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Why You Should Pay Attention In Class, Feat. Dad and Dr. Puck

Gather ‘Round everyone, it’s time for another installment of Family Lore!

So back in the late 60′s  dad was getting his undergraduate at Cal Poly, because Dad was an early proto-nerd  (like really, he wrote a bunch of the groundwork for the thing that would eventually become the internet), and Cal Poly had one of the first comp sci programs in the country.   Also, it was like 10 miles from home, so he didn’t have to move out. However, because this was undergrad, dad had to take a bunch of non-major courses, so he decided to do geology because he’d been good at identifying rocks in boy scouts.

The course was taught by  gentleman named Dr. Puck, yes really, who was a brilliant geologist, but teaching a bunch of somewhat uninterested just-out-of-high-school kids about rocks can wear on you, even if you aren’t some sort of deranged fey creature.  So he tried his best to make it interesting, and Dad and most of the other kids had a fairly interesting time.


Dad recounts that there were two girls in class who spent the entire time blowing off lecture, talking and generally being a distracting nuisance, until they heard that a quiz was coming up, then they’d pester and bully anyone for notes, usually Dad.  This went on for about three months and virtually everyone in class was grinding their teeth at these two, but Dad in particular, who did not appreciate being accosted in the hall by these two, who would alternately offer sexual favors for his notes, or threaten to start rumors about him if he didn’t help them study.  Puck knew some shit was up, but dad wasn’t eager to start legal action in his first semester, not to mention it was the 60′s and rampant patriarchy would have meant nobody would have believed him.

One Day, Dr. Puck organized a field for the class to the Santa Cruz Mountains, which are full of all manner of interesting geology things, most notably, fossils.  Really stinking cool ones.  Everyone is having a nice time hiking through the hills, looking at all the picturesque geology, when they round a corner and see a Big Goddamn RIB, just sticking out of the side of the trail.  Everyone goes OOOOOOH appreciatively, and Puck explains that this is an ancient Whale that UC Santa Cruz was digging up, but he knew someone in their geo department, so he got the goods on the site.

He then explains, in grand gestures and with the sort of vivacity that only people of Fey ancestry can muster, how this used to be an ancient seabed, but due to the magic Natural Geologic Process of Continental drift and Uplift, this whale was now some 2000 feet above sea level.  He spent a good twenty minutes telling the tale, while everyone took notes.

Almost everyone.

Literally the moment after Puck finished, one of the girls finally noticed the GIANT FUCKING RIB and asked him “But Dr. Puck- how did  whale get all the way up here?”

Puck, somehow, did not explode, but instead stood up to his full five-feet-and-one-and-one half-inches and explained in his most deadpan, eloquent lecture voice.

“This is a Great Flying Whale of the Cretaceous Period.”  He gestured at the Rib.  “They used to migrate here to Santa Cruz to breed, from their winter grounds in Hawaii, and would build magnificent nests out of kelp.”

Dad recalls stuffing his notes into his mouth to keep from laughing.  His more silver-tongued classmates began to chip in.

“Didn’t they used to eat Stegosaurs?  Just swooped down and gobbled them up.”  a student asked, trying not to snicker.

“Indeed!  They were far from the gentle giants we have today!” Puck agreed.  “Teeth the size of your arm, and long sticky tongues to catch smaller prey with.”

“How did they fly?” Asked another, ready to hear a choice piece of bullshit.

“Oh, gravity was much weaker back then, so they could ‘swim’ through the air with only the aid of a few helium bladders.”  he nodded sagely.  “Yes, and when they fossilized, the bladders were preserved.  Santa Cruz has some of the finest Helium mines in the world thanks to these magnificent beasts.”

“Wow.”  Muttered one of the girls, scribbling notes furiously.  Dad unwaded the parper from his mouth, ready to drive the nail into the coffin.

“Is this going to be on the test?” He asked, sweetly.

“Oh yes.”  Puck nodded gravely.

Sure enough, two weeks later, there was a test, and at the very bottom was the following:

“EXTRA CREDIT: explain everything innacurate/wrong about The Great Flying Whales Of The Cretaceous Period.  One Point per Idea that makes me Laugh.”

And that’s how Dad walked out of geology with 106% and the invaluable knowledge that people will believe ANYTHING if you speak with enough conviction.

New Headcanon:

Justice plays matchmaker with Anders and Hawke.

At first, he chooses to manifest this desire through their shared thoughts.


“Not now, Justice, we have patients to attend to.”

Justice eventually grows frustrated with Anders brushing aside his help, and takes matters into his own hands. So one day during battle, Justice is able to claim control over Anders. Except, he doesn’t relinquish control right after, and chooses to approach Hawke.


And Hawke is just standing there awkwardly. “Uh…okay? Thanks, Justice.”


“Awkward~” Chimes Isabela in the background while Varric furiously scribbles notes into the journal he carries around with him.

Anders eventually breaks through, but is too embarrassed to confront Hawke about it, so he holes up in the Clinic for a whole week after.


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89 with Taehyung please

Lessons in Love (Taehyung x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Are you hitting on me?”
Summary: Taehyung flirts like a 12-year-old, but you’re able to figure everything out anyways.
Word count: 1.5k words

Originally posted by helendrv

“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” you frowned, looking at your friend, Yuna, who had dragged you to her mathematics study group. “You know I’m terrible at math.”

“So this is a chance to learn!” Yuna answered with a smile. “We’ll help you study, it’s not a problem.”

“You and your friends are so smart,” you whined as Yuna dragged you through the library towards the private rooms. “I’ll look so dumb in comparison.”

“Trust me, they’re not like that!” Yuna comforted, finally stopping in front of a closed door. It led to the room her study group booked every Wednesday. “Besides, you’re like the English god, so if anyone needs help with that you can pay back the favour.”

“If you’re sure,” you conceded, albeit hesitantly. Yuna nodded enthusiastically and turned the knob, swinging the door open to reveal the small room behind.

There was a single table surrounded by three other students. One girl, who you vaguely recognized, was sitting closest to the door. The head of the table was a boy named Namjoon, the certified genius on campus. Beside him was another boy, but this one you didn’t recognize.

He had messy brown hair and tanned skin. His lips were a little pouty, and his nose was strong. When your gaze traveled up, you saw that his dark, long eyes were ringed by thick eyelashes. He was also staring right back at you.

Blushing, you quickly averted your gaze and turned uncomfortably to Yuna.

“Hey guys!” she chirped. “This is my friend, Y/N. She’s in the other class, so that’s probably why you don’t recognize her.”

“Just to preface this, I’m pretty shit at math,” you said, wanting to address your discomfort immediately. “I know you guys are all really smart but I don’t want you to think I’m, like, taking advantage of you. If you need help in literally any other subject, I’m here.”

“Nah, no worries,” Namjoon responded with an easy smile. “We’re not math elitists or some shit. I’m Namjoon, by the way.”

“I’m Jisoo,” the girl added dully, briefly glancing up from her laptop in front of her. You smiled, but Jisoo turned back to her screen too quickly to catch it.

You turned to the handsome boy beside Namjoon, waiting for him to introduce himself. He blinked owlishly at you for a moment, his face expressionless. Slowly, his eyes met yours and his mouth began to open.

“Your shirt looks weird,” he said. You looked down at your t-shirt, which had a print of an old anime series you used to watch.

“I, uh–you–okay?” you spluttered, confused by the boy’s comment.

“What the hell, Tae?” Namjoon asked, bewildered. He turned to his friend, his eyes narrowed. “I thought you liked–ow!”

The boy turned to glare at his friend, and when you looked back at Yuna in confusion, she just rolled her eyes at you.

“Just ignore Taehyung,” Yuna snorted, grabbing your arm and leading you to the table. She pulled you down into the seat beside hers and turned to address the group. “So! Let’s start reviewing for the quiz next week.”

You glanced at the clock beside your computer. It read 3:04 AM. Groaning, you looked at the stacks of sheets in front of you, and then at the textbook filled with highlighted text and sticky notes. But for the hours you had spent studying, you learned next to nothing.

In a moment of desperation, you logged into Facebook and open your study group chat, which you had been added to after your first sit-in.

Y/N 3:06 AM

SOS!!! Is anyone online!!!

Tae Tae 3:10 AM

ya sup

Y/N 3:11 AM

I don’t understand anything??? Pls help

Immediately after you hit “enter,” Taehyung viewed the message. But no response came, and the typing bubble didn’t appear either. You broke out into a nervous sweat, overwhelmed by the fast approaching quiz and your lack of understanding of math in general.

Then, a message notification popped up onto your screen. Taehyung had messaged you separately from the group chat.

Taehyung 3:14 AM

lets just dm. dont wanna annoy the others

Y/N 3:14 AM


Taehyung 3:15 AM

so what don’t u understand?

Y/N 3:16 AM

Everything!!!! All the stuff we went over last meeting has completely left my brain.

Taehyung 3:17 AM

ok prepare urself this is gonna be a long lesson

So, for the next hour, Taehyung did his best to explain the different concepts and methods to you, while you scribbled notes furiously on your worn notebook. By the time he had went through all the material, your hand was throbbing and it was well past 4AM.

Y/N 4:37 AM

Thank you sooooooo much Taehyung! I owe you my life

Taehyung 4:38 AM

no thnx

Y/N 4:39 AM

Ok, rude. But seriously, thanks. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise

Taehyung 4:39 AM

no probs. but u owe me now so don’t forget

Y/N 4:40 AM

I won’t!!!!! You’re the best!

Taehyung changed your nickname to “idiot.”

The day of the quiz came quickly, but when you sat down at your desk, you felt more relaxed than in any other math class. This time, you were actually prepared and confident in your abilities. So when the quiz arrived, you whizzed through every page.

Everything Taehyung had explained to you was on the quiz. You were sure that if you found the quiz easy, Taehyung could probably do it in his sleep. Even though you thought he was a bit annoying, he still had saved your ass.

When the test period finally finished, you grabbed all your belongings and darted from the testing centre. You spotted one of your friends, Jungkook, dashing towards the exit as well.

“Hey, Jungkook!” you called. He turned around, and once he spotted you, he smiled and waited for you to catch up. “How was the quiz?”

“You know I’m the fucking worst at math,” Jungkook scowled, crossing his arms as you walked together. “Fuck, why is this a mandatory course. I’m in liberal arts for a reason.”

“Tell me about it,” you replied, laughing humourlessly. “Luckily, this time I had help. The quiz wasn’t so–”

“Y/N!” someone yelled suddenly, their deep voice booming throughout the hall. Startled, you glanced up, spotting Taehyung a few meters away from you. He hurried over, nearly tripping over himself in the process. “How’d the quiz go?”

“Really well, actually,” you replied. “Everything you explained to me was on it, so I could answer all the questions.”

“No way,” Jungkook snorted. “Y/N, good at math? That’s fucking new.”

“What the fuck?” Taehyung growled, narrowing his eyes at Jungkook. “Watch yourself, you prick. Y/N isn’t stupid.”

“Woah, chill man,” Jungkook replied, putting his hands up in surrender. “I was making a joke. Calm yourself.”

“Let’s all just relax a little bit!” you exclaimed tightly, grabbing Taehyung’s arm and pulling him away from a very volatile Jungkook. He put up little resistance, letting himself be led around the building. When you reached an emptier hallway, you stopped and look back at Taehyung. “What was that all about?”

“He was implying you were stupid,” Taehyung mumbled, his eyes downcast. “And you tried really hard to study for this quiz.”

“You probably tried harder than me, if I’m being honest,” you said. “Plus, you call me stupid all the time. Are you the only one who can say that?”

“No,” he muttered, still unable to meet your eyes. He said something, but he was speaking too quietly for you to understand.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“I said,” Taehyung began, clearing his throat awkwardly, “your hair looks bad.”

Reflexively, you reached for your long hair. You had slept with it in a bun last night, so your hair fell in loose waves. Objectively, you knew it looked pretty nice. You looked at Taehyung, confused, but when you saw his expression, suddenly everything clicked.

His cheeks were dusted in pink, and his eyes were darting around everywhere but your face.

“Are you–are you hitting on me?” you asked slowly. Taehyung’s cheeks darkened into a deeper red, and he bit his lip. “Oh my god, seriously? Are you twelve or something?”

“What!?” Taehyung whined. “You’re cute and it’s intimidating! What else can I do?”

“Ask me for my number or something?” you suggested, trying to hold back laughter. “Like a normal person our age?”

“Well, if that’s the case,” Taehyung said, finally lifting his gaze to your face as he scratched his nape awkwardly, “can I cash in my favour for your number?”

“I think I can do that,” you smiled, reaching for Taehyung’s phone once he fished it out of his pocket. “I might even say yes to a date, too.”


hey dumbo

- Girl in Luv

Wow I’m done and it’s 3AM. Nice. This is unedited, so I’ll go back and make corrections later. Hope you all checked out our masterlist! Happy 3k woot woot! Thanks for everyone who’s stuck with us. We’re so glad you guys are enjoying our imagines. Happy reading

My hero- A Jasper Hale Imagine

A/N: I hope you don’t mind but instead of a oneshot I turned it into an imagine with (Y/N) instead of Bella’s name. I took five requests in hopes for a longer more detailed imagine. Thank you all so much for your patience, I know you are all going to really like this. 

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Request #1: Jasper x Bella oneshot, Bella meets Jasper as a kid post in the park and he helps her get home over the years he appears in her life comforting her and being nice , she thinks he’s an imaginary friend . She moves to forks Washington and sees him in school and she thinks she’s going crazy . But when she’s almost hit by Tyler’s truck he saves her and she realizes he’s real and it’s basically the first chapter of twilight rewritten with Jasper. Please

Request #2: Ok so I’m 15 and I still sometimes get really paranoid abt things being under my bed or something (ok it’s super embarrassing) but could u do an imagine abt like jasper coming to put his human mate to sleep and finding her really scared Bc she thinks there is a monster under her bed and then he checks and comforts her and tells her stories of his past life until she falls asleep? Thanks. Love ur blog g😍

Request #3: I’m so happy you’re still active. Do you still take requests? If so, could you write one where jasper saves the reader from a group of men? Kind of like when Bella was about to be attached in the second book. Maybe some angst, then some jasper fluff?

Request #4:Could you write a Jasper x reader imagine where it’s like super fluffy and sweet? I can’t seem to find a huge amount of love for my precious baby in the fandom and I need some! Please and thank you 😊

Request #5:Could you write something with jasper where he’s you’re mate, and you’re human, and he’s super protective over you, especially with men. 

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They pissed me off,then allowed a situation to develop where I'm in charge of making the coffee.

Long story short,I work in a place with 9 others,most of whom drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day. After being the butt of various pranks (salt in my tea,large comic style bite out of my sandwich etc etc) I decided to retaliate with the Long Game. I started bringing in various gourmet coffees and brewing up,much to the delight of my co workers. Suggested a small weekly donation and I’d continue to make them delicious coffee. They agreed enthusiastically. For two weeks now I’ve been cutting the coffee with de-caff,slowly reducing their caffeine dosage until they unknowingly had a collective low tolerance. During this time I enjoyed watching them suffer the odd headache and have conversations about possible carbon monoxide levels & viruses because they all seemed to feel mysteriously lethargic. But that’s by the by. About an hour ago I engaged the enemy in a surprise attack.I brought out the heavy artillery & unleashed two successive mugs each of high-caffeine espresso blend Java. (Pincer movement). I’m sitting at my workstation now observing the battlefield. One of them is twitching and scribbling notes furiously,a few are sort of wide eyed and confused looking. There’s been two arguments already with one bloke threatening to “punch your fucking lights out” to another for leaving a trip hazard on the floor. Just for the record I’m watching all this through narrowed eyes & have my elbows on the table with my arms up & my hands in the Finger Pyramid of Evil Contemplation position.

Jefferson/Reader - Part 3

It’s finally ready. I’m so sorry for the long wait. Like I said I had a really hard time with this one for some reason. Thanks so much for your patience. 

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Part One Part Two

Word Count: 6121

When your alarm went off the next morning you felt like you hadn’t slept at all. Your talk with Lafayette had done nothing except make you more frustrated. You had tossed and turned and didn’t quite remember falling asleep in the first place. A yawn and a good stretch later you wandered your way into the kitchen to rummage for a spoon and bowl. It seemed like a fruit loops kind of morning and as you ate you once again started thinking about what you had heard Laf say before you walked out the door.

Ils sont tous deux si obstinés qu'ils ne verront jamais qu'ils sont vraiment pareils.

As you drain the last of the milk from the bowl and put it in the sink you scoff at the thought. It was already creeping close to your first class of the day and you were still in your pajamas.

“Where does he get off saying that? I mean yes I’m stubborn, but Jefferson and I being alike? Please that’s total bullshit,” you say to your own reflection in your bathroom mirror as you brush your teeth.

You dressed quickly and as you shut the door your only thought was that you were going to prove Lafayette was wrong.

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Day Seventy

-I asked a man how he was doing. He replied, “I’m tired, and I don’t want to hear about you.” I appreciate someone who allows for no ambiguity in a conversation.

-A pair of elderly twins passed by me, dressed head to toe in identical outfits, making the same expressions at the same time. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were on their way to the set of a horror film. That being said, I am prepared to run if I see them again.

-A child stared at me. I stuck my tongue out at her. She remained deadpan. I was relentless. Eventually, as she was rolled away, she stuck her tongue out in return. This is my biggest accomplishment of 2016.

-As a woman was leaving, I said, “Have a good day.” She shouted at me that she was trying to. I am so sorry to have gotten in the way of her goal in this way.

-I was caught in the midst of an argument between an elderly lady and her granddaughter. The grandmother, telling the granddaughter that by owning a laptop, television, and cell phone, she was addicted to electronics and would surely go to hell. The daughter, unsure how on earth to respond to this. The cashier, furiously scribbling notes on every word exchanged. I am sure that this woman’s grandparents told her the same thing in regards to her stick and hoop and her sundial.

-An elderly man pulled his shirt up to his sternum. His reasons are unclear. His results, showing off his lacy black thong and unsettlingly hairless stomach.

-I was asked by a woman if we had been busy. I told her that we had been. She told me we would get busier. This is precisely the sort of motivation I was looking for today.

-A mother breastfed her child in my lane. No sins were committed. No children were corrupted. No boys became sexual deviants. A baby was fed. It is almost as if this were a natural occurrence and not a terrible act of debauchery. What a strange thing.

-A man bought a high-end breast pump alongside a Christmas card written to a grandfather. He specified that he would like them bagged together as they were going to the same person. I would very much like to meet them.

-Today I was told that Satan was going to crack open the Earth and swallow me up and that Hell would then split open after I suggested that while Christmas was important to Christians, other holidays and religions existed. I feel honored. I am sure this is not something Satan does for just anyone.

Shy and Cute [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: First of all I absolutely love your writing, and second can you pleasee write a Barry au imagine in college (without powers) where the second he sees the reader paying attention to the professor he falls in love with them and later on gets the courage to talk to her when the professor pairs them up as partners :) i know it’s super specific lol… thank you !!

a/n: shy…barry… *has a heart attack*

It’s weird how something so small can make you fall in love. For Barry, it was when he first saw you really pay attention to the professor. You were sitting tall, eyes wide, completely invested in what she was saying. Barry thought it was adorable. He wanted to tell you that the moment class ended. But he didn’t; he was way too shy.

That was two weeks ago. No advances have been made. Sitting in the same class, Barry’s mossy green eyes travel slowly from the projector screen to you. You furiously scribble down notes, hair tumbling in front of your face. Oh shit, Barry probably should be taking notes! He starts frantically writing, only stopping when he vaguely hears the word ‘partners’, followed by his own name and yours.

Gulping, he picks up all his things as soon as other people start moving. With his coffee in hand, the tall brunette scampers down the steps, nervously making a beeline to you. Picking up your head, you smile at him, pulling the back of your multicolored aztec cardigan, shifting in the seat. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” you beam, watching him sit down in the desk next to you.

Breathe. Breathe. “B-Barry.” he all but whispers, biting on his lip like he’s trying to draw blood. Maybe he is. His black and red sweater wrinkles while he slumps forward, emerald eyes squinting in a confused way. “Did you, um, get any of the notes? They all kinda…went over my head.” he admits bashfully, blush spreading across his freckled pale cheeks.

A quiet giggle escapes your lips and Barry’s knees go weak. Thank god he’s sitting. “What, did you space out?” you tease, sliding your notebook in front of him. Those vibrant green orbs stare back at you. You never realized how pretty they really are.

Running a hand through his light brown locks, he lets out a puff of air; the kind that’s on the borderline of a laugh. “Um, yeah, I guess you could say that…” he grins, scratching the back of his neck nervously. “Hey, um, I was actually wondering,” he swallows, rolling his coffee cup in between his palms, shrugging. “Would you, uh, wanna go out sometime? I mean, I know you don’t know me, but I’ve always thought you were, are, cute, and-”

“I’d love to, Barry.” you smile, scrunching your nose. He breathes a sigh of relief, shoulders relaxing. “You’re cute, too.” Barry blushes to the tips of his ears, looking at the notebook. Aw, he’s shy and cute. Perfect.

I can be your blanket

Requested by @mxdsw24 who wanted a supper fluffy Jungkook scenario! I hope you enjoy this, and thank you so much for the request!! I’m sorry there wasn’t more involving his scar or birthmark, I hope you don’t mind! <3 I love fluffy Jungkook *heart eyes*

Jungkook was sitting cross legged on your floor, school books scattered across your coffee table. His red flannel pajamas made him look particularly adorable as he furiously scribbled notes onto an notebook. 

“Don’t you think you should get some sleep?” You asked, leaning your head against his shoulder. You glanced at your phone, it was already nearing four in the morning, and you couldn’t believe that he was still fully awake. 

“Mm, probably.” He muttered. “But I have to pass this test, Seokjin will kill me–” 

You interrupted him by semi tackling him– that is, you tried to, but you were really too tired to put in much effort, so you ended up just hugging him and he allowed himself to be pushed sideways. 

He laughed as you nuzzled into his neck, and you smiled to yourself. “I know you need to pass, but how are you going to do well if you fall asleep during it?” You asked, and he wrapped his arms around you, turning sideways so you were nose-to-nose.

“I guess you have a point.” He said, and you nodded. Without thinking about it, you reached out and ran your thumb over the scar on his cheek. You had always loved it, it was so perfectly imperfect. Jungkook turned his face to your hand, kissing your palm lightly before settling down on the floor. “Why don’t we just sleep here?” He said, closing his eyes. 

“On the floor?” You scoffed, and Jungkook opened one eye to look at you.

“Yeah, and you can be my pillow.” He demonstrated this by laying his head on your chest. “It get’s better too, I can be your blanket.” He rolled over on top of you, and you laughed at how ridiculous he was. “I’m even better than a heated blanket, there aren’t any wires!”

“This blanket is too heavy.” You complained with a laugh, pushing him gently off of you. He landed on the floor next to you giggling, and he brushed a stray hair away from your face. 

He sat up suddenly, and you followed suit. “What–” He scooped you into his arms bridal-style, and placed you onto the couch. You watched bemused as he walked away to find something, coming back with several blankets and pillows. 

“Because you’re weird and don’t appreciate how good I am at being a blanket, I brought you a boring one.” He said, laying down next to you. It was a bit of a tight fit with both of you on the couch (you ended up being half on top of him), but once the two of you were situated, you were quite comfortable.

“Yous shoulder works pretty well as a pillow.” You said, and Jungkook snorted, kissing your forehead. 

“Goodnight, y/n.” He said into your hair.

“Goodnight, Jungkook.” You said, leaning up to kiss him right above the birthmark on his neck. 

Imagine your favouriteTurtle subtly trying to get you to hold their hand, doing things like casually brushing their hand against yours in the hopes that you’ll respond in kind

Leo would always ask you to join him whenever he was doing anything, meditating, practicing in the dojo, reading, cooking, and it had allowed you both to grow closer and closer as friends. You loved how he always knew what to do when you were sad and was always there by your side when you needed him, you considered him to be the one person on earth you could share all of your secrets with. One day however, while Leo was meditating and you were sitting reading a book beside him, you noticed your one hand on the floor had pressure on it, another hand worth of pressure to be exact. You glanced down to find Leonardo’s hand atop yours, his hand was large and warm and his skin against yours was mesmerising. Slowly his fingers began to knit with your own and you couldn’t help but notice how loud your heart was beating, Leo was your best friend, but oh how you had wanted to hold his hand sooner, you had thought it ridiculous and that Leo was far too good of a friend, you had not wanted to screw anything up but here he was! Holding your hand as if it was second nature. When you finally managed to remove your eyes from your intertwined fingers and examine Leo’s face, he still appeared to be in deep meditation, although you could make out a hint of a smile and a light blush forming on his cheeks.

Raphael was not good at physical contact, he thought himself too big and cumbersome to even brush against you in fear he would hurt you, but oh did he want to hold you, your hands particularly, they were so small and delicate to him, he was a turtle obsessed, your hands would captivate him, when you were drawing, writing, anything! He would watch them practice their art hoping that you wouldn’t catch him in the act, until one day you did. You knew he was there, you had noticed when he sat down on the couch opposite you, at first you gathered he was watching the tv but as your eyes darted to and fro on your sketch book you would notice his head turned towards you. As you looked up from your work at Raphael he quickly turned his head to the tv, “would you like to see what im drawing? You keep looking over, you must be super curious”, “well, ummm yeah I guess”. Raphael moved over behind you to see your sketch, he watched as your hands moved to complete some shading on the work. Raphael couldn’t help himself, his hand moved to yours, as if to examine how something so small could create something so beautiful on a canvas, he realised far too late that he was in fact holding your hand and as he did his cheeks became red and heated, he quickly withdrew but you turned and slowly reached to reclaim his hand with your own, you too were scarlet red now but it felt nice, you sat for a while studying the other, the shear size difference was amazing, it wasn’t until you looked up that you noticed Raph had been starring at you for a while, you had known for a long while that the red clad turtle held your affections but the way his eyes bore into yours did you realise how hard you had fallen.

Donatello couldn’t believe you, you were beautiful, smart, and absolutely hilarious and not to mention that your smile was more magnificent than any invention he could ever come up with, you would always stroll directly towards his lab whenever you would visit the lair, always curious as to what inventions Donatello’s incredible brain had thought up today. You opened the door to the lab to find Donatello hunched over his desk scribbling notes furiously, you made your way over to Donnie and stretched on your tippy toes to see over his shoulder. You only managed to make out the words ‘Plan to hold’ before the papers were flipped and your line of sight was replaced with Donatello’s panicked eyes and a very rushed “y/n! Hey! hi! what’s going on? how are you? you’re here earlier than expected, ummmmm, can I ummm, can I get you anything?” Donatello looked into your eyes frantic and afraid of how much you had seen of his ‘plan’.
“hahaha hey Donnie, sorry for sneaking up on you, I didn’t mean to”.
There it was, that smile that made Donatello’s heart ignite with joy, it was time to put his plan into action.
“hey ummm y/n, can I ask you something?”
“of course Donnie, anything you need”. Oh gosh he’d done it now, no going back.
“well, I was ahhh, wondering if you would help me with an experiment?”
“Of course Donnie, you know I love helping you out”
“oh ummm okay alright, ummm I was just thinking to myself, hey what is the anatomical difference between my hand and yours, on account of myself having three fingers and you having five, if I could get some sketches and data I would really appreciate it”
“of course! here”; you grabbed Donatello’s hand in your own and placed the other in it. Donatello nervously gripped your hand, but his eyes were too focused on your face to even look down, he watched as you stared at your own hand in his before looking down and realising that he had taken you hand in both of his and was lightly stroking your palm with his thumb. He quickly stopped and looked up again at your face, there was that smile again accompanied with a rose flush on your cheeks. “hey Donnie, I want to tell you something, I kind of, ummm, well I think you’re pretty amazing and…” you were cut off by fingers interlocking with yours and a huge smile from the purple turtle, “I feel exactly the same way about you y/n”.

Mikey was slick, he was suave, he knew that he liked you and he was pretty sure you didn’t mind his consistent flirting, he was always touchy feely and would always find any excuse to hug you, be near you or just outright have some form of physical contact. But how he longed to be more than the jokester, the flirt that was never taken seriously, he wanted to hold your hand and have you know what he felt for you, he knew that with that one act you would know that his jokes, his comments that were always passed off as Mikey being Mikey were to him as serious as the last slice of pizza. He had made up his mind, today angelcakes would realise how he felt about you, and he hoped that you would feel the same. Right on schedule you arrived at the lair, unnaturally though today you were greeted not by Mikey but Raph sitting on the couch knitting, “Hey Raph, where is everyone?” “Leo’s practicing, Donnie is fixing the tv and Mikey is probably somewhere crying because the tv got busted” “oh okay, thanks”. Raph glanced up to see you wander towards Mikey’s room, Mikey had asked him for advice on you, which Raph had replied with a shoulder shrug and “tell her how you feel, if she likes you back then she likes you back”, Mikey hadn’t thought that advice was wonderful but took it on board anyway. As you reached Mikey’s room you realised the door was ajar, with a quiet hello you pushed it open to find Mikey talking to himself, he was mumbling so you couldn’t quite hear what he was saying but you assumed it was something about the tv. Mikey, noticing your sudden arrival beamed from ear to ear “Y/N! hey, sorry I didn’t quite hear you come in hehehe, but also I wanted to ask you a question about something, is that cool?”
“of course Mikey, whats on your mind?”
“well”, Mikey moved to his bed to sit down and patted the spot next to him. You moved to take a seat and before you realised what was happening Mikey had grasped your hand in his. “y/n, I really like you, a lot, even more than pizza, you’re special to me and I know you probably think of me as a big doofus, I really want you to know how I feel”. Mikey stared at your eyes before realising that you were squeezing his hand just as he was to yours, he looked down, then back up, only to be met with a huge smile. “I really like you too Mikey”, well that was it Mikey had left this plane of existence, his angelcakes liked him just as much as he liked you, and furthermore you were still gripping his hand, and Mikey was pretty sure that he never wanted to let go.
Imagine your favourite character subtly trying to get you to hold their hand, doing things like casually brushing their hand against yours in the hopes that you’ll respond in kind

Sweet Creature (M)

Justin Trudeau/Emmanuel Macron, First Meeting, Implied Sexual Content, Barack Obama/Emmanuel Macron, Non Canon Compliant, Love at First Sight, French Language, Top!Trudeau, Villain!Marine Le Pen, SongFic

TW: Trump Victory

Language: English Words: 1k Chapters: 1/1

Chapter 1
Emmanuel was new to the political scene. Only 39, he set out to change the world with his one dapper suit and an unwavering faith in humanity, a faith that he could leave the world better than he found it. In the political scene, he was isolated. There seemed to be no one who shared his beliefs and he felt out of place amongst the big name lobbyists and campaigners for Miss. Marine Le Pen. Marine was his main competitor, the antithesis of what he stood for, and it felt as if though it was her and the world against him and his ideas. Brexit proved that anything could happen and Trump’s election in America only sparked a wave of hatred that fueled Marine. They were calling her the Trump of France. Who was he amidst all this then? Obama, that wonderful man with which he had been infatuated through his entire run, had fled America. He had shaped his political views and inspired him to pursue what he loved. He remembered that night he spent in America, the weight of the world dissipating as Barack taught him things he had never known before… “Forget everything you ever thought you knew. It’s just us tonight” he had whispered in that dark oval room. He was the founding father of his heart. After Obama, it seemed that no one would come close to winning him the way he did; he would never love again. And so he drowned himself in his work.
Emmanuel walked into the conference room. His meeting with the Canadian prime minister was set to start soon. It was an understatement to say he didn’t want to be there. He despised these big suit, big money meetings full of irrelevant niceties. They distracted from the real issues. He’d much rather had been writing about those issues in his flat than standing demurely in wait for yet another lying politician.
And then, preceded by hordes of security, the prime minister walked in. Emmanuel hadn’t known much about Trudeau before today. He hadn’t known he would be so… immediately charming. The minute he walked in he took command of the room, his white smile flashing. He was tall and tan and his hair fell in unkempt waves. Emmanuel immediately knew that this was not an ordinary man. Amongst the old white politicians standing around him, Justin was a paragon of hope, bringing in a new generation of goodness. His suit seemed to constrain him. He looked as if he was meant to live perpetually free of formalities. Emmanuel related.
And Justin’s sparkling blue eyes set on him. They reminded him of the French Riviera. “Bonjour Macron! Comment allez-vous mon ami? Un Plaisir…” he said as he reached out his hand for a firm handshake. He maintained eye contact during the sustained touch, his palm calloused and rough. Emmanuel almost forgot to respond. He had also forgotten that Justin was a francophone. His voice sounded beautiful in his native French. Finally, he replied faintly “Bonjour monsieur.” With that, Trudeau pulled him in from the handshake to quickly whisper in his ear, “Enchante. Maybe once I get you alone, away from this Anglophonic press I can hear more of your French. It’s so refreshing to meet another politician who speaks the language of love, no? I would like to see you in my office later. I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you.” Emmanuel quickly let go of his hand for fear of doing something indiscreet. What was Justin suggesting? Trudeau had seen his picture in the news and read articles about his platform. He had obviously been anticipating the meeting. But what was the true nature of it? He was being delusional. It was common for politicians to have private meetings. And yet, he trembled in anticipation as he thought of a similar scenario, one that had led him to a locked oval office in the dark of the night.
As the meeting went on and formalities were exchanged Macron couldn’t help but noticing the way Justin looked at him. His head resting languidly on his fist, he eyed the candidate as if he were a feast. And then it was the prime minister’s turn to speak. Macron usually tuned out the ramblings of leaders pandering to an audience but Justin’s smooth voice captured him immediately. He spoke animatedly, passionately. He could ask the nations to follow him to the end of the world and Emmanuel would be the first to take up arms in his name. His eyes had a fire in them bright enough to ignite a flame that had the potential to change entire policies. Watching him talk, he felt as if he had finally found his political niche in a person with whom he shared ideals. Amongst the hatred prevalent in this election, he found an overwhelming love in this man that transcended politics and was, at its core, real. He was entranced. He ended, speaking directly to Macron “Who cares about winning? We should focus on serving.” He had been wrong about Trudeau. He wasn’t just another lying politician.
Everything after his speech was arbitrary. Emmanuel spoke, going through his usual points but with a certain inflection aimed to impress the Canadian whose eyes never left his face. The cameras flashed within the conference room and reporters scribbled notes furiously but Emmanuel was not flustered. He had a clear message and Justin’s expression made him feel confident and safe.
Later, once the press had settled down after his brief but fiery speech, the concluding remarks were exchanged. And that was it. Emmanuel shook the hands of what seemed like a million men and women in suits all the while keeping a relaxed smile on his face. And yet his mind was elsewhere. As he was walking out of the room, on to the rest of the campaign trail, a hand caught the sleeve of his suit jacket. It was none other than the Canadian prime minister. “Macron. It would be a crime to let you leave without speaking to you privately, away from all these cameras. Join me for the evening?”
“Prime Minister, I’m afraid I must go. There is much still to do in France.”
“And yet what is more important than the here and now. We’ve all the time in the world, Emmanuel. Join me. We’ve lots to talk about”
“I don’t know what to say. It has all been said” he replied nervously, employing any excuse to avoid facing the man of his dreams alone.
“Good. Then make no sound.” Justin hadn’t let go of his sleeve. He pulled him closer. “J’aime te faire rougir.” Truly, Emmanuel realized he had blushed at Justin’s words. He seemed adamant. What was he planning? Their eyes met as Macron contemplated. Why had the prime minister taken such an interest in him? And then, all at once, he allowed himself to be pulled through a mass of press, security, and politicians by Justin. They slipped away behind a column and ran into a dimly lit corridor, their footsteps echoing against the marble floor. Justin led him up a flight of stairs and the sounds of the commotion below them faded gradually. Eventually they found themselves in front of a beautifully constructed set of doors and Justin, ever the gentleman, opened one for him. Macron entered.
There, he found a gorgeously adorned room, lined with books whose titles were illuminated by a flood of golden light coming in from a desk side window, a window which overlooked the gardens of the Saskatchewan legislative building. The sun was setting.
“My personal library here.” Trudeau broke the silence. “I quite enjoy reading.”
Emmanuel walked towards one of the shelves. He saw authors of all sorts from Maya Angelou to Karl Marx himself. “How do you make time for so much reading?” He himself had been too busy to indulge in a good book or any literature besides legislation. “I suppose I take pleasure in books. These are all revolutionary writers. I never stop learning from them.” Macron was overwhelmed suddenly. “These authors… they have changed the world. They seem like political giants. How am I to match their prevalence?” He knew he was oversharing but somehow he seemed comfortable with Justin, like he had known him before. “Emmanuel…” he started “You are doing something unprecedented. I have to admit I’ve read much about you, and truly, you caught my eye from the beginning of the race.” Justin slowly approached him, hands behind his back, and a look of disbelief that Macron couldn’t see his worth. “You are exactly what the world needs right now. To so many people, you represent a new age of hope. To me, you represent a saving grace in Europe. Don’t you see Emmanuel?” He said with a light smirk and playfulness in his eyes, lit up with the orange light pouring in the windows. Justin was in his personal space now. He placed his hand against Emmanuel’s chest, feeling his picked up heart rate. “You are the flesh and blood of the new political age. Don’t you see? Les courbes de vos lèvres réécrivent l'histoire.“ The curves of your lips rewrite history.
Justin moved his hand up from his sternum to his jaw and traced the outline of his lips with his thumb slowly, gently, never taking his eyes away from them, his other hand still in his trouser pocket. Emmanuel could not believe what was happening. The hand he had shook earlier was now all but in his mouth. Macron closed his eyes and grabbed his wrist lightly. He couldn’t resist opening his mouth slightly, reveling in the intimate moment. Justin tilted his head slightly and narrowed his eyes, urging Emmanuel on. He took him into his mouth, swirling his tongue around and sucking lightly. “I must say, I’ve imagined this. That beautiful mouth of yours… so many beautiful words come out of it, so many beautiful words… I wondered what else it was good for.” Suddenly, Justin was the name of God on Macron’s lips. He sighed lightly opening his eyes to meet the older man’s gaze. He quickly bit the pad of his thumb. At this, Tudeau gasped and moved his hand to the back of his neck, pulling him in roughly. “Délectable, douce creature.”


Jean Grey x Scott Summers x Reader - Get Lucky

Requested By: anon
Word Count: 668
Rating: M
Warnings: threesome, smut
Song I Listened To: Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé

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Writers block - Tyler Hoechlin x Reader (#MomentOfWeaknessProject)

A/N: So this is for the #MomentOfWeaknessProject which if you don’t know about I’ll link to here.
I have a real lack of self confidence when it comes to ‘putting myself out there’ so to speak. Often I feel like what I do is never going to amount to anything and it just really demotivates me and sends me into a depressive spiral… so yeah, here goes.. (Sidenote: It took me three days just to press ‘post’)

“Damn it” you hissed slamming your laptop shut and throwing it across the bed. 
“What’s wrong baby?” Your boyfriend, Tyler asked, poking his head around the door and seeing you hugging your knees and resting your forehead on them. 
“I can’t do it, I give up” you sighed “it’s fucking pointless! I’m never going to get this right, I haven’t written a word in days!” 
“Don’t say that” you felt his arm reach around your shoulders as he move your laptop and notepad to the bedside table. He pulled you into his body and you rested your head on his shoulder. 
“Why in the hell did I ever think this would be a good idea? I’m so fucking stupid!” You were making more of a statement than asking a question and Tyler knew that, however it didn’t stop him from answering you. 
“You’re not stupid, you’re the brightest, kindest, sweetest girl I know” He said in a voice so soft that if he wasn’t sat so close to you, you probably wouldn’t have heard him speak. He placed a kiss on the top of your head before continuing, “besides,” you looked up at him as he smiled “I read the first chapter of your book it’s fantastic and I am so proud of you” 
“But you’re as bias as they get!” You retorted. “Wait, when did you read it? I…” you glared at him. 
“You may have left your laptop switched on and unattended and I maaaay have taken a peek” He looked at you sheepishly and you looked back at him with mock hurt on your face. 
“How very dare you!” You exclaimed sarcastically before bursting into laughter, “I can’t even pretend to be mad at you, you’re just too adorable” you said snuggling into the crook of his neck and pushing him down so that the two of you were lying on the bed. 

You had both been lying there in silence, just enjoying each other’s company for about ten minutes before you broke the silence. “I don’t know how you do it” you said, turning your face into his shoulder. 
“Do what?” He laughed at your vagueness. 
“Have so much faith in me” you replied, sitting up so you could see his face and smiling down at him. 
He reached up to cup your cheek in his hand, looked at you with eyes that could pierce your soul and said “because you’re amazing, you never cease to amaze me and because I love you.” He raised an eyebrow so you would know that in that moment, he was being completely honest and vulnerable with you. Close to tears, all you could do was whisper “I love you too” and smile. 
He wiped away a tear that had started to roll down your cheek, grinning he said “plus when your book takes off you’re going to be ROLLING in it” You laughed, smacking him softly in the chest as you did so. 
“You’re an idiot.”
“Yes, but I’m your idiot,” He wrapped an arm around your waist and wrestled you down onto the bed. Hovering above you for a moment just staring at you, you couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking.
“I really do love you, you know. There’s no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my days with” he whispered, scanning your face with his eyes. 
You sighed contently, “what a sap.”  Slipping your arms around his neck you pulled him down towards you and he planted a soft, tender kiss on your lips before coking his head and beginning to trail kisses along your jaw and down your neck. 
“Holy shit!“ You exclaimed, jolting up and almost head-butting Tyler who was so busy concentrating on kissing your neck that he because wasn’t at all prepared for your sudden movements, ended up in a heap on the floor. “Crap, are you alright Ty?” You asked. 
“Yeah,” he replied sitting up and rubbing his back. “What’s gotten you so excited all of a sudden anyway?
“I just figured out where my characters are going! You’re a genius, thank you.” You grinned, offering him your hand to help him back to his feet. 
“Well I don’t know what I did,” he said taking your hand “but I’m glad I did!” He rushed the last part and instead of you helping him up, he pulled you down on top of him while he spoke. The two of you lay there laughing. 
“Seriously though,” you said catching your breath, “let me up so I can write this down before I forget.” He let you go so that you could get up; you dived across the bed and grabbed your notepad. Furiously scribbling down notes, you could hear Tyler chuckling; you could feel his eyes watching you write.
“See, I told you, all you needed to do was stop trying so hard. You’re going to have the book written in no time, publishers will be battling it out to represent you!
“Seriously, you need to stop having so much faith in me. I’m only going to let you down.”
“You could never let me down, you will always be up high on a pedestal to me” as he was speaking, he crawled up onto the bed and snuggled himself in behind you and wrapping you up tight in his arms. You allowed yourself to drop your pen and notepad in favour of snuggling into his chest. The one place you ultimately felt the safest.

Salted Caramel

Summary: She liked him…a lot and she just wanted to get the point across. Too bad the wrong guy got it. Note to self: Check orders before writing little notes to the wrong customer!

Chapters 1-9

Chapter 1: Order Up!

The first time she saw him she swore she’d lost sight in one eye. She was quite sure she’d had black spots in her vision after taking his order. He was too bright, like the sun that peeked though her blinds when she was tired on early mornings. It was refreshing and annoying all at once. She immediately decided she didn’t like him.

He’d stepped inside, a bounce in his step, as he bounded up to the register, a taller blonde boy in tow. A wide brimmed fedora covered his head allowing a small peek of his dark brown bangs.

“Welcome to Milk & Sugar, what can I get for you?” She had glanced up long enough to recognize the taller blonde boy. He usually sat with a pale red head who had a penchant for ordering taro bubble tea with a double serving of tapioca pearls. Said red head was actually perched in a corner, furiously scribbling notes with a pair of headphones around his neck.

It goes without saying that she was slightly infatuated with the blonde, but this frequent customer never really looked at her. He’d make his order, sit down, and leave a small tip. Sometimes there was small talk, sometimes there wasn’t.

“Yah, Namjoon what’s good here?” He asked his friend and shot her a big smile apologetically. He hadn’t really thought this through and was holding up her line. This only seemed to grate on her nerves some more, but she smiled back awkwardly anyway.

“I usually like the Sweet & Creamy, it’s strong black coffee with condensed milk,” Namjoon shrugged and shot his friend a sidelong glance.

“That sounds kind of gross,” the sunshine boy scrunched his face in disgust, “what do you recommend? You look like you have better taste.” He blinded her with his bright smile once more.

Her face heated up at being put on the spot. Sunshine’s eyebrows quirked up at this, but she was too busy running through the menu in her head to realize it. Giving him a quick once-over she finally replied, “You look like a salted caramel type.”

His face brightened at this and he nodded, “I’ll have that then!”

“Can I get Sweet&Creamy and a couple coffee cakes too?”

She nodded and pulled out a couple of cups scrawled S&C in messy handwriting and SCL on the other.

“That’ll be $10.35, your orders will be up in a few minutes, Namjoon and…?” Her gaze drifted to the sunshine boy who quickly replied, “Hoseok.”

She nodded with a polite smile and made a mental note to visit her eye doctor later this week, he was too bright. In the meantime she’d take more orders and handed the two cups to her coworker. The pair of boys nodded before turning to survey the room, no doubt in search for the taro loving red head. When the red head felt their gaze his face lit up with a gummy smile and the two boys placed themselves on a large couch beside him.

“Y/N has it baaaaad~”

Y/N’s coworker had a smug smile on her face as she spooned a generous teaspoon of condensed milk into a tall paper cup. Mina was a short black haired girl, she was actually her unnie, but her cute demeanor made her seem younger.

“He’s really cute, that’s all,” Y/N shrugged a slight pout on her face. Mina rolled her eyes though and began to drizzle caramel another cup filled with latte.

“Then why don’t you make a move? He’s never going to notice you if you don’t act extra nice. Guys are kind of dense like that,” Mina sprinkled the top of the latte with sea salt lightly before capping it carefully and setting it beside Namjoon’s Sweet&Creamy. She leaned back against the counter with a thoughtful look on her face.

“You’re planning something,” Y/N said suspiciously. Knowing Mina this was going to be good or really bad. The older girl had a habit of getting them into some sticky messes at and out of work.

“Why don’t you leave him cute messages on his orders? It’s not as straight forward as writing your number and still super cute,” Mina peeked at the cups, checking the orders before handing it over to Y/N.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? What if he thinks this is kind of creepy?” Y/N asked as she eyed the hot drink in her hands suspiciously.

Mina nodded, her long black hair swaying as she did so. “Here! Now write something cute,” she shoved a ball point pen into Y/N’s hands with an eager face.

“Umm…” Y/N bit down on her lower lip lightly. She hadn’t a clue as to what would be a cute little note to leave.

“Just think of something you’d like to read on your cup,” Mina encouraged her.

“How about ‘Hope you’re having a good day and that this drink sweetens your day!’ ?” Y/N looked a Mina who gave her a perky thumbs up.

Y/N felt her small hand shake a little as she scrawled the message on the side of the cup. She’d never done something like this and she was scared of the reaction she’d get. But she did suppose it was now or never though, she spent so much time fawning over Namjoon that it was getting ridiculous.

Mina stood on her toes to peek at her writing.

“Is it good?” Y/N asked as Mina studied it carefully. She frowned before taking the cup and pen from Y/N’s hands. She added a loopy heart and a cute smiley face at the end of the girly message. It was little forward, but Y/N supposed it was necessary to get a point across without leaving her number like a creep.

“You should be the one to take their orders out,” Mina handed Y/N a tray with the two cups and coffee cakes.

“Are you sure?” Y/N took the tray warily. She felt like her heart was going to burst through her sternum and spill her innards on the floor. She’d never been so nervous.

Mina only nodded and gave her a small push out onto the floor. Y/N was slow to make her way to the table where the three boys were. Namjoon was busy talking to the red head excitedly while Hoseok was busying himself with his phone. he was the first to notice Y/N and smiled brightly.

“That was fast!” He had a cute eye smile, but Y/N still found him to be a little too much.

“Yeah…” she smiled shyly, unsure what to say. She was too nervous to make small talk and felt her hand shake a little as she set one cup in front of Hoseok and the other in front of Namjoon. Namjoon paused for a second to thank and smile at her, showing off his dimple.

She placed the dessert in front of them and bowed before leaving. They chorused out another ‘thank you’ and she walked slowly back to the register. She swore her heart was going to come out of her mouth in a few seconds.

“So did you talk to them?” Mina asked eagerly as Y/N stepped behind the counter and slid the tray beneath the counter with a collection of other trays.

Y/N shook her head, feeling her ponytail brush against her neck, “I was too nervous.”

Mina patted her shoulder comfortingly and replied, “Well let’s wait see if he notices the message.”

The two girls leaned against the counter, acting as if they were surveying the coffee shop. Y/N kept her gaze on the boys when she saw Namjoon lift his drink and bring it to his lips. He didn’t seem to notice the writing and Y/N’s heart sunk at this. But something strange happened, Namjoon stopped sipping and pulled the cup from his lips. He turned to Hoseok who was also making a strange face. Y/N’s face fell when she realized what was happening.

“Mina, what cup did you give me to write on?”

Mina’s hand rose to her mouth.

“I thought Namjoon had ordered the Salted Caramel Latte?” Mina squeaked out.

As they switched cups it was then that Hoseok saw the messy scrawl on the side of his cup and he flushed a light pink. When he turned to look at the register Y/N couldn’t do anything, but hold his gaze awkwardly.

This had gone terribly wrong.