Date Night 2016

Takoyaki, Etc at Zen Asian Tapas (Alameda, CA)

We went to Zen Asian Tapas for dinner before going to the Pacific Pinball Museum. It was not the best dinner we had but I am posting it anyway despite the dark pictures for the memories. We had the following:

  • Takoyaki $7– crispy octopus puffs, Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, furikake, katsu sauce
  • Gyoza $6 – pork and vegetable potstickers, spicy sesame soy sauce 6
  • Tuna Tartare $11 – Ahi tuna, red onions, sesame oil, seven-spice, wonton chips
  • Enoki Beef $7 – thinly sliced ribeye, enoki mushrooms, teriyaki sauce
  • Kimchi Fried Rice $10 – beef, red onions, spicy radish
  • Shanghai Spring Rolls $7 – deep fried vegetable rolls, sweet chili sauce
  • Sticky Wings $9 – fried chicken wings, sweet chili soy glaze
  • Fried Bananas with Ice Cream $7

Ambiance was cozy, the food was okay but lacking in flavors. Quite pricey for small portions.  It was a cozy pre-Pinball Museum (5 minute drive away) dinner on a raining Saturday night regardless. $99 later the BF was still hungry and had to stop at Burger King to grab more food! LOL!

It was okay. 💔💔

01. 30. 2016