Loosing your moon can tear you apart Part 1

I know I suck at names. So I was thinking about Cream (again), and then about the swap universe. We all know the cute little Halluciv, who wants his senpai to notice him. This image is just so cute, but would fade away if there was Cream in it. Or maybe it wouldn’t? Anyway hope you enjoy the story.

Pairing: (swap) Nightcross

Halluciv, Marvul, Xcellence and Eraser belong to @blogthegreatrouge

Original Nightmare and Dream belong to @jokublog

Original Cross belongs to @jakei95

Original Ink belongs to @comyet

Halluciv is swap Nightmare, Marvul swap Dream, Xcellence swap Cross and Eraser swap Ink


Halluciv ran. He ran and didn’t know where he was. He didn’t care. He was crying. The memories in his mind didn’t make it any better.

“You’re so cute”

Xcellence never thought he was cute

“You’re so beautiful”

He never thought he was beautiful

“I love you”

Halluciv began to cry harder. He never loved him. He saw it himself.



Halluciv wanted to see his senpai. They were going to be meeting in the park for a date. Halluciv smiled at the word, he was really excited, he even transformed into his original form, to look good for Xcellence.

Halluciv was wearing a black shirt with a moon on each of his sleeves,the sleeves were golden-lined, dark blue shorts and black shoes with a moon on the outside of each shoe.

He was sitting on a seat in the park and was waiting for 10 minutes. Then it were 30.40. 50. An hour. Halluciv started worrying and began searching. What if something happened to him? Or did he just forget?

Halluciv figuered it would be smart to start at Xcellence’s castle, so he began walking there. It wasn’t a long walk, only 10 minutes. When he arrived, he rang the bell. Nobody opened. He rang it again. But nobody came (=W=) to open the door. He wanted to knock at the door, but then it opened by itself. It wasn’t locked. Weird.

Without thinking he went inside. He heared weird noises, he walked in further, and heared Xcellence’s voice “O-oh my *pant* aah~ oh goodness~ haah~” Halluciv smirked a little, so that’s why he didn’t come, he was probably in heat and touching himself. Well, he doesn’t have to do this alone anymore. Halluciv walked up the stairs and slowly opened the door of Xcellence’s room.

When he was standing in the doorway now he was…what was the right word to describe it, shocked? surprised? No, it was heartbroken. On the bed were his senpai Xcellence, and even worse was the fact that on top of him was his own beloved brother. Wow, traitored by his own brother, the worst thing ever happened to him. Halluciv began to cry, without even realizing it. He let out a small wimper wich caught Xcellence’s attention, his eyes widened.

“L-lucy! How long have you been-” he was interrupted by Halluciv.

“I’m sorry, didn’t want to *sob* interrupt you and my *sob* brother. JUST KEEP GOING, LIKE I NEVER EVEN EXISTED!” he practically screamed the last part. Then he telepored away.


Flashback end


Halluciv didn’t teleport to his house, because that would’ve been the first place they would search for him. He laughed at his stupidness. It was a dead laugh. As if they would even bother thinking about him. They would just keep on having their fun. The fun that was supposed to be his. And ONLY his. Kind of funny how fast you can lose something.

He was in a random AU in waterfall, falling down in front of a small lake. He didn’t even bother looking in wich universe he was in. That changed when he heared a voice.

“Rough day, huh~?” the voice asked. Halluciv immeadiately shot up, trying to look calm, wich was hard. Really hard.

“W-well…” Halluciv didn’t dare finish that sentence. The person just smiled at him with a not so pleasant look in his eyes.

“Tell me what’s wrong. I’m sure you’ll feel better after telling me what’s bothering you~” Halluciv sighed.

“I just caught my boyfriend sleeping with my brother” he said trying to hold back his tears. The person noticed, opening his arms for Halluciv to give him a hug. Halluciv didn’t think, he just ran into his arms and hugged him. He was crying in the others furjacket, but he didn’t care.

“Haven’t gotten your name though~” the person said. Halluciv managed to sob out some words.

“H-Haluciv” he said quietly. The other gently took Halluciv’s chin and made him look in his eyes.

“That’ such a cute name you got there~” he purred.

“I’m Sans, but because I’m sure you’re from another AU, just call me Lust~” *click* Lust had put a metal collar around Halluciv’s neck, making him jump. He tried to teleport away, but it didn’t work. Then Lust used his blue magic to pin Halluciv on the floor, he climbed on top of Halluciv, licking his lips.

“Tell me~ Ever fucked anyone else besides your so called boyfriend~” Halluciv looked to the side, blushing and shaking his head. Lust’s smirk grew even wider.

“Oh really~” he purred “That makes it even more pleasurable for me to get to do you~ who knows, maybe we can even make your boyfriend jealouse~”

“That won’t work” Halluciv said flat “I don’t think he even cares for me” Lust laughed sweetly.

“How could he not~? To be honest-” he leaned in where Halluciv’s ear would be “you’re the cutest Sans I ever got to do~” Then Lust kissed Halluciv. He tried to kick his legs, but to no avail, Lust was still holding him down.

Lust began massaging Halluciv’s lower area, causing him to moan. Taking his chance Lust shoved his tongue in Halluciv’s mouth. Before he knew it Lust was unbuckling Halluciv’s shirt. He began massaging the exposed ribs. Halluciv’s erection began to grow, without him even wanting it. Lust noticed and pulled away smirking.

He took off the shorts, causing Halluciv’s eyes to widen.


“A pussy~? You’re beloved boyfriend has made you bottom~?” he asked mockingly. Halluciv only nodded shyly. Lust leaned down so he was face to face with the erection.

“Well~ Let’s see how this guy tastes~ I bet it’s as sweet as yo-” he stopped when he felt something sharp on his neck.

“Don’t. You. Dare. This pussy doesn’t belong to you! I’m the only one who can taste it!” Xcellence growled, trying not to lose controle and kill that bastard. Lust  smirked.

“Your boyfriend?” he asked pointing with his finger at Xcellence. Halluciv was still looking away.

“Not anymore” he said. Xcellence nearly dropped his weapon. Halluciv can’t be seriouse about this. No, he was surely just trying to annoy him. Yeah, that must be it.

Lust gave Halluciv a small kiss on the cheek and took away his blue magic. He winked and made a call me later motion with his hands, making Halluciv blush a dark purple. Why was he blushing? He then teleported away.


Xcellence took a look at Halluciv. He was blushing, his shirt was loosely hanging down his shoulders and he wore no pants. It was making him sick. He was the only one allowed to make his Lucy look like that. Halluciv wasn’t even looking at him.

Xcellence was teleporting them to his room, pushing Halluciv down on the bed. Halluciv’s eyes widened.

“N-NO” he screamed while kicking his legs, as Xcellence climbed on top of him. Xcellence clenched his teeth. He looked down at Halluciv who had tears at the corner of his eyesockets.

“Why are you so tense! It’s not like we haven’t done this before!” He took a rope and cuffed Halluciv’s hands on the bed. Halluciv couldn’t teleport away, because of his metal collar,wich was still around his neck. Xcellence growled, he would show him, who he belongs to. He took off his shorts and tried to enter the legs kicking Halluciv.

He pushed himself in hard and began thrusting, making Halluciv scream “Aah… Xcellence…this…aah~… hurts” Xcellence was a little hurt himself. Why didn’t Halluciv call him senpai? Or Celly? Or any of his cute nicknames for him?

“Well that’s *huf* your own fault *huf* , you traitor” Xcellence said. Halluciv’s eyes widened with anger. “I’m a traitor?” he asked “You’re the one sleeping with my brother!” Xcellence nearly forgot about that event, but he doesn’t care, he could do whatever he wanted, he’s the feared lord of chaos and destruction. But Halluciv? Halluciv was his alone. Nobody could ever touch him. He gave a deep thrust, making Halluciv cry out again “Y-You’re hurting me!” he cried out.

Xcellence didn’t care, he would give him a lesson, he’d never forget. Still thrusting he began kissing Halluciv roughly, taking Halluciv’s screams as a chance to shove in his tongue. He roughly massaged Halluciv’s tongue, making him scream louder.

But for the first time, Xcellence wasn’t pleased with Halluciv’s sounds. It didn’t sound like they were because of love and pleasure, it sounded more like he was being hurt. It even sounded like Halluciv was hating him, and wanting to make this stop as fast as possible. Xcellence would never admit it, but he missed Halluciv moaning his name, because he was in pleasure. Calling him cute things. Wrapping his arms and legs around him and telling him to go faster and harder. Telling him that he loved him. He stopped.

“Stop it” he commanded.

“Stop what?” Halluciv asked.

“Stop making me feel bad! You don’t give me cute nicknames, don’t moan my name and there are the tears in your eyes!” he tried not to scream “YOU EVEN GOT AROUSED BY ANOTHER PERSON!”

Halluciv began to cry again “Well, it wouldn’t have happened when *sob* you wouldn’t have cheated on me with my brother” he sobbed.

“Lucy, that’s-” Halluciv interrupted him.

“DON’T YOU DARE CALLING ME LUCY! I’M NOT YOUR LUCY ANYMORE, YOU MEAN CHEATER!” Xcellence felt dumbfounded. That was a new side of Halluciv. He was the feared Xcellence, he would get everything he wanted. And what he wanted was Halluciv. He leaned down, gently placing butterfly kisses on his chest, mumbling quiet sorrys inbetween kisses.Then he kissed his cheeks a few times. But no matter how often Xcellence would say sorry, Halluciv wouldn’t believe him. Xcellence pulled away, uncuffing Halluciv’s hands.

Xcellence gently placed Halluciv on his lab, beginning to thrust again. He softly bit down in Halluciv’s shoulder. Halluciv tried not to please Xcellence and moan, he put a hand over his mouth to not let a sound escape, wich didn’t work. He even stopped crying.

“Aahh~” he moaned when Xcellence began licking his shoulder. Why didn’t he fight back? Why didn’t he run away? Why didn’t he pnch him. It was because he couldn’t. He just couldn’t.

“Lucy~” Xcellence mumbled against his ear, causing him to lightly shiver.

“My cute little moon~ the only thing that makes me happy~ my reason to live~” he began kissing Halluciv again, enjoying the sweet taste of Halluciv’s tongue. He pulled away licking his lips.

“Mmh~ you taste so good~ ” he began stroking Halluciv’s still wet cheek.

“Why are you so beautiful~? It’s like you’re a piece of the moon~”

“St-mmh~stooooop~ aahh~” Halluciv couldn’t think clear because of all the affection. He was being thrusted in, his cheek was being stroked and he was being bitten in the shoulder, all at the same time. He knew all of this love was fake, but it still caused him to shiver.

“But how can I stop~ You’re too sweet for me to ever stop showing you my love~ Just look at you~” he wasn’t saying the truth, Halluciv knew that, he just wanted to let Xcellence know how this feels. How it feels to be heartbroken.

“If you’d ever be erased from existence I would cry my whole life~” he began thrusting faster, making Halluciv moan louder, but something clicked in his mind when  he heared the word erased.

“I-I’m gonna~ hmm~” Halluciv stopped to speak, when he was being filled with Xcellence’s cum. He had totally forgotten how amazing this felt. Right after that, Halluciv came too, a little bit even came on his cheek. Xcellence chuckled, licking the cum from his cheek.

“Such a bad little boy~ making a big mess~ you should be punished for that~” Halluciv smirked, he knew how to get revenge now, it was dumb, but maybe it would work. He began kissing Xcellence roughly and making both of them fall onto the bed with Halluciv on top. Halluciv took the rope in his hands.

“I’m not the only bad boy~” he purred “You should be punished more than I~” Xcellence was shocked for a moment, but then smirked. He took the rope out of his hands and threw it away.

“Someone’s eager~” he said while climbing on top of Halluciv. He began kissing Halluciv wildly. Halluciv kissed back, still being hurt by Xcellence’s actions, but he needed it for his revenge.

Xcellence pulled away, placing Halluciv’s legs over his shoulders, starting to thrust again. This time Halluciv didn’t even try to hide his moans, he even tried to be extra loud.

“O-oh~ senpai~ you feel so good~mmh~ inside me~” Xcellence smirked. He always gets what he wants. Halluciv’s moans were like music to his ears.

“Aaah~ ooh Eraser~” Xcellence stopped. Halluciv quickly put his hands over his mouth, in a ‘Oh no’ motion.

“What did you just call me?” Xcellence asked shocked.

“Xcellence?” Halluciv answered, trying to sound unsure.

“YOU JUST CALLED ME ERASER!” Xcellence screamed.

“N-No I didn’t”

“YES YOU DID! WHY DID YOU JUST CALL ME ERASER?!” he didn’t even realize he was near tears, other than Halluciv who was mentally smirking.

“W-Well…” he fake gulped “Wh-When you entered me it felt a little like when…”


“When Eraser did it…” he wispered, looking away. A few tears rolled down Xcellence’s cheeks.

“When did you two…?” he didn’t even finish his sentence.

“For a few months now…” Xcellence gulped.

“So you two have been doing this more than once…? How often…?” Halluciv was still looking away.

“I don’t think you want to know that…” Xcellence nodded and left the room.

Halluciv turned to the side, not really looking anywhere. He had gotten his revenge, Xcellence understands how this feels now. But why wasn’t he happy about it?

Poor Lucy

ctromedea  asked:

Howdy! Could you do some modern AU hc for Bonney, Koala, Perona, Nami and Zoro on how they dress, what kind of outfits they usually wear? :3

fashion is my favorite thing just saying :DDD ♥♥♥


  • pretty much grunge style also soft grunge 
  • a bit punky too
  • She’s pretty chaotic, that also becomes apparent in her clothing
  • two different socks? marmelade stain on her top? Well shit, son she had a busy morning!
  • necklaces, earings, rings, she likes bling a lot
  • Wears pretty bright colors, really loves pink and yellow
  • An outfit she’d wear would be a furjacket, a soft pink crop top, combat boots and shorts and a hat


  • very preppy
  • her clothes are always spick and span
  • her favorite colors to wear are purple and soft pink and blue
  • lots of short flutter skirts
  • She’s a huge fan of knee high socks and tights
  • She’s not really girly rather than just preppy
  • She wears a necklace, but just sometimes
  • You know Koala really loves hats a lot
  • She cannot stand for dear life food on her clothing, she will immideately wash everything


  • Absolute Goth
  • And also a bit Lolita kind of style
  • Perona’s favorite color is pink, which is why she predominantly dyes her hair pink
  • The colors she wears are black, white, red, pink and sometimes gold and silver
  • She loves plateau shoes a damn lot
  • She’s a huge fan of hats like Koala
  • Perona cares for her style a lot, really a damn lot, it’s excentric but she always manages to make her make up and her clothes look awesome even if they’re a bit unsual


  • Nami has a sort of hipster-esque
  • Even during winter she wears pretty light clothing
  • She loves flower prints a lot
  • She would wear sandals all the time if she could, and she has the most ridiculous (in a good way) collection of sandals and flat at home
  • She doesn’t really like dresses, she prefers skirts 
  • Her fave colors to wear are def all the warm summer colors, like yellow, orange, light red and white 
  • She doesn’t wear much jewelry
  • Idk if that counts but…like her tattoo you know it’s not just the little one on her shoulder, she’s got a full sleeve on her left arm


  • sporty
  • A WHOLE BUNCH of sleevless shirts and hoodies
  • He would every day in his life wear comfy jogging pants if he could
  • Often enough wears the hoodie of the police department
  • Zoro has a lot of ‘nike’ sneakers he wears
  • he wears dark colors mostly, dark green is his fave color to wear
  • Man, look Zoro doesn’t want to look fashionable, sexy, trendy or masculine or whatever, he doesn’t give a shit about that. He just wants it comfy, he’d walk around nude if he could
  • He does love army print tho 
  • Has a bunch of bomber jackets