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Yoooo! I am responding to your discussion. What is your absolutely raw feelings towards John having another son with another woman and never mentioning it? Like do you think that it was a good idea he didn't mention it and pull Adam into all the hunting and stuff or was it wrong?

hmm like tbh when you look at it from Adam’s POV, it’s a good thing. Adam actually lived as a normal kid, and John was an okay father for him.

but from Sam & Dean’s POV, it’s horrible. If John could stop Adam from hunting, he could have been nicer to Dean & Sam. Hell, he could have told them and they’d have all lived together.

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I am extremely new to your blog, which I love. But just to be sure, when you say vegan you are sure these products are not teste on animals? I'm not trying to be rude, I just want to be sure. Also, I live in MI (USA) and I would love to hear of some drugstore and even high end makeup that isn't tested on animals. I know Tarte is very good about it, but my wallet isn't very supportive of my need for Tarte cosmetics. Haha. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated especially in the drugstore.

If we say on this blog that a product is vegan, yes we have also checked to make sure it’s not tested on animals. We gather information from other vegan and cruelty-free bloggers like Logical Harmony, Vegan Beauty Review, and Humanely Chic as well as emailing the companies ourselves. Sometimes it’s very easy just from the FAQ to know if a brand does or doesn’t test based on their wording. We will however talk about brands that have parent companies that test, like Tarte for instance, but we always make sure to make a disclaimer that they have a parent company.

For what you’re looking for, our entire blog is filled with it! We even have a US tag, here. We have a drugstore tag, here. Here’s a Sephora CF list, and here’s our already answered brand list so that you can locate their vegan lists!