More of what I did today. Behind The Scenes at Versa-Style Dance Company’s film shoot at Six 01 Studio in downtown Los Angeles for their latest video project. Online premiere soon. @versastylela @showstoppa11 @janelle_elyse @_pshock_ @lilybreeze27 @sassy_j20 @anthonyberry76 @_preciseee #versastyle #furiousbeauty #plixyl #plixylstudios #film #dance #hiphop #losangeles #six01studio #documentary

I dedicate my performance today to my father and 5 of my Lor brothers as well as to all the other men in my life, friends and family alike…thanks for everything that you’ve instilled in me…see you at Furious Beauty at the Nate Holden Performing Art Theatre!! 8 PM!! @versastylela @furiousbeauty #furiousbeauty #breaklife #dancelife #hiphop


Watching #FuriousBeauty once more. Getting inspired by my girl @missfunk79 and #BreezeLee!

The dancers in my film Furious Beauty are performing another live theatrical hip-hop show on Saturday, April 5th in Los Angeles.  The show is also titled “Furious Beauty,” inspired by the movie.  This time, Versa-Style Dance Company is performing at the Nate Holden Theater in LA.  Info on the flyer!  Ticket information can be found at: http://www.itsmyseat.com/ERT/

My Film "Furious Beauty" Now Available

Today already feels awesome.  My film Furious Beauty is now released by distributor Cinema Libre on DVD, VOD, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Barnes & Noble’s and more.  Check out the distributor’s post below: 

Welcome a new family into your home with Versa-Style, the beloved troupe behind the show “Positive Dose” and stars of the documentary FURIOUS BEAUTY. Available today on DVD, pick up your copy now! http://store.cinemalibrestore.com/furiousbeautydvd.html

Truly a great day guest lecturing & presenting an excerpt of my film “Furious Beauty” at Mt. Saint Mary’s College in LA. Thank you to Professor Vanessa Ochoa, Jake Gordon, and fellow guest lecturer Daniel “Eternal D” Ahn. Thank you to Versa-Style Next Generation & dancers from Homeland Cultural Center who all performed on stage. Also thank you to Arthur Tong for filming the event. We did a Q&A after and shared more about hip-hop, dance, film & community-building. Our audience of college students loved the feeling of community and support we told through our stories. #hiphop #losangeles #film #versastyle #homelandculturalcenter #homeland #vsng #furiousbeauty #plixyl #plixylstudios @versastylela @missfunk79 @breezelee82 @heylookitzigi @alex_ayon @alexxandraa21 @anthonyberry76 @arthurtong @swift05_yadig @c_hernandez94 @_pshock_ @_preciseee @janelle_elyse @fullout89 @immy_soulflight @jokiee3 @sassy_j20 @showstoppa11

My dance family & new guests. Some of the best hip-hop dancers in the world practicing at Homeland Cultural Center in Long Beach, CA. Visitors from Korea: Hozin, Poppin aka Kin, & more. From Mexico: Funkdation (America’s Best Dance Crew). Homeland is visited by dancers from around the world throughout the year. #hiphop #dance #losangeles #furiousbeauty #plixyl #plixylstudios #film #abdc #homelandculturalcenter @heylookitzigi

Review of my film “Furious Beauty: A Hip-Hop Family” starring Versa-Style Dance Company from the Video Librarian.  Text from the review:

“Calvin Leung’s upbeat documentary focuses on Los Angeles couple Jackie Lopez and Leigh Foaad, who run a nonprofit hip-hop dance studio Versa-Style.  Dedicated to raising the self-esteem of young dancers, the pair work with a troupe of adolescents and young adults, supplying mentorship and friendship, as well as opportunities for combining self-expression with discipline.  Leung takes viewers behind-the-scenes to witness the intricate rehearsals for a new Versa-Style production, one that requires both courage and honesty from the dancers as they explore (through dance) such personal issues as abuse and abandonment.  Several dancers offer moving testimony about the impact of Versa-Style on both their confidence and sense of readiness for life in the larger world.  Furious Beauty concludes with Leung’s stylish filming of the new show, which indeed provides to be captivating…”


My film’s distributor Cinema Libre is releasing my feature film Furious Beauty on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 on DVD, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Barnes & Noble, VOD, & more online retail stores.  This has been an incredible ten year journey of venturing into the Los Angeles street dance community and getting to tell the story of Versa-Style Dance Company.  We added bonus content to the DVD release and Cinema Libre has created new DVD case art.  I also recut a new trailer for the film.  There’s much to be thankful for during these holidays. Truly blessed.

Hanging out with Versa-Style Dance Company as they prepare for tonight’s premiere of “Furious Beauty” The Show at the Ford Amphitheatre. Audience is nearly 1,200 and tickets are almost all sold out hours before the premiere. A year ago when we finished Furious Beauty The Movie, I never thought the name would live on as a hip-hop theater show. #furiousbeautyattheford #furiousbeauty #dance #hiphop #plixyl #plixylstudios #versastyle #film #theater #thejourneycontinues (at Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood)

Incredible day. Our Los Angeles Premiere of Furious Beauty The Movie @dffla. Huge audience showed up in a packed theater including dancers from @versastylela and our LA hip-hop community. We did a Q&A after and dancers from Homeland Cultural Center, VSNG, BBoy Don from Funny Bones Crew, and Dsoul from the Gr818ers Fam showcased at the after party gala. Thank you to the amazing Downtown Film Festival LA staff who gave us this great opportunity to share our stories. #dance #film #furiousbeauty #hiphop #dffla #homelandculturalcenter #funnybonescrew #gr818ers #versastyle #vsng #plixyl #thejourneycontinues