Carnist Logic..





Carnist: Hey want to go to the zoo?

Carnist: Hey wanna ride horses with me?

Carnist: Hey want some of this chicken parmesan pasta?

Carnist: Hey how cool is this new leather jacket?

i just reached 10,000 followers!!! i wanna say how much i appreciate every single one of you, thank y’all for following my blog. this is a follow forever to mark the end of the awful year that was 2016, and me, reaching 10,000 followers. mutuals & faves are bolded. x

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Oh my GOD I love being unnecessarily dramatic! To commemorate that it’s been 27 years (yesterday, d’uh) since they killed Laura Palmer the same way they killed Sheryl Lee’s chance to refuel her carreer by starring in my favourite show ever I’m making this FOLLOW FOREVER?. The ? is there because my experience tells me some of y’all will end up breaking our mutual and I’ll actually have to unfollow you back. Sad. 

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kellybelly274  asked:

So Rihanna just recently put up another picture of herself in a long fur coat :( I honestly don't think she gives AF 😖😧😠

She doesn’t. She is an unconscious furhag who cares more about her nail polish colour then the life of a beautiful animal. She KNOWS the deal. She is a waste of space on this planet and I would not be sad if she was crippled or killed by a bus tomorrow and neither would the animals getting their fur ripped off them. Scum.

Ok so I’ve officially had my tumblr for a year as of 2 days ago lol and I’m sorry that I won’t be here for a while after tomorrow but I’m going through some stuff but I just wanted to thank everyone on this list for being the best and letting my blog grow to the size it is now (I just went over 3.5k which would’ve been unthinkable at the time i made it last year). I’ve made a lot of friends on this site and even to the people that I don’t talk to as much, your reblogs haven’t gone unnoticed and I appreciate you all the same - my fave mutuals and blogs have been bolded. Once again thank you so much for bearing with my messy ass.

- Marissa

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List of evil celebrities who LOVE to flaunt dead animals (aka fur) on themselves:

1. Kim Kardashian
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Lindsay Lohan
4. Beyonce
5. Paris Fucking Hilton
6. Nicole Ritchie
7. Sharon Stone
8. Rita Ora
9. Kelis
10. Lady Gaga
11. Rihanna
12. Kate Hudson
13. Katie Price
14. Kate Moss
15. Karlie Kloss
16. Katie Holmes
17. Britney Spears
18. Tara Reid
19. Mischa Barton
20. Kanye West
21. Sarah Palin
22. Lenny Kravitz
23. Scarlett Johansson
24. Mary J. Blige
25. Eva Longoria
26. Brooke Shields
27. Vladimir Putin
28. Giorgio Armani
29. Princess Martha Louise of Norway
30. Most of the Russian celebrities (except Karina Smirnoff)
31. Catherine Zeta-Jones
32. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson
33. Sarah Jessica Parker
34. Demi Moore
35. Ashton Kutcher
36. Carol Halt
37. Joe Namath
38. duchess Camilla of Cornwall
39. The current Queen of England
40. Joan Collins


Follow Forever // dianasaesthetic

Happy Holidays! This is my first follow forever and I want to thank you guys for making tumblr bearable and I LOVE YOU ALL. And special shoutout to my mutuals because you guys are amazing and I’m so grateful to know you guys! I hope the people who have exams after break pass all of it! Good luck!

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i was tagged by @spearsus @jakeyllenhaal @jessicahastain @totalariana<3333 to do the 2016 selfie thing

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Hello, it’s me.  Jay.  I thought I’’d start off by saying I’ve been on tumblr for almost four years.  I was 16 and still figuring myself out.  I was on and off until recently.  Oddly enough 2015 became a strong year of character development. 

Although this hell hole of discourse isn’t as lucrative as instagram or youtube, it’s taught me a few things about myself, the world around me, and even given me some good friends to laugh with from time to time. 

So, before this year ends I wanted to take a moment and thank some folks I’ve come to know and even expose in the last year or so.  

The Chanels: (A group of people who unlocked the gemini within)

  1. @surprisebitch
  2. @totalariana
  3. @furhag
  4. @hotasice​ 
  5. @problematic-queen

Good Friends: (Either been with me from the jump or know too much)

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  5. @thisisselena

Mutual Respect: (Blogs I love mixed w/ folks I didn’t expect would follow back)

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Speak Up!: (People I barely speak to but follow regardless…..)

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Also, shout out to Caroline for taking time out of her day to make me these sweet edits :)