Kaze no Tabibito - Prince of Tennis ending 5

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Artist: Okiayu Ryoutarou (as Tezuka Kunimitsu) and Kaida Yuki (as Fuji Shuunsuke

Song: Kaze no Tabibito [Traveler of the Wind] (originally by Fureai)

The moment the company decided to have these seiyuus (voice actors) to sing this song together for the bonus CD, they created the shippiest song in existence (along with Sen no Yoru wo Koete by Aqua Times, when they had it sung by ‘Byakuya’ and 'Renji’, which I’ll be posting another time), since we shipped TezuFuji since episode 3, where the characters appeared. This ship has given the animation company, and the Tenimyuu director sooo much trouble because of the fanbase, they have tried a lot to keep the characters separate, lest the fangirls faint all over the arena/concert hall in the middle of the show. ^^; Still, both anime and manga confirm it all.

You have changed little by little through the days.
Wrapped in the gentle memories,
In order to become strong in the blue sunlight,
In order not to get lost in the future.
Run far away, feel the wind at your back,
So that you will not forget this endless journey.
Travelers on the wind always keep this in their hearts.
Into the new world it brings forth,
Into the shining days.
—  Kaze no Tabibito by Fureai 

Fureai Sekibutsu no Sato was built in 1989 by a wealthy Japanese man named Mutsuo Furukawa as a place for people to relax, although how anyone can relax among hundreds of staring statues is still up for debate. Today, the park is abandoned, populated only by carved stone and overgrown shrubbery.