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Issues (Yondu Udonta x Reader) Chapter One

Requested by @edolinlu : The reader is somehow stuck with the ravagers and they have to teach her how to fight, Yondu is jealous of others touching her physically but he doesn’t understand why, during a mission the reader gets hurt and he discovers his true feeling and ends up deciding to teach the reader himself… Could be fluff or SMUT.

A/N: This story will be divided into 2 or 3 chapters. I’ll hope you will enjoy it, my lovelies.

Warnings: Not much for this chapter. A bit of Angst and Harsh Language.

~ ~ ~

Yondu leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the young Terran woman train with the ravagers. He studied every calculated movement you made; how you changed the angles of your body to block and avoid every punch. Yondu had to admit that you’d improved a lot in the past few weeks you’d been with them.

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What Makes You Feel Alive

This is for you, @misswhizzy​ - to help scratch that Future!Dean itch…

You storm out of the cabin, the door crashing against the wall as you exit, and you are down the stairs and a hundred yards away before you hear any reaction behind you. The skies are gunmetal grey and roiling, the air thick with humidity, but you ignore the sharp flash of lightning and loud rumble of thunder as you walk off your fury - not that there’s far to go within the confines of Camp Chitaqua.

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💀💀 💀 MacCready, Danse, Valentine

An angry/violent heacannon

Maccready: One time when he and Sole were clearing out a warehouse full of ghouls and one of the ghouls managed to grab ahold of Sole and he just flew off the handle. He was killing ghouls left, right, and center and screaming about Lucy and Duncan (and even Sole a little) the entire time.

Danse: He once got into a fist fight with Maxson. Neither of them were doing great as they were both drunk off their asses but Danse was doing better than Maxson. Eventually Danse (by sheer luck) ended up knocking Maxson out. Danse then declared himself “Captain of the USS Brother and Sisterhood of Power Armor” and stole Maxson coat off his unconscious body and then proceeded to take a nap on the nearest table.

Valentine: Little makes Nick angry. Like yeah some people vaguely annoy him but true anger? Nah. But when something does, oh, he is a thing to be feared. And Sole got to see that anger the day Nick met Father and he had offhandedly said something about Nick being nothing more than a scrapped experiment. He hadn’t said anything or done anything to Father. But Sole could see it in his eyes, how truly furious he was about it. Anger practically radiated off him.

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Hallo!~ First of all, i want to tell you that i really, really love your blog and you(?) I hope you get more love for all you do uwu<3 Now, my request :D! How do you think the Karasuno baes + Kuroo + Oikawa + Bokuto + Akaashi + Ushijima and Aone react to someone else's making cry their partner?

Ooh, thankies! And aah, I was waiting for this ask! (It’s a bit long though, just a heads up!)

Hinata: He went red in the face and charged between them, taking hold of his partner’s hand tightly and mouthing off at the person who made them cry. Quickly, he got them away from the person in question, wiping away his partner’s tears and asking if they were alright in a hushed tone. He may wrap his arms around them if they continued crying and would stick to them like glue for the rest of the week.

Kageyama: He stormed between them and glared at the person, shielding his partner bodily. He spat some insults their way, before turning and cradling his partner’s face gently. He didn’t really know what to say or do, but tucked his arm around them and took them off somewhere they could sit down properly. He wouldn’t let them out of his sight for the rest of the day and oh boy, if he ever met the person again, he wasn’t sure what he’d do to them.

Sawamura: There was no stopping his charge, his hands flying to his partner’s ones and immediately pulling them away from the insulting person. He threw some words back at them, warning them what would happen if they repeated this incident, but mostly he was focused on his partner. Once he got them alone, he wrapped his arms around them and held them to his chest, not letting them move even when they stopped crying.

Tsukishima: He was nought but cold fury as he stepped between them, one hand reaching behind him to settle on his partner’s side. “Care to repeat what you just said? For all these people?” He gestured with his free arm, making sure to draw attention to them. When he managed to get rid of the despicable person, he helped his partner to somewhere they could sit and awkwardly let them finish crying, whilst patting them on their back.

Tanaka: He was furious, getting up in the person’s face and cussing loudly even whilst he was moving his partner away from them. Only when he absolutely couldn’t see them anymore did he let up, turning his undivided attention to his partner. He rubbed their back softly, pulling them to rest their head on his shoulder whilst he told them that he wouldn’t ever let someone make them cry again.

Azumane: Before they’d started crying, he was apprehensive about intervening, but the moment his partner’s eyes glistened with tears he strode forward. He took hold of his partner’s wrist and glared at the person (which was all he could muster frankly). Tending to his partner was more important to him, so he lead them somewhere deserted so he could dry their tears and press a kiss to their forehead – rocking them slightly and promising he wouldn’t wait so long to intervene if there was a next time.

Nishinoya: He bounded forward and instantly started insulting the guy right back, adding thing as well, saying how could they ever say such things to his beloved partner, how they would rue the day if they ever did it again, etc. He took them away as quickly as possible, handing them tissues and also helping them in wiping away their tears. Holding their hand tightly, he looked at them in a determined way. “If ever someone says stuff like that again, just tell me! I’ll kick their butt to kingdom come!”

Sugawara: He didn’t spare a glance in the person’s direction, simply holding his partner and taking them away from such an environment. He wiped their tears and pressed kisses to their temples, rubbing their shoulders and/or back and generally cuddling with them. He didn’t ask any questions other than: “You feeling okay?” and didn’t do anything that wasn’t comforting.

Yamaguchi: His intervention was short, simply pulling his partner away and as he was taking them someplace quieter, he asked them if they could hold up for a couple more minutes. When they got to a secluded place, he wiped their tears off with a tissue, fussing over them and watching them to make sure they didn’t burst out in tears again. “Okay?” He asked, holding them tightly for not just their own sake.

Ennoshita: He froze in place when he saw his partner starting to cry, before storming over and taking them away. His paces were long and he didn’t realise they couldn’t keep up until they said so – to which he immediately stopped and apologised, looking up at them. He dried their tears gently, lacing an arm around them and apologising again, not just for pulling them along so forcefully, but for not having been able to prevent their tears.

Kinoshita: He was quite startled that his partner would cry at such a low and lame remark and he wasted no time in calling out of the lameness of not only the insult but of the person themselves. He wanted to console his partner ASAP, so once they’d distanced themselves away, he pulled them closer to his side and offered them some tissues. He listened to the crying slowly stopping and placed his cheek against their head. “None of that was true at all, don’t listen to people like that.”

Narita: He would stand beside his partner and tell the other party off for saying such mean and untrue things. He’d kick up a fuss until they felt the urge to leave, he was drawing so much attention to the fact that they’d caused the crying. Once they’d left, he placed a hand on his partner’s cheek, asking them quietly if they were okay and drying their cheeks gently. Placing a small kiss on each cheek, he took them off someplace they could sit down and relax a bit.

Oikawa: He immediately went over to them, scowling darkly at the person who was responsible for their tears. “How dare you – how dare you!” He was too furious to properly reprimand them for he was too bothered about his partner. He wrapped an arm around them and escorted them off, fussing over them and pressing his lips repeatedly against their temple, muttering curses at the person, saying what he’d do to them if and when he’d find them, etc. He smiled weakly at his partner, making sure they were feeling better before letting them out of his arms. 

Kuroo: He wrapped an arm around his partner, staring hard at the culprit. “Now, now, what have we here?” He use some quite harsh words to send off the person who’d committed the heinous crime, making them leave before bringing his partner close to his chest. He hushed them quietly, wiping their tears from their cheeks and pressing a kiss to their forehead. He didn’t let go of them until they seemed completely back to normal and to get them like that, he’d wrap both arms around them, first rocking them slightly and then trying to crack some stupid jokes, wanting to see them smile again.

Bokuto: “Hey now!!” He’d storm between them, getting all up in their face and telling them off for making his partner cry. Holding his partner’s hand tightly, he’d then pull them away and take them outside somewhere, sitting them down under a tree. A fast stream of words was constantly leaving his mouth; talking about how dare that guy make them cry, how if his partner hadn’t been crying he’d have punched him, how- how… Eventually his outrage would rub off on his partner, making them smile weakly and wipe their tears with the backs of their hands.

Akaashi: He didn’t say a word, all he did was take his partner by the elbow and taking them away after throwing a furious glare over his shoulder. Escorting his partner somewhere secluded, he handed them a handkerchief and sat and watched as they dried their tears. Placing his hands on theirs, he raised them to his lips and gazed at them. “Are you feeling better? Can I do something to help?”

Aone: He was instantly in between his partner and the enemy – he didn’t even need to say anything as his infamous and furious glare did all the work for him in scaring off the assailant. All his attention turned to his partner, his enormous hands cupping their shoulders and cocking his head to look them in the face. His thumb and forefinger raised their chin and he brushed away their tears with his free hand. “Alright?” His voice was soft, slightly raspy as he was truly worried about their well-being.

Ushijima: He’d be furious – his eyes narrowing and his entire body trembling with pure rage. He shoved whoever it was on the shoulder, standing before his partner. His voice was low and he spoke towards the person he’d shoved to the ground, telling them they would seriously regret it if they did that again. Then he turned and gripped his partner by the arm, taking them away before asking them in a quiet voice if they were okay.

concept: sam, dean, and cas go to a trump rally for some reason (someone could be a shape shifter or something??) it’s all awful. finally when trump starts talking about how all mexicans are rapists, cas gets furious look in his eye and starts heading to the front of the rally, his eyes on trump. sam and dean realize what cas is gonna do and sam goes like, “cas! no!” but dean just stops him and says “eh just let him do it”

cas gets on stage and security tries to get him off but they don’t even faze him and he puts them to sleep or something. cas looks at trump, tilts his head and squints bc he’s like why is this man in such a high position in power??? finally cas smites trump and the world is saved the end

One Hundred Percent- Draco Malfoy imagine

Request: Hello sweet i love your blog so i was wondering if you could do one about Draco where you are harry’s adoptive sister and you think that he despises you but when a day you angry him to much he kisses you very rough in front of everybody but you dont care and you keep with the “fight” in his room(if you know what i mean ;) i’m sorry it’s to long and if you dont want to do it it’s ok) thanks love btw i REALLY love your blog


“Out of my way, Potter.” Draco Malfoy shoved you into a wall. This has happened a few times…okay, more than a few. A lot. And you’d had enough. You caught up to him and grabbed his arm, forcing him to look at you. His eyes were wide, but they look in his eyes were furious. But what you were about to do would send him over the edge. Your hand went back, and then you sent it right across his smug face. You took pride in the red welt forming on his cheek.

By then, many students turned to look at you. His hand went towards his pocket and the other went up to your shirt near your collar. You gasped. You went too far. His hand came back from his pocket, surely with his wand in it. But it wasn’t. The other hand came up to your hip and you were pulled harshly to him. Before you could say anything, his lips were crushed against yours. It almost hurt, but you couldn’t find a reason to push him away. Your lips kissed back. Draco was snogging you in front of everyone! His lips left yours and they went to your ear.

“Meet me in the Room of Requirement. I’ll keep it open for you.” His hands left your shirt, leaving the material bunched up. You were beyond glad your adoptive brother didn’t see otherwise he would have Draco’s head. You got out of the hallway to avoid any more shocked looks from anyone else.


The grandfather clock struck eleven. The deep gong rang through the common room, sending chills down your back as you snuck out. Stealing Harry’s cloak was one thing, but sneaking out was another. You didn’t understand why you were doing it. Didn’t Draco hate you? You reached the long stretch of wall that held the Room of Requirement in a short time using previously-learned secret passageways.

“Malfoy?” You said in a hushed tone. The wall in front of you was blank. That is until you shrugged the invisibility cloak off your body. Then the wall faded into a set of large black doors. They opened to reveal the boy you wanted to see. You had to admit, he looked hot when he wasn’t sending evil glares your way.

“Potter.” His grey eyes searched you with an expression that seemed a little unsettling.

“I’m not really a Potter, you know. I’m adopted.” You snapped. Why were you here? To chat with the boy who hated you most? Draco waved your comment away.

“I don’t care about that.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside. Once the door closed, he took on a new attitude. Your head hit the stone wall near the doors and your hands were pinned to your sides. Draco stood tall, his eyes bearing down at you. They held a glimpse of something you never thought would be in his eyes. A feeling you thought would never be felt about you, especially from him.

“I know you think I hate you,” Draco kissed my neck, immediately sending shivers down my spine, “but I don’t. Not at all. I just needed your brother to think so.” To be honest, you wanted him. Badly, at the moment. And nothing, or anyone, could get in your way. You smiled, pulling his body to yours.

“Prove it.” You breathed in his ear. He chuckled, going straight to pulling off his shirt.

“Oh, Y/N, I will.” My breath hitched at his tone. It was raw. It was sincere and passionate. Draco picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He backed into the couch near a fireplace in the corner of the room. Soon enough, your clothes were on the floor. His followed. He left sweet kisses all over your body, sending you into a dizzy state. You fell asleep on his chest, both of you breathing heavily; a light layer of sweat making your skin stick to his.


You were awoken by a gentle nudging. You made a small noise in your throat as you stretched your arms out. A chuckle sounded in your ear. Then your eyes shot open, remembering what happened the night before.

“Draco!” You grabbed the covers to surround you more. Draco smirked. You’d like to wipe that look off of his face, but his kiss made the feeling go away. He pulled back, revealing a warm smile.

“You should slap me more often.” He winked, wrapping an arm around your waist under the covers and pulling you to him. Your bare chests touched. You laughed, kissing long and soft.

“I would rather kiss you more often.” You replied. He nodded.

“I agree one hundred percent with that.”


Thanks for requesting :)