Fucking tanks and planes and The Rock.  God damn I love these movies.  It was ridicuballs and that’s all I have to say.

They better call the next one “The Furious Seven”.  It won’t really have the same basic plot as those other “Seven” movies but who cares, it would be a kick ass title.  And I think there are seven of them now: Vinny D, Paul Walker, Tyrese, Luda, MRod are a solid 5.  Jordana Brewster is probably out because of the kid, and The Rock is still a cop so he wouldn’t really fit into the group.  They could always bring back my boy Lucas Black from Tokyo Drift!  He’d fit perfectly into the plot at this point.  And let’s say, a new guy.  Maybe Bow-Wow, though it would be hard to explain his age.  Another girl would probably be better though, having lost the most badass one in Furious 6.