Cozying Up With Some Piping Hot Udon Soup

Snow is once again in the forecast so I decided it would be a perfect day for a steaming bowl of udon noodle soup.  It is surprisingly simple to make!  I cooked one packet of refrigerated udon noodles in a quick soup made with water and a tablespoon of organic low sodium miso paste.  I topped it all off with a lightly fried egg (love a bit of a runny yolk!), crab, asparagus, and furikake.  So. Delicious.


Yes, yes, revisiting old recipes now. To be frank, I overlooked this due to its simplicity. How wrong I was. At the expense of sounding like a broken record, it’s remarkable how delicious simple ingredients have been re-imagined. Furthermore, this is an extremely economical recipe and with such familiar ingredients, it almost has an air of reassurance. To add more flavour, I would recommend frying garlic and onion in combination with chicken and to add more pops of texture (and a vegetable element), corn to complement the sweetness of the eggs further. But really, this is just nitpicking and it’s fine the way it is. You will see why even the God’s Tongue had to lie through her teeth to proclaim is disgusting haha. it is pure genius to use the collagen contained within the wings in order to secure an unprecedented richness to the dish. And it’s so low maintenance as well! Sorry, what was that? Have I dropped the subtlety far too much? Make it. I highly endorse!

Yukihira Souma’s Transforming Furikake Gohan Recipe

500g chicken wings, 1 tblsp sesame oil. (Optional: garlic and whole onion)

FOr the stock: 700ml bonito broth, 1 ½ tblsp of sake, mirin and sugar. 1 tsp grated ginger, 50ml light soy sauce (you may need to err with liquid ingredients to ensure that the chicken wings are entirely submerged)

4 eggs, 1 tblsp sugar, pinch of salt, spring onions (Optional: corn)

Heat 1 tblsp of sesame oil in a frying pan and brown chicken (add garlic and onion if you prefer)

Boil the chicken wings in the stock made of 700ml bonito broth, 1 ½ tblsp of sake, mirin and sugar. 1 tsp grated ginger, 50ml light soy sauce. Add additional liquid proportionately to cover the chicken wings completely. Bring to the boil on high, skimming the scum at the surface occasionally. Lower heat slightly and simmer for 2 hours. 

At this point, the chicken will virtually be falling off the bones, remove and strain the broth into a container set over iced water to cool it down quicker. Leave to set in the fridge. Remove the meat from the bones and set aside.

Scramble the eggs in the pan used to brown chicken with 1 tblsp sugar and pinch of salt until it resembles mince. 

Once the broth jellifies, dice into cubes. 

Serve the jellied meat broth, scrambled eggs and chicken over piping hot rice. Sprinkle over green onions (and corn!!) and serve. Watch it melt spectacularly!


Note: I have fixed the images and the quantity of chicken wings is not 500 but 500g. I mean, I won’t argue if you use 500, it is that good haha 


I COULDN’T SLEEP SO I FINISHED THE FURIKAKE DOODLEDUMP. Be afraid of the otaku emperor, be very afraid 

(nah aside from his shameful anime hobby, he’s the most ruthless and iron fist leader in Shopwells, mainly because his memories of the great Aisle War made him cold like ice and hard like steel)

Empress Natsuko is a bag of Japanese white tea. So basically Furikake is the only warlord so far to be actually MARRIED to a WOMAN *gasp*

And then shogun Ponzu, a bottle of ponzu soya and Furikake’s asshole chief adviser (Shoguns were the second highest royals in ancient Japan. While emperors were there mainly just for being religious symbols, shoguns had military command and were basically the true rulers) He lusts creepily after Furikake, though as a difference to the Currywurst on Sauerkraut affection his lust is possessive and manipulative; he’s frustrated that Furikake won’t fill the traditional role of an emperor, to be just a silent symbolic leader and his precious little bedroom bitch; instead the little man is taking full imperial power and Ponzu’s role in the court is being reduced more and more into a mere adviser with no actual influence

Obviously he’s pissed and even more he’s pissed when he sees Furikake get close with Sauerkraut and Bruce. Rest in piss (though he’s still got influence to the degree that Furi can’t just simple throw him out; instead Furi has to submit to him for many nights just to shut him up, a thing that’s largely straining for his nerves and emotions)

Last but not least, Sauerkraut and Bruce have this weird magic power that they’re ones of the only people who can put a genuine smile on Furikake’s face. He doesn’t smile a lot in fact. SO lottery winnery again for for the AXIS POWERS OF GAY