)

hailkuvira  asked:

Can I send two prompts? 8 + 34, pidgance!

I wanted to try to combine them but I ended up with two drabbles. so have fluff/sleepy cuddles followed by angsty crack (or crack-y angst):

(34) “You come to my room and wake me up at 4 am, to cuddle?”

Honestly, Pidge should’ve expected this. She should’ve known something like this would happen, and prepared for it, though that didn’t stop her from sighing in resignation when she opened the door to see Lance standing on the other side.

“Explain it to me again,” she said, rubbing her eyes. “You come to my room and wake me up at four AM, to cuddle?”

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