The Library at Furhouse Manor (by Martyn.Smith.)

Abandoned after the death of its previous owner, Furhouse Manor is a tumbledown old building full of artefacts from a bygone age, left to decay in its very own time-capsule.

Hidden from view behind a leafy lane and protected by an over-zealous farm Bull with a taste for Urban Explorers.

This first floor library with solid wood wall to ceiling bookcases has been left full of hardback books. The roof above and the floor below are now getting in a precarious state. How long before this amazing room is reduced to expensive and precious rubble?

The Music Room at Furhouse Manor by Martyn.Smith. on Flickr.

Tramite Flickr:
The creepy but beautiful old piano in the music room at the abandoned Furhouse Manor, left uninhabited for over 25 years after the previous occupant passed away leaving a treasure trove of antiques and belongings to the ravages of time.

See more of this amazing time-capsule in the set below:

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