I got this glittery moisturizer bar for Christmas and earlier I got the brilliant idea to rub it in my hands and then pet my cat, thereby making him all sparkly and now every time I see him I start giggling. 

I’m not saying this is something Kent Parson has done to Kit, but this is definitely something Kent Parson has done to Kit.

I love thinking about human/mobian relationships in sonic’s world.

humans thinking their mobian partners are just so adorable and cute and cuddly, and wanting to snuggle with them all the time because their fur is so soft. mobians being fascinated by their human partner’s furless skin and wanting to feel how smooth it is. humans wanting to hug their partner’s big fluffy tail if they have one. mobians thinking their human’s hands are cute because they’re so tiny and petite compared to their own, and wanting to hold hands because of it. (or the other way around if the mobian is more like some of the archie characters and doesn’t have giant hands.)

the size differences. the human having to bend or kneel down to hug or kiss their mobian partner. the mobian having to stand on their tippy toes or stand on something to do the same to their human partner. the human carrying their mobian partner around everywhere because they’re so small and light. the mobian trying to do the same with their human partner and failing because they’re too big and heavy for them to carry, or succeeding because they’re strong and looking funny carrying a big human around. and then the bigger mobians are either the same size as their human partner or actually taller than them and the dynamic reverses.

mobians with superpowers protecting their human partners from danger. humans trying to do the same for non-powered mobians because they’re bigger and might be stronger because of it, and even if not, they try anyway.

they most likely wouldn’t be able to have children together so these couples adopt. a lot of them probably adopt both human and mobian children. the human children grow up to tower over their mobian parents, and the human parents are secretly glad that their mobian children stay little and cute even when they grow up. mobian children bringing their human parent to school events and vice versa. the human/mobian parents showing up to parent-teacher meetings and shocking the teacher.

they’re probably frowned upon there. couples get heckled if they’re seen being affectionate in public. many couples feel that they have to hide their relationship. a member of one species has to hide their attraction to the other for fear of being humiliated if anyone finds out.

there are so many more possibilities. just. I really like the idea of human/mobian relationships okay

theitalianscribe said:Prompt. Character: Gompers. Word: Home

Gompers found a tin that Sad Smell One Eye threw out into the yard and began to chomp on it. He was worried about Sad Smell One Eye. For a few brief months, there had been kids (even if they were weird furless kids with soft hooves and messed up eyes) running around, and Sad Smell One Eye had turned into Happy Smell One Eye.

Gompers had approved of the change. He tolerated Sad Smell One Eye, but it was nice to see him happy, if only because he stunk better. 

But then there had been the Wrong Bad that had ripped through his home, and while it was fun being big big and wreaking havoc and terror on all he surveyed, at the end of it what had been two kids had suddenly become one-

Gompers finished the tin and started to sniff around the yard for another one. There were a lot more tins out here than there used to be.

Lots of tins, sad smells, weird broken noises coming from One Eye; everything had gone back to normal, like from before the kids had come.

Gompers didn’t like that.

He’d have to have a word with what his boy kid had become to fix this. He’d miss the tins, but some things were worth the sacrifice. 

So I wandered around Steam and found a game calls Defend Felinearth and

Hoo boy that’s the main character. It can’t get worse than that, right?

Is… is that the Android from Dragonball?

Illness McNeckerson looks like he can’t breath.

Bishie catman looks nice but his handwriting is awful someone get him another lens.

Perfect design I love it. Tristan, but he’s a tiger with spots instead of stripes on his torso.

This man’s eye is just poking through his bandage. Compared to all the other anime faces, I can only surmise Furless’s head went through a blender.

I… I think she was traced from a How to Draw Anime book.

A good dog! Is a husky!



#MOTD featuring Pacifica Beauty, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Honeybee Gardens, Kat Von D Beauty, Illuminaré Cosmetics, and Furless Cosmetics! 😘

reverse alien infiltration scenario where comparatively small humans are the Browns, strange, barely furless, very small and thin-limbed species which can be seen behind the corners and smell a bit like ozone and iron

butts and butts replies

pixelrayne replied to your photo “I made those sims myself, but still somehow wasn’t prepared for all…”

I love the Trill-like markings.. <3

Me too! Well, and they are Trill spots indeed, just my sim not being a Trill. :) Anyway, in case you (or anyone else, because DS9 is so underrated) want them, they are here and here is another variation for the face spots. 👽

dreamilysillybanana replied to your photo “Usually I don’t keep pets that were randomly assigned to inactive…”

flat-faced fat fluffbutt 👌

I actually just kept that as her name, hahaha. Well, more or less- since her adopted furless daddy already has a dirt-grey dog called Wile E. Coyote, I  adjusted her name to match the naming pattern:

declarations-of-drama replied to your photo “I made those sims myself, but still somehow wasn’t prepared for all…”

I read this out to my hubby and he demanded to look. I showed him and his eyes BULGED! Then he was like “Is that a guy’s ass?” and I was like “Not telling!”

*whispers at your hubby* Pssst, it says “bird man”, take a wild guess. :P

nisukiye replied to your photo “I made those sims myself, but still somehow wasn’t prepared for all…”

but.. look at that butt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ….

That’s the problem: I did and it kept me from achieving anything, because I was too distracted by pixel ass. Not that I suffered, though… (≧▽≦*)

vampireacademysims replied to your photo “I made those sims myself, but still somehow wasn’t prepared for all…”

>.> dat butt……

*hoarse bird screeching sound in the background* “I have a face, too!”

Uh… is it just me, or did that butt just say something? (°,,,°)

Crossover: Redwall x Attack on Titan

It is the far future. Without warning, massive, furless giants called ‘Titans’ appeared out of nowhere, eating anybeast they came across. To protect itself, beastkind shut itself up in great walled towns, such as Redwall Abbey and the mountain fortress of Salamandastron.

But the walls cannot last forever. And among the secrets these great destroyers keep is that they have a name for themselves.


So here we are, in a dungeon, and the DM is describing a Howler to us.

DM: “So, think of like…  A big lion, but emaciated as hell, and all furless and gray.  A big gray furless emaciated lion.  But it has like…  Four long mandible things.  And quills all over.  And when it sees you, it sort of growls at you, and its face peels back over its head, literally, showing its skull and stuff.”

Half-Orc Fighter: “So…  like a foreskin?  A vicious foreskin-tiger!”

DM: “Yes.  Basically.”

Thus, the Howler became the Foreskin Tiger, and every time the Fighter attacked with her guisarme, she’d yell “Prepare to get circumcised, beast!”

The signs as things Clay Honeycutt mumbled on Big Brother
  • Aries: I didn't add much gripper.
  • Taurus: Oh, hands in. The winds just sock and protect them. The voicemail.
  • Gemini: Live in a bag.
  • Cancer: Weep for déjà slide in Jason.
  • Leo: Leos. Yeah.
  • Virgo: Neohabitat?
  • Libra: Deflect some of the...wind...to sauce and sauce.
  • Scorpio: I'm a furless bat.
  • Sagittarius: Hasenpfeffer shower.
  • Capricorn: Zakk Wylde'd know what I'd do without you, you know, you know.
  • Aquarius: ...she shook BYU.
  • Pisces: Heal us autumnal.
  • What he says: I'm fine.
  • What he really means: Leos. Yeah. Hasenpfeffer shower. Neohabitat? Heal us autumnal. Live in a bag. ...she shook BYU. Weep for déjà slide in Jason. Zakk Wylde'd know what I'd do without you, you know, you know. Oh, hands in. The winds just sock and protect them. The voicemail. Deflect some of the...wind...to sauce and sauce. I didn't add much gripper. I'm a furless bat.
  • What all of that really means: I played football at Texas A&M.